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P A R K J I M I N : His demeanor would change from pent-up stress to instant guilt. You’d be taken aback, naturally, but you absolutely hate that his stress would be taking over him. “Hit me again.” You’d urge him, and Jimin couldn’t help but look at you in utter shock. “What?” He’d then ask of you, not believing the fact that those words came out of your mouth. He expected you to be offended that he had the audacity to physically hurt his significant other. “You heard me.” You’d respond. You tried to keep your tone firm, but your voice cracked in the midst of that sentence, and Jimin could’ve sword he heard fear come out instead. “Hit me again.” “W-Why would you want me to do that? You should be the one scolding me for laying a hand on you like that!” Jimin would cry. “Hit me back. Do so—” “If it takes you fucking hitting me for you to realize how much of a jerk you’ve been these past couple days, then fucking hit me again, Jimin.” You’d insist, hands clenching into fists. “Come on now. You obviously have some stress built up inside you. Take it out on me. You didn’t have any problem doing it a moment ago.” “Why would you say that?” Your boyfriend would ask, offended that you would even suggest such idea. “No one deserves to be hit, Y/n, no matter the circumstances.” “Then why’d you hit me?” You’d ask, voice cracking and tears building up in the brim of your eyes. Tears would build up in his eyes too, for Jimin knows there’s no explanation in the world that could excuse him for hurting you like this. “I’m sorry.”