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Kpop Mad Libs - Operation: Touch Idol
That's right :P This is a silly one so be prepared for crazy! XD @PolarStarr It's here. The time has finally arrived. I have been (running) for this moment. I am going to touch (Lee Hong Ki) today. @TeaTimeFoxy Ever since I saw them, I wanted to know them more. I wanted to (streak) them more. And today at (Seoul) is where shiz is gonna go down. @dreeP They are doing (Running Man) with (Kim Jong Kook) and hundreds of fans will be there today. @YulaGyeom However, they don't have what I do. A (chicken). I arrived on time to the place and started (dancing) before everyone else got there. @Lexxcisco I (burped) fans out of the way to get to the front. I (gracefully) got to the front and could see them perfectly. They are so (yellow). It's amazing. Pulling out my (banana), I used it to get closer to them and people started to go (dreamy). People were shocked, amazed, and in awe at what I was doing. I was putting other fans to shame. I eventually reached them and they stared at me (soberly). I couldn't help but feel nervous. I reached out my (ear) to do the one thing I wanted to do - touch them. I gently poked them, and they started to freak out. I (swam) off, shaking uncontrollably. I did it! I touched them! I took out my phone and took a picture of my (tongue) to show other fans that I was the true one. That I was (pretty). I posted it on (Tinder), and got (5,000) of hits instantly. Best. Interaction. Ever. Thanks to everyone who commented! I think Vingle was acting up as it wasn't working well for me, so thank you to everyone who was able to comment. See you guys next time! :P Also, if you would like to be added to the interactor taglist, let me know as I would love to add you! Love you fam~ (Credit to owners of gifs!)
Happy 10th ANNV. FT ISLAND!!! I hope there are many more, because this is by far one of the best Korean rock groups I have found. I love them so much. Lee Hong Gi of course is my bias in the group but how can you not fall for him he's adorable, funny, and the passion that comes from his performance and voice just amazes me. They let out a re-production as a duet of Love Sick and if I didn't love that song before this verison made me freaking cry!!! It's so beautiful. Please check this video out give it lots of love, these boys seriously deserve it. TAGS: @MaritessSison, @HaleyHerbig, @faith92, @HayleyYates, @AbbyRamey, @amobigbang, @JinsPrincess, @KarlyhePanda66, @gingersnap181, @SaraHanna, @LemonLassie, @Izzy987, @EmmaJolie, @Cassierchiqua, @jiminakpop, @CrystalGuerra, @Lollipop125, @Animezkpopgirl, @Eliortiz13, @Michelle305, @Bilguissabath, @HaleyHerbig, @sarahdarwish, @RKA916, @FalseLove, @MrsChanyeol, @moonchild03, @resavalencia, @MariaMontoya1, @QueenLee, @MichalJamerson, @AimeeH, @SindyHernandez, @Rosa420, @resavalencia, @KassieXiong, @NikkoNikole, @AmberRelynn, @MadAndrea, @IsoldaPazo, @RaquelArredondo, @StefaniTre, @StephanieDuong, @jerrilynnpope, @KellyOConnor, @Annaharris1989, @PrettieeEmm, @SugaOnTop, @twistedPuppy, @karinamiranda81, @EliseB, @CrystalBlunt, @Emealia, @VKookie47, @TaliaMay14, @AlyssaGelet818, @bubblekookie, @resavalencia, @Kitty17, @KiinLyr, @Bwolfgirl, @ErinGregory, @mrsjeon, @BekiKunstman, @heidichiesa, @JamiMilsap, @MiahCisneros, @unnieARMkeY, @MandyNoona, @JiyongLeo, @SimplyAwkward, @JordanShuler, @MaelStromVIP, @taetaebaozi, @MelissaGarza, @MrsJungHoseok, @VixenViVi, @KokoroNoTakara
