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GOT7 ComeBack Event 🎉 Giveaway Reminder 🎉
Hello everyone! As you all know today is the GOT7’s comeback! This past week we have been celebrating and counting down to the big day with our favorite verses and lyrics over the years! Before we hop in I want to say a thank you to our president @MelissaGarza for making such a lovely event flyer ♥️! You are the best! Okay let’s hop in! So in order to keep this card from being too long, I thought I would start with the Flight Log Era! Enjoy! Album: Fly Song : Rewind Who’s Verse : Yugyeom’s Favorite Verse: “No I don’t want to hold it it any longer. All I want to do is see you all the time” Album: Flight Log: Turbulence Song: Mayday Who’s Verse: Jinyoung Verse: “I am still afraid of this dark path. I don’t know where I’m going but, if you can hold my hand” Extra: So I felt like I couldn’t included this era without including my favorite verse in Hard Carry. Jinyoung and plus the slow down of the beat absolutely made this part everything. Favorite Verse: “If you wanna get this, do as you did Without a care. Just let it be” Album: Flight Log: Arrival Song: Shopping Mall Who’s Verse: Mark Verse: “Oh girl you make my heart beat. You’re my beauty I’m your beast” Album : 7 for 7 Song: Teenager Who’s Verse: Yugyeom Favorite Verse: “What do you want say everthing you desire. I can do anything If you tell me good boy” Album: Present: You Song: Nobody Knows Who’s Verse: Youngjae Favorite Verse: Just leave me alone, now even without you. I can do it, I will be able to succeed.” Alright y’all! I hope that you all have enjoyed my favorite verse card ! Did I include some of your favorites or are there some of your favorite verses that you think should have been included? Or you just wanna share?? Let me know in the comments below! P.S. REMINDER: Just so you all know TODAY is the last day to enter the giveaway contest that I lovely @MelissaGarza put together!! If you are interested in learning how to enter there is the link to her original card! Good luck to all that enter!!! All Credit for gifs/pics go to the rightful owners* Got7 Community Council@MelissaGarza@luna1171@LiyahBoon@Just2BLoved@DefSoul1994 @Yugykookie97 Gem In Eye Squad@KatiePrihodiko@MrsJungHoseok@YulaGyeom@Anna5221 B.O.B Crew 3@fruitypoptart@tinytreeleaf@IsoldaPazo@MicMallow@Sailynn@Kolai4@pharmgirlerin@XxGummybear92xX@KPopBeat@InnocentiaKishi@RebeccaLondon Tag List@LenaBlackRose@AimeeH@sarangseoltang@XionHeart@SharayahTodd@KpopQuixxMarie@GDsGF@GenesisZiporrah@Gianlica@KpopGaby@kpopdeluxegirl@kpopisnylife@PrettieeEmm@punkpandabear@kpop14young@GUMMYB34RZz@JohnEvans@staceyholley@MaricelvaRomero@EmilySavage@EmilyGardner@HuonTreeRoo@CreeTheOtaku@ElizabethT@Exoexo@DestinyMcCauley@VKookie47@TracyLynnn@wiviDemol@DeeNice@maddiedo@marshalledgar@H8rt4u@hmelodie@sarahpjane@SusiBosshammer@MelaninMonroe@KatieRussell@xroyalreisx@xsandos17@VeronicaArtino@otakukpopgirl@AnnieGoodman@adikiller@ArianaVenti@amandamuska@AlloBaber@jcl4rkson@AimeeH@AmbieB@awesaawQqwq2qq@RebeccaLondon@wondergirl@themrshongki@namjoonswife@ninjamidori@NEOisRealo@nnatalieg@Nerukawong@NalaniCerteza@VictoriaBossier@Vlargo@VixenViVi@Jiyongixoxo@JamiMilsap@JennieThor@YessicaCardenas@Ivethcrisoforo@RogueLeigh@AlysaNguyen@Sammie99522@IGot7Forever@SHINee808@TerraToyaSi@AyamenTenchu@Maddie27@AlexisRiver@TashiannaBostic@jazgaara33@CrystalGuerra@KaiJae@orchiofriend549@yeniyx23@MichelleMonroe@aegyoxprinMOcess@SugaMint@Helixx@kpopandkimchi@DamarisCisneros@SugaKookies@Ercurrent@BrandyBell16@jeniseglasper@EliseB@resavalencia@CuteBabyLay@HopeElizabeth@Xoxojessica12@MandyNoona@harukachiharu@IsoldaPazo@AlyssaGelet818@LinnyOk@mrsjeon@xoxorittie@TaraJenner@shellyfuentes70@mszmarclyne93@AmberRelynn@Mikim000@elainarenea@Hongbinhyung@sydthesloth@Starbell808@ShailaZaman@EverieMisfit@mitchix5@SaraHanna@OppasManBun@NurAfiqahAswadi@yukigintokie Let me know if you would like to be tagged/untagged in future cards
Got7 Giveaway Entry!!🙌🏻💚
Hello AHGASES! I would like to say thank you to @MelissaGarza for doing this giveaway! If you all haven't seen her card about it here is the link. Today is the last day to enter the giveaway she is doing! ❤ ♡ ❤ My favorite song/lyrics are from "Just Right"! The mv is so adorable! The lyrics are amazing! They mean so much to me! It always lifts me up when ever I start pointing out all my flaws ❤❤❤❤ "Your everything is just right, so you Don’t need to worry, you can 100 percent trust every word I say 100 percent erase all your worries" "You can’t find a flaw that doesn’t even exist You shine so brightly, so perfect in every way To me you’re so beautiful I want you Just the way you are, you’re the only one" Those lyrics are amazing! They are telling you to stop pointing out your flaws because you are beautiful the way you are! Got7 Loves You For Who You Are! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL IN YOUR OWN UNIQUE WAY! *credit to the owner's of the gifs* *credit to for the lyrics* Got7 Community Council: @MelissaGarza @luna1171 @LiyahBoon @DefSoul1994 @YulaGyeom @Just2BLoved @Yugykookie97 iGOT7 Taglist: @BoyGroupKpop @QueenPandaBunny *let me if you want to be apart of the iGOT7 Taglist* KoreanStarCouncil: @DefSoul1994 @MelissaGarza @Yugykookie97 @Jiminsnooder Skylight Squad: @BoyGroupKpop @BTSlover14 @jungkookieeeee @QueenPandaBunny @QueenyCrossGene *let me know if want to be added to the "Skylight Squad" taglist* K-Monsta Squad: @Yugykookie97 @BBxGD @lilbr0wneyes @DefSoul1994 @KpopGaby @MYAlpha @BangtanGirlOT12 Tag List: @cagonzales9696 @Jiminsnooder @MonieManhiM @cherriblossom17 @SimplyAwkward @Btsislife @jaselgalindo @emealia @saraortiz2002 @xsandos17 @VictoriaBossier @TaehyungKey @Sarahdarwish @kpopandkimchi @Emealia @terenailyn @MonAnnahiX @4dalientae @PrettieeEmm @kyokeo @KwonOfAkind @AnimeKpopLover @SugaOnTop  @QueenyCrossGene @MadAndrea @B1A4BTS5ever @zyxzj @Taehyungie @VKookie47 @NuXX @Baekyeol27 @DOislifeExoL @kpopbeat @BTSMicDrop @BulletproofV @PrincessUnicorn @luna1171 @LisetteZapata @herreravanessa9 @MadAndrea @AnimeKpopFreak @amandamuska @RandomName @aliendestina @mrsyookihyun @MaelstromVIP @Foxxyjinxx @Bangtanss @YessicaCardenas @JadeOwens @cns1391 @JJiBin @TheEnlightment @BlueMoon201 @QueenPandaBunny @emberreynemoll @LacyTanner @nyxxonn @SweetDuella @MmIlk @KihyunA @ARMY4Life @SerenaArthurs @Additional18 @jessicaclove  @olive07354  @YungStatin  @nickij @BTSLover14  @Mochiroon @LiyahBoon @BoyGroupKpop *Let me know if you want to be added or untagged from the taglist*