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Importance of Festivals in the School
India is rich in its culture, and we celebrate many festivals with different styles. Every festival represents different cultures, traditions, and customs. Children will also remember and understand the importance of festivals if they are told the significance of each occasion with the celebration. Celebrating festivals with fun and joy is an integral part of learning and developing a strong cultural belief. The celebrations make the students aware of the different traditions and bring students closer to each other's cultural believes and develop respect and understanding. Some of the important days that are celebrated in schools are Independence Day, Holi, Diwali, Raksha Bandhan, Mother's Day, Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Lohri, and many more. With so many festivals to celebrate and so many new customs to learn, Indians got multiple reasons to have fun and experience the joy of celebrations. Apart from the practical learning exposure and outstanding academics, DPS R.N. Extension, one of the best schools in Ghaziabad, thrives on teaching the students' cultural values that help promote diverse Indian culture to the core. At DPS R.N. Extension, the festivals and the celebrations are discovered in unique and beautiful ways to express the reflections of various cultural beliefs and values. Festivals are inquired in a manner to express religions and their ideas and thoughts through a multitude of world festivals. It not only helps to appreciate the aesthetic values of festivals but also the creativity. Celebrating festivals is a great way to understand the magnificent Indian heritage and understand the importance of various celebrations. Being the best school in Ghaziabad, DPS R.N. Extension focuses on fun activities, qualities like sensitivity, creativity and togetherness celebrated with enthusiasm. They believe, keeping the values instilled, DPS R.N. Extension is known to be the best CBSE School in Ghaziabad and thrives to offer the right kind of educational system based on moral ethics. An effective education allows a child to bloom, blossom, and thrive when given a suitable platform.
Home school- An effective Way To Avail Quality Education
Homeschooling is not a new fad but an age-old practice. In home school, parents teach their kids at home instead of sending them to private or public schools. There are umpteen reasons that let parents teach their kids at home. Not only does homeschooling help in studies, but also, nurtures the mental, emotional, and physical health of kids. With home school, there are many advantages to kids and parents. Let's discuss them. Academic benefits of homeschooling Every child is different and blessed with unique talents and qualities. The one-for-all academic curriculum does not serve the purpose of all students' needs. Let's see the snapshot of benefits to kids in academics. Customize according to your kid's need:  Some kids with ADD/ ADHD find it difficult to study in school. So, with the help of home school online programs, you can select the one that suits your child's needs. Follow what works: Another benefit of homeschooling is that you can select your own pace for your child. Your kid can be at the basic level of reading and an intermediate level in maths. So you can choose the study pace according to the learning pace of your child. Different from school: Through home school, you can choose the mode of learning for your kid. As kids learn more while playing, you can develop a curriculum that involves playing and learning simultaneously. Learn other life skills: Besides academics, adults also learn other life skills. As they spend more time at home, they learn other life skills like cooking, budgeting, etc. Preparing Kids for Other Activities: Home school programs online leave the adults with free time to start vocational training. Some teens do their internship along with their school so that they get prepared for initiating post-school start-ups. Role of homeschooling on child's mental health: The mental health of the child is of paramount importance for effective learning and good quality of life. Sometimes, school-going kids experience bad experiences of getting bullied. So, homeschooling helps the child in preventing school-induced stress. Researchers have shown that a child who gets more autonomy learns effectively. They can learn in their own way. Home school let the children pick their interest or hobbies. They don't have to complete the school curriculum and study for good grades in school. Henceforth, home schools are a great way to learn subjects and acquire new skills. It helps the child in academics and developing a healthy mental and social life.