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Everest Captures Both Fascination and Fear of Nature
Everest can be described as a mountain-climbing drama but it looks more like a battle between man and Mother Nature. The movie follows an amazing ensemble cast (Jason Clarke, Josh Brolin, John Hawkes and Jake Gyllenhaal) and their expedition up Mt. Everest. It captures the relationship that many people have with the environment which is a perfect mix of fascination and fear. One of the brilliant things about this trailer is the way the audio is mixed. Right as it starts, we can hear heavy and labored breathing. Subconsciously, the trailer is trying to control our breathing. Imagine watching the trailer with headphones on or in a theater equipped with surround sound. The volume would be so loud that it would make it hard for the audience to think and aurally this engages the audience. The score is loud and abrasive and staggered. And these moments, they start to regulate the heartbeat of the audience. As the action ramps up, the score does as well. It's jarring and when it's set to images of the actors being torn away by the ice storm, it naturally makes us feel afraid, scared, and tense. On the other hand, though, we also get great sweeping shots of the actors as move through the environment. For a lot of us -- or at least me -- the trailer and this film gives me the opportunity the part of the world that I probably won't ever see. It looks like many of these moments were shot on location (or at least on a mountain somewhere and not in front of a green screen). While the movie is about a natural disaster (or people persevering through environmental tragedy) it also gives us this great look at the setting. Sunlight bounces off the snow capped mountains and we can really get a sense of the surroundings. It's also important to note that this trailer markets the movie as an "experience" as opposed to a movie and with great shots (like the one above) it's hard not to see it as one especially if you choose to watch it in IMAX 3D. Note: The trailer is labeled with the International release date, September 24th, 2015.. In the United States, Everest will be in theaters September 18th, 2015.
6 Candidates for Doctor Strange
Marvel is on a roll with their movies and it's only a matter of time before they use the classic villain Doctor Strange. Naturally all sorts of rumors have been going about about how might portray Strange and here are the six favored candidates. + Jared Leto + Personally, I don’t see it. Leto’s talented, but he honestly looks too young for strange to me, and it seems like a strange choice for him IMO. He is a possibility, partially because he’s such a popular actor right now and according to rumors he’s wanted the part for years (idk how legit that is tho). + Oscar Isaac + Currently honing his skills for Star Wars so making the jump from scifi to superhero isn’t extreme BUT it’s hard to beat the commitment necessary for something as huge as Star Wars so he might not be available for it. One thing I’ll give him is he’s got the look down! + Jake Gyllenhaal + Another one I don’t think is too likely, not after the huge flop of Prince of Persia. Disney likes to hang on to their actors, but Gyllenhaal is big enough to turn down the roll. On the other hand he apparently wants to try something light and fun, and what’s more fun than being up super villains?! + Matthew McConaughey + Now HERE’S a possibility!! McConaughey is unpredictable so choosing to do something so different from his other movies would definitely be something he’d do. Yeah some of his off the wall choices haven’t been great, but he’s a talented guy and would make a good Strange IMO. + Ewan McGreggor + The one everyone things is gonna be Strange and yeah, I can see it. He’s got he skills, and everyone wants to see him as Strange. While I don’t think he’s got the look quite as good as Isaac he’s “mature” enough to pull it off. One reason he might not though is having worked on a big budget project with a rabid fan base (Star Wars), which can kinda put you off that scene. + Ethan Hawke + I am behind this one 150%, seriously look at him he IS Strange! Yeah it’s kind of a long shot but I really really hope he goes for it because he’d be perfect for it, and it would be a really awesome change of pace for him.