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AOMG/H1GHR Reaction Sunday
Hello Jwalkers! It's Melissa with AOMG/H1GHR Reaction Sunday! For this week, the reaction is how your man reacts to your Halloween costume. Gray invites you to a late night Halloween party. You want to to look extra Sexy for him. You agree to meet him at the party. Your costume is uncomfortable. Once you walk in the room, you spot Gray. He's reaction is worth all the discomfort there is by wearing this costume. He looks at you while licking his lips and with fire in his eyes. He pulls you close and whispers 'How did you know I got a thing for Sexy banana' You are hosting a Halloween party. Everything is ready but you still need a costume. You asked Loco to help pick one out. You are trying on costumes, but you noticed that Loco isn't pay attention. So you go find the most shocking costume the shop had. After you put it on, you walk in front of Loco. He looks up and down. He shakes his head and says No way in hell, you are dressing as a sexy French maid! You were discussing Halloween plans with Jay on the way to dinner. You were telling him about how you were going to dress up for Halloween. He suddenly laughs out loud and quickly got serious to say 'No! You aren't dressing up as a vampire bride for Halloween ' Well that's all for AOMG/H1GHR Reaction Sunday. I hope you all like them. Till next time Jwalkers! I hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween! ❤BO$$ Squad: @MMarrickeJ33 @BBxGD @starbell808 @FromBlue2U @QueenPandaBunny @royalpandajedi @LiyahBoon @MelissaGarza @BabydollBre ♦J-Walkers @amobts @AnnaRodriguezm  @BabydollBre @BBxGD @Bwolfgirl @CarolSilva @ckienitz @DayDaySMDC @dreemer13 @elainarenea @EvilGenius @ibMIMI @JasmineGregory @Jaysbae13 @AlexisJ15 @JohnEvans @KaeliShearer @kolai4 @lcr4562 @lilbr0wneyes @LocoforJiyong @IsoldaPazo @MaelstromVIP @Mandibular @kirinacorn81 @maricela17mrn @MarrickeJ33 @MayraYanez @mitchix5 @mrsyookiyun @MzDawson31508 @NadineEsquivel @nmeza29  @ParanormalPanda @PriyaBala @QueenLele @QueenPandaBunny @Remysrose @SashaKmseoul  @SierraBecerra @StefaniTre @sugaontop @TheEnlightment @TwistedPDnim @VatcheeAfandi99 @ViStorm @ @yaya12 @ZZyxz Please comment if you want to be added to JWalkers tag list.