10 more words every KDrama fan should know
Thanks to the popularity of our last Kdrama words article, I've decided to define ten more words that every KDrama fan should know. After reading through the comments, I was impressed by the amount of terms you all came up with, so I'll use some of them here. Let's begin! 1) 어떻게 Eo-tteo-kay -- Honestly, I'm surprised I didn't put this word on the first list. Eotteokay is one of the most frequently used words in dramas. It's usually used when someone is worried and means "what should I do?" That dog just ate my homework! Eotteokayyy?! 2) 아이고/아이구 Ai-goo -- This word is usually used by older folks when something is difficult for them. However, it can be used by basically anyone when they're feeling stressed. Aigoo...I have so much homework! ㅠㅠ 3) 미안해 Mee-ahn-hay -- One of the most important words for KDramas: sorry! Often used after one character horribly backstabs another, then tries to apologize. Q: You stole my boyfriend?! A: Mianhae.... 4) 죽을래 Joo-geul-lay -- Although I don't hear this one quite as often in dramas, it's a personal favorite so I decided to include it. Basically, it's asking, "Do you want to die?!" Person 1: I studied less than you, but got a better grade! Person 2: Ya....joogeullay?! 5) 좋아해 Jo-wa-hae -- A substitute for the typical 'saranghae.' Jowahae means "like" rather than "love," but can be used in the sense of having a crush. Neo jowahae...(I like you...) 6) 짱 Jjang -- If any of you remember "daebak" from the last list, then "jjang" should be pretty easy for you! It basically means the same thing and is used to say something is cool/awesome. Person 1: I met Lee Min Ho at the mall yesterday! Person 2: No way! Jjang! 7) 애교 Ae-gyo -- A term used to refer to the use of cuteness. For example, all of the cute hand gestures and voices that can be heard in dramas could be referred to as aegyo. Oppaaaaaa...don't you love my aegyo?! ~insert overly-cute hand gesture~ 8) 오모 O-mo -- This is basically the Korean equivalent of "oh my gosh!" Omo! Is that Song Joong Ki over there?! 9) 바보 Ba-bo -- Depending on how much intensity is used, this word can mean anything from "silly" to "idiot." However, it's often used with a more light-hearted tone towards friends. Person 1: Let's go to school! Person 2: It's Saturday, babo! 10) 나쁜 놈 Na-ppeun Noem -- This phrase is often heard in dramas where the guy ends up doing something to hurt the girl's feelings. In return, she'll refer to him as nappeun nom, which means "jerk" or "bad guy." Guy: I didn't mean to make you cry! Girl: Just leave, nappeun nom... credit to dramafever blog @saharjalpari9 @StephiiKins @dbataluna15 @kotinolabisisew @Aero2042 @mheekell
The Great Doctor a.k.a Faith (Korean Drama)- Ep,24 LIVE Recap
It's last ep now :( I thought it wouldn't come..! I hope everyone would be happy..! Let's see if CY can beat GC! GM says "How dare u? U going crazy?" GC says "I just came here to get back mine." At that moment, CY comes in. GC asks CY to bring ES to him. CY's servant dies while trying to save CY. CY gets angry and says "Someone give me a sword. And everyone go out guiding GM." GM orders "Don't let him to fight alone..! Help him." But CY resist for his servant help him. And GM insist to stay with CY. GC says "Bring ES here. Before u do it, I will kill ppl one by one. What are u gonna do with the hands?" GM also worries of it, and suggest him to stand back, but CY continues to protect GM. In the meanwhile, ES wakes up. She says "I was worried if all things are dream." Choi servant asks if she was toxified and checks her. Then she finds ES has no more fever and average pulse frequency. She got cured from poison finally. HSI and CEJ are going to catch ES, and CY's servant notice it. CY asks GM if he can kill GC. But GM asks to GC if he has thinking to negotiate. Then GC starts to persuade CY. "Are there anything which GM did by himself? CY've done all the things. How about for you to be King instead? If u need order from King of Won, I will get it right now." CY replies "7 yrs ago, my teacher also had same question. And he replied with his life. But now I realize he's wrong. I already got King's mind and what more do I need?" After hearing his saying, GC thinks he dragged enough time which is needed for his servants to catch ES. CY's servant says the news to ES and she's about to runaway. Suddenly HSI comes in and attacks ES's guards. They protect her and kill HSI, but ES got caught. GM and NK are talking about ES. NK says "If ES comes back, there's saying I'm gonna tell you. Think about CY and ES." CY goes to find ES. GM asks "If you find her, are you gonna follow her to heaven?" He replies "I already told you I'm not gonna follow what my teacher did. I came back for you, so let me find my lady." ES wakes up in GC's home, and CEJ asks who killed HSI but she says she doesn't know. GC says "I'm gonna go with you to heaven. You said there would be way to heaven in your things. Here it is." CY's friends tires to find ES, and one of them remember a place which GC used frequently. ES sees her stuff and get surprised. CY's friends all over the place try to find where ES is, and CY leave alone to find her. ES says to GC "It's not sure thing, but it seems like it's related with burst of sunpot. But It's first time for you to go into the gate, and you can't be sure what world you will go. I can guide you till the gate, but let me go in front of it." But GC says "We will go together. We have to." GC and ES arrives in a lodging. While they're taking rest, CY knows door. GC says "Let's go together, but ES attacks him and runaway. GC runaway, and CY sees ES is fine. "Tomorrow the gate is opened, right? You have ppl to say goodbye in ur world. Let's go there tmr." ES worries if GC comes and disturb them, but CY comforts her, saying "I can beat him." Next morning, GC tires to enter in the gate, but he can't. He asks how to go in. ES says "Just go in." He says "U lie continually. Let's die together. It's end if u die." Then he threaten ES, and CY dies while protecting her. Dying, CY thinks 'Why I brought this person from heaven?'. In the meanwhile GC gets up and drags her. Resisting him, she goes to 21 century alone. There she gets tools for surgery in hospital. She runsaway to go back and enter into the gate. But when she entered, it's not Go Ryeo. ES says 'I still doesn't know what's wrong at that time. But when I came to the world which CY belongs, there was no CY. It was 100 yrs ago from Go Ryeo. However I believe he wouldn't die. Someone said if I hope for sth, it makes memory and makes the hope come true.' Then she goes in the gate and comes back to Seoul. Then she goes in the gate once again. She finally comes back to Go Ryeo. She sees CY's servants and hear where CY is. She runs to there and finally meets CY.