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My Dose of Aggressive Affection Ch. 7 (+18)
Smut Scene is in this chapter Who: Woo Yara (Reader) x Jackson Wang x Park Jinyoung What: Romance ( might have smut) Story: Yara's going to love herself because... well, she doesn't have another choice. Jinyoung wasn't in the office all morning, his meetings took over his time, giving Yara a chance to get her work done and not have to worry about him. Jackson came to pick her up for lunch and they talked about how they tricked her family into thinking they went on a date. He liked the fact that her family approved of him. "I think they've always suspected there's something between us," she told him. "Maybe because we're so close. I suppose it's not that common for men and women to be so close if they're not in love or family." "You do a lot for me that others don't. Like taking your lunch breaks at the same time as me or constantly calling me to tell me I'm beautiful even when I look like horse poo." "Hey!" Jackson pointed at her with his fork and wore a stern but silly face," I will hear none of this talk about yourself." She laughed, "Oh that's right because that makes me annoying." "You're right, it does. You're so cute but sometimes I just wanna smush you." "Is smushing still in the kill category because I have to tell you Jackson, your affection is getting super aggressive lately." "And yet," he tapped her forehead with his finger with each word as if he were scolding a dog, " You. Still. Don't. Listen!" She threw a French fry at him to make him stop. He looked at her with a playfully shocked face and then ate the fry she threw at him indignantly. Jackson was really happy that her family accepted him so much. Even her little nephew, Young-bae, loved him as if he were his uncle. To Jackson, it felt so right to be by her side. He smiled big in her face feeling accomplished somehow. He was able to make her happy and that made him feel amazing. "So are you ever going to tell me who you went home with?" He mused. She smiled at him. She might've considered telling him before but she really wanted to keep it to herself for now. It was still too fresh in her mind. Honestly, the night with Jinyoung had been fun and she felt the tantalizing need to just show up at his penthouse late at night and give into him again but she resisted. In some ways, resisting him made that need stronger. "Not a chance. It was a one time thing anyway," she said looking away from him for a moment. "Was it the alcohol that made you more willing to go home with them?" "Definitely." "Well, not that I want to advocate for going home with random men and not telling your friends properly," "Very subtle," she mocked. "Thank you. But honestly if you're going to move on with your life maybe dating more is a good thing." "I wouldn't call a one night stand dating." "Neither would I but it is a step towards it. Obviously in your drunken state you wanted companionship and sometimes our truest desires come out when we're drunk," he said. "You told me that you still loved your fiance but that you didn't want to. I can only think that means that you feel like your love for him is keeping you from moving on. Yara, you can still love him and move on." Yara smiled, "Where did you get your degree from doctor?" Jackson rolled his eyes which made her laugh. He looked at her while leaning against the table. He spoke low as if he were trying to keep this delicate subject between just them which she appreciated so much. She placed her arms on the table and looked at him like an amused child. "I don't have to be a doctor to know that what you're doing is unhealthy. This is supposed to be the new you, right?" He said. "A lot of people have been expressing that they don't really like the new me." "What others think doesn't matter. You have to be happy with the new you. If you don't like the direction you're going, just change it." "Easier said then done." He nodded, clearly understanding. She sighed and brushed her hair behind her ear. She let his words linger in her mind. For such a goofball, he did have some great insight. She supposed when it's not your own problem it's easier to give advice. She might've been able to say the same thing to him but seeing her destructive behavior in herself was harder. Did she really want companionship? Was it really okay to allow Jinyoung to sweep her away? As long as they weren't in love it was safe, right? "What about you?" She asked suddenly. He looked up at her with curious eyes and a mouthful of food. She laughed at him because he looked like a deer caught in head lights. He swallowed and said, "What about me?" "What do you think of the new me?" He stared at her for a moment as if trying to break down the question to it's simplest degree, as if the question wasn't simple already. He reached for her face, caressing her cheek while his eyes stared at the place he touched. They moved from her lips to her eyes and he stared into them, "I'd never lie to you, I hope you know that." "I do," she smiled. "I think you've become even more beautiful since you gained your confidence but I can see there's something you're battling with inside. I've always seen it really, but with this change I see it more. I know now it's tied to him but I think there's more you're hiding from me and from yourself." His gaze was so caring, so loving and adoring. She almost felt uncomfortable; she took in a deep breath and looked down, freeing her face from Jackson's grasp. She chuckled as light heartedly as she could and looked up at him; "You should be more careful with your words Jackson. Someone might think you're in love with me," she joked. He gave her a friendly smile but neither one of them was aware of the chaos in the others brain. Yara could feel her heart racing, nearly close to erupting in her chest. He was so much like Jaehyun, he could've been him reincarnated. The way he looked at her, talked to her, touched her. He could see so deep inside of her it was both comforting and unnerving. Meanwhile, Jackson was wondering what his own heart was feeling. This twinge in his chest when she mentioned being in love with her, was that always there? He realized it hadn't been, it was fairly new and he didn't know why. Was he starting to fall for his best friend? He couldn't be sure. When she was trying on clothes at the mall, he remembered he felt some kind of way when those guys were looking at her. He thought it was just his need to protect her but he thought about it harder, he didn't even want those guys near her. Wasn't he just telling her that she should date? Wasn't he just saying that she wanted companionship? He was the one that came up with the lie that they went on a date in front of her family. He was the one saying how happy he was to be accepted into her family. Had her family seen what was there all along? Had he been blind to how he felt or were these feelings really awakening because of the changes she was going through? "A blossoming flower," he whispered. She looked at him confused. "What?" She asked. He looked at her wide eyed and inside he felt horrified that he had spoken his thoughts out loud. He wasn't even aware of how much he had said. "You're blossoming like a flower," he said hoping that was all he had to explain. She smiled at him. He always saw the best side of her but deep down she felt like she was rotting like a tree, from the inside out and extremely slow. Jackson walked Yara back to work like he always did. He even realized he went inside the building and rode the elevator up with her just so he could spend the max amount of time with her. Maybe he was over thinking things; he had to talk to Mark about this, maybe he could tell him he was just being stupid. This feeling might've been love but it might not be the love he was concerned it was. They got to her office and she thanked him for coming to lunch with her again. She always did, it was routine, it was polite. He never wanted this routine to end. He even hated when he had to go on tour and he'd be away for a while. He called her as much as he could during those times. He always wondered if she sat alone in her office eating. If she was lonely or if she was over working herself so much that she didn't have time to be lonely which also meant she probably wasn't eating. If it wasn't for Yunmi and Seoyeon chewing her out for that, she'd probably keep doing it. He remembered she had protein bars stashed in her desk for those days. Jackson suddenly wrapped his arms around her and hugged her. She must've been a little shocked by the sudden embrace, she took a moment to wrap her arms around him and pat his back. He felt her relax a bit, it felt like she was taking in his scent the same way he was taking in hers. He liked her long hair but her hair cut looked so good on her. Her hair even smelled like a fresh bloom of flowers. His heart calmed down in the embrace, this was comfortable. It was right. They were friends. He pulled away slowly but felt regret for not holding onto her longer. He smushed her face between his hands and said, "You're just so fucking cute. I could squeeze you to death." She laughed at him, "You're halfway there Jackie." He released her, "Sorry." "It's alright. It's nice to occasionally be made a fuss over." "It's not occasionally if I do it everyday." "I count it as occasionally because you're literally the only one who does it." He wrapped his arms around her again and pressed his forehead to hers. The size difference between them was increasingly obvious now. "Does that mean you want other men to compliment you besides me? I'm hurt, I thought what we had was special." She bust out laughing and took his face in her hands. "It is. It always has been. Now get going I have work to do. I really don't want to hear my boss talk about how I'm slacking off." He groaned. That boss of hers was lucky to have her. He had no idea. He was so rude, she said he had gotten better but there was no way he truly appreciated the amount of work she put in for him. She pushed him lightly towards the elevator, promising to see him later and he pouted as she waved goodbye to him and waited for the elevator doors to open. She went inside her office to get to work but she couldn't help but keep smiling. Jackson just had that power over her. He was so silly. Jinyoung had been in the office for a little while. His last meeting ended around lunch time. He came back to the office in hopes that Yara would be eating lunch at her desk but she was gone. He knew she had gone out with that guy again. He couldn't remember his name but he was becoming a pest to him. Her lunch hour was almost up and if he knew anything about her, she was determined to be in the office early or at the very least on time. He was about to turn the corner when he saw her with that man. They were hugging, then he touched her face, then he grabbed her again. From his angle he couldn't tell if they were kissing or not but he saw her start laughing and she cupped his face between her hands. Was this the reason she didn't want to sleep with him again? Was this guy the reason she was rejecting him? This annoyed him more than he wanted to admit. He waited for her friend to get on the elevator before he headed to her office. Once he got there, he didn't even knock he just opened the door. She looked up at him with a blank stare. He could see how her chest rose and fell as if she were breathing hard already. "That guy, are you two dating?" He asked flatly. He walked into the room and closed the door. He locked it while she said, "What guy?" She was looking past him at the door he just locked and then looked up at him. He came to her desk and practically slammed his hands down on it. "The one you're always with. He comes here all the time for you. He's the reason you're resisting me, isn't he? You're dating." She stared at him as if trying to figure out if he was serious and then she started to laugh. Jinyoung was pissed, he wasn't joking he wanted to know. She cleared her throat and said, "Trust me there is nothing between me and Jackson. We're literally just friends." "You want to be with him then." "Why would you say that?" "Because you don't want to be with me." "There are plenty of reason why I don't want to be with you Mr.Park I can assure Jackson is not one of them. Now if you'll excuse me I have work to do. Unless there's actually something you want from me." Normally he wasn't bothered by her calling him Mr.Park. he even found it enticing when she said it instead of his first name when he asked. This time, he was annoyed. He was annoyed because she was purposefully putting distance between them. She was locking him out and she was being cold about it and he didn't like it. He did nothing wrong, she wanted him too, he knew it. He stood up straight and sighed, she had gone back to typing on her computer. He started to head for the door when he thought he should test her. He walked over to her again. She had been trying to ignore him but when he stepped behind her and slid his hand onto hers, she paused. He breathed into her ear making her shudder, making her weak. "You're going to tell me the truth Ms. Woo," his other hand slid to her neck, lifting her chin so he could see her face, "does your body want me?" "My body isn't in charge." "That wasn't the question." Her breathing was already labored. He could see her pupils grow as he stared into her eyes. She didn't even have to say yes, he already knew it. She wanted him, that hadn't changed and he wanted her very much. He lowered his lips to her and whispered against them, "Pretend I'm not your boss. Tell me what you want." She spun herself around in the chair so she could face him. He looked down at her, he could see it in her eyes how much she wanted this to happen. Was she contemplating her choice? Slowly, she stood up and wrapped her arms around his neck, she laced her fingers through his hair and kissed him. He pulled her close, so close that she could feel him grow against her body. Their tongues danced and fought with each other. He quickly started to unbutton her pink blouse, she pulled him by his tie to make sure that he stayed on her lips. She tasted like expensive wine. Every time he kissed her, he hoped it wouldn't be the last time he ever got to kiss her. His lips dropped to her neck, kissing down into the cleavage of her breast. He undid her white bra, it looked pure on her body, innocent just like the sounds of her moans. She practically ripped his shirt open and he felt her claw at his back, the sensation was new and interesting to him. It added to the heat of the situation. He sucked on her breast, teased and tortured the small pink buds on them. She was so sensitive, so turned on. Her body rolled beneath him enjoying every kiss he placed on her. He lifted her skit and pulled down her panties, he could smell her arousal it enticed him. It engrossed the hunger in his sex even more. He pushed two fingers inside of her and kissed her. "Tell me you want me," he demanded. "Make