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Weet wat er te doen is in Andreasberg en Schmallenberg
Andreasberg is een voormalig mijndorp, dat bekend staat om zijn typische langgerekte woongebouwen. De meeste van deze gebouwen liggen op een bergkam tussen de Elpe-vallei en de Valme-vallei. Elk jaar bezoeken mensen uit alle delen van de wereld het dorp om te genieten van het structurele ontwerp van deze gebouwen. Het dorp vierde in 2004 het extreem jonge eeuwfeest. In het Sauerland was er vóór 150 jaar een mijnbouwwoede, zoals bekend uit het verre Amerika. Hele families uit Saksen trokken naar Valmetal in gewoon huifkarren. Een ex-tunnel in Andreasberg viert ook het mijnverleden, dat is vernoemd naar Carl Haber, de mijnbouwdirecteur. Als het gaat om het toeristische gezichtspunt van Andreasberg, is het nu een van de drukste toeristische bestemmingen in de wijk Goslar geworden. Het is het meest geaccepteerde startpunt voor wandelingen en trektochten. Zowel wandelaars als wandelaars kunnen vanwege de hoogte genieten van het mooiste uitzicht. De meeste toeristen blijven dagen samen in Parkhotel Andreasberg om te genieten van de natuurlijke schoonheid van de stad. Een excursie rond Andreasberg zal u onvergetelijke herinneringen in uw leven bezorgen. De speelvelden in Andreasberg trekken je aan om uitgebreid te ravotten. Het Fort Fun Adventure Land, een populair pretpark en de Stump Tower, liggen op slechts 3 kilometer afstand van Andreasberg. In het koude seizoen is The Fort Fun Winter World de beste plek voor zowel jonge als oude winterspelliefhebbers. Dit komt omdat het hen zowel skiën als spannende rodelhellingen biedt. Er zijn veel gezellige skihutten waar toeristen zich kunnen opwarmen. Een verblijf in Andreasberg brengt niet veel accommodatiekosten met zich mee, aangezien de meeste hotels in Andreasberg kamers aanbieden aan gasten tegen de meest betaalbare prijs met alle benodigde voorzieningen. Andreasberg is ook de beste bestemming voor fotografieliefhebbers, omdat ze op weg naar het bos de beste schietbaan kunnen vinden. Net als Andreasberg is Schmallenberg ook de meest bezochte stad in het district Hoogsauerland, Duitsland. Het is niet alleen een klimaatgezondheidsoptie, maar het is ook een verblijfplaats voor vele bezienswaardige toeristische bestemmingen, zoals Thikos Kinderland, een fijne binnenspeeltuin. Natuurliefhebbers kunnen hun hart ophalen in Sauerlandradring, want er zijn veel parken om te ontspannen. Winkelliefhebbers kunnen bij Falke Werksverkauf heerlijk en voordelig winkelen. Toeristen kunnen zich ook laten verwennen in vele spannende buitenactiviteiten, zoals golfen op Golfplatz Winkhausen. Toeristen moeten meer dan een dag in Parkhotel Schmallenberg verblijven om hun Schmallenberg-tour aangenaam, betaalbaar en uitgebreid te maken.
