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Doyoung Oneshot-Fic (15+)
Title: (Untitled-if you think of a good title for it please let me know!) Genre: Romance, Comedy Parts: One Rating: 15+ (for mentions of sex, profanity) Main Characters: Kim Doyoung, Im Hyemi (OC) Minor Characters: Ten, Kun, Yuta, Sicheng(WinWin) -- -- “I just don’t get it?” I huff running a hand through my hair. “What’s wrong with me?” Yuta groans for the umpteenth time since we’ve sat down at lunch. “Maybe the fact that you’re trying too hard?” I sigh. “But I didn’t try too hard this time?” Yuta shrugs. “I don’t know, Hyemi.” Yuta wasn’t good at giving advice so I wrap my arms around Ten’s arm. His shoulders immediately sink. “What?” “Ten, you’re a guy. Am I not likable?” I pout snuggling into him. He pats my shoulder. “You’re very likable, maybe you just aren’t looking in the right place?” I sigh and pull back. “Why can’t I find a boyfriend?” The boys at my table sigh, I literally sat with four guys and we all love each other too death, as friends of course. But even if I’m surrounded by boys I’ve never been able to find a boyfriend, or well one that stays anyways. And that’s not for lack of trying either. I have been on many dates that lead nowhere. Sicheng smiles from Kun’s side. “You’ll find someone Hyemi, don’t worry.” Kun nods. “Yeah just take a break from dating for a while and maybe someone will land right in your lap?” I highly doubted that would happen. I sigh and lean off Ten. “How would that happen?” Sicheng claps his hands together. “How about I hook you up?” He smiles, ignoring Kun’s look of betrayal. Kun being what we all claimed as a mom had just said for me to take a break. “I know someone who thinks you’re cute!” I eye him and roll my eyes. “Sicheng the last time you tried to hook me up with someone who thought I was cute I ended up sitting across from an 8th grader.” Sicheng huffs. “Yah Jeno really liked you okay!” I snort. “I’m too old for him!” Sicheng slaps his hands onto the table. “The guy this time is your age!” I squint at him. “Why do I feel like I shouldn’t believe you?” Sicheng is practically pleading with me with his eyes. “Come on, he’s got the biggest crush on you.” “Who is it?” My eyebrows meet confused. Sicheng shrugs. “Go on a date with him to find out!” “Fine.” - I walk into the cafe I was supposed to meet the guy Sicheng set me up with. I didn’t know who I was expecting to see. It could be anyone. My eyes scan the cafe and they freeze on Oh Minwon. I quickly look away, shit. My eyes roam the cafe more hoping to find who I was looking for but I give up when I see Kim Doyoung. He was sitting by himself and I had a couple of classes with him, so we’ve talked before. I glance back at Minwon who’s finally noticed me. A smirk forms on his lips and I take a deep breath. Doyoung would have to do for now. I rush over to Doyoung’s booth and fly into the same seat as him. He looks up from his phone confused. I quickly link my arm with his. “I’ll explain later just pretend to be my boyfriend real quick.” I mutter under my breath. Minwon slips into the seat opposite of us and glances between the two of us. God why did I ever date him? He was one of the few dates that turned into something more, but we didn't date long. I was stupid, I even almost considered sleeping with him. “Hello, Hyemi.” He nods towards me. “Hi, Minwon.” I mutter. Minwon’s eyes move to Doyoung. “And this must be?” My right hand that wasn’t linked with Doyoung's pats his thigh quickly. Doyoung clears his throat. “I’m Hyemi’s boyfriend, Doyoung.” Minwon nods and snorts. “Good luck with her, she’s pretty boring.” My gaze hardens. “Yah, Oh Minwon.” He laughs towards me. “What I’m just being honest.” His eyes dart back to Doyoung. “She’s the biggest prude I know.” My mouth drops open. My heart sinking in my chest. Minwon shrugs. “I mean dear god I dated you for a month without any action?” Doyoung scoffs and is suddenly leaning forward. My eyes widen as he’s suddenly pouring his coffee into Minwon’s lap. “Yah. What the hell?” Minwon quickly stands up. Doyoung leans back in his seat. “Are you sure you’re not the one who’s boring? I could tell just from looking at you that you’re an asshole. So typical.” I burst out laughing at Doyoung’s comment. “You’ll pay for this.” Minwon runs off. My laughing dies out once he’s gone. Now that I was alone with him I was embarrassed. I pull my arm from Doyoung’s and quickly stand up bowing towards him. “Thank you so much!” Doyoung laughs. “I mean I didn’t really do anything.” I raise my gaze to his. “You still saved me from him. Can I buy you a new drink to replace the one you dumped on him?” He shakes his head. “No but how about you return the favor for me?” My eyebrows meet, “What?” “Hang out with me today, My ex-girlfriend is in town today and I really don’t want to run into her.” He shrugs and I slowly nod. But what about my date that Sicheng set me up with? If he hasn’t come up to me yet then maybe he didn’t show up? “Okay.” - The next morning I rush out of Doyoung’s place cheeks inflamed. I had slept with Kim Doyoung last night. I don’t know how he did it but the boy’s got a way with words and well other things. Once I’m home I let out a deep breath. I am so embarrassed, I gave into him that easily. We weren’t dating and he was my first. Oh my god. And on top of all of it, my mind keeps going back to last night. It honestly was kind of amazing. I walk into school on high alert. I needed to avoid him. I could do this. I felt a hand on my shoulder as I rounded the corner to my locker and I let out a yelp. “Jesus, Hyemi? What’s up with you?” Ten sighs wrapping his arm over my shoulder. Suddenly his eyes dart down my neck a smirk forming on his lips. “Is that a hickey?” My eyes widen and I quickly lift my hand to cover it. “No!” Ten laughs. “Sure it isn’t.” Of course Ten would notice a hickey, I should've known. My eyes nervously run over the people passing by, Jesus I’m so paranoid. “So? You gonna explain?” Ten asks crossing his arms over his chest. I awkwardly shrug. “What do I need to explain?” My eyes land on Doyoung’s figure coming in the main entrance, my heart begins pounding again, grabbing ahold of Ten I yank him around the corner and far far away from Doyoung. “What the hell is going on?” Ten says once we’ve stopped. I pout. “I may have slept with Kim Doyoung last night.” Ten snorts clapping his hands together amused. “Oh my god, really?” I nod embarrassed. Ten nudges me. “Was he good?” I send him a look that tells him not to push it. But he gives me the stink eye causing me to blurt words out. “Yes, it was really good.” He hums, slowy nodding his head. “Hmm never knew he had it in him.” “Oh he definitely did.” My eyes catch glimpse of his black hair. “Fuck lets go.” I drag Ten further into the school. “Jesus fuck, why do I have to run too?” I glare at him over my shoulder. “Because you’re my friend.” I slam into someone’s chest since I wasn’t looking where I was going. “Hyemi, Ten? What’s going on?” Sicheng asks holding me out in front of him confused as to why we were running. “Hyemi fuc—.” I elbow Ten in the side and he quickly groans cutting himself off. “Nothing.” I smile innocently at him. He shrugs it off. “How did the date go last night?” Ten glances at me a smirk on his face. I could tell Ten would never let me live after this. “I didn’t really meet him.” I shrug sheepishly. “I went to the cafe, ran into Minwon, and then left shortly after.” Sicheng hums seeming slightly sad. “Oh god you ran into Minwon?” I nod slowly. "Yeah." Ten sighs. "That bastard." “Who was I supposed to be meeting by the way?” I ask, I'm still confused because no one came up to me there? Sicheng shakes his head. “I’m not telling, I’ll set you guys up on another date!” My eyes widen. I don’t think that’s a good idea, because after last night I kind of may have a crush on Doyoung. Not that he feels anything for me? It was probably a one night stand type of thing to him anyways. But I couldn’t help but still crush on him after the way he saved me from Minwon and how sweet he was to me all day after that. I mean I didn't just jump into bed with him for no reason? Sicheng places a hand on my forehead. “Are you okay?” I quickly shake my head, Sicheng’s hand sliding off my forehead. “Hmm, yeah why?” He squints, “Your face is red.” Ten snorts probably thinking I was some pervert. Sicheng smiles. “Hey Doyoung!” My heart stops as I look up to Sicheng, his gaze was focused to the right of me. My eyes widen. Fuck. I could feel Ten holding in his laugh from beside me. “Hey, Sicheng.” Doyoung's voice comes from the right of me. I glance at Doyoung whose eyes dart to me. “Hey, Hyemi, Ten.” Ten smirks. “How was your night last night, Doyoung?” I could feel every fiber in me burning of embarrassment. Why the fuck did I tell Ten? I swallow nervously as Doyoung’s eyes flicker to Ten who was still smirking. Doyoung cocks his