me," she challenged. The lewd tone in her voice made him hiss a little. She threw her head back, still holding onto him while his fingers searched her insides, massaged her walls and found the spot that felt so good for her. Her toes curled and she cussed, willing herself not to come just yet. She looked down at him again and this time her eyes were fully blown. She kissed him feverishly as if that would heighten the sensations, her body moved without her control. All she could do was feel and he couldn't wait to be inside of her. They kissed passionately and he undid his pants to free his engorged heat. He found her entrance easily and pulled her close as he slid inside of her. Her head went back again and she covered her mouth to muffle her cries of ecstasy. In the moment, however, she wasn't worried about being like his other secretaries or the reputation she would get; she wanted that sweet relief she hadn't received in years. That feeling he gave her Saturday night. Jinyoung was rough in his movements, quick and impatient. He was overwhelmed by the fever, she was so hot inside and she swallowed him up. He sucked on her neck, licked at her breast and fucked her on her desk. He gripped onto her thighs and then pulled out of her making her whimper. She looked at him desperate and he walked away to sit on the other chair. He looked at her and said, "Come here." Something about those two words were sultry enough to stir her even more. She felt like a wild animal now in need to score her prey. He was just a hunter luring her in so he could devour her completely. She hurried over to him, kicking her panties off her ankels and lifting up her skirt as high as possible so that she could sit on his lap. She sat down on him and began to move, her eyes locked with his. Their pants pushed against each other, she moved more and more above him drowning in the rush of her ride. She bounced on him and yanked him by his shirt so she could kiss him. His thumb found her clit and drew rapid circles on it as she moved on him. Both of them were coming close, nearing that divine sensation. She broke the kiss and looked him in the eyes. She grabbed onto his shoulder so tight she could've taken a piece of it with her. Her head flew back and her body erupted in the most glorified climax she had ever felt in years. She almost cried from how great it was. He was seconds behind her, Jinyoung grabbed her hips and thrusted up into her until he felt himself come undone so quickly and violently that he couldn't help feel like his soul was being sucked out of him at the same time. Yara leaned onto him, her head resting in the crook of his neck while they both panted, trying to calm down. As reality set in, she wasn't horrified by her actions. She wasn't even disgusted. She considered Jackson might be right, that she needed this. She just needed to have sex, to feel that climax, to find some kind of connection in order to move on again. Jinyoung combed her hair with his fingers as she looked up at him. He looked her in the eyes and just thought she was exactly what he needed. He couldn't have her just once more. He was willing to admit she was becoming an addiction. She laughed, her laugh caught him off guard but she had such a beautiful laugh, such a beautiful smile. It really made her look so adorable. He cupped her cheek and brought her in for another kiss. A softer, longer kiss, deep but not rough or heated. It was a kiss to savour. "Come to my place tonight," he whispered. Their foreheads touched as they both tried to get enough air to speak. "Please." "You don't have to beg," she looked up at him with a smirk. Her finger touched his bottom lip as she looked him in the eyes. "I need this as much as you do but there's two conditions," she said. "Anything." She stopped a laugh from coming out, "No one must ever find out about this and you are never to touch me at work again." He swallowed, he understood her reasoning for both but he didn't know if he could keep his hands off of her completely. He nodded. "Say it," she said. "I agree to your terms, Ms.Woo." She smiled at how he was using her tactic against her. She was about to get up but he pulled her back into him and kissed her. "If this is the last time I can touch you here, let me enjoy it a little longer." She laughed but relaxed into him and kissed him again but deep down she prayed that she wasn't opening pandora's box.... 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My Dose of Aggressive Affection Ch.6 (+18)
Who: Woo Yara (Reader) x Jackson Wang x Park Jinyoung What: Romance ( might have smut) Story: Yara's going to love herself because... well, she doesn't have another choice. Jackson was left in the club with Mark and their group. Yunmi and Seoyeon had gone home together after letting him know that Yara met a guy and went home with him. He felt sort of worried. Who was this guy? Did she give a name? A picture? What if something happened to her? He wished he had just walked her to the bathroom and waited for her rather than staying like she asked. She was drunk after all. The girls didn't seem worried about her though. He was sure she made it to the bathroom but was she able to really make clear decision to go home with someone after drinking so much? "You drank more than her," Mark said. "Yeah, but I have a higher tolerance." "I think it's time to accept the fact that Yara is a big girl buddy. She can handle herself." "If she were sober I would be inclined to agree. I'm going to text her. She needs to call me in the morning that way I know she's okay. If she doesn't call I'm going to the police." "I think you're over reacting." "I think you're under reacting," Jackson snapped. He sent the text anyway with full disclosure if she didn't call him in the morning he was going to get police involved. Mark patted Jackson's shoulder. "You're usually concerned about her, I'm used to that because you two are close, but tonight is extreme. What happened between you two?" He asked. Jackson wanted to tell him everything but he figured there was a reason not even Yunmi and Seoyeon had brought up that she had a dead fiance. Not to mention the fact that he'd seen this somber look behind her smile, she was hurting and other than knowing that Jaehyun was the love her life at one point, it was six years ago, how was it that she was holding onto him so tightly? It explained so much to him, so much of what he sensed from her when they first became friends. When he first ran into her, she just seemed like she was unhappy and at first he figured it was because he spilled her ramen but as they hung out more he started to notice things like how she talked about herself, how she carried herself. It was the entire reason he even started doing the daily aggressive affection videos, texts and check ups. He felt like since he started doing that she seemed to perk up more. He got to see her when she was happy and she had this beautiful smile that he couldn't wait to see all the time. There were days where even he didn't know if he had the energy to be a light in her life but if he saw her smile all of his problems seemed to be forgotten in the moment. They always had so much fun together. She sounded cute when she was trying to pronounce words in Cantonese. Her English was better but the times she really got it, when she remembered a word and knew how to pronounce it she looked so proud of herself and they both would scream, laugh and celebrate like they had just received a bunch of money for no reason. Jackson was loud and he knew it but she didn't seem to mind it except maybe when he yelled in her ear on the phone. All these things he knew about her and he felt like he still knew so little. He thought knowing these things about her were important though, these were things that mattered. He wanted to help her get over this hump in her life. He wanted to help her move on. "It's not my place to tell," he answered. "That sounds serious. Is that why you're extra worried about her tonight?" Jackson nodded. He was hoping so desperately she was okay. That she didn't find her way into the arms of some man that liked to strangle women or that she didn't accidently fall into on coming traffic when trying to cross the street, if they were walking somewhere. Having so little information was terrifying, he was just now comprehending the weight of how special she was in his life. He didn't want anything to happen to her especially after finding out something so important. He could help her, at least he hoped he could. "Look, if she doesn't call you tomorrow, I'll help you look for her but until then I think you should go home and rest," Mark said. "Why?" "Because you've been drinking way too much tonight and you look like you're about to cry. Girls aren't going to think you're cool if you cry in a club." Jackson laughed with Mark when he said that, even if he didn't really care what other girls thought at the moment. His mind was only on his best friend... Yara woke up at what seemed like the middle of the night, found her way to the bathroom to pee and after washing her hands she had woken up enough to recognize that she wasn't home. She looked around oddly for a moment and thought about how she had gotten there. She started remembering the dream she had and realized that it was just a replay of what she had done. The only difference was that Jaehyun was the one she slept with in her dream, Jinyoung was the one she slept with in real life. She stood at the side of the bed looking at him; she felt horrified by her actions yet the sight of Jinyoung looking peaceful and harmless in his sleep made her a little less repulsed at herself. Why did she sleep with him? She fixed herself, found her shoes and searched for her bag that had all she needed in it. There was only one moment Jinyoung moved in the bed as she was leaving. She stopped hoping that he wouldn't open his eyes and see her. Not only was sleeping with him embarrassing but for him to see her sneaking out was even worse. She quickly made her way out of the penthouse, closing the door as quietly as possible and taking the elevator to the ground floor. She had no idea what side of Seoul she was on. She had never really bothered to look at his address, there was no point to. She looked at her phone and saw that Jackson sent her a text. I heard you went home with a guy. Make sure you call me in the morning, DO NOT TEXT! CALL ME! I need to hear your voice and if you don't call me I'm calling the police. She rolled her eyes, it was just like Jackson to go overboard like that. However, she understood his worry. They had no idea who she left with or where she was going. She didn't tell them as much as Yunmi and Seoyeon had tried to pry the answer out of her in the group chat. She would never admit to them what happened. She didn't even want to think what they might say if she did. Jackson might've been the only one she might consider telling but she wasn't going to freely give the information away. Maybe after a few years had passed she could admit it to him. She was able to call an Uber and thankfully Jinyoung hadn't woken up to find her. If he did, he didn't search for her and she wasn't even slightly offended by that. It was six in the morning by the time she got home. It was the weekend but she didn't doubt that Jackson was up. He usually got up early to workout. She didn't even ask him if he had to go into work today. She called him just as he said though, she really didn't want him calling the police. She was actually surprised that he had picked up the phone. "Yara! Are you okay!" "Ow not so loud Jackie." "Thank God you're alive I was so worried." "You said you knew I left with someone." "Okay but I didn't know where or who the someone was. You were drunk at the club you need to be more careful or at least inform us better." "Yes mother," she rolled her eyes with a smile on her face. She needed to shower, she felt dirty. Jackson was upset though. Actually, he was more annoyed than anything. He was used to her being sarcastic when she called him a guard puppy but he felt like she really wasn't appreciating how worried he really was about her. "Are you at least home now?" He asked. "Yeah, I need a good shower. I think I'll be sleeping in this morning." "I'm going to come by later to check on you." "Oh it's Sunday isn't it. Chae Young wanted me to invite you to dinner with the family tonight. I almost forgot. Are you free?" "You're seeing your parents again? That's good. Is your dad cooking." '"Most likely." "I will be there then." Yara laughed. Jackson loved her father's cooking. He was a really good cook so it made sense. Her parents loved Jackson anyway. They were happy she had such a lively friend although she suspected they took their friendship the wrong way. She never corrected them because she couldn't be sure and the last thing she wanted to do was encourage her mother. She had basically asked every one of her children when they were reaching their thirties when they were going to get married. When she found out that Yara was getting married long before she had to ask her, she was so excited. That might've also been the reason why she stayed close by her during her grieving process. Yara suspected that she felt some guilt because she had been talking up the wedding so much, she did force a lot of questions on her about the date and venue but she was okay with it. She figured that was how she was going to act because she was the same with her older siblings when they were married. She wanted grandkids and only one of them had fulfilled that so far. Chae Young was twice divorced with no kids. Yara believed her first marriage was just to appease their mother but her second marriage was like a flame, it burned hot and then burned out just as quickly. In Young was divorced as well but her marriage lasted longer than both of Chae Young's marriages combined. It took Nam-Il a while to consider settling down. His family was fairly new as far as children went but he'd been with his wife just before In Young had gotten married. They went to junior high together and were friends, the friendship must've built into something else over time. Nam-Il was scared about jumping the broom, he was just about the only one that was scared of marriage. It might've been because he was the one who had to ask rather than having to be asked. Yara was elated when Jaehyun proposed to her. She wondered if they would've lasted as long as her parents did. Jackson was right, he lived and died a hero but unfortunately it didn't make the pain go away. Sometimes it made it worse. Of all things she thought she had to worry about, she never thought she had to worry about losing the love her life. "Jackson," she whispered. He could hear the sadness in her voice it was way more apparent then it had been last night. There was no mask of alcohol to diffuse it, to hide it from those who didn't know her well enough. "Yeah?" He said. "Thank you." There was a pause as if he had grown a soft smile himself. "You're welcome." She