Text Blasts and its Relevance Across Industries
SMS has been considered to be one of the most convenient communication methods between individuals and has grown into an industry segment with an astounding value expected to reach nearly $90 million by 2025. Previous stats indicated that businesses focused on notifications and alerts using SMS but now they consider text blasts to be an effective channel of marketing as well to engage with prospects and bring positive ROI. In this article, we are briefly going to discuss some quick stats with you on how Text blasts and SMS marketing make it easy for businesses to engage and communicate with the consumers in the most effective manner. Then, we will conclude with some major industries which are already making the most of the texting industry. The following are some incredible text blast and SMS marketing statistics that will give you a clear picture of the fact that marketers still value this channel as their primary or secondary one; 1. Around 50 percent of Us-based consumers make a purchase using the business SMS they receive which may contain a discount coupon, flash sale promotion, link to a location or any other call-to-action incentive. This is a game changing fact which tells us that half the population of consumers made their purchase from the text blast sent to them. 2. Consumers are not only keen but also accustomed to receiving coupons via text blasts from their favorite places because it is convenient for them. It also has a higher redemption than printed ones due to its direct reach. However, mobile coupons do not guarantee sales but do increase customer engagement through active engagement. 3. Today, most consumers opt-in to business campaigns to receive text blasts which serves as a major factor in their marketing mix. Another important factor to consider is that due to strict compliance and monitoring laws, less than 10% of text message are considered to be spam which is far less when compared to emails. 4. As a business marketing and engagement tool, Emails are still considered an important method, but it turns out that SMS marketing campaigns bring much better results than email campaigns. This is mostly because people read the texts they receive at least once before deleting them, whereas most emails are deleted before they are even opened. 5. The open rate of Email is around 20-25%. In comparison, SMS towers over it with an open rate of over 98%. Now, let us share some insights on how different industries are using text blasts as their business communication tool. 1. Banking Banking is probably the one industry which runs mostly by its customers and engaging in effective communication is a mandatory requirement. This is why user engagement for notifications, alerts, transaction receipts are sent to customers whenever an activity takes place in their account. The customer registers their cell phone number there by giving consent to receive these messages as well as promotions for new products and services. Many credit card companies and banks have sponsored companies especially from the retail industry offering discounts on their credit or debit cards which they can promote easily via SMS. 2. Hospitality The hospitality industry can mainly be divided into food services, hotels, events, travel & tourism, luxury services and others. With the title of the industry in regards, we can get the idea of the fact that they thrive on effective and efficient customer service experiences. This is where text blasts come into play and serve the hospitality industry. Businesses can send updates, facility offerings, and promotions for upcoming events or offers through text messages. Another use case is customer loyalty programs in which businesses can use short codes to opt-in customers and then segment them using different factors or class and engage with them accordingly. Text blasts are booming and the results are promising. If they weren’t effective, no company would invest in a channel which does not bring results. 3. Retail: The retail industry is one of the most important industries in any economy which is why the two major factors, time & reach, make SMS a perfect fit for retail communication activities. Retails players use text blasts to boost sales, retain customers and create brand awareness. Moreover, since most of them now operate online, the need for real-time communication has become even more crucial. When customers make a purchase online, they expect to receive notifications such as receipts and delivery confirmations. Apart from the industries, there are many examples related to Media & Entertainment, Internet-based, Real Estate, Non-profit, IT and Recruiting organizations which use text blasts to spread the word about their business and acquire & retain customers to gain growth in their business in terms of both revenue and customer base.
Do Chefs Legally Own Your Food Porn?
You went to that cool new restaurant - you know, the one with the fusion food, the fancy plating, and the trendy ambiance. You get your meal, and damn, that 'duck confit grilled cheese' is going to make your entire social network drool with envy. So you take a picture, right? Wrong. Or, at least, if the German government has any say. As of this week, Germany - arguably the authority on niche porn in general - has ruled that patrons who take a picture of their food without prior consent from the restaurant are infringing on the house chef's intellectual property. According to national newspaper Die Welt, the law was decided as follows: In individual cases, shared pictures may be illegal. At worst, a copyright warning notice might come fluttering to the social media user. For carefully-arranged food in a famous restaurant, the cook is regarded as the creator of a work. Before it can be made public on Facebook & Co., permission must first be asked of the master chef. The argument began with a 2013 German court ruling that widened copyright law to include applied arts. As a result, it became much easier for chefs to sue those who posted photographs of their food without permission. This ban also applies even when the same food is unartistically dumped on a plate if a restaurant owner puts up a notice refusing permission for photos to be taken of its food. I don't even know why I care about the fact this happened so much when realistically, I'm really not planning a trip to Germany any time soon. However, there's a voice inside of me - probably my stomach - that's currently responding in the following manner: