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Benefits of Hunza's 100% Organic Walnut (Akhrot)
Benefits of Walnuts Akhrot Walnut maybe a hard nut to crack but its health benefits are worth the effort. The newest buzz in the world of health care is Omega-3 and walnuts deliver just that. The Omega-3 content in walnuts is significantly higher when compared to other nuts. The Omega-3 fatty acids in walnuts are heart-friendly and are proven to lower LDL cholesterol. Walnut boasts of an array of health benefits. This wonder nut is the richest source of plant protein which is highly recommended for a vegetarian diet which is low in protein. USDA research shows that even a simple habit of adding seven to nine walnuts to the daily diet improves memory. (Read: Benefits of Soft Almonds 37% of heart disease risk is lowered when people consume nuts more than 4 times per week. Polyphenols and antioxidants in walnuts help in fortifying neural connections and improve cognitive skills. Walnuts are a rich source of Vitamin B, antioxidants, Omega-3, fiber, and Vitamin E. Walnuts are tasty and crunchy nuts and easy to incorporate in your diet. (Read: White Mulberry benefits But you should not get carried away by numerous health benefits because they are also high in calories. So instead of mindlessly adding it to your diet, it is wiser to swap walnuts with high-calorie foods. So instead of eating meat or cheese, you have a healthier option of having walnuts instead. Add it to your breakfast cereal or sprinkle it on your salad, use it in homemade cakes and biscuits, or have them roasted; when it comes to walnut you are spoilt for choice. Doctors recommend you to consume 1.5oz on a daily basis, these sums up to 20 halves of the nut. If you want to get More Benefits of Walnuts then visit Hunza Bazar
Know facts and Benefits of Dry Figs
What is Fig (Anjeer)? Figs (Anjeer انجیر) are a Sweet Fruit with multiple seeds and tender skin, which may be eaten ripe or dried Figs (Dry Fig) can also be referred to as nature’s candy because they’re high in natural sugar. It’s the fruit of the fig tree (Ficus), which is a member of the mulberry family, typically found in Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. Various varieties of this fruit can have distinct colors from purple, green, red, and golden yellow. The dried figs (Anjeer) is easily available almost everywhere, all year round. (More: Benefits of Mix Dry Fruits According to Researchers, the fruit, especially dried, should be added in the regular diet as a result of elevated levels of phenol antioxidants, fiber, and nutrition Dry Figs or anjeer are soft and sweet and their paste is frequently used as a replacement for sugar. Fig spread is Utilized as a healthier option rather than corn syrup and sucrose. It is incorporated into pies, cakes, pudding, assorted baked goods, and preserves. Organic Hunza figs are considered a healthy snack. Lower Blood Pressure: Folks usually Consume sodium in the form of a salt, but very low potassium and higher sodium level Can result in hypertension. Figs (Dry Figs) Are an ideal defense against the consequences of hypertension. Lowering Your Blood Pressure can help with comfort, settle the nerves, and then bring a few calmnesses to your day. ( Also Read: Benefits of Kagzi Almond Figs (Dry Figs) Strengthen Bones: International Studies say that figs (Anjeer) Are full of calcium, which is one of the most essential components in strengthening bones and reducing the possibility of osteoporosis. They are also full of phosphorus, which promotes the formation of the bones and also spurs regrowth if there’s any damage to or deposition in bones. Fig Jam (Anjeer jam) is also a delicious way to get your dose of calcium and drastic a huge plus for those with the disease. Figs (Anjeer) Control Diabetes: Anjeer (Dry Fig) as a high-fiber cure that helps to promote functional control of diabetes. The leaves of fig reduce the amount of insulin required by diabetic patients who have to regularly take insulin injections. They’re full of potassium, which helps regulate the quantity of sugar consumed by the body after meals. Large quantities of potassium can ensure that blood sugar spikes and falls are less frequent. Read Our Latest Blog - Hunza Valley
Everything you need to know about banana chips