smiled, she didn't even have to explain it to him. He already knew. She liked how he knew what was inside of her mind. She liked that he understood her. He really was like Jaehyun. "Now I want you to remember something before you go to sleep," he said. "What's that?" "You're gorgeous and you deserve to be happy but if you can't be happy. If you need to be sad, I understand and I will come to you and love you as you are. You're my best friend." His voice was soft and she almost felt like crying but she smiled through it. "Don't let Mark hear you say that," she laughed. Who had ever told her that it was okay to be sad? Not that her friends didn't care about her but they focused more on how to get her past the pain. Maybe that was why she really couldn't let go of Jaehyun. She thought she had mourned him but she didn't. She forbade anyone from saying his name. She lived her life as if she had accepted his death but behind closed doors she wanted him home. She never truly accepted his death, she stayed numb to save herself the grief. She didn't drink much because she didn't want to feel it. Her conversation with her sister yesterday and the alcohol she consumed started to free her demons. They tried haunting her so she tried sealing them away again. She sealed them with another demon: lust. So she slept with Jinyoung. "I'll see you tonight," she said. "The normal time?" "Yup." "See you then." Yara hung up after saying goodbye and stepped into the shower. She let the hot water run down her naked body. She let the steam cover the bathroom as she hoped that the memory of his fingers digging into her thighs would go away. The feeling of Jinyoung's tongue twisting in her mouth and her heart racing in a way she hadn't felt in years needed to wash down the drain. She wanted the soap to clean her of his kisses, his heat inside her and the memory of sweet ecstacy over coming her body. No matter how much she wanted it gone, the more she washed, the more she remembered his hands. The more she thought about how his chest was pressed against her back and she wasn't afraid to dance on him. She felt shameless but at the same time she wanted to be devoured by that shame. She wanted to be consumed by her greed and lust. She didn't want her mind to admit it but it had already accepted it. She wanted more. Was it Jinyoung she wanted specifically or was it sex? Did she really need to listen to Yunmi and just get laid, find someone to satisfy this need that had laid dormant for too long? Did it have to be Jinyoung, her boss, the man who straight up ignored her for four years? She wondered if it was because she felt like she had the upper hand now. It was a "in your face" kind of mood, now. It was tempting, to really become the person to sleep with him just to prove to him that she had always been worth looking at. She wanted him to desire her, she wanted him to get annoyed that he couldn't have her when he pleased. She wasn't the type to indulge in power, maybe it was time to be that person... Jinyoung woke up around nine o'clock to an empty bed. He wondered if she got up to use the bathroom or to get something to drink but he didn't see any sign of her anywhere. Her clothes were gone but there was no note. No indication of when she left or why. That feeling of rejection came back again. It annoyed him that she didn't even tell him she was leaving. She didn't even apologize for leaving. He was going to question her at work but as he thought about it, he realized she might just find a way to stay professional and avoid him. He had meetings Monday morning anyway, they'd take up time until lunch and she would be able to avoid him longer. Bohyun had blown up his phone with text messages asking him where he went last night. She said they needed to talk and that she wasn't happy with him. She called him rude and told him that she felt insulted that he took her to a club and just left her there. He had to admit he was wrong for that but an opportunity had opened up to him that he would never get again. He thought about it and realized, if she had really been drinking as much as he thought then she might've woken up regretting what happened. She was probably upset at herself for even sleeping with him. She seemed like the type to worry about her job, which gave her more reason to pretend like nothing happened. He remembered her saying that their kiss stayed between them. Of course she didn't want anyone to know what they had done. Had he severely messed up? He had to meet Bohyun to talk to her but he wanted to hold it off as long as possible. He wanted to call Yara but he didn't have her mobile so he'd have to go to the company and access the database to find her number. Even when he did get her number, he couldn't be sure when she was awake. He decided to get ready and head to the company, he'd meet with Bohyun later that day and then he'd give Yara a call. Jinyoung wasn't able to ditch Bohyun so easily today though. He had apparently agreed to have dinner with her father, which he didn't remember but he didn't have his records well kept. Considering she was his secretary, she could've written in anything for him and he probably wouldn't argue against it. So he found himself at dinner with Bohyun and her father wondering why he had even allowed himself to be roped into this mess. When Bohyun was in the bathroom, her father turned to Jinyoung and said, "I know my daughter is forceful and spoiled. If you're looking to marry her I can help you so that she can't rob you of your money." He laughed but Jinyoung knew he was completely serious. He gave him a polite smile and said, "Marriage hasn't been put on the table just yet Mr.Lee. We're still just in the dating phase." "Of course, of course. I'm just letting you know. Bohyun is a lot like her mother, which is the reason I cut her off from my money. You should be wise and protect yourself as well. I know people that can help if you ever do decide to go through with it." He nodded. Jinyoung wasn't looking to get married any time soon. He was already anticipating when he could get rid of Bohyun and he felt like Mr. Lee was trying to tell him to get away from her as fast as he could and, if it was too late and he was trapped in her web, he should at least protect what was his before she could get her hands on it. Part of his infatuation with Yara now was that she resisted wanting to be around him. He didn't like feeling rejected however, he did like that it wasn't easy to pull her in. She definitely wasn't interested in him for his money or status. He could tell by her work ethic that she wasn't the type to want everything easily but she did want what she deserved. He needed to put her in the position she wanted but he worried that if he did that now after they slept together she might take it the wrong way... Yara and Jackson had arrived at her parents house to be happily greeted by the entire family. Chae Young smiled at her as if she were happy that she kept her promise. Nam-il and In Young hugged her tightly and fawned over her new look. They told her she looked beautiful and that her new style made her look more like a rich heiress than an HR manager. She rolled her eyes at them but she appreciated it so much coming from her family. Her mother looked like she was going to cry when when saw her. It hadn't been that long since she had been home but it had been a little while. She supposed because she was so used to seeing her that when she wasn't with the family she missed her. That's what Chae Young had said. Her parents were all about family they wanted to be together as much as possible. Yara found herself by Chae Young's side. "What's a matter? Thought I wouldn't come?" She said to her. "I wasn't sure how much you changed." "Enough. But not enough to go back on my word," she saw Nam-il's son playing with Jackson. "I like being over here." "Especially when you're with him," Chae Young winked at her. "Knock it off." Chae Young smiled and kissed Yara's head. She walked over to In Young and Yara went over to play with her nephew. The siblings all played games with each other, Nam- Il brought out his son's Switch and they played Mario kart and smash Brothers together. The girls joined in on the fun but because of limited controllers they had to wait for someone to lose to give up their place. They spent most of the afternoon at her parents house, her sister-in-law joined in on the conversations, her parents spoke with her and Jackson. It all felt so natural and normal. It was the home she wanted, the life she had dreamed of building for herself. It was time for dinner so everyone sat down to eat. Her mother and father sat opposite her and Jackson while Nam-il, his son and his wife stayed on the left side of the table. Her nephew sat next to Jackson, apparently anyone could be entrapped by his bright personality, even children. In Young and Chae Young sat together on the other side of Yara passing small talk among the three of them. Occasionally, the conversations would cross the table, In Young talking to Nam-il, her father talking to Chae Young. Her mother talking to Nam-il's wife. It was a great moment among the family until Yara yawned in the middle of getting ready to take a bite. Jackson turned and smiled at her. "What?" She said. "Nothing," he laughed. "Long night Yara?" In Young interjected with a cocked eyebrow. Usually, she'd be quick to tell her to shut her pie hole but she actually had hooked up last night. She sighed which made Chae Young, Nam-il and her parents look at her and smile as if they knew who she had been with. "Let's change the subject," she said quickly. Chae Young laughed, "No way!" "Chae Young don't tease your sister." Her father said. "Thank you Appa," Yara beamed the biggest smile at him like the younger siblings she was, getting her big sister in trouble. Chae Young stuck her tongue out at her which made Yara and the others laugh. Jackson took a bite of his food and made a huge gesture, marveling over how delicious it was. Yara knew he was trying to take the attention off of her. She was really happy he had come with her. "This curry is so good! Mr.Woo please give me your recipe," he begged. "No chance Jackson. He keeps that between the family," Nam-il laughed. "The only way to get it is to marry into the family," her mother said. She had said it without thinking as she was refilling her dish but she looked up at Yara as soon as she realized what she said. Her smile faded quickly and Yara could see the guilt on her face. She felt bad that she had made her grief so severe that even her mother was affected by mentioning something as silly as marriage. Yara smiled, "It's okay Eomma. I know you didn't mean it like that." She looked down. In Young looked at Yara, "Okay seriously who did you sleep with?" "In Young!" Chae Young pinched her. "What? We can all tell there's something different about her." "Not in front of the child please," Nam-il's wife said covering their son's ears. "Oh sorry," she laughed. They were never going to leave her alone now. Jackson sighed loudly and took her hand. He looked at her and said, "I guess we have to tell them now don't we." Yara looked at him wide eyed wondering what the hell he was saying. He smiled softly at her and squeezed her hand a little tighter so she could feel more secure. "Yara finally accepted a date with me!" He beamed. She shook her head and tried to fight back laughter. He beamed like a child, meanwhile her family was cheering and saying finally as if it was what they had expected to happen all along. She felt embarrassed, "That's why I wanted your curry recipe Mr.Woo. I made her dinner and it was awful. We had to wait for our take out to show up." She laughed, of course he was going to try and still get her father's curry recipe. It wasn't going to happen. Jackson looked at her and smiled big, she patted him on the head, "I'm sorry. It didn't look like they were going to stop prying until they found out." "It's alright jagiya," she played along. However, it didn't kill the subject. Now her family wanted all the details of the date, what she wore, what he made. What take out did they get, did they watch a movie, when did he ask her out? It was like they were going through the details of a proposal. She thought it was funny and annoying that they were questioning him like this. Even if the date wasn't real, it was their first time why were they going in so deep? She also didn't like how they made it seem like she had been out of commission for so long. She had gone on a few dates because of her girl friends but she just didn't find interest in the men she was being hooked up with. They meant well, she could at least find comfort in that. Her phone suddenly began to ring and she looked down at it, it was Jinyoung. Over the years she's had to call him once or twice on work related things but he always acted like he didn't have her number on hand. She was surprised he was calling her. She immediately ended the call though. She didn't know what she was going to say to him other than last night was a one time thing. She had thought about wanting more in the shower, she had thought about diving into the desires she had but that was too dangerous of a game for her to play. Last night wasn't supposed to happen but it did. She could only stop it from happening again. At least she hoped she could. Her phone rang again and she ended the call knowing it was Jinyoung. So he rang her again. "Is everything alright?" Her mother asked. "It's just my boss calling. He's hopeless but it's fine." She had put her phone on vibrate now and it went off again. She looked down at it, "Honey go ahead and take the call," her mother gave her a reassuring smile. She only wished she could come up with an excuse fast enough to say it wasn't necessary. She loved her mother so much, she looked so sweet and sympathetic as she looked at her. She excused herself and went to the front porch to take the call. "What is it?" She said aggravated. "Is that how you answer your phone?" "It is when the person on the other end doesn't catch a hint." "You can't run away from me Yara." "I didn't even know you had this number." "You work for me remember, everything, including your number is in the system." So he had to go to the company to get her number. Well now he had it but it annoyed her that he even had to go and retrieve it that way. She's called him plenty of times for work before. She had his number saved out of necessity. "You left," he said plainly. "I perfer sleeping in my own bed," "You didn't even leave a note. That's rude." "Sorry," she said heartlessly "Does that make you feel better?" "No. What would make me feel better is an explanation why?" "Stop acting like a child Jinyoung. It happened one time that's one time more than it should've happened. This thing between us... I don't know what it is and I don't like it." "That's not what your body was saying." "I was drunk," she shot back. "That's no excuse." "The hell it isn't!" She was getting annoyed but not at the argument. She was getting annoyed that he actually wanted her to stay. Why? What did he want with her? What could she give to him? "You wanted me as much as I wanted you. You kissed me, not just last night but the night before when I kissed you. You didn't refuse me so why are you acting like you don't want me?" "You're my boss, the only thing I need from you Jinyoung is a pay check that's it. At least until I find a new job." "Is that a threat?" "Why should you feel threatened? Remember, I'm the girl you'd never find interest in. I'm just too plain." She heard him sigh. There was a bit of bitterness in her voice. She hoped he could hear it. She hoped it would kill his need to have her. It didn't. He took a breath and was about to speak before she cut in, "Bohyun is the long legged designer girl that you're attracted to. So go bug her." She hung up the phone before he could say anything else. He called her back immediately though; she let out a long exhale and answered the call. She didn't say anything when she answered the phone she just listened. Jinyoung was quiet for a moment. Then he said, "I was wrong." "About what?" "All those things I said, I was wrong to say them. I'm sorry," he said. She was surprised because he actually sounded apologetic. She didn't know what to say though. Was this just a trick? It wasn't okay that he had said those things; she might have forgiven him but she was too shocked to say anything. "Last night I felt something I haven't before. I know you felt good under me. I know because you were gripping me tight, moving your body like you wanted more. You writhed beneath me in utter agony to be satisfied and I did satisfy you. I gave you everything you needed. So don't ignore me. Don't just leave the penthouse without saying anything to me. I'm not asking you to be my girlfriend." "Then what are you asking?" "Come to my place again. Give yourself to me for one more night." "Are you saying if I do you'll leave me alone?" Now she sounded interested and she didn't mean to make it that obvious. "I'm saying if you do, you'll be satisfied...and so will I." She took in a deep breath. His voice was turning her on. The words he used made her body hot. She wanted to be touched and ravished and if it had to be by him then so be it. There was a little voice in the back of her head telling her it was a bad idea though. She needed to calm down. She needed to breathe and be normal, she was going to have to go back in and face her family whom she just lied to about having a date with Jackson. His words came through the phone like pheromones seducing her. She was trying to resist. She swallowed hard, wanting to say she'd agree to meet him tonight. Her heart was racing, she bit her lip thinking about all they did last night. She wanted it again, just to be touched by him would be enough, just to melt in his arms. Fuck. "Yara," he whispered her name. She slowly breathed out and in the most professional voice she could manage she said, "Goodnight Mr. Park." She hung up and waited a moment to see if he'd call back. He didn't. Maybe he got the message loud and clear. Her body felt the regret; her head told her she did the right thing. She shouldn't dig herself into a deeper hole than what she was in. What Jinyoung wouldn't do for her a video and a vibrator could take care of and quell her hunger to feel a climax. She went inside to finish dinner with Jackson and her family. Tomorrow, she had to stay firm in her convictions but she already knew that was going to be her biggest challenge.... 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My Dose of Aggressive Affection Ch.3 (+18)
Who: Woo Yara (Reader) x Jackson Wang x Park Jinyoung What: Romance ( might have smut) Story: Yara's going to love herself because... well, she doesn't have another choice. Jinyoung brought Yara to one of the fanciest restaurants she'd ever seen which made her even more nervous. She wanted to know what he was up to. She partly thought up ridiculous scenarios where he was going to set her up to be humiliated in public. Maybe he'd have Bohyun come out of nowhere and dumb water on her head. Childish tactics like that sounded like something that came out of high school but Yara didn't put it past Jinyoung to do something like that. The place was gorgeous, the color scheme was so rich and vibrant. The white tables outside that they were sitting at looked like the whitest white to ever be created. The waiters walking around were handsome, people that stood out more than Yara herself, even with makeup on. They looked like models working until they got their big break. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, she thought. She didn't think she was as bad looking as Jinyoung tried to make her seem; although, she could admit that her wordrobe was in need of some serious upgrading. Her clothes were bigger on her because she had lost weight. It at first started from her not eating, it wasn't because of some mental disorder, she was just so busy she didn't allow herself time to eat properly. She'd have an apple here or there, maybe an energy bar but she wasn't having a full meal. It wasn't until she collapesed that Yunmi and Seoyeon scolded her. Yara was never really concerned about her weight but when she did start eating normally again, food seemed to stick to her more that it used to. So she started working out with Yunmi and Seoyeon; she never thought to by new clothes. Part of her had always assumed that she might gain weight again so she might as well keep them. This was all before she even started working for Jinyoung or even met Jackson. She wondered if she had started out like this, would she have gotten the position she applied for. Yara looked through the menu and saw all the expensive items. "I can't afford one thing on this menu," she said bewildered. Jinyoung smiled at her but it wasn't a warm smile. There was something cocky about it that she didn't like. "I'm sure you can find at least one thing." "Oh you're right," she looked at the waiter that had been standing there for a few seconds, "I'll have a glass of water. You can hold the lemon I can't afford that either." Jinyoung laughed softly, he actually seemed amused by it. "I'm paying for lunch idiot," he said sitting up straight. She didn't appreciate the idiot as an addition to his comment. She leaned forward and with a bit of sass she said, "Oh so that means I can get the whole left side of the menu? How high would your credit go up?" He seemed tickled by her smart mouth, "You can do whatever pleases you." She didn't like the way that sounded. It was too...suggestive. She didn't want to make this last longer than she needed so she made her order simple and quick. Jinyoung hadn't even looked at the menu, he named off everything he wanted, how he wanted it cooked and even managed to give the waiter a pleasant smile. The waiter disappeared to do his job meanwhile Yara was ready to find out exactly why he'd taken her out here. "Why exactly am I here again Mr.Park?" She asked. "Jinyoung." "I'm sorry." "Call me Jinyoung, at least while we're here." "I think I pefer to call you Mr.Park," she said. "And I'd perfer Jinyoung." He was very firm in what he wanted to be called. She felt as though she should comply, not simply because he was her boss but out of respect of the fact that it was the name he wanted to be referred by. "Alright, well what exactly am I doing here?" She asked. He was silent for a moment which made her shake her head at him as if to ask what the hell was his problem. He looked her in the eye and said, "Oh I'm sorry were you talking to me?" "Who else would I be talking to?" "I don't know you didn't say my name. How am I to know you're talking to me?" "Really?" She said annoyed. "Say it." His smile seemed to change its meaning, it was still teasing but it was more like he was daring her. It also felt like the look he was giving her was like he was testing her. She sighed, and gave in. "Why am I here--Jinyoung?" He chuckled into his fist, "I can't believe you said it." "What the hell! You just said." He was so tiring. He was like a child. Jinyoung's smirk turned softer and more genuine now. He took a sip of the wine the waiter dropped by and said, "You always do what you're told Yara, no wonder you blend in. Having you in HR is best for the company, you're intelligent and you pay attention to detail. You're honestly the best head of the HR Department this company has ever had." "That's no excuse for hiring me for an entirely different job and then sticking me with HR." "Maybe so but do you know the reason I decided to leave you there?" "If I said what I thought you might leave me with the bill," she pouted. That made Jinyoung smile. He was starting to like her a little more. Why did it take her four years to get fed up with how he treated her? He didn't care much about her before as long as she did her job that was all that mattered. She was forgotten for the rest of the day. She wasn't rich but she had a sophistication about her that she was even showing to him at the moment. She spoke clean and she was organized but she was just head of HR. It partly annoyed him a little that she was interesting to him now and he didn't know why. "After you left my office this morning, I phoned your old boss to ask him why he put a marketing major as head of HR. Do you know what he said?" Jinyoung asked. "I'm sure it was along the lines of, she never says no." She wasn't wrong, that's exactly what he said. "Yes actually but he also said that you lacked ambition. He highly doubted you would ever leave the company and even more you never asked for a raise. All that time." "How can you say I lack ambition? I made an entire presentation for your new project on the most effective marketing." "Did you show it to me?" "I was planning to," she said defensively. Jinyoung smiled bigger and leaned forward to test her, "Oh really, when?" Yara quickly got quiet. He had called her out on her lie. She was a little embarrassed by that. Jinyoung sighed and sat back up feeling accomplished some how. Seeing her cheeks turn a little pink made him find her amusing. She wasn't beautiful in his eyes, not like the waitresses that worked here but she had kept his attention far more than any other girl has ever done. "You'd be a little more interesting if you took more risks. As it stands now you won't catch any ones attention," he said. "Oh I don't think that'll be a problem." The waiter came back with their meals and set them down as she placed a napkin on her lap. She said, "I was able to catch your attention and all it took was a simple upgrade in woredrobe." "What makes you think that?" "Four years and this is the first time you've talked to me like I'm a legitimate person with more to offer than being your servant. Or maybe it has something to do with the incredibly shocked expression you had on your face when you finally looked up at me," she smiled. By no means did she think Jinyoung had any feelings for her, but she knew one thing for sure, he had confirmed that she was indeed valuable to the company. Jinyoung held his head up a little higher as if to seem more powerful. She took a bite of her food and tried to hide the shock on her face when she tasted it. It was so flavorful. She feared if she opened her mouth she might drool a little. She took a sip of water hoping to hide the look in her eyes. She didn't want to give Jinyoung any kind of satisfaction that he had opened her up to a new experience. "You're becoming too cocky Yara, don't forget I'm still the boss." "I'm a little less worried about that Mr. Park after all you said so yourself," Yara leaned in and lowered her voice a little, "I'm the best you've ever had." The amount of confidence she was showing was making him even more interested. Her smartass smirk was even amusing to him. He wondered how much fun he could have with her. Would she stay this cocky or would she go back to blending into the background? "By the way, I'm looking forward to you hiring a new competent secretary for me," Jinyoung said. "Oh you finally want to find someone that will actually do work instead of working your pants?" "Don't be crude Yara." "You're right sir I apologize." "Is it necessary to be so formal to me at the moment?" "It's good to keep boundaries when dealing with co workers and even more so when you're my boss. I'm here because you basically ordered me and I've stepped out of line a few times to demonstrate that I will be standing up for myself from now. However, anymore than that is unnecessary." "You just insulted me and my former secretary." She thought for a moment, "Is it an insult if it's true? Everyone knows what you do, it's obvious. However, you're right what you two do in your private time is only for you two to know." Jinyoung chuckled, "Maybe I was wrong about you." "You were," she said matter-of-factly. She smiled, it was a smile of compromise but even Jinyoung could tell she felt some sort of victory over him. He figured he'd let her have it. He wanted to know what she would do given a victory. How much bolder would she become over time? When they finished eating, Jinyoung attempted to get her to talk about herself but she was a bit vague opting to stay as professional as possible now that most of the tension had disappeared. Jinyoung and Yara headed back to the office. Jinyoung saw her off, telling her that she should start looking for his new secretary before he gives her more work. She was about to bite back but now realizing he was just testing her, she looked back at him and said, "If you do I'll burn every page of it in front of your face." Jinyoung chuckled and Yara strutted off to her office. She felt confidence washing over her but there was something that seemed a little off now. She thought about the exchange in the hall and even at lunch. Was their behavior flirtatious? No! No way, he may have noticed me but someone doesn't change their taste in people that quickly. Besides, I don't think of him like that. She thought. That was all she needed to settle her mind. The end of the day came with her finishing a good amount of work to leave her satisfied. Thankfully she wasn't leaving as late as she had Friday night so she wouldn't be running into Jinyoung. She smiled to herself as she thought about what else she would wear. Maybe Yunmi would give her some advice. If she could make sure that he paid attention to her then maybe, she might finally be able to get him to move her to the marketing department. Then the thought hit her again, she was only valuable to him in HR and she didn't want that position. He could always find someone else but at this point she figured he was to lazy to try. She could look for someone as well to help exchange but that would only work if he agreed to promote her. She figured she'd just wait it out and see how far it got her. Yunmi and Yara met up at a pizza place where Yara explained the whole lunch conversation to her. Yunmi hugged her happily, "Finally! You told that asshole off. He must've really respected you maybe that's