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Couple's Hugging Ring: A Review of a Hug Ring (2023)
A hug ring, also known as a "cuddle ring," is a unique piece of jewelry that tangibly represents love and affection. This ring is designed to be worn on the index or middle finger, and it features two hands holding each other in a warm embrace. The symbolism of the hug ring is simple yet powerful: it represents the warmth and comfort of human connection. Visit ->We at DreamStamps bring out valuable products which make your daily life easy and sustainable The hug ring is perfect for those who want to carry a physical reminder of love and affection with them wherever they go. It can be worn as a symbol of romantic love, or friendship, or simply as a reminder of the power of human connection. This ring is a beautiful way to express emotions that can sometimes be hard to put into words. The hug ring comes in a variety of designs, from simple and understated to more ornate and detailed. Some hug rings feature precious stones or intricate detailing on the hands, making them a truly unique and personal accessory. The materials used to create the hug ring can vary as well, with options including gold, silver, and rose gold. In addition to being a beautiful accessory, the hug ring also makes for a meaningful gift. It can be given to a romantic partner as a symbol of your love and commitment, or it can be gifted to a close friend or family member as a way to show your appreciation for their support and affection. The hug ring is a perfect gift for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or even as a surprise "just because" gift. Overall, the hug ring is a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry that is perfect for those who want to express love and affection tangibly. It is a personal and meaningful accessory that is sure to become a cherished part of any jewelry collection.
Give your room a cute touch with this Shopkins Bedsheet set.
Shopkins is a well-known franchise that may have started with a series of tiny, and very adorable items that we find while doing shopping through a supermarket aisle. But after a time when they become quite famous with not only kids but for adults as well, the company expanded their series into more items like toys, games, and whatnot. But the product that I am here today is Shopkins Twin Sheet Set. The sheet has a lot of advantages aside from being just simply pretty. It’ll give any room a lighter and sweet feeling. And I would definitely recommend it if anybody is having problems finding a sheet. Following are the materials that the pack comes with: • Flat Sheet This base sheet is 168cm×144cm in size and I think the size is very basic and thus, will fit easily in a small size bed, especially a lot easier to a kid’s bed. It’ll cover the corners nicely without hanging loose and the print is quite beautiful. The base is a light shade of pink and it has a lot of tiny arts like some Shopkins like a cookie, popcorn, etc., and some colored circles backed up on it. • Pillowcase The case is again a very common size likewise the flat sheet. It is 51cm×76cm and will fit your pillow like a glove! The main illustration on the top of it is of a Shopkins Popcorn being their pretty self and laughing. The base is of light pink color but what brightens it up are those stars, hearts, etc. on the main base. • Fitted sheet This fitted sheet comes as an extra, I mean you don’t regularly get fitted sheets, just the main bedsheet, and case, so I really appreciated this part of the set. The size is 99cm×191cm. The design is divided into squares with various prints illustrated on every other square. It is the prettiest thing out of the package as it has different Shopkins pictures on it. The words “Girls Day Out” are written in the middle square and the font is very nicely chosen and it can be read even from a distance. These three things make nice bedding for a room but what’s even amazing and makes them a nice choice for you to choose is that they are made of such nice quality that won’t give any problems like irritation, or any other type of allergy. Also, they are very soft to settle into which makes them a perfect companion out there for kids and their toys to sleep and get comfortable into! Lastly, the colors or any thread wouldn’t get faded or stretched even after their regular washing which is proof of a high-quality Bedsheet set. If you are in the market to look for not only things for your beds but other home accessories to decorate your room with then make sure to check out selling sites similar to eBay.