Top 3 Benefits Of Dry Banana Chips 1. Bananas (Dry Banana) Contain Many Beneficial Nutrients: Bananas are the Most Popular Fruit in the world. Many peoples like to eat Banana (Dry Banana). It is very beneficial for well-being. It’s Colour, size and contour are change. The most frequent kind is the Cavendish, a kind of banana dessert. This is Green when unripe, and yellow when it matures. Bananas (Dry Bananas) are full of many vitamins & calories. It also includes water and most of the carbohydrates. It is also full of protein and virtually no fat. Carbohydrates in dark, leafy bananas are mainly starch and resistant starch, however, when the banana matures, the starch transforms into sugar (fructose, glucose, and sucrose). 2. Bananas (Dried Banana) Are Full of Nutrients That Moderate Blood Sugar Levels: Pectin is a type of fiber that is lying in Bananas (Dry Bananas) which gives the flesh structural shape. Leafy bananas are resistant to starch which acts like soluble fiber and flows of digestion. These pectins and immune can help blood glucose levels after consuming bananas and they reduce appetite by slowing the emptying of the stomach. The leafy banana’s glycemic index is about 30 while ripe bananas are about 60. Bananas typically have a value of 51. That means bananas (dry bananas) do not cause big spikes in healthy people’s blood sugar levels. However, this may not apply to individuals who have type 2 diabetes, that Should likely avoid eating a great deal of well-ripened bananas — and track their Blood sugar carefully if they perform. ( Also Read: Benefits of Dry Kiwi 3. Bananas (Dried Banana) May Improve Your Digestive Health: Dietary fiber has been connected with a lot of health benefits, including better digestion. A medium-sized banana produces around 3 g of fiber making a relatively excellent source of fiber. Dried bananas contain two principal fiber types: Resistant starch: Launched in unripe bananas. Pectin: Decreases as the banana ripens Resistant starch avoids digestion and ends up in your large intestine, where the beneficial bacteria in your gut become food. In addition, some test-tube studies suggest pectin can help protect against colon cancer. ( Read More: Benefits of Dry Fruits) Read Our Latest Blog - Hunza Valley
Top 5 Health Benefits of Hunza Dried Apricot
Hunza Dry Apricots (khubani) are world-renowned. This is a precious variety that grows wild in the Hunza Gilgit Baltistan, northwest Pakistan. Apricots (khubani) are deliciously sweet and tasteful on the tree and dry well. Also valued for its Kernels, Hunza Valley is eaten and reported to be very healthy. 1. Dried Apricot (khubani) Helpful for Blood clotting: Dried Apricots (khubani) have Vitamin K that is useful for blood clotting. This vitamin aids in stopping excessive bleeding. Multi supplements are widely available. However, nutrition experts still support the usage of 100percent organic sources of vitamin K. Eating Hunza dried apricots (khubani) at least once a day will help stock up this vitamin in the body. (Read Kaju benefits) 2. Building muscles: The potassium comprised of dried apricots (khubani) helps in improving metabolism, in addition to the function of organs and cells. This is vital for normal body growth and muscle building, besides regulating their levels of acidity in the human body. It is also useful when proteins are synthesized. 3. Dried Apricot (khubani) control High blood pressure: Dried apricots (khubani) with a lot of Potassium which is three times greater than the amount in bananas. Khubani contains only a trace of salt that helps to keep the blood pressure down. Additionally, it protects your system against heart ailments (Also Read: Benefits of Almonds) 4. Skin glow enhancement: The Oil of Dried apricots (khubani) are very useful for skincare. Hunza Dried Apricots (khubani) help to make the skin smooth fresh and glowing. It can be a good remedy for sore ears, as well. 5. Hunza Dry Apricots helps Respiratory health improvement: Consuming some pieces of Hunza Dry Apricot (Khubani) may already have beneficial effects on human respiratory disorders. As an expectorant, the dried variant works. There are also relaxing effects of dried apricots Hunza dried apricots (khubani) with these qualities are a healthy way to reduce the tension and pressure from the respiratory tract. Also, it prevents asthma attacks.
