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Adebola Rilwan Opaleye: The Nigerian Journalist That Left UK for Nigeria For Medical Treatment
Activists are known for writing history, changing the narratives of fear, which could impact the ability to fight inequalities. Soldiers fighting in a war zone have got only two bitter options, It’s either they come back alive or die on the battlefield. When you are fighting on principle, and against inequalities, it seems like a war zone. Many people will be against you, mainly with the mentality to destroy and never for good. Many people would be against you as an activist, making you fear fighting until the end; this could come with many allegations, threats, and many others. When you can successfully defeat their dubious act, they would be ready to attack again, this time in a different way, worse than the one you had just defeated. In Mr. Adebola Oplaye’s case, he was born into a family of Educationalists, so he could quickly seek advice at the highest level at any time. Adebola Opaleye, popularly known as dakingsman, is known for silently fighting inequalities and human rights abuses. Not much is known about him until different challenges faced him, revealing his identity to the media. According to Dakingsman, as he is famously known to the media, he first noticed being overly surveilled in 2018 after challenging an organization for discriminating against him in a way to destroy his professional career. He challenged this incident at the highest level and almost took the organization to court before settling the case out of court based on the organization’s reputation. The organization that committed the atrocity realized what they had done and decided it was time to silence him permanently for them to move on as they couldn’t trust a journalist not to write about the atrocity that befell him. Talking about the incident, Mr. Opaleye said he was promised a birthday gift by the organization that committed the atrocity in 2018, but what he was given was organized discrimination, meant to destroy his professional career. As a learned individual, Mr. Opaleye fought this at the highest level and was able to settle the case out of court with a little over two thousand pounds. The money he said was due to him not working during the period of his being discriminated against. Immediately after he settled the case with the organization, he and the organization signed a legally binding agreement that they wouldn’t say anything negative about each other, which Mr. Opaleye complied with. But to Mr. Opaleye’s surprise, his neighbors were the ones that started moving out first without any advertisement. A famous businessman whose business name was after a renowned shopping center in Dundee and who use to live just beside Mr. Opaleye’s house was told to move out for security purposes, and this letter was sent to him by the government. Many others were told the same thing and were forced to move out questionably. This kind of incident happens typically when an individual is under surveillance, according to Late Barrister Taofeeq Olayinka Opaleye, in which he made the move of a company being set up immediately outside the United Kingdom. According to the learned lawyer, the incident is similar to what would have happened to someone “gang stalked.” Gang stalked or gang stalking is a name derived from people being overly surveilled with the hope of destroying every aspect of their lives. In April 2021, Adebola Opaleye, a UK- based journalist and human rights activist, went back home almost unconscious after going out with guys with the hope of securing a business with them. After almost dying of what Nigerian doctors said was a slow poison meant to render him incapacitated, the people he went out with started teasing him and calling him a “liar” all of a sudden. Mr. Opaleye said it must be a way of a well-rehearsed excused, used by the perpetrators as a psychological way to discredit him from exposing these said people. According to the learned lawyer, the incident is similar to what would have happened to someone “gang stalked.” Gang stalked or gang stalking is a name derived from people being overly surveilled with the hope of destroying every aspect of their lives. In April 2021, Adebola Opaleye, a UK- based journalist and human rights activist, went back home almost unconscious after going out with guys with the hope of securing a business with them. After almost dying of what Nigerian doctors said was a slow poison meant to render him incapacitated, the people he went out with started teasing him and calling him a “liar” all of a sudden. Mr. Opaleye said it must be a way of a well-rehearsed excused, used by the perpetrators as a psychological way to discredit him from exposing these said people. Why Was He Under Surveillance? Mr. Opaleye said he noticed he was being surveilled after he fell out with the organization that discriminated against him. He also noticed his house being monitored by strange people in a black Peugeot, then strange people moving into homes around him without any adverts being put up. These people, he said, were not randomers. This kind of surveillance is usually done to see if the said suspect is doing anything illegal at the apartment he lives. Despite years of Mr. Opaleye being under constant surveillance, his media outlets were affected heavily, and he started losing an audience as almost everything he posted was either flagged or removed without warnings, making him lose high potential income. Mr. Opaleye said he had loosed almost three million pounds along the way due to him being under surveillance. What did his family say? For over two years, his family consistently believe nothing dodgy was happening, and if he were under surveillance, the government would eventually come to a conclusion and leave him alone until he was poisoned in April 2021. After he was poisoned, Mr. Opaleye was examined by different doctors from different levels in which his mental and physical health was checked. Going to the hospital, Mr. Opaleye said his convoy was led by Barrister Akinbode and that of the former commissioner of health Ogun State, Dr. Osifade. Although nothing was found to have been wrong with his mental health, Mr, Opaleye’s physical health had deteriorated and, according to doctors, could have died within six months had it been he wasn’t in for a medical checkup. While most wealthy Africans would travel to Europe, the UK, the US for medical checkups, Mr. Opaleye went to Nigeria to consult top medical experts. The doctor said Mr. Opaleye was exposed to a high level of radiation for a brief period, which has damaged his cell badly. He was on cell therapy to regenerate his damaged cell, which, according to the doctors, his recovery was like a miracle. Before returning to his family in the UK, Mr. Opaleye had started feeling better after lots of therapy and medication. Investigations are still ongoing to examine what happened, why it happened, and if it is still happening. People in the community where Mr. Opaleye lives said these organized stalkers had approached them, and after they questioned what they were doing, they told Mr. Opaleye have a high IQ and needed to be monitored. These are the type of excuses used to penetrate Mr. Opaleye’s privacy. Source:
Live-in Relationship in India: Laws and Challenges
Abstract Live-in relationship is prominently increasing in India as an easy way similar to marriage. It is defined as a domestic cohabitation between an adult couple who are not married. Apparently, it appears like a stress-free companionship without any legal obligations; conversely, it has many complications, responsibilities and legal liabilities. Recently attempts have been made to bring it in the ambit of some laws. It is no longer an offence in India and many guidelines pertaining to maintenance, property, the legal status of a child have been issued in various decisions of the Apex Court. Still it is a debatable issue in India. There are many grey areas which need appropriate attention like, official documentation, cultural issues, property rights, will and gift rights, anti-religion status, LGBT community and so on. The primary focus of the article is on to comprehend the concept of live-in relationship with the help of secondary sources. Thereafter, an attempt has been made to study the problems and challenges faced by the couples with the help of descriptive and analytic methodology. Lastly, the article argues on the need for framing a separate, secular and gender-sensitive law for the couple opting to cohabit in a live-in relationship.  Introduction Live-in relationship is an association where two people cohabit outside marriage. The concept is already accepted and legalised in many countries around the world. As per the Apex Court, for a man and a woman in love to live together is part of the right to life'; therefore, a live-in relationship is no longer an offence. The Malimath Committee in 2003 paved the way for providing landmark recommendations. It is pertinent to mention that primarily it shed light on the term ‘wife’ and consider a woman in a livein relationship alike wife. Thereafter, the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act (PWDVA) 2005, which is regarded as the first piece of legislation provided legal recognition to relations outside marriage, by covering it under the ambit of relations 'in the nature of marriage' (Anuja Agrawal, 2012). Many attempts have been made to bring it in the purview of some laws like domestic violence, maintenance, property, the legal status of a child, in order to regulate the dynamics of this new social order. Still, on moral and societal grounds it is always debatable and is yet a taboo in India. Marriage in the Indian culture has been considered as a holy bond since the Vedic times. The idea of marriage has consistently advanced with time. With the continual development in society and human psychology, the concept of marriage and relationship has likewise advanced. The present generation is more generous and liberal about the idea and concept of cohabitation. Though it seems like a quiet, comfortable and relaxed companionship and without any legal obligation towards each other, on the contrary, it also has many complications, responsibilities and legal liabilities. Research methodology In this article, the research methodology is doctrinal in nature. The primary focus is on to comprehend the concept, laws, Act, books, news, and cases pertaining to a live-in relationship in India and understand the dynamics of this new social order. Thereafter, an attempt has been made to study the problems and challenges faced by the couples with the help of descriptive and analytic methodology. Lastly, in the context of the problems being faced by those who volunteer to embrace this emerging trend of cohabitation, the paper argues on the need for framing a separate, secular and gender-sensitive law for the couple opting to cohabit in a live-in relationship.  Marriage and live in In India marriage, since the Vedic period has been considered as a sacred bond. Marriages in India take place either following the personal law of the religion to which a party belongs or following the provisions of the Special Marriage Act. Marriage, as per the law, constitutes a contract between a man and a woman, in which the parties undertake to live together and support each other. The notion of marriage has advanced with time. Marriage is usually defined as one of the fundamental civil rights after the official ceremony. It has legal significance and envisages several obligations and responsibilities, in the matter of inheritance of property, successorship, and so on. Marriage, consequently, includes lawful prerequisites of custom, exposure, selectiveness and all the lawful outcomes that stream out of that relationship. A live-in relationship has yet not been socially accepted in India, unlike many other countries. Nevertheless, with steady societal advancement and far-reaching intricacies of marriage, people are opting for an alternative institution like live-in-relation to form a lasting conjugal relationship, which is like marriage but out of marriage.  Live-in relationship is not an offence The Apex Court in its various judgments has stated that if a man and a woman living like a husband and a wife in a long-term relationship and even have children, the judiciary will presume that the two were married and same laws would be applicable to them and their relationship. The concept of a livein relationship was recognised in Payal Sharma v. Nari Niketan1 by the Allahabad High Court, where it is observed by the Bench consisting of Justice M. Katju and Justice R.B. Misra that, "In our opinion, a man and a woman, even without getting married, can live together if they wish to. This may be regarded as immoral by society, but it is not illegal. There is a difference between law and morality." Afterwards, in S. Khushboo v. Kanniammal & anr2 case, the Supreme Court observed that live- in relation between two adults without formal marriage cannot be construed as an offence. Further, it is added that there was no law prohibiting live-in relationships or pre-marital sex. Article 21 of the Constitution of India guarantees right to life and personal liberty as a fundamental right. In Ramdev Food Products (P) Ltd. v. Arvindbhai Rambhai Patel3 , the Court observed that twopeople who are in a live-in relationship without a formal marriage are not criminal offenders. Therefore, live-in relationships are legal in India   Protection of Women from Domestic violence Act 2005 The Protection of Women from Domestic violence Act (hereinafter PWDVA) 2005 was perhaps the first legislature which has acknowledged live-in relationships by giving rights and protection to those females who are not lawfully married, nonetheless, they are living with a male under the same roof in a relationship, which is like marriage but not marriage, furthermore akin to wife, though not equivalent to wife (Auroshree , 2019). Section 2(f) of the Domestic Violence Act, 2005 defines: Domestic relationship means a relationship between two persons who live or have, at any point of time, lived together in a shared household, when they are related by consanguinity, marriage, or through a relationship in the nature of marriage, adoption or are family members living together as a joint family4 . Live-in relationship is not categorically defined in the Act but left to the courts for interpretation. The Court interprets the expression' relationship in the nature of marriage' by virtue of the aforementioned provision. Presently, the provisions of PWDVA validate the individuals who are in live-in relationships and provides some fundamental rights to women to protect themselves from the abuse of fraudulent marriage, bigamous relationships and so on. Essential Factors to mark live-in relationship legal A relationship 'like marriage' under the 2005 Act must consent to some essential criteria which were stated by the Supreme Court in D Patchaiammal v. D Velusamy5 and Indra Sarma v. V.K.V.Sarma6 case. Women in such relationships need to fulfil specific criteria to be benefited under PWDA, such as: 1. Age: The intended couple must be of legal age to marry, i.e., the couple should be major according to Indian law. The Allahabad High Court, stated "a lady of about 21 years of age being a major, has right to go anywhere and that anyone man and woman even without getting married can live together if they wish" in Payal Katara v. Superintendent Nari Niketan Kandri Vihar Agra and Ors.7 case. Although in a recent judgement of Nandakumar vs The State of Kerala 8 , the Kerala High Court held that an adult couple could be in a live-in relationship even the man's age is below 21 years, which is the legal age for marriage. 2. A significant period: The expression 'at any point of time' is mentioned under section 2(f) PWDA, which means a significant or reasonable period to maintain and continue a relationship. Although depending upon the factual situation, it may vary from case to case (Rajagopal, Krishanadas, 2010). The relationship should not be taken for granted. There must be some sincerity and seriousness towards the relationship to prove it legal. Spending a week or a one-night stand cannot come under the preview of a domestic relationship. The live-in relationship if continued for a long time, cannot be termed as a "walk-in and walk-out" relationship and that there is a presumption of marriage between the parties stated in the Madan Mohan Singh v. Rajni Kant9 . This approach indicates the intention of the Court in favour of treating long-term living relationships as a marriage rather than making it a new concept like a live-in relationship. The Supreme Court, for the first time, recognised live-in relationship and gave legal validity to a fiftyyear live-in relationship of a couple in the Badri Prasad v. Dy. Director of Consolidation. Justice Krishna Iyer held that a strong presumption arises in favour of wedlock where the partners have lived together for a long term as husband and wife. Although the presumption is rebuttable, a heavy burden lies on him who seeks to deprive the relationship of its legal origin (Anuja Agrawal, 2012). 3. The couple must have voluntarily cohabited: Independent decision of the couple with a common intention to cohabit with each other is an essential criterion of live-in relationship. It includes supporting each other, sharing their respective roles and responsibilities, financial arrangements, socialisation in public and so on to prove the loyalty and endurance of their relationship (Auroshree , 2019). If a man has a 'keep' whom he uses principally for sexual reasons or possibly as a maid/slave and maintains her financially, it would not be considered, as a relationship in the nature of marriage or equal marriage.  4. Who may live together without marriage? The Supreme Court has illustrated five categories where the concept of live-in relationships can be considered and proved in the Court of law, as stated in Indra Sarma v. V.K.V.Sarma, case, 2013. They are: a) Live-in relationship between an unmarried adult woman and an unmarried adult male, which is a less complicated relationship. b) Live-in relationship between an unmarried woman and a married adult male, where an unmarried adult woman knowingly enters into a relationship with a married adult male. c) Live-in relationship between a married adult woman and an unmarried adult male where an adult married woman, knowingly enters into a relationship with an unmarried adult male. d) Live-in relationship between an unmarried woman unknowingly enters into a relationship with a married adult male. e) Live-in relationship between same-sex partners (Gay and Lesbians), although PWDA does not recognise such a relationship and that relationship cannot be termed as a relationship in the nature of marriage under the Act. Read more
Journal Topics for Students
Journaling is something that can be beneficial to people of all ages. Diaries, dream journals, school journals, and just general life journals can give someone a place to get their thoughts out. Finding good journal topics, especially for students, can be hard. To help you, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best journal topics for students. Many of these prompts are good for students of all ages. Keep reading to find out what you can have your students write about. To make creative journal pages use an online text editor like I do. If you choose online writing, you can easily edit your journal essay. That’s a major plus! Use this free writing template to make the process much easier and to a lot of time especially if you’re a beginner. Journal topic ideas As we said, most of these journal topics will be good for students of all ages. They are designed to get students to think, and work their minds. The topics are organized into different categories for ease of use. Personal journal topics 1. Who is one person that you look up to? Why? 2. What do you want to be doing when you grow up? In 10 years? 20? 3. What are five things you are grateful for? Why are you grateful for them? 4. If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Why? 5. If you could turn into any animal for a day, which would you choose? Why? 6. What are five things that make you smile? 7. If you could invent a new job, what would it be? Why? 8. If you had to pick one season to stay in forever, which would it be? Why? 9. What do you think are your five best qualities? 10. What is your favorite celebration? What do you like most about it? Family and friends 1. What makes a good friend? What makes a not-good friend? 2. How do you show other people that you care about them? 3. What makes someone family to you? Is it just blood, or can there be a chosen family? 4. If you could tell a family member something that’s been on your mind recently, what would it be? 5. What are your favorite activities to do with friends? Why? 6. If you were to get married, who would you definitely want to be there? 7. Think about one of your best friends or family members. What do you admire about them? What have they taught you? School subjects 1. Who has been your favorite teacher? Why? 2. What teacher has had the largest impact on your life? How did they impact you? 3. What subject do you struggle with? Why do you think that is? 4. If you could change any one thing about your school, what would it be? 5. If you could invent one thing, what would it be? 6. What are your favorite parts about school? 7. What are your study habits like? Are they mostly helpful to you, or not? So, if you want to encourage students to do journaling, it’s good to find journaling prompts that suit them. They should be things that will get someone to think, and possibly relate to something they are learning. If you plan to read the journals or have them read by others, make sure the prompts aren’t too personal, either. And, last but not least, choose a nice design for your journal. The most important page of a journal is the bullet journal cover page and it’s a really nice touch to make this first page really unique. Combine creative writing with awesome fonts and illustrations to make your diary a piece of art!
Feminist Jurisprudence in India | legal journals | lawcolloquy
Feminist jurisprudence is a burgeoning institution of legal idea that involves many notions and approaches to law and legal issues. Constitutional feminism is an important issue which needs to be emphasized during this period. A nation's constitution, even where it could appear impartial, impacts disparately or otherwise depending on sex. Gender equality is a familiar concept for a lot of. The architecture and design of this constitution should be this, it needs to provide every citizen equal rights. Women because of a distressed history have been termed as disadvantageous sex when compared w ith men as well as farther their rights should be safeguarded. Feminism and Feminist Jurisprudence in India. Introduction Feminism in Constitution Our constitution can be a set of fundamental ideologies and written codes which is itself promoting equality between sexes. Equality ensures that people should be treated alike in most of the circumstances unless a intelligible differentia with logical reasoning is known. The various waves of feminism have endeavoured to alter the vision of the society that carries a patriarchal ideology. Modern feminism gets got the set goal to eliminate sex distinctions also to promote absolute prestige in most of these areas. To ascertain his goal, our constitution has already embedded this doctrine. B.R. Ambedkar, the draftsman of this constitution was the feminist before feminism who clearly assured that women have been once deprived with power and were treated unfairly should be treated with exactly the same pair of lenses at the post-independence period. The framers of this constitution of India were alert to the discrimination and unequal treatment of women in every field of their own lives and violence against them involving violence. In another of the speeches said by the Justice Chandrachudhe said our constitution is feminist because feminism will be alot about the disturbance of social hierarchies which is exactly what the constitution intends to accomplish. Our constitution insists to the simple fact that women are weaker section and so they should be provided with benefits so that their standards could be both matched together with that of people. Where is the Situation? The problem occurs during interpretation. Constitution to its center has required equality however, the interpreters have made it an arduous endeavor. It is correct that woman in today's period remains falling under the world of Moral slavery. Penis Enhancement or the patriarchal arrangement of the society also has turned out the social vision, and it contains given'women' the status of inferior gender. The susceptible status of women is one of those problems that have not yet witnessed a radical change in the age of globalization and liberalization. The fact of the inherent morality is that no country is able to see the full swing of development within the field of the social or financial sector before quandaries of women are addressed and are further afield. Let us have an example; the ministry says women really are a weaker gender. The interpretation of the should be liberal and may say that women at one time were at a poor position and thus require assist with function as said . The wrong interpretation of the exact same is visiting the women because of poorer sex in the present time simply since the constitution has predicted that. It all is dependent upon how the society is currently interpreting law. Laws for Women in the Constitution of India Laws for women are based on the commencement of the constitution 'All of the people' have consented to this ideologies of equality, liberty, etc.. The issue that is causing the undue delay in providing justice is that women are afraid to seek a remedy through law enforcing agencies. They continue to be living in the next world where the worries of male domination manifests itself in the kind of varied cruelties. The Indian constitution has been greatly conscious of the interests of both women and to provide them with the label of corresponding to their counter parts. The efficiency factor is well known on the lands of the authorities service as it remains neglected. The Judiciary aided the process of equalization during the post-independent period. However, the sacred thing,"the constitutional mission of equalization" couldn't be performed as a result of ignorance about the law and the indifferent and aggressive attitudes of law-enforcing bureaus and also the absence of community support for women seeking against discrimination. Read More at: Feminist Jurisprudence in India, feminist jurisprudence in india pdf, legal journals, law journals india
Non-Contractual Bailment: A glance At Statutory Bailment
The surety contract is in the first place, “the delivery of the goods to another person, other than the servant, for a purpose on the condition, express or implied, that after fulfilling the purpose, they must be returned to the sponsor, or otherwise dealt with as directed, or keep them until he takes them back”. Consequently, surety involves changing possession and handing it back to the true owner. Bail is said to be a unique relationship. So it is understood that a warranty can exist independently of any contract. The law itself recognizes the same under Article 71 of the Indian Contract Act 1872, as a person who finds goods belonging to another person and takes them into custody is subject to the same responsibility as an agent. But in this Ram Ghulam case against the government. From the UP, it has been determined that the government is not responsible for the plaintiff's stolen property, which was under police custody after having recovered it when it was stolen earlier. Hence, the decision point in the aforementioned case is that no guarantee without contract will appear. However, in the case of LM Cooperative Bank v. Prabhudas Hathibhai, the court held that surety could exist even without the contract. Thus, the possibility of applying the bail without a contract is controversial. Whether or not there can be a warranty without any contract is one of the main inquiries regarding the concept of non-contractual guarantee. Since it is not a question about Res Integra, the purpose of the paper is to address the topic by conducting a comparative study of the relevant cases with appropriate justification of the respective judgments and analyzing them with the help of secondary data. Read more at: Non-Contractual Bailment: A glance At Statutory Bailment Legal Blogs | law journal | law journals india
Child Rights and Juvenile Justice in India | law journals India
The paper conjuncts upon child rights and the juvenile justice prevalent in India and the provisions being envisaged therein, keeping the child as the central theme of all the policy and legislative provisions and decisions. It is held in mind that whenever an issue related to the child is being confronted by the Juvenile Justice Board and Child Welfare Committee for a child in conflict with law and child in need of care and protection respectively, the best interest of the child is sought. The paper confers the liability of the Government, to make such decisions for providing such opportunities to the children to develop them to the fullest, as stated under Article 39 of the Indian Constitution as a directive to them. Thus, the Juvenile Justice System in India is a result of the several international treaties, one of which played a significant role in the present scenario is that of Convention on the Rights of Child. In India, the current legislation for juveniles is that of Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015. The Research Methodology adopted in the paper is doctrinal research mainly secondary sources such as the Government reports published by – NCRB, NPAC, and literary references. Read More Read More About - law journals india The principles component of society are all children. The construction block that represents the generations, i.e. the near future of a society, as time immemorial has experienced various kinds of manipulation depriving them of the fundamental rights intrinsic in their mind of course and legally. They're depicted as the poorer and vulnerable element managing tasks derogatory with their innocence. They have been immature are frequently left available into the topics that circumstantially some times and also others that are not known in their mind - child labor, child abuse, infanticide, foeticide, sexual harassment, rape, and child abuse, neglect, and emotional ill treatment, etc., and undoubtedly these aren't the only real somewhat some offenses or abuse in many cases are associated with their own everyday lives that continue to be not known to the society. As a consequence of such manipulation, it had been crucial to invent approaches to take care of such scenario athand differently the outcome could be catastrophic, herein the legal procedure acts as wall encouraging, providing the guidelines and provisions to make certain that child rights aren't abused or misused. In reference child consent, these really are ostensibly inherent naturally and legally. The Constitution of India also proposes that the provisions as well as offers up protecting the kids' rights. There are approximately 472 million kids of this age band of 0-18 decades, reluctantly constituting the 39 percent of their people - in line with the Census of 2011. As stated by the National Crime Records Bureau, throughout 2015 16 there was a 13 percent gain in the offense against kids, whereof, you will find instances that are left unattended and unrecognised. The prosecution system attempts to supply measures in addition to security into the juveniles or perhaps the little one in conflict with law. Article 39 of this Constitution specifically sets the tips which the State will ensure its policy in order that kids are given opportunities and facilities to grow in a wholesome manner and at the conditions of dignity and liberty. It's the directive that the Authorities must remember when monitoring its policy as it kids in order to secure maximum potential benefits to their own.
What Is a Legal Entity? | Lawcolloquy
A specific set of terms exist in the business world - and understanding them all can be a minefield, especially if you are just starting your business journey. Interpreting all the terms can be very difficult, even if you have been working for many years. However, failure to do so could mean that you have stopped reporting time. One of the terms most used in the world of compliance and governance is the term legal entity. This term appears to be an embodiment of legalese; Vague and specific, with multiple meanings and no meanings at all. However, it is the glue that binds the entity's management together. Simply, without a legal entity, there is no entity to manage it. But what is the meaning of legal entity, and why is it so important to compliance teams and legal processes? What Is a Legal Entity? A legal entity is any company or organization that has legal rights and responsibilities, including tax returns. It is a company that can enter into contracts either as a supplier or supplier and can sue or be sued in a court of law. Legal entities are organized in a way that allows a greater degree of protection for purely personal assets from lawsuits and regulatory penalties. Each type of entity provides a different set of protections and tax burdens. The legal entity can enter into contracts and bear the obligations of those contracts, it can borrow and pay debts, it can file lawsuits and name the other parties in the lawsuits, and it can be held accountable for the results of those lawsuits. A Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is issued to each legal entity - a 20-character code that serves as a reference for linking a company to financial information. LEIs are still not fully standardized, despite the globalized economic world we live in, due to the laws and regulations governing legal entities that fluctuate greatly across jurisdictions. What are the different types of legal entities? Legal entities are the different structures under which you can create a corporation: from S corporations and C companies to LLCs, sole proprietorships, trusts, nonprofits and so on. There are about 15 types of business legal entities in the United States that require various forms of legal entity documents. However, the most common legal structures to choose from are: Sole Proprietorship - A person who owns an unincorporated company himself or herself, who makes all decisions but bears all risks. Partnership - an easy way for business owners to share the responsibilities and profits of the company; It is usually reinforced by a partnership agreement, which clarifies the working relationship between the partners from the start. C Corporation - The most common type of US corporation, creation of a C corporation provides liability protection which means that the business owners' assets are not at risk. However, downsides include increased regulatory complexity and increased tax rates. Limited Liability Company (LLC) - somewhat a hybrid between a general partnership and a corporation, LLCs offer limited liability guarantees that companies offer without the double taxation penalty. This is the American landscape in a nutshell, but it does not fully refer to doing business in other parts of the world. Let's take a look at the meaning of legal entities in other jurisdictions. law journals india | importance of law journals in india | list of law journals in india | best law journals in india | Legal Blogs | Law Notes
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