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King of Dramas (Korean Drama) Ep.3- LIVE Recap
Cast Kim Myung Min as Anthuny Kim Jeong Ryeo Won as Lee Go Eun Choi Si Won as Kang Hyun Min Oh Jin Eun as Seong Min Ah Jeong Man Sik as Oh Jin Whan Ep.1 live recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/71184 Ep.2 live recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/71331 Here's Ep.3 Recap! :D AK got shocked listening that he has to produce new drama in this year according to the promise with Japanese gang. He's considering continually, and decide he gonna produce drama. In the meanwhile, JW knew that AK already contracted with Japan company. GE was taking look AK's new office. Then JW came in and say "Haven't u ever doubted me? 3 yrs ago, I reported the delivery's death to the press. Did u think I will always work for you? Now I'm the best in drama production. Forgive as early as possible if u want to be treated well at least." AK gets shocked about his disobey and thinks alone. When GE went out for cleaning, JW propose contradiction with her own office and higher paying. GE asks "Are u doing this to revenge AK?" He says "I heard that Japan company accepted AK's offer seeing ur scenario. This is key of this home. Remember, AK is in trouble." At that night, GE is considering with whom she should work. After asking to her mom, she decides to work with AK that is more trustworthy. Next morning, JW comes and see the memo GE left. It says 'Thx for ur offer, but I want my drama be hope for someone. I don't want to work breaking promise with ppl. I'm really thankful but I'm gonna produce my drama with AK.' JW decides to produce another drama , elegant revenge, instead of GE's scenerio. AK has conference. He says "We gotta air our drama, morning of Kyung Sung in this year. If we don't, I'm gonna be killed." He checks in which broadcasting station he can air drama of his company. And JW also struggle for same thing. AK is looking for who is right for actor. Workers propose an actor, Kim Jin Woo, who is famous internationally, but he decides another actor, Kang Hyun Min. And JW also to cast him for new drama. AK goes to persuade him. "I have new drama which Japan company gonna invest. I will give u 100000000W per one ep. If u do this, u can be new international star. I can guarantee quality of the scenario. After checking this, let's meet at restaurant." Kang Hyun Min is excited of AK's offer. Then JW calls to him. "I called u for casting as actor in elegant revenge. It gonna air in November, 'S' broadcasting station. I heard that AK's contraction with Japan has some trouble. Call me after considering." HM is thinking between AK and JW's offering. Personally he likes scenario which AK gave, but he can't be sure if AK's company was invested surely. At that night, AK is wating for HM, but he doesn't come. And there's news which HM was casted for another drama. AK and GE goes to HM's birthday party to persuade him. AK says "How much do u want? I will give u higher paying. U can believe JW's company, but u should not believe JW." Then AK plays JW's recording which says he just uses HM to revenge AK. S broadcasting is talking which drama they have to air. A worker propose Morning of Kyung Sung. In the meanwhile, AK is calling to reporter and says HM gonna work with him. So the article goes around but JW persuade HM's manager again. S broadcasting is confused with whon HM works. So the president calls both AK and JW. "I want u to be sure about casting. Tmr 11am, bring HM here. He's the one who can air new drama in our station." They try to keep in touch HM but they cant. AK struggle to find where he is and asks for policer to track his phone. He comes to know he's in Yang Pyeng. AK calls to GE, "Hey! I know where HM is. U're closest from him so go there as fast as possible. We have to persuade him faster than JW." GE gets there and bring him by threatening with gun. While heading to Seoul, there's accident and she fails to persuade him. At the moment S broadcasting decides to air JW's drama, HM comes in with AK. Preview of ep.4) JW tries to revenge continually, and there's conflict between AK and GE in preparing drama. So AK fires her and orders to go out.
King of Dramas (Korean Drama) Ep.5 -LIVE Recap
S president was caught because of corruption, and WH was appointed new president and he doesn't like AK. AK down on his knees for begging one more opportunity. Can he get on more chance?! WH becomes new manager of S boroadcast station, and he refuses to air AK's drama. GE hear the news and HM also coms to know it. He calls and complain about it, but AK says "Yes, our drama was cut off but I can be sure our airing schedule will be sured in 48 hrs. Our drama would be only thing that survive later." AK goes to vice-manager. He persuades, "You should stand for me to become president instead of WH. If u stand for my drama that WH disagrees, you can be seen as talented alternative persident." Next morning conference, vice-manager disagrees with WH's decision that airs 'elegant revenge' instead of 'morning of Kyungsung'. They have conflice but WH insist his opinion. But AK lobbies president of S broadcasting station and the president forces WH to decide to air AK's drama, morning of KyungSung. JW gets angry and still thinks of revenge. AK's drama is decided to be aired, and he gets investment from Japan. He goes to GE mom's restuarant to hire her again, but she's out of Seoul. AK tracks where she is and reserve the same guesthouse. AK tries to persuade her but GE refuses him, saying "Go away! I'm not gonna believe u ever again!" Then GE fallls in to water and AK passes out while saving her. Finally GE accepts his offer and goes to Seoul together. In the meanwhile, HM hear GE is back as writer and he worries of her violence he saw. GE's back to office and wokers celebrate for it. During conference, AK require GE to fix scenario more publically by adding love story and changing sad ending to happy ending. GE gets angry of his business mind, cuz for her, drama scenerio is art. She complains to HM but gets disappointed seeing he's agreeing with AK. GE consider if she should follow AK's opinion or not. She decides to follow AK and goes to office, then sees AK called another writer who gonna help GE to fix scenario. Seeing it, GE gets angry and turns around. She goes to teacher who taught her to get some advice. "You should not compromise with business man like AK.", she says. On her way going back, JW takes her and persuade to break contract with AK. "I'm gonna pay cacellation fee for you. Just break the contract with him. That's the only way to protect your work.". So GE calls to AK, "This is last call. I'm not gonna work with you anymore." He notices GE was persuaded by JW and goes to her immediately. He goes into JW's room and cries "GE, you must not sign..!" Preview of Ep.6) AK goes to a famous director to persuade to join his drama.
King of Dramas (Korean Drama) Ep.2- LIVE Recap
Cast Kim Myung Min as Anthuny Kim Jeong Ryeo Won as Lee Go Eun Choi Si Won as Kang Hyun Min Oh Jin Eun as Seong Min Ah Jeong Man Sik as Oh Jin Whan Let's see what happens today:) At the moment AK persuade one of the most famous writer, GE comes in and sprinkle juice all over him. He's angry and cries "What are u doing!" GE"I am a girl who you threaten! Lee Go Eun !" GE"The reason I get angry is the person like you runs wild in the drama field! you will die someday !" and she goes away. AK tries to catch the famous writers but no one gives him 'yes'. The most famous writer "Then just give me ten minutes" But after ten minutes, the anwer comes from another writer, Jung writer who is bad relationship with him. A bitter harvest,,, He is kicked off from his company.. The representative comes here. He is JH AK interviewes.. AK"i have lived a colorful life, of course, there are some shade in my life...yeah..I mean the shade have stayed 3years ago..and until now...selling my house....my father passed away...Nowaway I cry..even I didn't cry when my father passed away..Give me some medicine." The doctor "Depending on the medicine is not a treatment." He gets a prescription to stop his crying. In his office AK"is there any problem?" The officer"Um... we were behind on gates rate .." AK"Next" The officer "and maintenance cost is also..." AK"huh..leave the office..I have some works.." GE works very hard in the market and she expects what will happen the drama that they watch. They are surprised at her talent. AK sees the nameplate of his rival, jin hyun. AK"Maybe do you have about 300 million won?" JH"You're in difficulty like that?" AK are embrassed.."No way ~ just in front of the office, accident took place..just I want to solve the problem with cash. But today I forgot to bring my wallet." JH"Sorry. Today I also forgot to bring my wallet" AK"You got investment from somewhere?" JH" Yes, I try to get investment about ten billion won from japanese company." He thinks this is a last chance to stand up him. He watches for a chance to get this investment. GE's mother"You don't want to write the drama script? Nowadays, we earn enough money so if you want, try to write it." But GE, she doesn't care about that. AK hides in the comapny to get the papers related to the investment. (Actually I don't know well about this paper ㅜnㅜ) He tries to open the lock. AK be careful !!! the guard is about to come here !. Maybe this is a close game! The guard doesn't notice about his existence so AK takes the picture of the papers. And back to his office he