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Junhyuk has enlisted!
He decided to enlist quietly. His company announced with this on the fan cafe: Hello, this is Star Crew Entertainment. HOTSHOT’s leader Junhyuk has joined the military on January 28, 2020. He wished to quietly say farewell to his family and enter the military, so we did not announce the date, location, and time of his enlistment, but he joined the military as an active member today. We hope you understand that no formal schedule was carried out. Please support our artist Junhyuk who will faithfully carry out his military duties and come back more mature. Junhyuk also released a letter to HOTPLE: Hello, HOTPLE (HOTSHOT’s fandom name)! This is Junhyuk! The weather is cold. Are you keeping warm? Did you catch a cold? You must be careful of the cold. I think it’s been a while since I wrote a letter, and today, I’m going to be telling HOTPLE something different. It’s sudden news, so I’m really sorry…but I’m enlisting in the military! I feel very bad that I won’t be able to see you before I go. I will be healthy and strong, so I hope all of you will be healthy and happy as well. I am nervous because of the enlistment, but I will go while thinking of my happy memories with you. Don’t worry too much and continue to be happy as you are now. I will always support you and be grateful to you. And I love you! I for one am really going to miss him!! Source: Midnight Sun Squad: @MaeLyn Do you wanna play with Hotshot?: @ParkKyungSoon @ynsamgwlk @QueenyCrossGene @destiny1419 @MelissaGarza @awkwardjazzy @Halsyeon
Community Chat Guidlines
Okay, due to recent events you may notice many of the presidents posting something like this. Remember that any of the following is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE and you will be warned ONCE then REPORTED if you continue to do any of them: -Racist comments/slurs -Malicious comments -Giving out personal information -Fighting in general -Explicit content I will explain what I mean by these below: Racist comments/slurs: This should be pretty self explanatory, but don't ever in any circumstance think it's okay to call someone something you know is racist. I.e the N word Malicious comments: This means any hate speech whatsoever. There is absoluetly no reason for you to be calling someone a "fucking bitch" etc. Giving out personal information: This means your phone number, snapchat, etc. This is a very dangerous thing to do, which most if not all of us had learned from a young age. Never EVER give someone your personal information. If you want to chat with someone on something other than Vingle, then use messaging apps like Line or KakaoTalk. That's what they're for. Use this same practice on every other social media. Just don't risk it. Fighting in general: I know things can get heated when you're talking to someone on here, but try to handle it maturely. Explicit content This includes dirty talk, nudes, and sexual harrasment in general. Keep in mind that if you're a minor this counts as child pornography and counts as AN ILLEGAL OFFENSE If you see someone breaking any of these rules, please report them to the president of the community, or even another president. For example, if you see someone breaking these rules in VIXX, then you can report to me, @MaeLyn, or the Kpop president, @Halsyeon. Most of the time you see someone breaking rules, they are trying to get attention so DO NOT pay then any attention. This will only add fuel to the fire. Please remember that we're all a family on Vingle. We have to stick together during times like this. To the older Vinglers, please remember you're a rollmodel for the younger ones. To the younger Vinglers, don't be afraid to reach out if someone/something makes you uncomfortable. Matoki Council: @MaeLyn @Halsyeon @awkwardjazzy @QueenyCrossGene @SweetDuella Baby Taglist: @kpopandkimchi @MelissaGarza @ynsamgwlk @SimplyAwkward @SweetDuella @JaxomB @starbell808 @MaeLyn @InfinitySky @mitchix5 @AlexisJ15 @awkwardjazzy @StefaniTre @JiyongLeo @axosrain @simpsonsamantha @AkiraMarie13 @QueenyCrossGene @cns1391 Midnight Sun Council: @MaeLyn Do You Wanna Play With Hotshot? @ParkKyungSoon @ynsamgwlk @QueenyCrossGene @MelissaGarza @Halsyeon @awkwardjazzy ✦Starlight Council✦: @MaeLyn @Halsyeon @kpopandkimchi @CLAKPOP @AegyoSoCute @Just2BLoved ✧Starlight Citizens✧: @QueenyCrossGene @CLAKPOP @natsiepatsie23 @lop0929 @Starbell808 @StefaniTre @BTSMicDrop If you would like to be tagged let us know!
B.A.P, Hotshot, and VIXX Community Guidelines
Serious MaeLyn here to bring you guys some of the rules! I haven't made one of these cards before so I'm lowkey borrowing some of @Halsyeon's wording hahaha Let's get to it! If you don't follow these guidelines you'll only recieve ONE warning. 1. Keep it relevant! I haven't seen very many people putting the wrong cards in my communities, but you happens. Just keep in mind that I can't see who made the card when I or my team approves or denies the cards. So no hard feelings if you do get denied. 2. Keep it PG! I know that the boys are pretty sinful, but we have younger Vinglers and I don't want them to run into that stuff, without at least a warning. Make sure to put a warning in the title or at the beginning of the card. This includes but is not limited to smut, photo edits etc. 3. Don't fight! I know that having such a big platform with so many people on it is bound to have people not getting along. As Halsyeon said "BE KIND! BE RESPONSIBLE! BE RESPECTFUL!" Also do not use any derogatory language! 4. Don't be afraid to say something! If you see people fighting or something that upsets you, don't hesitate to come to me or the team. We're all friendly and will be glad to help you! 5. Don't use the taglist if you're not on the council! This should be pretty self explanatory, but I've noticed in other communites that there's people just using whatever taglist they want. Please refrain from doing so. And above all, have fun! If you would like to be tagged let us know! Matoki Council: @MaeLyn @Halsyeon @awkwardjazzy @QueenyCrossGene @SweetDuella Baby Taglist: @kpopandkimchi @MelissaGarza @ynsamgwlk @SimplyAwkward @SweetDuella @JaxomB @starbell808 @MaeLyn @InfinitySky @mitchix5 @AlexisJ15 @awkwardjazzy @StefaniTre @JiyongLeo @axosrain @simpsonsamantha @AkiraMarie13 @QueenyCrossGene @cns1391 Midnight Sun Council: @MaeLyn Do You Wanna Play With Hotshot? @ParkKyungSoon @ynsamgwlk @QueenyCrossGene @MelissaGarza @Halsyeon @awkwardjazzy ✦Starlight Council✦: @MaeLyn @Halsyeon @kpopandkimchi ✧Starlight Citizens✧: @QueenyCrossGene @CLAKPOP