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SF9 May Challenge Day 11-20
Hello Fantasy! I will be catching up on SF9 May Challenge. I apologize for this long card. Day 11. Inseong Drama *credit video to owner 20th Century Boy and Girl Inseong & Mi-na ep 29, 30 https://youtu.be/r75DWXNiESQ Day 12. Youngbin Photo Day 13. Jaeyoon Focus *credit video to owner SF9- Good Guy live performance Jaeyoon Fancam https://youtu.be/ptE0korP8i4 Day 14. Dawon Cover *credit video to owner SF9 Youngbin, Dawon, Zuho- See You Again Cover https://youtu.be/Kr4XTdZbkj0 Day 15. Zuho Solo *credit video to owner Zuho- Champaign MV https://youtu.be/RWTqwLAc_nY Day 16. Rowoon Fan Art Day 17. Taeyang Dance *credit video to owner SF9 Youngbin and Taeyang - Eve (EXO) Dance Cover https://youtu.be/GcRa19Z7x9w Day 18. Hwiyoung Photo Day 19. Chani Drama *credit video to owner Dingo Story ep. 02 'Moment When My Male Friend Confessed To Me' with SF9 Chani https://youtu.be/8l_Jq6Nh-Vo Day 20. SF9 Cover *credit video to owner SF9- Boys In Luv and I Need U (BTS) Cover https://youtu.be/u0CqGGWlur0 Until next time Fantasy! SF9 Community Council @Starbell808 @MelissaGarza Fantasy Tag List @QueenPandaBunny @Babydollbre @Just2BLoved @Summertim @dalenalw *Please comment if you want to be added on Fantasy Tag List* My Vingle Family @Just2BLoved @luna1171 @LiyahBoon @DefSoul1994 @QueenPandaBunny @QueenyCrossGene @Halsyeon @MaeLyn @royalpandajedi @BBxGD @BabydollBre @JaxomB @Starbell808 @EXOahjummafan @InfiniteUtopia @SweetDuella @CLAKPOP @Yugykookie97 @gabstar143
Sf9👏🏻 🌻May🌺 Challenge❣
Aloha Ohana!!! Day 2 ~ Day 6 https://youtu.be/eYSSJ7z43Dw https://youtu.be/6b6IsoU9uJk https://youtu.be/qzzw0uyOjY0 Drama List ; Episodes; Role: Sunbae, Don't Put On That Lipstick. Korean Drama, 2020, 16 eps Hyun Seung (Main Role) Find Me in Your Memory Korean Drama, 2020, 32 eps Joo Yeo Min [Idol] (Ep. 1) (Guest Role) Extraordinary You Korean Drama, 2019, 32 eps Numer 13 / Ha Ru (Main Role) Where Stars Land Korean Drama, 2018, 32 eps Go Eun Seob (Support Role) About Time Korean Drama, 2018, 16 eps Choi Wi Jin (Support Role) School 2017 Korean Drama, 2017, 16 eps Issue / Kang Hyun Il (Support Role) Click Your Heart Korean Drama, 2016, 7 eps Kim Ro Woon (Main Role) ok bye for now ♦️BO$$E$ Squad: @MarrickeJ33 @DayDaySMDC @BBxGD @starbell808 @FromBlue2U @QueenPandaBunny @royalpandajedi @LiyahBoon @babydollbre @melissagarza Monbebe Council Members⚔: @starbell808 @queenpandabunny @Just2BLoved @Melissagarza @skzmx ♾Infinite Council♾: @MelissaGarza @Just2BLoved @Starbell808 @cns1391 EXO Community Council : @MelissaGarza @Starbell808 @EXOahjummafan @Just2BLoved NCTzen Council: @QueenPandaBunny @QueenyCrossGene @Yugykookie97 @MelissaGarza @kpopfan88 @Starbell808 Sf9 Council: @Starbell808 @MelissaGarza Vingle Ohana @babydollbre @royalpandajedi @bbxgd @PrincessUnicorn @kpopandkimchi @taehyungV @JohnEvans @swarrier16 @MarrickeJ33 @VixxStarlight1 @TwistedPDnim @Kpopqueenabee @VKookie47 @StefaniTre @Exoexo @ESwee @swarrier16 @QueenPandaBunny @SugaKookieV @MelissaGarza @Bangtanss @chinmokuginsei @ColorMeKihyun @QueenyCrossGene @AegyoSoCute @Sugasadamsapple @cns1391 @lop0929 @SweetDuella