why he took you to lunch," She said. "Could be but for some reason I feel like something else was behind his motive for taking me to lunch. Now that he knows someone is stealing from the company he wants me to keep looking into it just more covertly. I just feel like he's trying to prove his point that I'm meant to stay in HR." "Well what about the presentation you set up? I mean he must've thought you had something going for you because he approved you getting hired all those years ago and it was for the marketing job." Yara slumped in her chair and let her cheek rest on her fist. Yunmi had a point but something Jinyoung had said about talking to her past employers made her feel like he never intended to have her in marketing. She rarely said no and apparently lacked ambition, maybe he hired her under false pretenses. That depressed her a little more. Yunmi noticing her friend's change in demeanor patted her arm and said, '"Hey don't go forgetting your victory today. Jackson and Seoyeon would be so proud of you." "I know. I just have-" "Yara stop. Look you do tons of research to make products interesting to the public so they'll buy it. Why can't you make yourself interesting in the same way? Make him want you." "Ew." Yunmi laughed, "I didn't mean like that," she thought about it for a second, "although you are a bit over due for some romance." "I'd rather not, thank you," Yara gave her a smile. "Oh come on, how long has it been?" "Not that long thanks to you and Seoyeon remember the double date? Or the time you set me up at the club in itaewon? Let's not forget the 'random' run in with one of your highschool mates." "Hey that's not fair that one was completely random." "Sure." "Are you saying you didn't have a good time?" Yunmi pressed. "We had fun but I know it wasn't going to go anywhere. I wasn't his type." Yunmi sighed, "You can't live alone forever Yara. He's gone and it sucks but it's the reality of the thing. You've been single for six years now. You've drowned yourself in work so much you let your previous style falter and look at you now. You actually look happy again." "What do you mean? I've been happy these past years." "Being content and happy are two very different things and you know it. Look I'm not saying hook up with your boss but I am saying-- it's time to take your life back. You were so cute in our freshman year of college and maybe it was how happy he made you that kept that spark of life in your eye but after--you changed. You became silent, you cared less about how you looked. It wasn't that you dressed bad but you never went to buy new clothes that fit you, you stopped wearing makeup completely even though you never used a lot before. Things you used to do just vanished and honestly I'm happy that Jackson brought that back in you. I'm happy he aggressively shows you love because I really think it's what you need." Yunmi was genuine in her speech, Yara never had to guess her intentions. She longed for that security again. It had been a while since she was in college though and what happened to him-- she didn't want to think about it. Thinking about him, speaking about him, it made it all hurt. What made her feel more guilty was that it was starting to hurt less. "You do deserve to move on," Yunmi said as if reading her thoughts. Yara nodded but Yunmi felt as if she hadn't made too much of an impact. She changed the subject to keep her from feeling bad and the girls told stories to each other and laughed. Yara and Yunmi headed their separate ways. Yara got home and readied for bed when Jackson gave her a ring. "Yara." "Oh a soft greeting, I'm surprised," she answered with a smile. "It's late and you have work tomorrow. The concert is going great, we're in the green room watching." "You put in a lot of effort. I'm glad it's going great." "How did your first day as confident Yara go?" "It went okay." She said it so casually that Jackson immediate called bullshit. He wanted details which made her giggle. "He took me out to Lunch." "Wow! He asked you out?" "No, you idiot. He just made me go to lunch with him. I think he wanted to firmly solidfy that it didn't matter what I did I would stay in HR. He says I lack ambition." "Well he may have a point there." "Jackson!" Jackson laughed, "I just mean that in companies like that ambition is really just ruthlessly doing whatever you have to, to whoever in order to move up the later or maintain your spot. Your personality isn't like that." "You have a point." "You should keep working at it though. If he was willing to take you to lunch then that means he at least notices you. It also means he's aware of what you're trying to do." That's what worried her. Jinyoung might be relentless, maybe she'd be wasting another four years of her life trying to get into marketing. She wanted to say she wanted to quit but if she said that to Jackson he'd call her out for being scared. With Yunmi's speech still in her head, she decided to keep the comment to herself. She leaned back on the bed with a sigh. "You're probably right," she said. "Good! I'm glad you agree. Now one more thing before I let you go." "What?" "I just want you to know that you are FUCKING AMAZING! I want you to know it and believe it because if you don't I will smoother you to death with my kisses." Yara laughed, "Ah I was wondering when my daily dose of Aggressive Affection was gonna show up." "Gotta keep up with it. Don't want you to forget how beautiful and wondeful you are, best friend." "Thank you Jackson. Goodnight." "Goodnight," he said with warmth. Jackson really was a great guy. He reminded her a little of-- no, you only think that because Yunmi talked about him tonight, she thought. She squeezed her pillow tightly trying to drown out memories as she fell asleep... 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My Dose of Aggressive Affection Ch.2 (+18)
Who: Woo Yara (Reader) x Jackson Wang x Park Jinyoung What: Romance ( might have smut) Story: Yara's going to love herself because... well, she doesn't have another choice. Yara typed furiously on her keyboard. She sorted out files and found errors in financial planning that she was going to bring up to Jinyoung. This was happening too frequently, it was only a few hundred dollars being unaccounted for. Someone wasn't paying attention to their calculations. Yeoseop was in the financial department, and Eunjin was part of the project management team. Between those two, one or the other had either mis-calculated or lied about expenses. Everything else had been updated, there was a new product that Jinyoung was looking to unveil in Seoul before making it available to the world. He had kept it only between the highest members of the board and the reason Yara knew about it was because she was keeping track of expenses coming from steel companies like POSCO. She wanted desperately to be on this project, she had already done plenty of research on what effective marketing techniques they could use to sell the product and she created a presentation. She shook her head; what was she thinking, there was no way Jinyoung would listen to her. She was finishing up the last few papers but the building was already starting to close down. Jinyoung saw Yara's office light still on; he headed to her door to turn it off. He flicked the light prompting her to say, "Hey!" Jinyoung flipped the light switch on and saw her sitting there annoyed. She should've know it was him. "What are you still doing here? Office hours are up." Yara tapped the papers on her desk to straighten them. "I was just finishing this up," she said. "I'm not paying over time. You should go home." "Do you want these papers on your desk are not?" There was impatience in her voice. She was far too tired and far too irritated to deal with him. Jinyoung stepped inside to see the papers she had laid back on her desk. "So you got them done." "I just finished them but I had to push back other assignments. I'll take care of them over the weekend." She stood up. "Maybe if you didn't go out on lunch dates you could finish the work I give you." She bit her tongue, literally bit it, by accident trying to keep herself from being rude. She wanted to tell him if he hired a competent secretary instead of some bitchy whore that would sit on his lap and look pretty then he might notice that someone was stealing from his company. Instead; she breathed and gathered her bag and shut down her computer. "Perhaps you're right Mr.Park," she said. She stepped past him turning off the light behind her as a nice "and fuck you too" to him. Jinyoung was unfazed though. He walked behind her and stood waiting for the elevator with her in silence. The doors opened and he stepped inside but she didn't move. He the doors started to close and he put his hand on one side to stop them. "Hurry up," he said irritated. "You go, I'll take the next one." "Just get in. It's not like I have any desire to touch you." She clenched her jaw and gave a bit of a smile, between tightened teeth she said, "Trust me that's not what I'm worried about." She quickly stepped inside and made her way to the furthest corner from him. She was more afraid she'd strangle his annoying ass. It was silent, the air was cold in the elevator and they were probably the only ones left in the building aside from a security guard that was doing his rounds on the ground floor. Only the faint sound of two people breathing in a steel box could be heard and it was perhaps the most awkward elevator ride of her life. She actually wished that his secretary was on the ride down. Yara's phone rang and she quickly answered it. "Yah! YARA!" Jackson screamed. "Ow, damn it Jackson lower your voice." "Are you still at work?" "I'm leaving right now, don't worry." "Of course I'm going to worry. A beautiful girl like you walking alone at night, the things that could happen!" "Oh yeah, if you're so worried then why aren't you here to pick me up?" "Uhh." Yara laughed. She could imagine that look on Jackson's face. He had been stumped and didn't have a quick enough come back. Jinyoung had been looking up at the ceiling hoping to get off the elevator before he over heard anymore of this onesided conversation. He happened to look down and see her face as she giggled. He was surprised she actually looked very girlish when she smiled. If she did that more perhaps she'd been worth looking at more, he thought. "Anyway I thought you're only supposed to do one daily dose of love and affection, what's with the extra today? Are you going somewhere soon?" She asked. "Yes but that's not important because it's not a long trip. I just wanted to make sure you didn't exhaust yourself. I know you like to pretend you're okay." She sighed with a soft smile. Yara liked that Jackson cared so much. Yunmi and Seoyeon did too but they had their own lives, Jackson had his too, she didn't want to disrupt them with her lack of motivation. The elevator stopped and they walked out, side by side headed for the door. Jinyoung waved goodbye to the security guard that was saying goodnight and Yara gave him a kind smile before continuing her conversation. "I'm fine Jackie. Nothing a little sleep and morning coffee can't fix." "Liar." "Look I'll see you tomorrow okay. I'm gonna go I need to hail a cab." "Okay fine but text me when you're home so I know you're safe." "Okay guard puppy." Yara hung up and stood on the edge of the sidewalk. She just realized she might've had better luck calling an Uber. It didn't matter now, she just needed to get home. "Your weekends are your own but if you're going to take work home with you I suggest you actually do it. Maybe then you'll be more available to work during office ours," Jinyoung said. Why did it seem like he was just saying stuff to be mean to her? She wanted to ask him if he hated her but it's not like hearing the answer would change anything. Although, he was getting on her nerves, no one asked for his opinnion. "Goodnight Mr.Park," She bit with a sarcastic smile. He stared at her almost as if he detested her. He walked up to her and reached out for her cheek, pinching a small bit between his thumb and pointer. He stared at it hard as if he didn't know what a cheek was and Yara felt immensely uncomfortable. He let her go and made a look like he was disappointed in not finding what he was looking for. Jinyoung wanted to understand why that guy seemed to be territorial over her, she was so plain aside from that smile and the soft giggle she had. That was a rather cute quality; he knew she was smart but what else was she supposed to offer? She had no sex appeal or if she did, she hid it behind clothes that didn't complement her well. He was bored now, he just wanted to go home. "You're good at what you do Yara. I hope you don't become useless," he said while walking away. She wasn't sure if that was a full compliment or not. Whatever just happened it was weird to her. She reached into her pocket and pulled out the card Jackson gave her at lunch, "She's a stylist at the company. Tomorrow is her day off I asked her if she wouldn't mind helping you enhance your style," Jackson had told her. "What will changing my style do?" "It'll make him see you. That's the first step and once he sees you all cleaned up and stylish we'll move to step two." "Which is?" "Making him hear you." Yara smiled at the idea that Jinyoung would actually listen to what she had to say and stop treating her like a disdainful rat that he only kept around because it ate up the other vermin. "Alright Jackson, I'm going to trust you on this one," she said to herself. Saturday came with beautiful weather, bodies were every where searching the city for fun, endless traffic with cars full of people headed to work, headed home or headed to the outlet areas. Yunmi, Yara and Seoyeon went to the gym in the morning, Yara stayed mostly on the treadmill while the girls moved between squats, wall sitting and lifting weights. Listening to music and thinking about what Jackson's friend was going to do was giving Yara a little bit of anxiety. She was partly scared but also excited about this change. Not many things had ever changed in her life, she was adopted and had two foster sisters and a foster brother all of which still lived in the area and kept in touch with her. They all had matured and went on with their lives making the best career choices they could. It took Yara at least three years into college to finally work up the nerve to get an apartment and she was able to find one she could afford that wasn't too far away from her foster parents. Sunday's were always days with the family. Despite very little changing in her life, she wasn't resistant to it, she just didn't do it often. She wondered what her mother would think of her new look. Hell, she was hoping she'd like her new look. His friend was a professional so she didn't imagine that she'd look worse than she already was now. By the time she met up with Jackson and his friend, all the nerves she had worked out during her exercise had come right back. Jackson settled most of her