head to the side seeming a tad bit peeved. His eyes flit back to me, arms crossing over his chest. “It was mediocre.” That’s all it took for Ten to lose it. My shoulders slump at Doyoung’s words and at Ten’s laughter. Why was he being a dick? Sicheng notes the awkwardness and moves closer to us. “What’s going on?” I tear my eyes off of Doyoung, my tongue clicking in my mouth. “Nothing Sicheng, it’s just Doyoung’s showing his true colors, that’s all.” Doyoung huffs. “What’s that supposed to mean?” I jab my finger into his chest. “That you’re just as much of a piece of shit as Minwon.” Ten’s laughter has died out by now. Everything was serious. Doyoung’s gaze hardens. “I’m nothing like him.” “Oh really?” My voice raising. “Then you didn’t just sweet talk me to get into my pants?” Doyoung rolls his eyes. “You’re the one who left as soon as you woke up.” “I-.” “Whoa whoa whoa.” Sicheng cuts me off. “You two slept together?” I glare at Sicheng. “Unfortunately.” I push past Sicheng leaving the three boys behind. Up until lunch I spent my class time ignoring Ten and Sicheng. Ten because I was pissed at him and Sicheng because he kept asking about what happened last night. By the time lunch rolled around I was mentally exhausted. I flop down next to Kun and he immediately notices my depressed demeanor. “What’s up with you?” I rest my head on his shoulder, my eyes meeting Ten’s as he makes his way over to our table. “Kun can we go sit in the courtyard by ourselves. If I sit with Ten I’ll kill him.” I lift my head off his shoulder to look at him. Kun’s eyes move to Ten before he nods. “Yeah sure. But you better tell me what’s wrong.” Outside Kun and I sat on the grass, he offered me some of his homemade lunch and I picked around at it aimlessly. “What’s wrong?” He nudges me. Out of all the people I didn’t want to tell Kun, as he was like the mother of our group. I didn’t want to disappoint him. But then again, he was always the best with advice. “I slept with Kim Doyoung last night.” I mutter lowly. “You what?” Kun gasps turning to face me more. “Hyemi!” My cheeks heat up at how surprised he was. So I tell him how it happened, how I told Ten, how Ten basically teased Doyoung about it, and Doyoung’s response. Kun at this point had his lips in a firm line. “So Ten is dead then.” I let out a low snort. “Yeah, at least for a while.” He nods. “Do you still like Doyoung, even after what he said?” I shrug. “I mean yeah, but he was kind of a dick about the whole thing.” “You want me to set him straight?” Kun asks, a small smile on his face. I shake my head and pat him on the knee. “No I’ll be okay.” - Ten came up to me at the end of the day and forced me into a corner. “Hyemi don’t be mad at me anymore, I’m sorry I laughed. I didn’t think he actually meant it.” I roll my eyes. “I’m going to go ask all of your ex’s how good you were at sex and make fun of you when they reply “oh he sucked.”” Ten sighs. “I said I was sorry, I said something to him about it.” My eyes widen. “What?” Ten shrugs. “I realized how shitty it was of him to say that so I said something.” “What did you say?” I deadpan, did he unintentionally make this worse? He crosses his arms over his chest. “Basically that he was being a dick, but then he said we were being dicks too. So I was confused and asked why we were and he said we were making fun of him.” “Huh?” My eyebrow raises confused. “He thought by me asking if he had a good night that I was making fun of him, but I was really teasing you.” Ten shrugs. I slowly nod still slightly confused. “So does this mean you’re not mad anymore?” I glare at him. “Oh I’m still mad.” He pouts walking away. - A couple of days later I found myself closely watching Doyoung during gym class. I hadn’t really paid attention to him before, as I usually was playing basketball or volleyball with Ten but I was still pretending to be mad at Ten so I was sat next to Kun. So this was the first time I noticed how good he looked in his gym clothes. How good he was at basketball. I couldn’t help but stare at him. “You’re being so obvious.” Kun mutters glancing at me. My eyes immediately lower. “Yeah I know.” “If you like him why haven’t you talked it out with him?” He sighs glancing out at Doyoung himself. I shrug. “Because I’m positive he doesn’t feel the same about me.” Kun’s eyes move back to me. “How are you so sure about that?” I roll my eyes, my cheeks heating up. “He said I was mediocre at sex, Kun.” Kun shakes his head at my