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'Five Fingers' Producers State, "T-ARA Eunjung's Agency Needs to Stop"
SBS drama "Five Fingers" producers have opened up about T-ARA Eunjung's removal from the drama. The production agency stated, "This was not just a decision made by the producers and is not a problem due to PPL. Eunjung's agency needs to stop making this matter worse. If they keep saying things that are not true, we will have to take more serious action." They continued, "Although Eunjung's agency continued to talk about unconfirmed matters, we did not speak up about it because we thought that was the last thing we could do out of respect for Eunjung. We thought that the 'T-ARA crisis' would be resolved by their agency, but due to the unclear result, we ended up holding an emergency discussion with the production team." The production team also commented that Eunjung's removal had nothing to do with PPL as they had already lost quite a lot of money on that matter and that Eunjung being removed did nothing for that loss. They also spoke up about making worse conditions for her contract. They stated, "Her agency knew that there were discussions about possibly removing Eunjung and so they proposed new terms for her contract, thus proving that we did not make the decision to remove her ourselves." "The reason we did not remove her earlier is that we thought the 'crisis' would end soon. However, it did not and so we debated for quite awhile before removing her." They ended with, "We hope that Eunjung will be able to get back on her feet soon. We wish her the best of luck."
T-ara’s Eun Jung Stays Quiet on the T-ara Incident
Eun Jung’s appearance at the Five Fingers press conference was her first time in front of the cameras since the T-ara incident first came to light. What, then, happened at the conference? The answer is: nothing. The press conference for SBS’ upcoming drama Five Fingers was held on August 16 in Seoul. Eun Jung attended the conference, making her first official appearance since the controversies surrounding Hwa Young and T-ara first sprang up. As such, much attention was paid as to whether anything related to the incident would be revealed at the conference. Previously, fellow member So Yeon, who had been cast for a role in KBS2’s Haeundae Lovers, didn’t attend the press conference for the drama held on August 1, and Hyo Min said in tears at the press conference for her MBC sitcom One Thousandth Man that, as it was a day meant for the drama, “I would like to request you only ask about the drama.” Eun Jung was also asked about the incident at her own press conference. As soon as the question was asked, however, an official from SBS said, “Please ask only questions about the drama,” cutting off any more talk about the issue and concluding the interview. Predictably, Eun Jung therefore did not open up on the issue. Five Fingers is a drama with a script written by screenwriter Kim Soon Ok, who opened a new age of dramas with the story of Temptation of Wife. It is about the struggle between genius pianists to become the heir of an instrument company, and how they overcome the scars that arise from the struggle to return to their dreams and love. It will begin airing on August 18. Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan