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Groups That Need More Recognition: Part 52
Name: Park Yeon Gyu Stage Name: Nu.D (Nu. Dimension) Born: April 2nd, 1991 Debuted: November 18th, 2014 Latest Comeback: May 12th, 2016 Fun Facts: He's about to have a comeback soon. He debuted with a self-produced album. He does not belong to any entertainment industry as of right now. He self-produces most of his work. To watch some more of his videos check out CJENMMUSIC's YouTube channel here. (He unfortunately doesn't have a YouTube channel that I'm aware of.) Name: Choi Jun Hee Stage Name: Juniel Born: September 3rd, 1993 Debuted: May 21st, 2012 Latest Comeback: August 20th, 2015 Fun Facts: She can play the piano and the guitar. To check out some of her MVs check out her old YouTube channel here. (This channel however is an old one, for she is no longer with FNC Entertainment anymore.) To further support Juniel subscribe to her new company's YouTube channel here. -- Do you know Nu.D or Juniel? Which Nu.D/Juniel song is your favorite? (Sorry this card is a little late, I'm ashamed to say I was out all night playing Pokemon Go...XD) -- I do not own any of the images or videos, all credit goes to the rightful owners! -- GNMR Staff: @jiggzy19 Tagged: @IsoldaPazo @petname83 @JiyongLeo @SugaKookies @Ercurrent @marisamusic @LocoForJiyong @HopeElizabeth @destiny1419 @MichelleIbarra @KarenGuerra93 If you'd like to be tagged in this card let me know in the comments! Also we take suggestions! If you think a group/soloist is underrated let us know and we will add them to the list! Check out Wednesday's card here.