studied about the investment. He sends the email to Japanese company maybe he fix the script related Japanese colonial era. actually the original is written by GE. AK get a phone from Japanese comapny. They are really welcomed his suggestion and are impressed about the script. So he needs GE because the original is written by her. He tries to find her. he visits detective agency to find her..the person request the 8 million won. On the TV advertisement. she advertises her store, AK sees her and go there as fast as possible. AK"is there the writer of EG?" EG"Pardon? the writer?" AK"We will contract you..espiecally your script 'Kyeong seong ' " But after she faces into the person who calls her, she suddenly changes her face and tone. EG"How dare you come here? Get out of here" AK"You know..I'm completely ruined..but the kind of dramas AK, can stand up again. To do that and conquer the world, I need you" EG"Get out of here!" AK"I know I'm a trash Okay it is okay you hate me but don't do that sorry for yourself. Regardless of me, think about yourself, your dream. Will you finish your life just in this mackerel store?" AK talks himself.."This is a last chance ..is it finished just like that? "He took a medince. GE recalls his saying and she decides to follow him. GE's mother"Thinking about your skill grilling the mackerel.., it is better to choose the drama writer's way" GE"There are two things you have to promise..the first thing is I really hate you we just meet to do work and the second is if you harass one more, I will kill you" AK'Okay and my request is that if you want work with me, stop talking down. They go to meet the investor of the drama. In the Japan. GE is surpriesed about how they treat her. really luxurious way such as air plane and car...except the lodging. In front of Hotel, you know AK is so poor, so he lies to her that there is only one room here. The investor is a businessman who is a Korean resident in japan. AK"Don't make a mistake when you see the investor!" AK watches carefully the woman who is pouring the tea. GE'Huh? you're a man?" GE doesn't know the japanese so he lies like he decides to invest this drama because of AK. But the investor request one condition. This drama' The morning of Kyeong seong' have to air on this year.' AK "After we catch the table of organization of broadcasting, you will get the investment." So the contract will be signed up. They reestablish their resolve each other. On the way home, he sees the scene that the investor shoot the gun to someone.. The investor said" Breaking the promise means death" AK is shocked... Finish :)
King of Dramas (Korean Drama) Ep.1- LIVE Recap
Hi:D I'm gonna recap new drama 'King of Dramas', following Faith. It's about a story which a popular actor and a sceneri writer make drama together. Especially, Kim Myung Min, who is main actor in this drama, is famous for great acting, and Jeon Ryeo Won is well known as fasionista. Also Choi Si Won, who's member of SUPER JUNIOR, also appear. It makes me feel more interesting about this new drama :D Then hope u enjoy~;) Cast Kim Myung Min as Anthuny Kim Jeong Ryeo Won as Lee Go Eun Choi Si Won as Kang Hyun Min Oh Jin Eun as Seong Min Ah Jeong Man Sik as Oh Jin Whan Anthuny Kim is explaining good influence and power of Korean Drama. "And here's is ppl who works hard for the drama and every single 1 percent of audience rating. And for popular drama, we need money! I've never failed of making popular drama. That's why ppl call me as King of Drama." Go Eun is counseling for lending loan. The counsler feel exicted knowing she's writer of her favorite drama, but ignore soon after knowing she's sub-writer. GE gets angry and asks for apologize. Anthuny Kim and writer is conversing of drama scenario. He wants Orange juice is added in the drama, but she disagree saying it doesn't go with the flow. Cuz main actor dies in the scene, so it need to be shown seriousy. But he force her to add orange juice which is sponsored by company in scenerio, then she burst. Finally, Jeong writer decided not to include orange juice, and Anthuny Kim thinks of sub-writer instead to solve it. AK goes into Jeong writer's office and say to Go Eun. "Actually, Jeong writer got accident while coming to me to fix scenario of drama. And she left a message which she wants you to fix the drama by including orange juice. We don't have time. Let's hurry! I heard that u wrote a good scenario for new drama 'Morning of Kyeong Sung.'. If u handle this well, I will make sure u debut as regular writer." Then they goes to film site by car. She decides to fix action shot in Orange juice storage. Main actor fights in Orange juice storage among the bottle, and dies drinking it. There are only about 5 hrs left before drama starts, but the ending scenario is not written so GE is in emergency. She finally finished it. Main actor gonna die in beach, drinking juice. Shooting is finished, but it takes about 4 hrs to get to Seoul broadingcasting station and there are only 3 hrs before drama start. AK suggest delivery man to pay 10000000W if he gets to Seoul in 1 hr. AK and GE also leave to Seoul broadingcasting station. While AK and GE follows the delivery man, he gets accident. But AK tooks drama film from him and continues to head to station to transfer it. GE says "Are u crazy? The man's gonna die if we leave him behind." AK says "So wat we can do right now? U have to leave behind even ur father to survive in this world." AK finally arrives and run to give the film to the station. It's before 5 minutes for drama to start the ending shot, and editor is working to edit the film before it. Edditing is done finally and it’s broadcasted. The record reaches highest. AK says GE “You asked me wat’s drama? This is drama that we make.” In the meanwhile, the delivery man died eventually. AK visited his funeral hall and says wat happened exactly. He pays 1000000000W to his wife, and his worker asks “Why u pay so much? The guy accepted ur offer so it’s not problem legally.” But AK replies, “Someone died for my drama. And I’m responsible for it. Is there something wrong about it?” Next morning, GE goes to AK to introduce her new scenario. AK reades it but judge it’s not publich enough, so throw it away. Suddenly the news which the delivery man died have spread. AK’s workers are struggling to block it, and he’s also asking to the press to stop uploading the news. It’s becoming issue more. President of a company calls, “I’m dissapointed so much. Tmr, participates in conference. Now u’re over.” AK says “U can’t do this to me. Ur company have grown up thanks to me. If u do this, I’m gonna go out with writers I worked together.” President calls to Jin Whan, “I fired AK now. He tires to quit with writers together. Stop him as much as possible. Don’t let the writers to follow him.” So AK and JW struggle to attract more writer by suggesting higher fee. And at the moment AK persuade one of the most famous writer, GE comes in and sprinkle orange juice all over him.
King of Dramas (Korean Drama) Ep.4- LIVE Recap
At the moment, S broadcasting station decides to air JW's drama, AK comes in with HM. So AK gonna succeed in airing his drama?! Let's see! Finally GE succedded to persuade HM. In the meanwhile, JW still thinks how to revenge AK. Manager and HM have conflict in casting in Morning of Kungsung. But HM doesn't change his mind. Min Ah, who is famous actress, have a complain. She can't talk in front of fans because of her terrible voice. The president in S broadcast require AK to change writer from GE to famous one. AK goes to office, feeling confused. There GE's mom came to make dinner for GE and workers. He says to GE "I will tell u directly. I will give u three times bonus, so now quit. I'm sorry, but I already higherd new writer." GE gets angry, "How dare u..! It's my writing. It the one that I worte! I will go to broadcast station and tell what u did to me...!" She goes to president and asks for one more opportunity. He says "I can't be sure for success in drama with new writer who has no any experience." GE says "Then can u be sure to succedd the drama with experienced wirter? I just wanted to tell u this." At that night, she looks at her mom working behind and cries. Next morning, AK goes to HM to make contract. But S president require to show his bank account to see if he has ability to pay for filming. He says yes, but at that night he lobbys him to get definite answer from him. In the meanwhile, JW asks an actor to kill AK in drama production field. AK orders his workers to put money in S president's golf locker. The worker, Nam Won Hyung, criticizes AK's wrong behavior to succedd. While going to office, AK gets phone from S president. He says "Are you kidding with me? There was no money in my locker." AK sees how's the situations and knows GE hid money. He explains his drama can't be aired without the money. But she never tells where's the money. AK finds it and heads to golf locker right away. There, he puts money secretly. At that night, GE calls AK. "U know how much dirty u r? Are u happy now?" He answers "Then u r happy? At least I don't fail while complaning." She says "I will drag u to hell.." "There's one thing u don't know. We're already living in hell.", AK says. After hanging off, GE goes to HM. "I'm really sorry, but I think I can't write scenario only for you. I got fired but I want u to consider my drama precious while acting." While GE goes to home, highschool students threatens to give money. Seeing it, HM calls police and sees the situation. But he gets surprised seeing she beats them. At that night, AK sees S president got caught because of corruption. AK thinks of money he put in golf locker. He drives to there immediately while JW asks to detective to go to golf locker and check. AK goes in and puts money out of from locker. Police officer sees his back and orders to catch him. But officer fail to catch him and AK runs away. Next morning, AK has conference and realize JW tried to catch both S president and AK. JW and AK sees who become new S president, cuz it's important to lobby their drama. Nam Woon Hyung becomes new president. "I think it's improtant to put transparency in priority. I'm gonna consider again which drama gonna be aired." AK goes to him. "I know that u don't like me. But plz give me one more chance." WH president says "One more opportunity? I can't let u do wrong things in this fiels with the chance. This is my answer." Then on his knees, AK begs for one more opportunity. Preview of ep.5) AK lobbys other workers to change president. And he decides to work with GE again, but she refueses it.