fears just by being himself. "This is Eun Young, she's going shopping with us and she'll help you find stuff," Jackson said. Eun Young shook her hand with a smile and told Yara to follow her. They went into a clothing store and Yara followed Eun young around while she asked her about her style. She showed her skirts, dresses and jeans. Yara liked the overalls she picked out for her. They had shorts and were all black. She told her it would look good with a causal shirt she picked up with a superman screenprint on it. It was just his eyes and it was actually in the man's section but Yara liked it as a complete outfit. Eun Young had her try it on and walk out of the dressing room to show Jackson. She fixed her hair in a messy bun and gave her a chocker necklace with personality glasses. Jackson gawked at her saying she didn't look like the same person and it was crazy how such a simple change in her style made her look so good. "What do you think about it Yara?" Jackson asked. "I like it, it's cute." "Oh wait let me just make one change," Eun Young came over and unclipped one side of the overall to reveal the shirt a little more, "There do you still like it." Yara giggled, "I feel like I'm in a style magazine." Eun Young smiled and pinched her cheek lightly. She then gave her a whole pile of clothes to try on. Yara basically put on a fashion show for the two of them but it was honestly the most fun she'd had in such a long time. Jackson acted as her hypeman which at times got her more attention from other customers than she wanted. A few times she blushed when two different guys noticed her and gave her the kind of smile that suggested they might've asked her out if one wasn't with his girlfriend already and the other hadn't seen Jackson coming over to grab her face. They guy probably got the wrong idea but she didn't mind that Jackson's actions sent him away, she wasn't looking to date at the moment. She collected the outfits and the accessories that she liked and could afford but as they were leaving she said, "There's only one problem you guys, I can't wear any of these to work." "That's why we're going to take you somewhere else. Somewhere special," Eun Young said She held Yara by the shoulders, pressing her cheek to her with the brightest smile ever and that made Yara feel nervous again. Jackson and Eun Young led her back to Eun Young's studio and to a wardrobe room. She flicked on the lights and showed her the dazzling room that had racks of clothes. Yara looked at it in awe and a smile grew on her face. Her fingers danced over the fabric of the suits as she examined them. Some of them were among outfits worn by idols. She couldn't believe she was so close to such expensive clothing. She was by no means a cheap person but she also didn't spend money at the drop of a hat. She probably had enough money to by a new Gucci suit but only if it was late season and not popular at all. One of those simple suits people only got because of the name brand. These were nothing compared to that. "Why are we here?" Yara asked looking at Eun Young. "These are outfits that idols are going to be recycling. We usually send them out to shops that resell used name brand clothes. You can find what you like and have them." "Have them? I can't even buy-" "You're not buying them silly," Jackson interjected," She's giving them to you. The staff gets a chance to pick what they like as well before they are sent out." "And I'm letting you use me as your gateway." Eun Young said happily. Yara breathed with disbelief. Yunmi and Seoyeon wouldn't believe this. She wanted to call them but she also wanted to go through the clothes. She looked through them carefully and cautiously. There was a silky white and black top that she wanted to try on. It seemed to be in her size. There was a black dress with a slit on the side, the length stopped mid calf and the slit was modest. The neckline wasn't deep and the sleeves accented femininity. There were plaid skirts and matching blazers. A beautiful pink rose colored pants suit, a plum blazer and skirt and the most beautiful form fitting khaki color dress. She tried them all on. Jackson only came in when she was dressed and each time he saw her he wore a puppy like look that made him seem lost in another world. He would follow the stare by a compliment with the brighest smile. "You are the most beautiful creature in the world and I can't believe you've never known it. I never want to hear you say you're not beautiful or I will kill you," Jackson said. "Way to amp up that aggressive affection from a 9 to an 11 Jackson," She mused. "I figured adding a little threat will make you believe it more." She shook her head. She looked at herself in the mirror wearing the form fitted dress. She felt...beautiful. The day wasn't over yet though. Eun Young took her to see a make up artist and convinced her to cut her hair into a bob. She got it died pitch black and the make up artist gave her simple tips on how to make her eyes look brighter. She gave her five minute make up tips if she wanted to have flawless skin but not much of anything else outside of maybe a little eyeliner. She couldn't believe how so little went such a long way. She gave Jackson a huge hug almost on the verge of tears. She was so grateful to him, although she wasn't sure that any of this would get Jinyoung to pay attention to her. She didn't care though, he couldn't say anything to her about being plain anymore. She didn't feel plain; she felt stylish. "You know what you have to do when you go into work Monday right?" Jackson asked. "Take care of the backlogged documents?" Jackson groaned; Yara laughed, "I'm kidding." "What do you have to do Yara?" "Make him see me?" "Make him hear you." That was a task easier said than done but she didn't want to let his or Eun Young's generosity go to waste. She was a hard worker and a damn good one too. She had the credentials for the job, she even looked the part now too. If she was going to get higher in the company she was going to have to speak up and make a better name for herself, especially in the eyes of Jinyoung. She was terrified by the thought but in the oddest way she was exhilarated by it as well. She walked into the building the next morning with her head held high. The building's security guard saw her and walked up to her, "Oh my, Yara it's you!" She giggled, "You like?" "Yes you look like a different person," he pinched her cheek, "except for that smile. I always love seeing that smile." "Thank you Jae-sang nim!" She beamed. He didn't take up the rest of her time and let her get on the elevator. As it went up, it made a few stops, one of them picking up Jinyoung's secretary. She stood next to Yara partly ruining her mood. "Someone got a new woredrobe," She snipped. "Just a few new pieces is all." "Trying to impress the boss?" She turned to face her more, "Just because you cleaned yourself up doesn't mean he'll notice you. You're not his type." "I can't tell you how lucky I am for that," Yara smiled at her. There was a man standing in front of them that chuckled and tried to hide it behind a cough. The fact that she was able to show this pampered princess that she really didn't care what she said to her made her feel a little more powerful. "Just don't go thinking he's going to promote you. All you did was change your clothes, there's still nothing extraordinary about you." "I'm sorry, who are you?" She asked. "Don't play dumb." "No, I know your position but I don't know your name." "Lee Bohyun." She said her name with such pride as if she came from some sort of prestigious family. Yara privately admitted she was pretty but she was far more annoying and vindictive for Yara to believe that Jinyoung saw any potential in her other than someone to take home. She couldn't even keep his books straight. "You know, it's probably not a good thing to piss off someone that monitors payroll. Just for future reference, you never know who in this office you can trust," Yara gave a smart smile to her. "Are you implying you'd mess up my pay check?" She stepped up to her like she wanted to fight. Yara smiled bigger right in her face, making eye contact just to show she could prove that she was in no way threatend by Bohyun's existence. "No I would never do that. I'm a professional I actually do my job instead of sitting on my bosses lap looking like a glorified dick stroker," The guy in front of them was really about to lose his breath. The elevator got to their floor and opened up just as she said, "But don't tempt me." Yara walked out with a strut so powerful she looked like she owned the building. The man that had been listening in the elevator even checked her out as she walked by. Yara got to her office feeling like she was on top of the world. It felt so damn good putting her in her place. She sat her bags down and took out her papers. She worked for most of the morning in her office trying to find out who exactly she could pinpoint who was stealing from the company. Yeoseop had been out of the office for a few weeks and the money was still being taken away little by little. Eunjin might've been the person that Jinyoung would want to look into. She had requested receipts from Eunjin on the past three projects to see if she could find anything that might indicate that him or someone was taking money out of the project budget. Around eleven, Jinyoung paged her to come into his office. She brought the papers so she could speak to him about it hopefully if Bohyun mentioned their little encounter this morning she could save herself by exposing this problem or at the very least distract him from it. She knocked on the door and when he told her to come in, she immediately looked around for Bohyun. She wasn't there which made her less tense and honestly she felt better. However, Jinyoung hadn't looked at her since she came in. Jackson's words came to her mind, make him hear you. Her nerves was starting to discourage her. Jackson wouldn't want her to back down though and she was already standing up for herself against his bratty secretary. Not to mention Jae-sang thought she was pretty and she even got a flirty look from a coworker. Now wasn't the time to lose her nerve. She straightend her back and held her head a little higher. "What are you doing looking into Eunjin's projects when you have other assignments to get done?" He said. He was still looking at his computer, typing quickly, doing his own work. "I would consider looking into inconsistencies as a part of my job Mr.Park." "What about the work that you took home, is all of that done?" "Of course it is." "Good then you can take care of these as well." Jinyoung still hadn't looked at her, he tossed files on his desk. It took every ounce of Yara not to cuss. Eunjin went and ran to Jinyoung which only made her think that he really was stealing from the company. She stepped up to the desk and grabbed the files and headed for the door. Jackson's words echoed in her head. Make him see you then make him hear you. She took her hand away from the doorknob, walked over to Jinyoung's desk and dropped the files back down on his desk. He finally looked up at her but the look he gave her was a look that said he had no idea who she was. Perhaps she looked far more different to him now because it was the first time she looked appealing enough for him to see her. She wasn't blending into the background now and she damn sure wasn't about to do more work that Bohyun was supposed to do. "I'm not doing that," she said matter of factly. "Excuse me?" "I'm not doing that. You have a secretary on payroll, Lee Bohyun. That's her job, along with keeping your schedules, making your appointments and keeping your files in order. If she's not competent enough to do the job let me know and I will hire someone who's actually qualified and not just here to stroke your ego. I have worked this job for four years now Mr.Park, a position mind you, you put me in that was supposed to be temporary and yet you only seem to add on more chores. So I want to make myself very clear," she leaned on the desk to meet his eye level. "Don't give me another assignment that needs to be handled by your secretary so I can do my job." She stood up and then tossed the other papers on his desk. "By the way, you may want to look at this." "What is it?" "The reason why I was looking into Eunjin's projects. Someone's stealing from the company." He looked dumbfounded. She left him like that and headed back to her office. She nearly melted in her chair. She was happy she stood up for herself but she was praying it didn’t cost her, her job. Jackson would be so happy to hear what she had done. He was out of the city to help the idols prepare for a performance. When she told him what she said, he was probably going to yell in her ear. She texted Yunmi that she had to talk to her after work, she needed someone to tell her that what she did was right so that she didn't chicken out; she was already feeling scared that she had completely ended her career here. About an hour and a half later, Jinyoung was at her office door. She looked up to see him after he knocked, "Is there something you need Mr.Park?" She asked politely. "It's lunch time." She checked her watch, "Oh, it is." "Let's go." "Whe-" "I don't like to wait." he said. He turned and left leaving Yara a little confused. Was Jinyoung taking her to lunch? 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My Dose of Aggressive Affection Ch.1 (+18)