comment. “God I can’t believe I’m having this conversation with you.” He huffs. “Didn’t Ten say that he didn’t mean it?” My eyes move away from Kun to glance at Ten. “What If Ten only said that to make me feel better? He’s the type of person to do that.” Kun snorts. “He’s also the type to not give a fuck to confront someone either, so I’m positive he did confront Doyoung about it.” My eyes flicker to Doyoung. “Kun is it bad that I wouldn’t mind if I slept with him again, even if he didn’t have feelings for me?” “Oh my god.” Kun groans. “Yes it’s kinda bad, I mean he’d only be using you then?” Doyoung goes up for a layup hitting the shot. “But in a way I’d be using him too?” Kun shakes his head quickly. “Don’t get into that type of relationship Hyemi, those never end well.” I laugh. “I’m not going to Kun.” Though I really did want to sleep with him at least once more, to prove to him that I wasn’t mediocre. And I mean he kind of wasn’t mediocre, I really enjoyed my night with him. - After school I sat on my bed doing homework when my phone buzzes with a call from Sicheng. “Hello?” I answer after the third ring. “Hey, Hyemi.” Sicheng replies. “Your date from the other day was wondering if you wanted to try and go out again.” I swallow, a part of me wanted to say yes so I could get Doyoung off my mind. But another part of me wanted to stay home and find a way to get together with Doyoung. To talk things out with him, maybe see if we could go on a date ourselves. “Sicheng, I don’t think it’s a good idea I go on a date.” “What? Why?” He gasps. “This guy really likes you?” I shrug even though he can’t see me. “I’ve just I don’t know, I’m taking Kun’s advice on not dating for a bit.” “What happened for you to want that?” He sounds concerned through the phone. “I don’t know.” “Is it about what Doyoung said the other day?” Maybe. “Ur, well not really.” “Didn’t Ten tell you he didn’t mean it?” Sicheng quickly says. “Yeah he did.” “Then why?” I sigh. “I think I might like someone.” Sicheng sucks in a breath seeming to shush someone on his side of the line. Was he with someone? “Who?” I hear more rustling around on his side of the line. “Sicheng, are you with someone?” “Huh? No!” He replies. “Shut up.” I hear him whisper. “Is it Ten?” I deadpan, I swear to god. “No, no one is here!” “I’m not stupid Sicheng, and I’m not telling you who I like. Only Kun knows since he’s the only person I can trust to not let it slip.” I murmur glancing around my bedroom. “Who is it?” I ask him. He sighs and I hear some shuffling on the other end. “It’s the guy I was trying to set you up on a date with.” My cheeks heat up. “Oh.” “Yeah.” “Who is it?” Sicheng hums. “He says not to tell you. Sorry if you want to find out you’ll have to go on a date with him.” “How about tomorrow night?” I ask pausing glancing at my calendar. “Let me try and sort things out on my end. It shouldn’t take long.” Sicheng repeats that on his side of the line. “He says okay, he’ll wait.” I hang up on Sicheng and I find Doyoung’s contact. A knock on my door stops me from clicking on the call button. “Hyemi.” My mom says. My eyes dart up to look at her. “Hey mom.” She smiles. “I’m heading in for my night shift, your dad is staying at the hospital with your uncle for another day.” “Okay. Drive safe.” I tell her and she waves goodbye. I glance back at my phone and sigh locking it up getting back to my homework. Around ten thirty I found myself scrolling aimlessly through tumblr slowly getting more bored. I switch out of tumblr and move to Instagram. I automatically type Doyoung’s username in scrolling through his most recent pictures. I close Instagram and bring up his number. I sit up pulling up his a text to him. Tonight would determine if I go on that date tomorrow. To: Doyoung From: Hyemi Are you up? I stand up moving to the bathroom. I check over my appearance for a couple of minutes anxiously. Would he text back? I walk slowly back to my bed picking up my phone. My eyes immediately go to a text notification. My heart pounds. To: Hyemi From: Doyoung Yes. Why? I breath out slowly. To: Doyoung From: Hyemi Can you come over? I wanted to at least talk with him about what happened the other day before I went on the date with whoever Sicheng's trying to set me up with. To: Hyemi From: Doyoung Is there something wrong? To: Doyoung From: Hyemi I want to talk about what happened the other day. Immediately I got a reply. To: Hyemi From: Doyoung Send me your address. I smile to myself sending him my address. Fifteen minutes later my doorbell rings. I open the door and Doyoung stands behind it awkwardly. He steps inside examining the place while I in turn openly check him out. I swallow, seeing him in person almost made me embarrased to bring up what happened. I shut the door behind him and he quickly breaks the silence. “Are your parents not home?” He raises an eyebrow at how quiet it was. I nod. “Yeah.” He slowly nods, slipping his shoes off. “So what did you want to talk about?” I shrug moving closer to him. “I, uh just wanted..." I can't do this. I'm not brave enough. So I do the next best thing. His eyes watch as my hands rest on his chest moving up to pull his lips down onto mine. - I wake up at seven in the morning, Doyoung was still asleep beside me. I bite my lip as I roll over to face him. He was lying on his chest, his waist down was covered with the blanket. I smile to myself bringing my hand up to roam over his bare back but I hear the front door shut down the hall. “Shit.” I mutter to myself. Is that my mom or dad? Fuck Doyoung’s shoes are out there! I sit up hugging the sheets to my chest looking for something to wear. My eyes land on Doyoung’s sweatshirt. I glance back at him before jumping out of bed slipping it on. I jump back on the bed tapping Doyoung on the back. “Hmm?” He hums. “Doyoung.” I murmur quietly. His eyes pop up quickly. He pushes himself up and lifts the sheets up looking at his naked self. “Wait? Last night we..?” “Yeah shh.” I push my finger onto his lips to shut him up. “Listen I think one of my parents is home.” His eyes widen and he sits up quickly. “My shoes. Wait,” his eyes go to his sweatshirt that I wore. I glance down awkwardly. “Uh, I can take it off. But you know maybe after I find some clothes.” I blush. He snorts lowly. “Don’t be shy now, I’ve already seen everything.” I roll my eyes. “Get dressed!” He pushes himself out of bed my eyes quickly turning from his naked figure. He gets his briefs on and is pulling up his pants whenever my door opens. My head whips towards it. “Hyemi who’s-.” My mom stops immediately noticing Doyoung who’s also got his pants up to his thighs. “Oh-oh my god.” She stutters, quickly slamming the door behind her. I slap a hand to my forehead. I look back at Doyoung who was clearly embarrassed, yanking his pants the rest of the way up. I fling out of bed finding my underwear drawer slipping some on. I find a pair of shorts too. I slip Doyoung’s sweatshirt off throwing it at him, finding a bra and shirt for myself. “What happens now?” He asks once I'm looking at him again. I swallow. “Um, as soon as you can leave, go. I’ll handle her.” Doyoung seems a little peeve. “Of course.” He mutters. “Parting as soon as possible again.” He pauses. “You and I are having a serious conversation when you get to school.” I slowly nod. “Okay.” I’m sure it was about how we wouldn’t be doing this again. Together we head down the hall, my mom was pacing back and forth in the living room, her eyes flying to the two of us as we stopped. Doyoung awkwardly bows and I nod towards the door. He audibly sighs before moving down the hall to put his shoes on and to leave. “Who the hell was that?” My mom immediately says once the door’s shut. I clear my throat. “That’s Doyoung, he’s in my grade.” She shakes her head. “Who is he?” She asks again. “Your boyfriend?” I shake my head no. “No.” She lets out a long breath pressing the back of her hand to her forehead. “Jesus Christ Hyemi, how many times have you done this when your father and I have been gone?” “Just this once. Or well,” I pause awkwardly. “I’ve done it twice with him.” “When?” “Earlier this week and last night.” I lean back against the wall. “How did this even happen?” She asks confused. “If I’m not mistaken he was your first? Or am I wrong about that too?” I shake my head. “He was my first.” “Why him?” She asks. “Why was he the one that got to take your first?” I lower my gaze embarrassed. “Because he’s good with words and well, his hands. And well I like him, a lot.” She sighs somewhat relieved. “And he likes you too?” I shake my head no. “I don’t think so.” Her eyes fly towards the door. “Then why did you let him?” I push myself off the wall to sit down. “I don't know.” - At school I find Kun waiting at my locker for me. He smiles whenever I arrive but sighs upon seeing my neck. “So I see you ignored my advice about not getting into that type of relationship, huh?” I