He is so handsome, I hope he enjoyed his birthday!!!! He's been posting alot on his Instagram, and going live alot recently too. He played a new song that he's working on and I can't wait to hear the finished result!!!! I choose this picture because my hair is currently this color of blue......But I think he rocks it better Favorite drama of his one of many actually Modern Farmer he was just too much in it...I loved this part when he's trying to convince his old bandmates to farm gabbages.. I think this one was taken when he was Jeremy for You're Beautiful...I still want him and Park Shin hye to be in a drama together where they are together...like an Ouran Host club Korean version would be good This is from his Dracula musical....How I wish I could find the full thing on YouTube or more parts because what I did find OMG he slayed it....it's moments like these where I wish I lived in Japan or South Korea just so I can see all these awesome musicals with my favorite idols in them. If you are new to K-pop he's the lead singer of FT Island an amazing band btw. He's also an actor, model. Child star actually who has been blessed to have made it as an adult... TAGS: @MaritessSison, @HaleyHerbig, @faith92, @HayleyYates, @AbbyRamey, @amobigbang, @JinsPrincess, @KarlyhePanda66, @gingersnap181, @SaraHanna, @LemonLassie, @Izzy987, @EmmaJolie, @Cassierchiqua, @jiminakpop, @CrystalGuerra, @Lollipop125, @Animezkpopgirl, @Eliortiz13, @Michelle305, @Bilguissabath, @HaleyHerbig, @sarahdarwish, @RKA916, @FalseLove, @MrsChanyeol, @moonchild03, @resavalencia, @MariaMontoya1, @QueenLee, @MichalJamerson, @AimeeH, @SindyHernandez, @Rosa420, @resavalencia, @KassieXiong, @NikkoNikole, @AmberRelynn, @MadAndrea, @IsoldaPazo, @RaquelArredondo, @StefaniTre, @StephanieDuong, @jerrilynnpope, @KellyOConnor, @Annaharris1989, @PrettieeEmm, @SugaOnTop, @twistedPuppy, @karinamiranda81, @EliseB, @CrystalBlunt, @Emealia, @VKookie47, @TaliaMay14, @AlyssaGelet818, @bubblekookie, @resavalencia, @Kitty17, @KiinLyr, @Bwolfgirl, @ErinGregory, @mrsjeon, @BekiKunstman, @heidichiesa, @JamiMilsap, @MiahCisneros, @unnieARMkeY, @MandyNoona, @JiyongLeo, @SimplyAwkward, @JordanShuler, @MaelStromVIP, @taetaebaozi, @MelissaGarza, @MrsJungHoseok, @VixenViVi, @KokoroNoTakara
Man Crush Monday!!!
Here we are again Darlings! Another Monday, with yet another Man Crush to share with you all! Who could it be?? It's Lee Hong Ki!! Lee Hong Ki!! Our HongKi was born on March 2, 1990! That makes him a Picses, born in the year of the Horse! He's in the band F.T. Island! You may know him from Modern Farmer, or Bride of the Century. My favorite role of his though is that of Jeremy from You're Beautiful. Jeremy was consistently able to bring a smile to my face as I watched this show. Even to the point where I was rooting him on as a part of the complicated relationship that forms in this show. I honestly don't believe anyone but Hong Ki could have done this role justice. He is every bit as outside the box as Jeremy is. In addition, he was able to portray the internal worry and confusion of falling in love with his male band mate. In the moment it mattered most, he brought all of my emotions to the front, making me feel for him like none other. (This video contains plot spoilers!) However emotional his character could make me though, it was obvious that his character was comedic relief, and he did very well with it. Though I've only mentioned three of his dramas here, HongKi has had several cameos and other roles since becoming an actor at age 12. He is the current Radio DJ of Kiss the Radio, formerly Super Junior's Kiss The Radio. I hope he makes an acting comeback soon! As a part of F.T. Island, he's put out many albums since their debut in 2007, and as a solo artist, he's put out one Japanese album, and a Korean EP of the same name in 2015. He has also been a part of several OST's including You're Beautiful, Heartstrings, Heirs, Bride of the Century and Modern Farmer. He writes a significant portion of FT Island's discography as well, having written songs for their albums since 2011. One thing you may not have known about HingKi is that he has a huge interest in Nail Art. So much so, that he's even published a book about it! That book is so popular it's been published