Alright I wanna try this again and see if I can actually finish a fanfiction. It's been a minute. This was inspired by a tiktok that my dear @royalpandajedi sent. Thanks Eomma! Who: Woo Yara (Reader) x Jackson Wang x Park Jinyoung What: Romance ( might have smut) Story: Yara's going to love herself because... well, she doesn't have another choice. Woo Yara stood outside the company building wanting desperately not to go into work today. Park Jinyoung was too harsh of a boss to deal with. He often called her plain or he'd walk into her then tell her she just blended into the background. He called her uninteresting and at one point made a statement to his friend right in front of her that he'd never find someone so lack luster appealing. So why did she stick around with such a horrible boss? Well, mainly because she hadn't bothered to look for a different job but also because Jinyoung's company held plenty of opportunities for her to move up in the latter. If she had to deal with his bad attitude then so be it. Except, lately Yara was feeling very unmotivated. Perhaps Jinyoung's words were finally starting to get to her. If he thought so little of her presence now, what made her believe he'd see her potential for a promotion. Nevermind the fact that she kept his accounts in order, she fixed the two errors his past secretaries made or the fact that she made sure everyone's payroll was updated correctly and on time. HR wasn't an easy job and she didn't want to be stuck in it forever. When she interviewed for the job, she had expressed that she was looking to eventually make her way higher into the company. She applied for marketing in hopes to eventually become the chief marketing officer. She didn't even like HR work, she was hired on a trial basis and was told she would hold the position until Jinyoung could find a replacement. She had worked in HR in her previous job and hated it, but it was a stepping stone and she was good at it. Apparently, the original HR person had quit the day before her first day and they needed HR more than they needed another seat on the marketing team. Here she was, four years later at the same job wondering how in the hell she even got hired. Only about a year ago did Jinyoung decide to add the additional task of giving her work that was basically meant for a private secretary. Honestly, she believed he was just doing this because she wouldn't argue about it. Part of her wondered if he was just trying to get her to quit. Jackson's voice was in the back of her mind telling her that she had to stand up for herself. Jackson Wang and Yara became friends unexpectedly, in fact, she wasn't sure how it even happened. He's a choreographer and when they met it was by a coffee stand. She was turning around just as he was walking up and he made the hot coffee spill all over her. He apologized profusely, bought her a new cup of coffee and told her he could pay for her dry clearing. When she told him that her clothes didn't need to be dry cleaned, he asked her for her number. He wanted to make up for the accident and said he'd take her out to find a replacement outfit. Perhaps other girls would've thought he was hitting on her but Yara just thought he was weird. A couple days passed when they ran into each other again, although not so literally this time. They expressed they remembered each other and spoke a little before they separated again. Two weeks passed by when they saw each other in the mall, he was with some of his friends and she was with her girlfriends, Yumi and Seoyeon. They all hung out for hours that day, at some point her friends got Jackson's number. Maybe Yumi and Seoyeon gave Jackson her number or his friends gave it to him after getting it ftom one of the girls. She never did find out how that happened and he never answered the question the one time she did ask. He sent her a lot of memes and gifs. At some point, they just started talking regularly. Does anyone really know when they become friends with someone or does the unspoken agreement that this is a friendship just get created over time? Jackson found her funny and liked her so he stuck around to bug her often. It was hard for Yara to really dislike him, he was like a giant child. No wonder he was a dancer, he had energy to fuel an entire dance crew. Jackson's personality was infectious too, annoyingly so. There were times she just wanted to be in a bad mood but he'd call her or send her a video message of him just being- well himself and it would always make her smile. Jackson just seemed to want to be friends; he'd had a few girlfriends during their friendship. Once, when Yara had attempted to date, they had a double date. Yara wasn't too impressed with her companion, it was a blind date set up by Yunmi and it wasn't good at all. Jackson was very cutesy with his date, it was so sweet it almost gave her a cavity. Yara sighed, "Come on Yara what would Jackson say?" She didn't even have to wonder. She opened her phone and looked at an old video message he sent her, "Yah! YARA! You are so wonderful you know that? Say you're wondeful. If you don't, next time I see you I will hug you to death. Just straight up smother you in my love. Have a good day you beautiful little punk. Also Mark says hi." Yara laughed at the video. Okay, that put a smile on her face. It gave her enough of a good mood to walk inside the building and punch in the number in the elevator to head to her office. If she was lucky she wouldn't have to see Jinyoung. The elevator stopped one floor before hers, the doors opened...she wasn't lucky at all. Jinyoung came walking in with a woman behind him, she was slightly taller than Yara and she was in a navy blue blazer with a matching pencil skirt. Her black heels clicked on the floor of the elevator as she stepped in. Jinyoung was asking her about his meetings for the day that's when Yara realized that this woman was his new secretary. If she had been alone she would've verbally cried out in utter happiness but for now she celebrated in her mind. The doors opened to their floor and Jinyoung headed out first, "Where is Yara by the way?" He asked. "Are you kidding me?" She belted out before she could stop herself. Jinyoung turned his head and looked back at her, "Oh there you are, I want to see you in my office," he said. He turned around and headed down the hallway. Yara wondered if that meant at the present moment or later on in the day. He was so tiring and rude. She was literally in the elevator when he walked in, there was no one else in there with her. It wasn't like he was looking at his phone and he was distracted. She was so annoyed steam could've been coming out of her head. His secretary looked back at her and said, "Can you blame him? There's nothing really extraordinary about you. Anyone would miss you, even in an uncrowded elevator." Yara bit her tongue. Her next words were about to contain the same amount of venom as a cobra's bite but she held herself together. If anything, she'd always maintained a professional demeanor in the company, aside from that little out burst a few moments ago. The secretary had walked away by now but Yara couldn't help but think aside from her having long legs and doing her make up really nice, she didn't see what made her so special. Yara had worn a similar suit like hers once before so what the hell was so special about her? Yara headed to Jinyoung's office catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror wall he had adjacent to his office door. She stared at herself for a moment, her hand extended out to the doorknob to his office. She wasn't wearing make up; she knew how to use it but she rarely ever put it on. Her hair was long and down her back, it was in layers with the shortest part hanging only an inch above her shoulders. Her hair didn't look smooth and silky though; she had trouble remembering the last time she washed it. Last Friday or was that two Friday's ago? Didn't I go out with Jackson to that Bar B que place? Damn it I can't remember. She thought. She did look a bit disheveled. She straightend her clothes out as best as she could. She could've used a good lint roller but that effort alone would have to do. Maybe her style was a bit plain but seriously who was she supposed to be impressing with her looks? She rolled her eyes. She remembered Jackson's message she had watched before coming inside. She opened the door and walked inside Jinyoung's office only to receive a whole load of work that she was pretty sure his new secretary could be taking care of. She nodded at her orders, took the work and headed to her office, just like she always did. By the time lunch came around Yara felt like she'd spent years in a dungeon trying to spin straw into gold. The pile of papers she had was still too high and she was exhausted. Ultimately, she'd probably be taking this stuff home with her at the end of the day. "Knock Knock," She looked up to see Jackson's childish smile. He was leaned up against the door and dressed like a street kid. His hat was on backwards, he had on a black tank with no sleeves and baggy pants. She sighed and leaned her cheek into her hand. "Who let you in here dressed like that?" She asked "When you're this adorable you can do anything." He puffed up his cheeks a little with a smile so wide his eyes closed and he poked his fingers into the puffy cheeks. She was inclined to agree, perhaps it was because he was adorable that the two of them ended up as friends. It's not like when they first met she didn't find him attractive but she was always more cautious of people than she was enchanted by their looks. Jackson had turned out to be a good person to trust though. She smiled and said, "Well I'm sorry Jackie but I can't go out to lunch today I have far too much-" "Ah! Don't you finish that sentence or I will bop you over the head with this!" He pulled out a toy hammer that looked like it came from a super Mario factory. He hit his hand with it and it made a squeaky sound that made her laugh. She tried to hide it behind her hand but Jackson knew his abilities. He pointed the hammer at her and declared, "Now say you're going to lunch damn it or I will force feed you." She cocked her eyebrow and gave a smirk as she said, "Oh yeah, what are you going to force feed me with? Your little hammer?" Getting the joke, Jackson gasped and covered his privates, "My hammer is not little," he said in an pout. That made her laugh again. Jackson calmed down his playfulness and came to sit in front of her desk. "You do entirely too much work Yara. A little lunch is in order don't you think?" He complained. "Jackson I wish I could but I have so many things to do." "I acknowledge that. All I'm asking is for you to take a break and eat and then I will happily let you get back to work." "No you won't you'll complain all the way back from the restaurant." He held up his hand as if to protest then gave in, "You're probably right but you can't very well work without eating. You'll pass out and then you'll never finish your work." She started to think; he was right of course but there was so much to be done. Maybe she could hire herself an assistant; how much would that cost? Maybe she could find an intern, that would've been easier. She sighed, "Alright fine. Let's go to lunch." Jackson smiled and stood up with Yara. They headed out the door and towards the elevator where they saw Jinyoung coming down the hall. He saw Yara and said, "You. Are you done with that paperwork I gave you?" Jackson looked at Yara just as she held her hand up to his chest to stop him from saying anything. "Not yet Mr.Park." "Then what are you doing?" He said plainly. "She's going to lunch with me," Jackson wrapped his arm around Yara's shoulders, "it's what humans do." "Who are you?" Jinyoung asked. Jackson was about to say something rude so Yara covered his mouth and said, "He's just a friend. I'll finish the work when I get back Mr.Park." He took a deep breath like he was unhappy with the situation. Yara could feel the arm around her tensing. Jackson didn't like the way Jinyoung talked to her. He hated even more how he would tell her unkind things like she wasn't good looking and just plain. She didn't have to be his type but he didn't have to be a bully to her. Jinyoung and Jackson had actually met each other twice before but Jinyoung has an annoying habit of forgetting people he doesn't see as important. The elevator opened and Jackson went inside. Jinyoung started to say something, "I better have those papers-" "Okaythanksbye!" Jackson yelled as he grabbed Yara's hand and yanked her into the elevator. He quickly pushed the close door button and relaxed as soon as the elevator began to move. Yara looked at him and said, "You know he's my boss right. Don't get me fired." "I don't like that guy," he seemed very serious, "he thinks just because he has money he can look down on people. Damn it, guys like him piss me off. And I hate how he talks to you, why do you let him do that?" He said. She shrugged, "I'm just used to it." She actually didn't know why she put up with it. It was just easier than starting trouble. Besides, she was sure her moment was coming soon. She was going to make a name for herself in the company. She was going to get promoted, she had too. She couldn't keep working a position she hated. What's worse is that she was good at it. "I don't want to be the one to say it Yara but I think you need to hear it," Jackson said. She looked over at him, "You're never going to get higher up if you don't change something." She crossed her arms and cracked a smile, "Gee, I thought you wanted me to think I'm pretty. I guess Jinyoung was right." Jackson moved quickly, snatching her face in his hands. He looked at her very angry, Yara felt bad for a moment that she made him mad. She was just teasing. He glared at her and said, "You are fucking beautiful." Yara had been staring at him with wide eyes until he said that, she giggled. She pushed him away, "You had me scared for a second. I've never seen you so serious before." "Say it." "Say what?" "Say you're beautiful." Yara rolled her eyes. He still sounded a bit intense but she was sure he was faking it now. He grabbed her hand gently, "Say you're beautiful or I will smoother you in kisses." "In public? What would people think?" She teased. Jackson moved closer to her. Him being so close to her in this kind of context made her a little nervous. He had both hands on the back wall by her head now. Her heart started racing and she could feel her cheeks warm up. Things like this only happened in dramas so why was it happening to her now? Jackson was dipping his head down, leaning his lips towards her all the while staring in her eyes as if daring her to do something about it. She couldn't take it anymore; she pushed him away while crying out, "Alright, fine, I'm beautiful!" Jackson smiled and booped her nose, "Don't you forget it." She glared at him for making such an awkward situation and it seemed like they had only made it about half way down the building before the elevator stopped to pick up more people. She thought that was a bit odd, usually more people were leaving for lunch. She looked at her phone and realized everyone had probably left about half an hour ago for lunch. They may have had stragglers or others were eating lunch in their office like she should've been. It wasn't until the last few floors going down that they were joined by anyone else. They reached the final floor and as they cleared out Yara spotted someone coming in. It was that rude secretary of Jinyoung's, they were meant for each other honestly. She saw Jackson though and was clearly interested. She bumped into him, "accidentally" on purpose and played the sweet innocent girl. "You look kind of familiar, have I seen you before?" She asked. "I'm a dancer. If you follow kpop you may have seen me teaching choreography to some groups." Jackson said. Yara noticed that Jackson seemed a bit smitten with the secretary which only made her want to throw up. She asked him what he was doing here but Yara didn't want her to know they were friends so she walked off. It wasn't long before Jackson noticed she left, he was running to catch up to her. "That was mean, why did you leave?" He asked. "I don't like her." "Oh, sorry. You're not mad at me are?" She laughed, "You're like a puppy Jackson," she rubbed his head like he was a dog, "no I'm not mad at you." "Listen, what I was trying to tell you in the elevator was that if you don't stop letting that guy walk all over you, he's not going to promote you. He placed you in the wrong job and told you he'd hire someone else to take over, that was four years ago. He probably hasn't moved you because you're so good at it and it's cheaper." "My work is my pride." "Even when you hate the position?" Yara shrugged. It was possible she'd never get her promotion. Jackson was right, Jinyoung probably just decided she was good at the job and so he didn't want to hire anyone else. However, her work ethic didn't place her high enough in his eyes. She was still a minuscule bug within his company, he would never notice her true potential. That thought depressed her a bit. "Maybe I should just start looking for a new job," she sighed. They arrived to their destination and were seated. Jackson waited for their waiter to leave before he said, "You don't need a new job. You'll have to climb the latter again. The best way to make that jerk see your worth is by shoving it in his stupid face." "You have the vocabulary of a five year old Jackie." "Maybe so but that doesn't change the facts." "The only way I can show my worth is by doing my job. But he just sees me as wallpaper, I blend into the background." She said. She sounded a bit defeated but her face didn't show how upsetting the truth was to her. If she had let him know just how depressed she was Jackson might pull another trick like he did in the elevator. Actually, that was the first time he'd ever done something like that to her. Where the hell did that come from she wondered. This was the same guy who profusely apologized when he accidentally touched her hand without her permission two months after they met. She didn't really want to bring it up though. She didn't want to make it more than it was. "Hey are you listening to me?" Jackson asked. "Huh?" The waiter came by and placed their meals in front of them. They came here way too often, the waiter knew their order before they even sat down. Yara wasn't interested in changing the tradition though. "I said I have a friend I want you to meet tomorrow." "Why?" "Because, she's going to get your boss to finally pay attention to you and you're finally going to get that position you want." Yara stared at Jackson's sneaky grin. What the hell is this manchild thinking she wondered. She felt a little uneasy already... 