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See GOT7 Concert With Me!!
Hey guys! Long time no see! I am going to the GOT7 Fly in Dallas concert and if you want to see the concert you can add me on Snapchat! I will try my best to get most of of the concert for you guys!:) The reason I'm doing this is because i really wanted to go to the Exo concert in Dallas recently and i wasn't able to, so a nice vingler said we could just add her on Snapchat to see the concert and I was very thankful then(lol). So now i just wanna do the same for others SNAPCHAT: gabby110022 [BTW]: We are very sorry for the delay of our debut. The talent show was cancelled so we couldn't perform:(. Now we are going to make a YouTube channel and do covers there (dancing and singing) sorry again that it took so long...BUT WE WILL BE DEBUT SOON! TAGS: @MrsJungHoseok @FalseLove @Marielasolis1 @KhouYang  @TerraYoyaSi @ustanfanficts @kpopfandoms15 @DesireeRodrigue @AlittleJoy @SimplyNamJin @PriyaBala @ToppDogg @BabySheep @ARMYStarlight @CyanJRincon @HopeYoongi @SuperJuniorelf @MiahCisneros @Maddie27 @alani1026 @PolarStarr @Katelynn21 @DesireeChucklez @AlloBaber @ParkKyungSoon @tinathellama @Kellerjessica11 @LilMnM @MalikBurley @ErenYaeger1 @crazychikki @anarevilla34 @DaisyVillada @EdithSahagunTbm @MariaZhangKim @EmilyPeacock @meanniven99 @narutobandgeek @aisson @fleaisms @AristaJ @CrystalGuerra @mcblue9864 @SusiBosshammer @TOPStarlight @harukachiharu @AllisonParker @ninjamidori @AyameTenchu @ArmyVIPKayla @andreaimnida @vlargo @kyky97 @in4mtoxic006 @AliciaStransky @MsLoyalHeart @MaricelvaRomero @AlexisRiver @crakys @kpopmilira @BridgetJara @kpopandkimchi @Badtz @Lexxcisco @dreamsong19 @CarlaAcosta @jiggzy19 @xxkarlah @minimonkey07 @shadowCYRMBBCL @JessicaVang @sailynn @Adreannalyn @BrendaPham @bubblekookie @RebeccaLondon @JessicaEvaristo @drummergirl1691 @Isolate @ButterflyBlu @SugaKookies @BangtansWife95 @kpopGaby @gyanilet16 @Defy24601 @Mrskyuhyuncho @DeeNice @H8rt4u @JahHndz @SugaMint @bbyitskatie @funnelcakeboo @KpopTrash411 @RKA916 @Jennyyang0143 @SindyHernandez @Destiny98 @NasraMohamed @nakebakonadu