Cashew nuts: everything you need to know
06 Vital Benefits of Cashew Nuts Kaju Everyone Wants to Know: 1. Cashew Nuts Prevents Blood Diseases: Cashew (Kaju) contains copper that eliminates free radicals from the human body. The regular eating of cashew prevents blood diseases and also from heart diseases. Cashew (Kaju) improves the nerve system. Cashews contain calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, and zinc, and also contain vitamin C, B1, B2, etc. ( Read Dried Apricot Benefits 2. Protects the Eye: Cashew (Kaju) protects the human eyes from harmful UV rays. UV rays damage the human eye. Cashews contain antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin. These anti-oxidants save human eyes from harmful diseases. Many electronic devices damage eye side like Laptop, mobile, computer, etc but you don’t have to be worry because cashews protect human eyes from harmful rays. Daily eating of cashews increases human eye side vision. Anyone wants to maintain his/her eye vision perfect they should have to eat cashew. It also gives strength to the human eye. ( Read Dried Banana Benefits 3. Great for the Skin: Cashews (Kaju) contain Iron, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, also proteins and anti-oxidants which perfect for your skin. As well as you can use cashews oil on your face which helps to glow your skin and prevent acne and other diseases. Also, cashews oil is best for your hair it shines your hair and makes it smooth and gentle. Vitamin E stops the inflammation and hydrated skin. 4. Weight Loss: Eating of Cashews (Kaju) help to reduce the weight. Cashews contain cholesterol but this is not harmful to the human body because it is low cholesterol it helps you to lose weight, rather than other nuts. ( Read Dry Fig Benefits 5. Source of Dietary Fibers: Cashews (Kaju) contain a lot of dietary fibers. Oleic acid and palmitic acid are necessary for the human body. These fibers are produced by eating cashews and other nuts. Dietary fibers present in all types of natural foods. Fibers can prevent the disease from constipation. These fibers also protect your heart from harmful diseases. ( Read Dry Black Cherry Benefits 6. Healthy and Shiny Hair: Consuming of cashews (Kaju) gives you health benefits. Cashews contain minerals copper and other components of enzymes. Copper maintains the hair and skin pigments. Linoleic maintain hair color and feel smooth. Cashews oil prevents the diseases of hair fall and skin. You can use cashews oil on daily routine it prevents dandruff and hair fall and other diseases that are related to human hair. Copper in cashews gives you perfect hair color. Buy Online Cashew Nuts from Hunza Bazar
Are Raisins Good for Human Health?
Here are the Some healthful benefits of Black & Brown Raisins Kishmish 1. Brown Raisins Helps In Digestion: Consuming some Raisins (Kishmish) daily is good for your arteries and stomach. Kishmish (Brown Raisin) is full of fibers. These provide a laxative effect on the gut and assist in relieving constipation. Additionally, daily intake of raisins (Kishmish) retains the bowel movement routine along with the fibers help to keep toxins and waste products out of the system. 2. Brown Kishmish Helps to Reduce Acidity: Raisins are full of potassium and magnesium. Browns raisins are helpful to reduce acidity and it also helps to remove toxins from the human body, and it prevents dangerous ailments like arthritis, gout, kidney stone, and cardiovascular diseases. 3. Kishmish Help Against Anemia: Brown Raisins have a Fantastic Quantity of iron and iron B-Complex vitamins in Them which help to deal with anemia disease. Brown Raisins Contains copper which helps in the production of (RBC) Red Blood Cells. (Also Read: Benefits of Hunza Walnut 4. Kishmish Also Help To Prevent Cancer: Kishmish is beneficial to stop Cancer disease. Brown Kishmish contains antioxidants which help to protect the body system against free radical activities that can cause colon cancer and brain tumors. 5. Brown Kishmish Helps To Treat Infections: Brown Raisins are known as anti-inflammatory antioxidants and have polyphenolic phytonutrients. They exhale antibacterial properties which help lower the chances of illness and destroy the harmful germs. Therefore, taking some raisins daily may keep you protected from cold and other such problems or ailments. There are many health benefits but we're trying to share some health tips and benefits of Black Raisins or Brown Raisins. If you want to Buy Online Brown Raisins please Visit Hunza Bazar and buy at very cheap prices.
