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ikon Community Introduction 📣
Hello ikonics! My name is Melissa. I want to thank @LiyahBoon for letting continue on her team. I will be doing a brief introduction of myself for those who don't know me yet. As I mentioned before, my name is Melissa. I will be sharing some facts and information about who I am. * I am from Texas, born and raised * I am a huge kpop fan * I'm in multiple fandoms * My hobbies are reading, photo editing, watching dramas and WWE wrestling. * I also enjoy reading Fan fiction. I had even dab in it, but need more practice to be better * To help relax, I even crochet. I don't do anything fancy though XD *My Ultimate Bias is Jackson Wang from Got7 * My ikon bias is B.I and Ju-Ne. I know B.I isn't part of ikon anymore. I just pray for him to pull through this. Also to be able to reflect on his mistakes. * My ikon wreckers are Jay and Bobby * I am President for EXO, Got7 and NCT communities * Besides being editor for ikon, I am also on council for Pentagon, Infinite, Nu'est and others. * Kpop is the passion in my life. Well that's basically who I am. I am looking forward to the new term. I will be posting for ikon on Thursdays. So stay tuned for my future ikon cards. Let's enjoy the summer together! Until next time Ikonics! Konie Crew 2.0 @LiyahBoon  @MelissaGarza @InfiniteUtopia @Starbell808 Konie crew 2.0 master taglist ♡♡ @NicoleFireRose  @ivyheart13 @JasminMartinez @QueenyCrossGene  @karinamiranda81 @Lexxcisco @xxchicharitoxx @Starbell808 @LinnyOk @VeronicaArtino @Jinnyrod3 @ChaHakyum @Ivonvons @dreemer13 @ibMIMI @pharmgirlerin @Lthekid8 @cranberriesmann @HanbinsWife @MamaNini @Jinnyrod3 @ChaHakyum @Just2BLoved @QueenPandaBunny @gabstar143