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Love It Or Hate It: How Do You Feel About Jazz Music?
Welcome to the Funny Community game, Love It Or Hate It! This game is really similar to Monday's 'No Good or So Good' food game - except this one deals a lot more with non-food things. Every week, I highlight a different thing that a lot of people either really love or really hate and see how our community feels overall! Last week, I asked you how you felt about HASHTAGS! Out of the 78 who gave your opinion, 42 of you said you just can't STAND them. Soooo... hashtags have been voted to be NO GOOD!!!!! This week, I want to know: How do you feel about jazz music? Jazz began in the 19th century as one of the first all-American music genres. Listening to it has been proven to stimulate human intelligence. However, for some, it just reminds them of going to the dentist. How do YOU feel about jazz music? Sound off in the comments below, and I'll post the results next week! Debate, debate, debate! @Inaritricx @Taijiotter @wonyeop316 @AimeeH @XergaB20 @JustinaNguyen @Danse @RainaC3 @bnrenchilada @destiny1419 @arnelli @Luci546 @InPlainSight @Ash2424701 @GingerMJones @zwdodds @LenaBlackRose @misssukyi @TerraToyaSi @kneelb4zod @BrookeStam @RachelParker @JaxomB @ultraninja10 @reyestiny93 @MattK95 @MajahnNelson @petname83 @BluBear07 @melifluosmelodi @ZoilaObregon @GossamoKewen95 @TracyLynnn @TiffanyWallace @VixenViVi @DenieceSuit @ButterflyBlu @CelinaGonzalez @MaighdlinS @maddiemoozer @VeronicaArtino @iixel @TomHawthorne @DominiqueThomas @ElizabethT @RiggaFoster @AluSparklez @kvnguyen @chris98vamg @WiviDemol @animechild51 @2Distracted @cthulu @jazziejazz @JessicaChaney @shantalcamara @J1mbleJ4mz @Beeplzzz @carmaa10 @MayraYanez @Kamiamon @HeatherWright @MischiefK1ng @SeoInHan @ShonA @KennyMcCormick @MooshieBay @IMNII @Ikpoper @humairaa @merryjayne13 @zoemvillarreal @lilleonz @ChristinaOMalle @AllieGrabowski @baileykayleen @KarleyFrance @Ticasensei @EasternShell @musicundefined9 @peahyr @TerrecaRiley @MoisEsGaray @atmi @AlidaGarman @sanRico @orenshani7 @jannatd93 @ReadAnimateSwim @Astrohelix @dimplequeen @ChildofSparda13 @grapetoes2000 @sarahpjane @LittleHorn @justinasarmento @deilig @GalaxyTacoCat @amobigbang @LAVONYORK @Jason41 @kpopdeluxegirl @BlackDragon88 @Bobs @paularasnick @Animaniafreak @YumiMiyazaki @Patmanmeow @MarvelTrashcan @kawaiiporpoise @Xiuyeolhyun @MaggieHolm @xDaisyDaysx @yaakattackk @Starbell808 @KyleBerke @fatimajj23 @GabrielMarques @Alletaire @kkimberlyy @Priscillasdoor @chrisg3584 @brandontearss @bradleygialamas @justme29 @buddyesd @changoleon @Sara3 @felicityautumn @ssora @MorghanPorter @IzamarPalomo @realjoy @Heartofgold35 @mscocoasupreme @MyFunkySpell @ChakiahWallace @Krystalstar22 @KarlythePanda66 @JoeyNelson @TonyLepera @dianes6711 @Aripendragon @MichelleHolly @AviannaLin @seouls @AustinThurston @Sammyjuicoooo @divanicola05 @RavenQueen0810 @captpeter @Kourtland @Tsukasakrdcd @MistyTaylorByrd @MariPili @TylerCassalata @SarahRegulski
하루 한 곡 스페셜 : 2월 첫째 주 발매된 추천 신곡 모음
하루 한 곡 2018.2.4 추천음악 하루 한 곡 스페셜 : 2월 첫째 주에 발매된 신곡 중 추천 곡을 모아봤습니다!!! 우리 너무 Top차트에 오른 곡들만 듣잖아요 ㅜㅜ 잊혀지기 쉬운.. 그러나 잊혀지기엔 너무 아까운 곡들을 모아서 올립니당! 모든 곡을 소개하기 전에, 이번 주의 베스트 오브 베스트 추천곡은 https://youtu.be/843wNFa-pKk 1. Palmbeach wasted youth club 이라는 나홀로 뮤지션의 최신앨범 [ALAS!]의 동명 타이틀 곡 ALAS! 입니다! 2월2일에 발매된 앨범의 따끈한 신곡이죠. 참 재밌는 사운드에요. 알고싶은 사람!! 2. 공보경 - 그립다 (1.31 발매) https://youtu.be/GNZD_8z1pf8 3. 까망스테레오 - 하루종일 (1.31 발매) https://youtu.be/aunItt-7msk 4. 강아솔 - 섬 (1.31 발매) "정성들여 감정을 공유하는.. 그런 앨범이었어요." https://youtu.be/_2v3iW--wo4 5. 스티 - 떠날까 (feat. Kidd King) (2.1발매) https://youtu.be/gwIekW60hz4 6. 코르크 - 자자 (1.31 발매) https://youtu.be/FcNkS2E6948 7. 안희수 - 너의 세계 (1.31발매) "좋은 가사와 좋은 멜로디에 집중하려 부수적인 것들을 배제시켰다는 코멘트에서 따뜻한 포크음악을 바로 떠올릴 수 있었는데 이 정규앨범 전반적인 곡들이 모두 기대이상입니다." https://youtu.be/RllVTmc6_YY 8. 한올 - 숨기지 말아요 (2.2 발매) https://youtu.be/qp059ldn0a4 9. 모멘츠유미 - 유영 (2.2 발매) "앨범 전체에 감도는 묘하게 서늘한 분위기와 곡과 딱 잘 어울리는 목소리가...!!!" https://youtu.be/E8btN7Xl2J0 10. 달 좋은 밤 - 안아줘 (2.3 발매) https://youtu.be/prZCWeYxxnc 11. 마스터클래스 - Your lies (feat. 일레인) (2.2 발매) "어두침침한데 따스하기 짝이 없는 묘한 퓨전에 이끌려 안 들을 수가 없는 매력적인 곡." https://youtu.be/ypOHdjdosnQ 여러분 여기서 끝이 아닙니다.!!! 바로 들어보고 싶으신 분들을 위해 유투브 영상 속 음악을 가져오는데 유투브 영상이 없어 소개할 수 없는 곡들도 수두루둑둑 ㅠㅠ 아쉬운 마음에 제 플레이 리스트를 캡쳐합니다! 한 번 들어보세요^^ 재즈, 인디 어쿠스틱, 록, 알앤비, 팝 등의 음악이 모두 뒤섞여있습니다!! 이 한 페이지 캡쳐 사진 전부가 모두 소개해드리고픈 곡들이었는데 유투브 영상이 없어 아쉬운 곡들입니다 ㅜㅜ 으엉어엉어엉엉 아무튼 자, 그럼 비정기적이겠지만 최신앨범 중 추천곡 리스트를 스페셜로 다시 가져올 그 날까지 안녕;)