inKorean, Chinese and Japanese. They say he has spent $45,000 in two years on his nail art habit! I hope you've enjoyed this Man Crush Monday! As always, please let me know if you'd like to be tagged in my personal list or our K Dramatics list! My Peeps: @MissyKim @XoxoJessica12 @unnieARMkeY @kpopandkimchi @JohnEvans @sarabear1013 @RihannaTiaMae @insfir3dd @Qilin94 @Isolate @YessicaCardenas @queenpandabunny @ReynadeKpop @EmilyPeacock @SofiaFifi @cherryconti29 @tinafalcon22 @JiYeongLeo @BulletproofV @tayunnie @AdriannaFletc @aliahwhbmida @twistedpuppy @Gaarita100 @Lexxcisco @SerenityThao @elaynethtrumpet @cloeyseuss @IsoldaPazo @falselove @Mitchix5 @SugaKookieV @DarciAragon @Emilykitetenjo @jaxomB @sukkyongwanser @LinnyOk @Parktaemi @Butterflymind @Josyy7 @imiebegay14 @mandynoona @stephaniePoore @Matty0203 @sukkyongwanser 🤣😅😂KDramatics😭😍😆 @VeronicaArtino (mod) @luna1171 @twistedPuppy @resavalencia @SatinSkies @xoxorittie @ESwee @FromBlue2U (unofficial support) Do Not Copy Taglist. Taglist is for Moderator Use Only. It will be Used for the purposes of our cards, announcements, contests, and giveaways. Thank you Fanatics... #: @1FallenAngel, A:@AaliyahNewbell, @AlexisRiver, @alliepetey, @ashleyemmert, @AimeeH @AraceliJimenez B: @B1A4BTS5ever, @biancadanica98, @Bitterlimelight, @btsgotshinee, @BTSxEXO, @ButterflyBlu, @Bangtanss C: @CandyApple22, @cbellea, @CloverShadows, @CrystalGuerra, @CrookedShadow D: @Dabaesaplayer, @danidee, @deeeDUH, @deefran, @Defy24601, @DestinaByrd, @drummergirl691 E: @EasternShell, @EvilGenius, @ElishaFisher, @Emealia, @EmilyGardner, @EmilyPeacock, @Ercurrent, @ESwee F: @FalseLove, @Fannyward, @FelicianaRomero, @Foxxyjinxx G: @gabbycalzada H: @Hurdkpop I: @IsabellaCherry, @IsoldaPazo J: @JaiiPanda, @JahHndz, @JamiMilsap, @JessyRay19, @Jiyongixoxo, @JiyongLeo, @jungkooknovieka, @JohnEvans, @jojojordy2324, @Journ505 K: @Katherina2078, @KellyOriane, @KeziahWright, @KDSnKJH, @kouvarisb, @kpopandkimchi, @kpopgaby, @krin, @KwonOfAKind, @KokoroNoTakara L: @LadyL @LCordz @Leolaring, @Lexxcisco, @lilbr0wneyes, @LilySilver M: @Mandubum, @MaricelvaRomero, @matty0203, @MandyNoona, @merryjayne13, @Mightymuffin, @MissyKim, @mbg3t, @mycreativename, @MelissaGarza, @mrsax2018, @MorganAlys, @MissT615 N: @NasiaWright, @NickySerban, @nimm14, @normabm7 O: P: @peahyr, @PassTheSuga, @PrettieeEmm, @punkpandabear Q: R:@requiem101 S: @salo, @SaraHanna, @sarahdarwish, @ScarletMermaid, @ShadowAngel87, @SharayahTodd, @sherrysahar, @stevieq, @SugaKookieV, @SugalessJams, @sukkyongwanser T: @taetaebaozi, @TanyaGautam, @terenailyn, @TleahEdwards U: @UnnieCakesAli @unnieARMkey V: W: X: @Xionheart, @xMangaLover, @xxMollxx Y: Z: @ZakariahForbes, @ZionPerezFlower, @ZoilaObregon If you are a Fanatic and want to be added to our list please click the link below https://www.vingle.net/posts/1921305
Asian Dramas News: Suicide, Divorce and Dating
Konnichiwa!!! Annyeong!!! Ni hao!!! Swasdi!!! Hi, and welcome to the Asian Drama Monster Cave!!! It's your ever loyal Asian Drama Monster Blogger @VeronicaArtino here giving you some monstrous Drama info whether it be old or new!!! Media Monsters Squad CEO: @amobts Media Monsters Team: @Qilin94 @KokoroNoTakara @BBxGD @Thekreviewer @nimm14 Monster Bloggers: @PrettieeEmm @SimplyAwkward @VeronicaArtino @AaliyahNewbell @CynthiaForeman Executive Media Team: @stevieq @SarahVanDorn DISCLAIMER: Aside from our cover photos (Asian Dramas, Dramarama, Star Corner, Rookie Roster, KokoNica Jams, Dazzle Me, I Ship It, and Tag Cover) and Media Monster Logo, none of these images or videos belong to Media Monsters... Enjoy!!! (SOURCE) 'Drinking Alone' producer commits suicide The article can be found at allkpop.com. But here is a little snippet from the article. Producer Lee who worked for tvN's drama, 'Drinking Alone' has reportedly committed suicide. According to the reports, the producer was found dead