sheepishly pull my shirt collar back up to cover the mark, Doyoung seemed to always leave one on the left side of my neck. “Last night was the last time.” Kun sighs. “You’re an idiot, Hyemi. Why did you do that to yourself?” “My mom knows now too.” I sigh and Kun’s eyes widen. “Oh god, she saw?” His eyes still wide. I nod. “I mean she definitely knew what happened.” Kun’s eyes move to the left of me. My eyes move too and I see Doyoung standing next to me. I swallow nervously. “Can we talk?” I glance at Kun who awkwardly scratches at his neck. He shrugs and I nod towards Doyoung. “Yeah let’s go.” Kun pats my shoulder as I walk by. “If you need anything let me know.” - Doyoung stops near his locker. Most people were already in class by now so the hallway was nearly empty. “What?” I ask him. Like I didn’t know he was going to turn me away from him. Doyoung opens his mouth but someone interrupts him. “Hey.” Sicheng comes up to us glancing between our two figures. “Are you two fighting again?” Doyoung stays silent and I sigh looking towards Sicheng. “We slept together again last night.” Sicheng glances at Doyoung. “Again?” Doyoung blinks annoyed. “Yes.” He hums. Sicheng looks at me. “Who is it that you like? Kun won’t tell me.” Doyoung rolls his eyes looking away at his locker. “That’s none of your business, Sicheng.” “How am I supposed to set you up on a date if you say you like someone, say you may go on a date with the guy I’m trying to set you up with, and then you end up sleeping with Doyoung?” Sicheng throws his hands up on the air. “Why are you so complicated?” “This is not the time for this.” I tell him gesturing towards Doyoung. Sicheng huffs. “Yes it is.” “No it’s not.” I cross my arms over my chest. Sicheng was beginning to piss me off and I’ve never gotten pissed at him before. “Yes it is,” He pauses. “Because Doyoung’s the one I’ve been trying to set you up on a date with, but you say you like someone, yet you sleep with Doyoung and...I don’t understand you?” My eyes widen and I whip my head towards Doyoung who was glaring at Sicheng. “Wait? So you were the one who was with Sicheng last night when he called?” I point at him. Doyoung sighs. “Yes.” “But? Why didn’t you say anything whenever we met at the cafe?” I ask him. He shrugs. “You seemed pretty embarrassed about the whole Minwon situation so I didn’t want to bring it up.” “But your ex?” The whole reason I hung out with him that day was because of his ex being in town? He laughs awkwardly. “I made that up so you’d hang out with me.” I let out a low breath completely surprised with this situation. This was not how I expected this talk would play out. “So you like me?” I gesture towards me. Doyoung slowly nods. “Yes, I mean I don’t sleep with just anyone.” Sicheng raises an eyebrow towards me. “So who’s it going to be? Doyoung or this guy you supposedly like?” I awkwardly laugh. “Well considering the guy I like is Doyoung, I’d have to say both.” Doyoung and Sicheng’s eyes both widen. “What?” They both recite. “Yeah...” I laugh at their reactions. “I also don’t just sleep with anyone.” My eyes train on Doyoung. Sicheng scoffs playfully. "Yah, this is why you should've told me who you liked!" I shrug. "How was I supposed to know Doyoung liked me? He said I was mediocre at sex!" Doyoung groans. "I only said that because it seemed like you and Ten were making fun of me!" "He was teasing me because he found out I really enjoyed my night with you!" I shake my head. Doyoung's cheeks redden a bit. "You did?" Sicheng groans. "Okay, I did not need to know that!" He steps back. "I'll be going now!" He jogs off quickly and I chuckle under my breath. "So will you go out with me then?" Doyoung coughs awkwardly. "Yes." I answer immediately. "I can also calm my mom down now that you're my boyfriend too." Doyoung scratches at the back of his neck embarrassed at remembering the events this morning. "Yeah I bet she wasn't pleased." - Doyoung sits beside me at lunch. Kun, Ten, and Yuta look surprised at the new face at the table. While Sicheng laughs at them claiming he was the one who set us up. I smile to myself as Doyoung bickers with him and Ten. I sit back in my seat remembering how days ago I was complaining how I couldn't find a boyfriend. But Doyoung was always a couple of tables away. Who knew the guy I would find to like me was so close. - I apologize for the crappy ending, I always suck at ending things! 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