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Chapter 9 ~ Recap ~ 
“Have you found the boy and the girl yet?” A fierce voice asked his subordinate. 
“N-not yet sir. We l-l-o-ost them in the storm.” the younger man quivered. His boss was not someone to upset. His temper had proved that on a daily basis. A string of curses left the mans mouth as the glass shattered against the wall. 
“I don’t care what you have to do to him but I want that child! She is mine!” He all but spit out. 
“Yes sir.” 
“If you fail me again I’ll send the twins to play with you.” The man promised. The twins?! There are two sets of twins and neither pair had a kind bone in their body. 
 “I understand sir.” He bowed and quickly excited the room. He was determined to find that girl at all costs now. He’d kill anyone who got in his way.

 Seungho let out a breath once he was away from the office building. He was going to loose his head. That would be too kind. The twins enjoyed watching their prey suffer. Seungho held back a shudder as he zipped his coat up. The wind was really starting to whip at night. After a fifteen minute walk he entered the building. Taking the steps to the third floor he entered his apartment. The apartment itself had nearly nothing in it. Just a fridge that was trying to die, a raggedy couch and a broken TV. 
“Hyung’s still alive!” The maknae of the group called. The others seemed relieved as they gathered around him. 
“Barely.” He spoke licking his lips and rubbed his hands together, trying to warm them and hide the shaking from nearly becoming a play toy for the twins. 
 “We can’t screw up again! The next screw up will be our last.” He spoke with a serious face. The others sobered up at the news and new what they had to do. 
 “Mir, Joon do you remember where you last saw the boy and girl?” 
“We where nearing abandon buildings. It was pouring so hard I kept tripping over my feet.” Joon grimaced at the memory. 
“I think it was near a town not far from those buildings.” 
 “Good. First light go and see what the town has. Keep your eyes peeled for them. We have to find them or we’re all dead!” 
 The rest of the night was spent in mostly silent as the threat of being tortured haunted them. They had witnessed what the twins could do. It made the boys nearly piss their pants in fear. A young boy wanting in had pissed his pants and ended up becoming a "play thing" for the twins. After getting little sleep the boys where up and out the door. 
 They began near the place they thought was the last place they saw the boy and girl. There where a couple different abandoned buildings. Mir kept looking around for any sign of them but found nothing. Joon went to the roof and noticed the town. Perhaps they could be there. Joon grabbed Mir and they made their way to the town. They passed a few shops before the playground came into view. Mir didn’t bother waiting for his hyung and just began to swing. It made him look less suspicious while having fun and looking for the kid. The wind was unforgiving today causing his nose to turn red. 
“You look like rudolph!” A little boy declared before running off. Mir huffed before heading over to his hyung. 
“Would you stop being so serious?! Your going to scare everyone off.” 
“In case you suddenly turned def and didn’t hear our hyung, We have to find this kid! If we don’t we’re all going to die. After they torture us!” 
 “Calm down. We all know the consequences hyun.” Mir spoke. He wouldn’t admit it outloud but he was scared as well. He was still a kid as his hyungs liked to constantly remind him on a daily basis. Joon didn’t say anything but continued to scan the playground. 
 “It’s getting late. I doubt he would have the child out this late hyung. Can’t we go and get something to eat? Some place warm for a change would be nice.” 
“No. We stay until dark.” Joon spoke and shoved his hands into his pants pockets. He tried to appear aloof and cool when he was actually scared and freezing. He didn’t want anyone to see a grown man afraid. Mir frowned but kept his thoughts to himself. It was closer to dinner time when they saw the group. 
 “Hyung.” Mir nudged him. Joon looked to were Mir was pointing. His eyes widen in surprise at the sight. Not only was the girl there but so was the boy. He couldn’t be much younger than Joon. 