in a hotel in Gangnam on October 26 at around 4 A.M. Producer Lee had joined CJ E&M / tvN as a production producer back in January 2016 and worked on 'Drinking Alone' as an assistant producer. His sudden death after not even a year into working at a large company raises many questions. (SOURCE) Director Hong Sang Soo files for divorce arbitration with his wife The article can be found at allkpop.com. Here is a snippet from the article. Director Hong Sang Soo (56), who caused an uproar in the film industry after his affair with actress Kim Min Hee came to light this past June, has filed for divorce arbitration with his wife of 31 years. According to reports, Hong Sang Soo filed for divorce arbitration with his wife Mrs. Jo on November 9 at the Seoul Family Court. Divorce Arbitration is a process in which a husband and wife decide to negotiate the terms of a divorce, with an arbitrator who will act as a neutral, 3rd party when it comes to non-negotiable decisions. Lee Hong Ki and Han Bo Reum are dating! article is from dramafever and can be found here. Let me just say I totally support this ship. Jo Jung Suk reveals if his girlfriend Gummy is jealous of his co-stars The article can be found at dramafever. Spoiler alert his girlfriend Gummy is totally secure in the relationship. What a lucky guy. The article can be found here. Media Monsters Taglist Come Join Us A: @AaliyahNewbell @AshleiRyals B: @BTSxEXO C: @CandyApple22 D: @deeeDUH @DJ101499 E: @EliseB @EmilyGardner F: @FalseLove @Foxxyjinxx I: @InfinitySky J: @JessyRay19 @jungkooknovieka @JohnEvans K: @kouvarisb @KassiIverson L: @LadyL @LCordz @Leolaring M: @Mightymuffin @merryjayne13 @mbg3t @mycreativename @MelissaGarza @mrsax2018 @MorganAlys @MichelleIbarra N:@nimm14 @normabm7 @NurAylaIV R:@requiem101 V: @Vay754 Z: @ZakariahForbes @ZoilaObregon DO NOT COPY TAGLIST If you want to be removed please message us and we will untag you! If you want to be added comment below! And now for tagging our usual peeps... This is The Media Monster Asian Dramas tag list... Please leave a comment saying if you want to be added to this list!!! Or if you wish to be taken off the list... Koko is OCD so tags are listed alphabetically... An AD Department Member will respond to your comment to let you know you have been added!!! Changes will occur from next card on!!! #: @1FallenAngel, A:@AaliyahNewbell, @AlexisRiver, @alliepetey, @ashleyemmert B: @B1A4BTS5ever, @biancadanica98, @Bitterlimelight, @btsgotshinee, @BTSxEXO, @ButterflyBlu C: @CandyApple22, @cbellea, @CloverShadows, @CrystalGuerra D: @Dabaesaplayer, @danidee, @deeeDUH, @deefran, @Defy24601, @DestinaByrd, @drummergirl691 E: @EasternShell, @EliseB, @ElishaFisher, @Emealia, @EmilyGardner, @EmilyPeacock, @Ercurrent F: @FalseLove, @Fannyward, @FelicianaRomero, @Foxxyjinxx G: @gabbycalzada H: @Hurdkpop I: @IsoldaPazo J: @JaiiPanda, @JahHndz, @JamiMilsap, @JessyRay19, @Jiyongixoxo, @JiyongLeo, @jungkooknovieka, @JohnEvans, @jojojordy2324, @Journ505 K: @Katherina2078, @KellyOriane, @KeziahWright, @KDSnKJH, @KokoroNoTakara, @kouvarisb, @kpopandkimchi, @kpopgaby, @krin, @KwonOfAKind L: @LadyL @LCordz @Leolaring, @Lexxcisco, @lilbr0wneyes, @LilySilver M: @Mandubum, @MaricelvaRomero, @merryjayne13, @Mightymuffin, @MissyKim, @mbg3t, @mycreativename, @MelissaGarza, @mrsax2018, @MorganAlys, @MichelleIbarra, N: @NasiaWright, @NickySerban, @nimm14, @normabm7 O: P: @peahyr, @PassTheSuga, @PrettieeEmm, @punkpandabear Q: R:@requiem101 S: @salo, @SaraHanna, @sarahdarwish, @ScarletMermaid, @ShadowAngel87, @SharayahTodd, @sherrysahar, @stevieq, @SugaKookieV, @SugalessJams, T: @taetaebaozi, @TanyaGautam, @terenailyn, @TleahEdwards U: @UnnieCakesAli V: @VeronicaArtino W: X: @Xionheart, @xMangaLover, @xxMollxx Y: Z: @ZakariahForbes, @ZionPerezFlower, @ZoilaObregon
PSA! Hongki is a Boss Bowler
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