Benefits of Hunza Apricot Kernel?
1. Apricot Kernels are Rich in Fiber, that Supports Digestive Health: Apricot (Khubani) kernels are composed of 5% fiber each seed! Because they’re full of fiber, consuming them might help support digestive health. Dietary fiber, or fiber absorbed by eating fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, plays a significant role in the use and health of digestive system organs. Fiber keeps your colon healthy while controlling the digestive tract and processes. Eating a diet high in fiber can improve the regularity of bowel motions and help regulate excess bloating and gas. Fiber frequently utilized to deal with diarrhea, gas, and constipation, and it might be consumed frequently to help prevent digestive irregularities. (Also Read: Benefits of Pistachio Nuts) 2. Apricot Kernel controls Lower Blood Pressure and Improve Heart Health: Apricot (Khubani) Kernel contains high levels of Thiamine, also known as Vitamin B1, which a study demonstrates may help reduce blood pressure and keep heart health. Thiamine may promote pump (systolic) and fulfill (diastolic) pressure to and from the heart, possibly helping in preventing congestive heart failure. New Zealand, results revealed that Thiamine might have favorable effects on lowering the blood pressure levels in people with early-stage hypoglycemia. Apricot (Khubani) kernels also contain Omega 3, an essential fatty acid that the body Cannot Produce by itself. In accordance with Harvard University, Omega 3 can enhance flow and lower heart rate ( Also Read: Almond Benefits) 3. Apricot Kernel Can Reduce the Effects of Inflammation and Arthritis: Apricot kernels are Also Be known for Their capability to decrease inflammation. Research proves that the fiber content inside the seeds can trap acid and other toxins in the body and help in their elimination. Studies show that apricot (Khubani) kernel may even encourage extreme instances of inflammation, such as arthritis. 4. Zinc in Apricot (Khubani) Kernel May Support Vision and Eye Health: Apricot (Khubani) kernels have a significant quantity of the important trace mineral zinc. Zinc is found in substantial traces in healthy human eyes. Zinc plays an essential role in transporting Vitamin A into the retina in order to make melanin. Insufficient Zinc was associated with poor night vision, cloudy cataracts, and age-related macular degeneration. Studies show that consuming 40 to 80mg of Zinc every day may impede the progression of esophageal degeneration. 5. Apricot Kernels (Khubani) May Support Liver Health: Apricot Kernels (Khubani) Can promote liver health and Can Help reverse some of the ramifications of autoimmune hepatitis, a disorder characterized by inflammation of the liver. In a study where mature mice were injected with the virus, the team treated with Apricot Kernel (Khubani) saw major modifications in healthful T-cell growth and a decline in illness. 6. Vitamin B17 Can Boost Immune System Defense: Vitamin B17 is known for its immune defense properties. Various studies have revealed that B17 might help enhance immunity by slowing the spread of illness throughout the body by killing harmful cells. 7. Apricot Kernel May Support Mental Health: Omega-3 fatty acids contained in apricot kernels (Khubani) may enhance mental health in adults. Various studies have revealed that omega-3 can decrease mood swings, bipolar episodes, schizophrenia relapses, and violent behavior in people with psychiatric disorders. If you want to Buy Online Hunza Apricot Kernel then Visit HunzaBazar Online Shopping Store. Read Our Latest Blog - Hunza Gilgit Buy Online - Hunza Dry Fruits Buy Online Pure Salajeet Shilajit Buy Online Gemstones Ruby Stone, Emerald Stone, Aqeeq Stone, & Marjan Stone Are You a Music Lover? Are you interested to download Latest Hindi Songs, Album Songs, Movie Albums, Singer Songs, Latest Punjabi Songs, Pakistani Songs, or Watch & Download Latest Bollywood Videos Songs in High Quality (HD) then Visit & Enjoy the latest Hindi Songs? Gilgit Travels