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VAV Writer Wednesday 📝
Hello VAMPZ! Today is VAV Writer Wednesday! I am starting a fan fiction with SHINee and VAV. I have posted this for SHINee Community, now I'm posting it for VAV Community. Please forgive me, if its not good. I'm trying to improve my writing skills. Besides that, I hope you all enjoy it. I will try to post a chapter per week until its done. *Thanks @Mochiroon for helping me with editing Mafia Love Who: Onew(SHINee), Key(SHINee), St. Van(VAV) x Reader What: mafia fluff Chapter 1 Y/N POV What would you do, if your life can change with a single choice? One decision? It depends on the situation, right? Or the circumstances? That's what I'm dealing with now. I'm living in turmoil on the choices that I have to make. My father is the head of our family and in charge of the Springville territory. He wants me to marry Onew, the leader of Springfield region. He wants to unite our territories in hopes of defeating the Ryderville district. For some reason, St. Van, the leader of Ryderville household, wants to start a war with my family. Okay, that's a little history of the drama that's going on. My situation, or dilemma, isn't about the upcoming war. It's about deciding on helping my family while giving up on love. There is nothing wrong with Onew when he's both a good leader and ally. But I don't love him. The thing is I am in love with Key, who is Onew's best friend and second in command. Here I am, laying in my bed, thinking about what should I do. My father is pressuring me to accept Onew's proposal. Should I accept it and live in a loveless marriage? Or go after what I want? I want Key to be my husband. I could buy time try to seduce him. But that's the problem. Can I get him to betray his leader, his friend, for love? How would Key react to my advances? "This is so frustrating," I thought as I turn on my side. I fell in love at first sight. But Key doesn't even notice me nor does he acknowledge my presence during our family function. I still remember our first meeting. My father invited the Springfield family for a dinner party. I think he wanted to introduce Onew to me, hoping that I would like him. Onew was in front when his family arrived. Right next to him was the most handsome man I ever saw. Don't get me wrong. Onew was cute in a sweet way, making it hard to believe that he is the head of the family. While Onew was friendly and approachable, Key was standoffish. He behaved like he didn't want to be there. What was worst was how he reacted when he was introduced to me. He was barely polite as he looked at me, scanning me up and down. With his rude attitude, that should've turned me against him. But oh, no! I loved that bad boy image of his. It made me want him and make him mine. But I didn't get the chance to try nor will I ever get that opportunity. I just need to show Key that I am the women for him. "But how do I accomplish that?" I contemplate as I roll over on my back. I stared at my ceiling as if the answer will project itself on it. Then, an idea popped into my head like a light bulb turning on. I can just get engaged with the promise of a future wedding. I don't have to marry Onew right away and prolong the wedding date for a "dream" wedding. While we plan the wedding, I can use this chance to get closer to Key. It's the perfect opportunity to show who I am. "Perfect plan." I smile at my brilliant idea as I fall asleep. Tomorrow, I will set my goal in motion. I just hope everything goes as planned. Until next time VAMPZ! VAV Council @MelissaGarza @QueenPandaBunny @SweetDuella @TaylorHill5 @InfiniteUtopia VAMPZ tag list @Just2BLoved @Starbell808 @TaylorHill5 @Halsyeon @QueenyCrossGene @awkwardjazzy @LiyahBoon @gabstar143 @dalenalw @kyla05 @kpoplover2016 @SerenaArthurs *Please comment if you would like to be added to VAMPZ tag list*
SHINee Writer Wednesday 📝
Hello Shawols! Today is SHINee Writer Wednesday! I am starting a new fan fiction for SHINee and VAV. I will try to post a chapter per week. I apologize if its not so good. I'm not a pro writer, but I hope you all enjoy. I'm trying to improve my writing skills. *Thanks @Mochiroon for helping me with edit Mafia Love Who: Onew(SHINee), Key(SHINee), St. Van(VAV) x Reader What: mafia fluff Chapter 1 Y/N POV What would you do, if your life can change with a single choice? One decision? It depends on the situation, right? Or the circumstances? That's what I'm dealing with now. I'm living in turmoil on the choices that I have to make. My father is the head of our family and in charge of the Springville territory. He wants me to marry Onew, the leader of Springfield region. He wants to unite our territories in hopes of defeating the Ryderville district. For some reason, St. Van, the leader of Ryderville household, wants to start a war with my family. Okay, that's a little history of the drama that's going on. My situation, or dilemma, isn't about the upcoming war. It's about deciding on helping my family while giving up on love. There is nothing wrong with Onew when he's both a good leader and ally. But I don't love him. The thing is I am in love with Key, who is Onew's best friend and second in command. Here I am, laying in my bed, thinking about what should I do. My father is pressuring me to accept Onew's proposal. Should I accept it and live in a loveless marriage? Or go after what I want? I want Key to be my husband. I could buy time try to seduce him. But that's the problem. Can I get him to betray his leader, his friend, for love? How would Key react to my advances? "This is so frustrating," I thought as I turn on my side. I fell in love at first sight. But Key doesn't even notice me nor does he acknowledge my presence during our family function. I still remember our first meeting. My father invited the Springfield family for a dinner party. I think he wanted to introduce Onew to me, hoping that I would like him. Onew was in front when his family arrived. Right next to him was the most handsome man I ever saw. Don't get me wrong. Onew was cute in a sweet way, making it hard to believe that he is the head of the family. While Onew was friendly and approachable, Key was standoffish. He behaved like he didn't want to be there. What was worst was how he reacted when he was introduced to me. He was barely polite as he looked at me, scanning me up and down. With his rude attitude, that should've turned me against him. But oh, no! I loved that bad boy image of his. It made me want him and make him mine. But I didn't get the chance to try nor will I ever get that opportunity. I just need to show Key that I am the women for him. "But how do I accomplish that?" I contemplate as I roll over on my back. I stared at my ceiling as if the answer will project itself on it. Then, an idea popped into my head like a light bulb turning on. I can just get engaged with the promise of a future wedding. I don't have to marry Onew right away and prolong the wedding date for a "dream" wedding. While we plan the wedding, I can use this chance to get closer to Key. It's the perfect opportunity to show who I am. "Perfect plan." I smile at my brilliant idea as I fall asleep. Tomorrow, I will set my goal in motion. I just hope everything goes as planned. Until next time Shawols! ~SHINing Shawol Team~ @VixenViVi @MelissaGarza @Just2BLoved Loving Shawols! (ask to be added!) @Kpopandkimchi @Mercedesbenz98 @JustinaNguyen @CrystalBlunt @JohnEvans @Eswee @merryjayne13 @awkwardjazz @kimnam94 @osnapitzlilred @JaxomB @deilig @LinaZhang @Kpland1122 @ShellyThiemann @yehetmyohorat99 @KpopLifeu @AmberRelynn @szewwy @sweetnothing34 @esmeraldagutirr @notgisell @Starbell808 @TerraToyaSi @kyky97 @IsoldaPazo @netchtiBates @simpsonsamantha @VatcheeAfandi99 @AlexisRiver @merryjayne13 @Summertim @lop0929
12 Chocolates til SmutMas (Merry SmutMas / -Smut)
Plot: Once upon a night the stars shined so bright, that even on a camp night, you were fooled to believe beautiful amber eyes were that of your best friend. Little did you know he was so much more… in more ways than one.   Cast:  Exo's Suho   ___________     I was sitting at my kitchen island looking down at the now empty chocolate container. I jumped when someone cleared her throat. When I looked up, Ms. Clause was walking over to stand in the kitchen before me. “Well hello to you too, ‘Grandma'. Here to see who I choose?” She smiled at my question, and petted my head.     “Did you at least enjoy your present?”     It was my turn to smile as I nodded my head. “Yes, very much so. They were all so very wonderful.” She move to sit beside me, as she tapped the box. “Are you going to tell me who you’ll like to be your own personal Christmas gift for life?”     I remember every single date and only one was able to pact my world for the better amongst all twelve. “Suho. He made me believe I shouldn’t allow people to walk all over me. To do better for myself.” Ms. Clause smiled kindly before snapping her fingers before my eyes.     I had blacked out and came to in my bed. I blinked a bit confused, before the scent of bacon hit my nose. I crawled out of bed to see Suho in my kitchen cooking me breakfast. He looked up at me and smiled warmly. “Merry Christmas, Beautiful.  Come down , I made breakfast for us both.”     I cheerfully ran down the stairs and back hugged Suho instantly. He just chuckled and patted my hands. “Good to see you to sleepy head.” He turn around, to put an arm around my shoulders, so he could peck my lips. “Thank you by the way for choosing me.” I just return the peck on his cheek, and nuzzle into him.     “You do know there was a hidden catch to this present.”  I broke away from hugging him, to look at him confused. “Any of the 12 that have sexually relations with you, also automatically agrees to marry you.” I just blinked a bit stun by his words. He then pointed to the fold on the counter behind him.     The folder held a marriage certificate, stating that Suho and I were as of now, married. Even had a pre-up behind it signed by the both of us, agreeing we give up the right to touch any property that belongs to the other, unless stated otherwise in our wills. “So wait… you’re my husband now?”     Suho took his turn to give me a back hug, after placing a plate of food beside me. “Yup and you’re my wife. I don regret anything either.” He said before eating a piece of toast. “I hope you don’t regret it.” I was beyond happy at this current moment. Ms. Clause's gift wasn’t just dates, but to find me my forever.     “Suho, I have never been so glad to have met you in my life. I turned my head to look at him. “You make me want to be a better woman. Do more in life, and for that. I am glad to be my your side for life.”     Suho brought my lips to his own as he petted my head. “Have you decided where you will be working now? I heard you’ve been taking interviews and tours. I nodded my head and smiled warmly. “Actually yesterday I took an offer from Cube Entertainments. They want me as their PR Manager.” Suho looked at me surprised, since Cube wasn’t part of the folder. “Bi Rain himself approached me when I was leaving JYP. He did his homework and actually kind of beg me to join.”     Suho chuckled as he accepted what I told him. “That is perfect, baby. I am do proud of you. “ I was so happy to have him generally proud of me. We ate our breakfast before we walked around. Discussing who's place we were going to live in. How many kids we wanted yo have.     Soon enough we were about a month into our marriage. It was valentine’s day, and I was walking around our apartment that was formally Suho's. “Baby! I’m home!” I smiled as I went over to him, and threw myself in his arms. “I just finish cooking the dinner for us and your parents. He hummed as his nuzzled his nose against the nape of my neck.     “Long say at work?” He nodded his head, as he held me tightly. “Well, I know how to cheer you up.” He pulled away and arched eyebrow.  “I’m two weeks pregnant.” His eyes became wide, along with his smile.     “Seriously? We’re going to have a kid?”     I nodded my head m, making him cheered and spun me around. We both laughed between kisses. “That is the best news ever.” I smiled at him and petted my head. “I don’t even want this dinner no more. I just want to cuddle you and rub your belly now.” I giggled and petted his head.     “I would cancel, but its your parents, not my mother. They will love to hear this news.”     Suho smiled and nodded his head. “Alright, you are right. We are going to make their day too.” He kissed my head before washing up. I was beyond happy now. My mother stop bothering me, I had a better job I love. Married to an amazing man and expecting to have our first child.     Thank you Ms. Clause for the best Christmas Gift ever. 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