Black History Month: The History of Jazz
Let's start with the basics: Did you know that jazz was born in the US? Did you know that the drum set was invented by jazz musicians? Did you know that words like "cool" and "hip" came from jazz? It's more than just music to listen to in cafes and bars - it has an incredible story behind it. Here's a brief run-down, with the help of Scholastic's history of jazz curriculum! === Late 1800s The Blues The Blues was born in the South and was meant to express the pain and injustice faced by African Americans during this time. Inspired heavily by hymns and traditional work songs (thus the common use of call and response) this music used to accompany spiritual and social events. Blues set the foundation of jazz not to mention the inspiration for rhythm and blues, rock 'n' roll, and country music (think of Elvis Presley!) === 1900s New Orleans New Orleans is a melting pot of sounds. The French trumpet mixed with the Blues, traditional African drumming, ragtime, and military marching bands all came together in cacophony that brought on the birth of classic jazz music. Improvisation and accompanied dancing was common and the music filled the streets! === 1901 Louis Armstrong is born Louis Armstrong was one of a kind. His understanding of rhythm and his ability to improve made jazz what it is today. He is actually one of the most influential artists in the history of music. Born in New Orleans, on August 4, 1901, he began playing the cornet at the age of 13. He changed the way that jazz artists approached solos forever, and moved away from a more traditional Dixieland style. He played faster and louder than anyone had before. === Mid–1930s Swing Swing was born from the basic foundation of jazz. Swing as a jazz style actually first appeared during the Great Depression. The fast dance tunes were meant to lift the spirits of the American public, and it did! By the mid-1930s, a period known as the "swing" era, swing dancing had become our national dance and big bands were playing this style of music. Orchestra leaders such as Duke Ellington, Paul Whiteman, and Benny Goodman led some of the greatest bands of the era. === Duke Ellington A pianist, composer, and bandleader, Ellington was one of the founders of the big band sound. "Ellington plays the piano, but his real instrument is his band. Each member of his band is to him a distinctive tone color and set of emotions, which he mixes with others equally distinctive to produce a third thing, which I like to call the 'Ellington Effect.'" —Billy Strayhorn, composer and arranger === 1940s Bebop n the early 1940s, jazz musicians were looking for new inspirations, and a new direction. Out of this desire for something new, style of jazz was born, called bebop. It's fast tempos and complex melodies created a "jazz for intellectuals." The big bands with dancing crowds was replaced with small audiences that sat and listened to the music, trying to catch all the details. === Dizzy Gillespie Trumpeter, bandleader, and composer John Birks "Dizzy" Gillespie was born on October 21, 1917. At the age of 20 he moved to NYC and started to experiment with jazz to eventually come up with the bebop sound. He was heavily inspired by Latin music and set musicians on the path towards modern jazz. === 1950s Latin and Afro-Cuban Jazz Adding in more inspiration to the already eclectic, dynamic genre is Afro-Cuban music. The combination of African, Spanish, and Latin American music changed jazz's sound and the culture surrounding it. I've seen plenty of people posting about Jazz in our music community and I'm sure you know much more than I do, so I'd love to hear your favorite stories about jazz history - they were wild times!!