作者:李育權醫師 根據調查,女性有經痛的機率在50%以上,使「大姨媽」的止痛也不意外的成為女人之間的共鳴,尤其炎熱夏天將至,冰涼的食物或冷飲是許多女孩子無法抗拒的「毒藥」,總想著先吃了再說,等到經痛真正發生時卻後悔莫及! 由此不論是網路資訊或口耳相傳,許多女人們的止痛經驗談,從止痛藥、熱敷到吃巧克力等等諸多秘方來緩解疼痛,但巧克力含糖量不少,漂亮的妳要是因此發胖可就麻煩了,不如讓中醫來告訴妳新的替代選擇:婦科聖藥—「當歸」。 且慢!看到答案是當歸先別跳出去啊!當歸不僅是出名的可調經止痛的中藥材,而且做成藥膳又美味(例如當歸鴨、當歸麵線、四物湯等等),還可以消除月經的水腫喔! 比四物湯調經更周全,還可消除水腫—「當歸芍藥散」 當歸是中藥材,但也經常用於美食藥膳中,例如當歸鴨、當歸麵線、當歸羊肉、藥燉排骨、當歸四神湯等等,裡面都離不開當歸的甜味,而當歸本身具調經止痛、活血化瘀及促進血液循環的功效,所以從古代就開始被廣泛應用於女性婦科的調理與治療。 除了平時可吃當歸藥膳來補補身子,中醫也有專門配伍的處方來調理經痛、月經不順,例如最著名的四物湯,相信你肯定聽說過「四物湯的補血神效」,但今天我們要為你介紹的是比四物湯更厲害的「當歸芍藥散」! ● 當歸芍藥散 ○ 由當歸 、芍藥、 川芎、茯苓 、澤瀉 、白朮組成 ○ 此處方被譽為「婦科聖藥」,凡是肝鬱血虛、脾虛濕困,以致肝脾不和、氣血失調而發生的腹部疼痛,或是先兆流產、痛經等婦科疾病都可廣泛應用。 當歸芍藥散比起知名的四物湯,在調經方面表現更周全,因為四物湯中含有熟地黃,容易對於月經期間易脹氣、腹瀉的女性造成負擔,而當歸芍藥散去除滋膩的熟地黃,換成健脾的茯苓、白朮,更適合腸胃功能不佳、脾胃氣虛的人。 此外許多女性月經期間容易水腫,感覺就像變胖了一樣,當歸芍藥散內含茯苓跟澤瀉能調節水分的代謝,因此使用這個處方還能一併消除水腫、減肥呢! 醫師特別囑咐:吃當歸前得留意,這2類人不宜食用! 由於現代藥理發現當歸成分可能刺激乳腺癌細胞生長,以及抑制血小板聚集,所以以下2類人並不適合使用當歸: ● 乳腺癌的患者請避免服用。 ● 正在使用抗凝血藥物:如阿斯匹靈、可邁丁或肝素等等,若與當歸混用,可能會造成出血。 此外當歸雖然屬於性質較溫和的藥材,但若服用後出現皮膚起疹子、發紅、瘙癢,或食慾不振、胃部不適等症狀,可能是藥物副作用,還是要先停止用藥並盡快就醫。 除了上述情況,其他女性在月經期間適量攝取當歸藥膳,能夠舒緩經期的不適、補充身體所需元氣,但若想要徹底調理身子,讓你月經變順暢、經痛不再來,建議還是諮詢中醫為你量身訂製治療方案比較好唷! (更多當歸所組成的中藥處方和說明,可參考此篇文章:當歸補血調經功效多,醫生卻爆:2類人吃了會大出血!) 延伸閱讀: 維他命C功效懶人包»劑型怎麼選?吃多少?誰需要吃? 葉黃素吃什麼?營養師整理5功效4撇步+食物清單! 瑪卡是什麼?怎麼吃?營養師教6功效和提升耐力吃法!