Using Music to Move Past Differences in Kids on the Slope
Kids on the Slope is an anime that's about two things: jazz music and friendship. In one scene, the series captures overcoming differences in a friendship through the power of music or more specifically, jazz music. Before the scene above our two main characters Sentaro (the drummer) and Kaoru (the pianist) are not on speaking terms after Kaoru feels like he's been betrayed by Sentaro. During their school's recital something happens to the band that is supposed to play next and Kaoru volunteers to keep the crowd busy while the band gets everything together. There's something you should know about Kaoru, he's kind of a nerd. At the start of the series, he doesn't really have any friends, he's constantly getting bullied, and he's practicing classical piano pieces. That is, until he meets Sentaro, who -- for lack of a better term -- is kind of a bad boy. Sentaro doesn't go to class, he only plays the drums, and is constantly getting into fights. So when Sentaro steps on the stage to accompany Kaoru, it comes off as a big gesture. You can even see the surprise on Kaoru's face once he hears the drums start playing. As the song goes on, you can see their differences and anger towards each other disappear. The friendship they've made throughout the series up to this point takes the forefront. Jazz becomes their way of arguing with each other. There are moments throughout the medley where one musician stops playing and the other keeps going as if to say, "okay, I'm going to listen to your side of the story, now". The magical thing to me about this scene is how jazz -- or music in general -- is used as a tool to get through certain hardships. Through the way they play their instruments, we can see our characters have a discussion, get through their differences, and then remember what it's like to have fun with each other.
하루 한 곡 2018.02.14 서재페스페셜1탄
하루 한 곡 2018.02.14 추천음악 서울 재즈 페스티벌 스페셜 1탄 : Lauryn Hill 서재페 라인업이 속속 공개되네요! 역시 올해 라인업도 정말 베스트오브베스트 넘나 가고싶은 것 ㅠㅠ 올해 날 좋은 봄의 한 가운데에서 서재페를 만나보실 수 있답니다! 어떤 페스티벌, 여행도 공부하고 가야 백배만배 아낌없이 즐기고 올 수 있지 않겠어요? 공개되는 라인업의 뮤지션들을 그들의 대표곡으로 소개하는 스페셜 카드를 하루 한 곡에서 준비합니다! 알고 가시면 더 재밌는 공연이 될거에요;) 1. Lauryn Hill https://youtu.be/hNx2WGzuqiY 저에겐 영화 시스터액트2로 알려진 배우이자 뮤지션. 윤미래가 연상될 정도로 최고의 래퍼이자 보컬리스트. 굉장한 실력의 기타까지.... 대체 그녀에게 신은 무엇을 주지 않은걸까 꼬집어보려해도 부족한 점 하나 없는 것 같은 분. 아무튼간에 이 분을 영화 속에서 처음으로 저 장면을 통해 만나게 됐는데 세상 저런 소울을 영화에서 보게되다니 헉;;;; 했습니다. 너무 부러워 최고야 짱이야!!!!! 원곡 전체버전도 첨부합니다. 1-1. Lauryn Hill & Tanya Blount - His eyes on the sparrow https://youtu.be/k7Pk5YMkEcg 사진 속 요 언니가 로린힐이에요. 힙합을 좋아하는 우리나라에선 아래 곡으로도 유명하신 분이죠. 1-2. Doo Wop (Live ver.) https://youtu.be/4B4qEjqVM7o 1-3. Doo Wop https://youtu.be/eIJcnZOIH1o 두왑도 정말이지 멋있는 곡이라지만 저는 영화 시스터액트를 사랑하는지라 마지막 대미를 장식했던 영화 속 하이라이트! 를 또 소개해드리려고 해요. 1-4. Sister Act2 ost - Joyful Joyful https://youtu.be/OaEH1e_DLm0 맨 앞 솔로이스트 언니야가 로린힐 언니야죠.. 아아 저 소울 넘나넘나 좋은 것♥ 귀가 녹는 것 같네요 ㅠㅠ 으앙 지금까지 제가 사랑하는 로린힐을 보고 들으셨다면 또 다른 곡 딱 2곡만 소개해드리고 넘어갈게유~~ 1-5. Ex-Factor 욘세 언니도 리한나 언니도 애정하는 이 곡! https://youtu.be/cE-bnWqLqxE 1-6. 니나 시몬 트리뷰트 곡 Feeling Good https://youtu.be/F-tCx5mocsE 진짜 있는 그대로 간지터지는 로린힐 언니를 더 알고 듣고 보고 싶다면? 서울재즈페스티벌 꼬유 (저 협찬 같은 거는 없습니다. 그냥 그 페스티벌을 제가 좋아해유...ㅋㅋㅋ) 2. Maceo Parker 마세오 아자씨는 2탄 카드에서 만나유! 아직 2월이니 찬찬히 올려볼게요 ;)