火神的眼淚中,飾演同安分隊唯一女隊員徐子伶的陳庭妮,在螢幕前的她擁有人人稱羨的好身材,但你知道嗎?她為了配合劇情,竟然增重10公斤!平時增胖1、2公斤就足以讓女性哀聲連連,為什麼陳庭妮在增重10公斤之後,身材卻還是這麼好呢?其實,那10公斤是肌肉!陳庭妮表示,增加肌肉量,基礎代謝率也會提升,瘦身更有效率。原來,這就是維持身材的秘密!本篇除了介紹什麼是基礎代謝率外,也會提供3招飲食建議,讓你成功瘦身的同時更健康! 基礎代謝率在哪裡?一定難不倒你 基礎代謝率(BMR)是指維持生命一天所需要的最低熱量,也就是說,如果你一天所攝取的熱量低於你的基礎代謝率,你的身體可能就會出狀況!例如不當節食的減肥,會讓身體的肌肉被分解,基礎代謝下降,不但沒有達成瘦身目標,還可能讓你養成吃一點點就會胖的易胖體質! 基礎代謝率怎麼算呢?其實一點都不難喔! ● 男性基礎代謝率=10 x 體重(kg)+6.25 x 身高(cm)-5 x 年齡(歲)+5 ● 女性基礎代謝率=10 x 體重(kg)+6.25 x 身高(cm)-5 x 年齡(歲)-161 TDEE和基礎代謝率的關係是什麼? TDEE是每日消耗總熱量(Total Daily Energy Expenditure),主要分為以下三種: 基礎代謝率(BMR) 運動/活動消耗(TEA) 攝食產熱消耗(TEF) 其中,基礎代謝率佔總熱量消耗的60~70%,為TDEE的主要來源,而運動/活動消耗和攝食產熱消耗則各佔20~30%和10%。 那麼,如何用基礎代謝率去估算TDEE呢?這裡提供給各位計算方式: 所以說,提高基礎代謝率,自然就可以讓每日消耗的熱量提高。當每日消耗的熱量大於每日攝取的熱量,體重自然就會下降囉! 跟我這樣吃,變成易瘦體質沒問題! 如同女神陳庭妮所說的,增加肌肉量,基礎謝率也會提升。所以其實提升基礎代謝率的關鍵在於肌肉量!即便是休息,肌肉也能比脂肪消耗更多的熱量,在一般情況下,每公斤的肌肉相對於脂肪可以多消耗10~16Kcal的熱量!這不就是我們夢寐以求的,躺著就能瘦的體質嗎?! 所以提高基礎代謝率的方法,簡單的來說就是增加肌肉量!在飲食上可以選擇一些增肌食物,並且搭配重量訓練,效果會更好喔!這裡提供大家3招飲食攝取建議: 第1招:瘦身有3寶,開水、綠茶、黑咖啡 喝水這件事有多重要,應該人盡皆知了吧!每日建議的喝水量為:體重x 30~40。另外在運動前喝綠茶,可以幫助促進新陳代謝、調節生理機能;黑咖啡的咖啡因則可以活化體內酵素,加速燃脂。 第2招:優質蛋白質不可少 想要增加肌肉量,蛋白質必不可少!平時可以攝取的優質蛋白質如脂肪較少的雞胸肉、魚肉或是豆類製品等。如果你是素食者,蛋白質的主要來源就要依靠豆類,你可以選擇黑豆,蛋白質含量高,營養價值豐富,不管是正餐入菜,或是嘴饞時的點心,黑豆都是很好的選擇。另外,常健身的朋友可能也會挑選乳清蛋白,相關產品百百種,在選擇上盡量挑選成分單純、熱量較低的品項比較好喔! 第3招:健康好油來報到 有些人一聽到油脂就避之唯恐不及,甚至有些人會餐餐吃水煮餐、便當過水才敢入口。但是,如果完全不攝取油脂,不但無法降低體脂,還會使人顯得蒼老,連帶身體也會出現許多警訊,像是便祕、月經失調等。所以重點不是不吃油脂,而是要挑對健康油脂!在國人飲食指南中,就有建議每日可攝取適量的堅果,有預防心血管疾病、抗氧化等多種好處。下午茶時間經常嘴饞,可以選擇堅果作為點心,取代營養成分低、熱量高的餅乾或蛋糕,營養均衡又健康! 運動除了可以增加消耗的熱量外,如果搭配對的東西、在對的時機吃,也會對你的瘦身計畫有幫助喔!在運動前先喝水可以增加代謝率,運動後30分鐘選擇少量中高GI的食物。如此一來,成為易瘦體質的那天就不遠了! (關於基礎代謝率的資訊、瘦身指引,可以參考我這篇文章:基礎代謝率新手這樣算!5重點加速燃脂讓你越吃越瘦!) Image by Skica911 from Pixabay