“Call Hyung and see what he wants us to do.” Joon instructed. Mir nodded and pulled his phone out and dialed. After getting orders he informed Joon on what was to be done with the boy and girl. Hey everyone! Sorry for such a late update! I was having writers block. I know this chapter is a bit short but I plan on having MBLAQ in it a bit more. Along with Infinite Sunggyu and EXO Lay. Things are going to begin happening in the story though so stay tuned. I hope everyone is doing well and if you want to be tagged or removed just let me know in the comments below. Oh and if you have any favorite picture(s) or video(s) of MBLAQ or Infinite Sunggyu or Exo Lay post them and tag me and I'll use them in the next Chapter! ^_^/ *My Dongsang* @JarviaKlipka Fellow Vinglers @Kpoplover20 @kawaiichibifox @KaiLuhan4ever @SuniWicox @MaritessSison @JaxomB @MariaMontoya1 @Kpossible4250 @OliviaEdwards @AnimeKpopgirl @KristinaCaron @AimeeH @LemonLassie
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Asian Drama Challenge Day 1
The first Drama I watched was Gap Dongi (Gap Dong) It is also what had got me into kpop because of Lee Joon. Plot (from Wikipedia) 1996, the (fictional) city of Iltan in Gyeonggi Province: A young girl gets brutally murdered by an unknown person on a dark night. As the city is gripped by a succession of serial killings, a total of nine murders within a twelve-kilometer radius since 1993, the police conclude that a man they've nicknamed "Gap-dong" is behind the crimes. But detective Yang Cheol-gon is convinced that the actual killer is Ha Il-sik, a resident of the town who isintellectually challenged. His attempt to arrest the suspect fails as Ha commits suicide to prove his innocence. His death inspires his son Moo-yeom to become a cop to clear his father's name and restore his honor. Seventeen years later, Moo-yeom is a police detective who spends his career chasing dead ends and helping juvenile delinquents. After the statute of limitations on the case expires, Moo-yeom becomes resigned to the belief that Gap-dong is dead. But then a series of incidents occur in the town that bear an eerie resemblance to Gap-dong's crimes. Cheol-gon, now a well-decorated officer, has recently transferred back to Iltan, and to his dismay, Moo-yeom joins his investigation team to catch Gap-dong once and for all. I especially love Lee Joon's character Ryu Tae Oh. Have you seen this drama? Would you watch it? @kpopandkimchi @B1A4BTS5ever @jessicalnichols @VKookie47 @PandaSoapy @SassyMaknae @KellyoConnor @Miichi @thePinkPrincess @JinsPrincess86 @ArmyOfKookie @ARMYStarlight @Dabaesaplayer @jespinosa1546 @ArielaPicazo @4dalientae @MadAndrea @SugaOnTop @Ercurrent @BulletproofV @TaehyungKey @Ligaya @CreeTheOtaku @Emealia @Exoexo @Jiyongixoxo @Rhia @StephyBAP @Clovershadows @KpopGaby @DenieceSuit @MichelleIbarra @AimeeH @VixenViVi @JohnEvans @MorganElisabeth @BBxGD @GDsGF @PrettieeEmm @solodaywithB1A4 @krin @VeronicaArtino @PassTheSuga @StephanieDuong @herreravanessa9 @saraortiz2002 @katiems @SaraHanna @amobigbang @KpopandKdrama @ninjamidori @BangsterLife @PrincessUnicorn @VatcheeAfandi99 @BelencitaGarcia @tazneemhinnawi @StefaniTre @SimplyAwkward @elainarenea @cindystran
KpopINT ChocoABs Factory: Choco Lee Joon
안녕하세요 my Loverlys! KPopBeat here with your choco introduction. Yesterday I posted pictures of Lee Joon and a lot of you were actually stumped. Lee Joon actually is an Idol actor... or technically just an actor as he stated in 2014 that he was leaving the idol world to work on his acting. He was a part of MBLAQ from 2009 to 2014 when his contract with J. Tune Camp officially ended. He is now signed with Prain TPC and is focusing solely on his acting career. His most recent drama.... one that I am sure a lot of you have heard of.... is in fact Vampire Detective. He isn't just some side character either... he is actually the male lead. This made me laugh even harder when people couldn't figure out who he is, since Vampire Detective is getting a lot of attention right now. He as also be in drama's such as Pinocchio and Mr. Back, as well as a whole list of other ones. Birth Name: Lee Chang Sun Name: Joon Nickname: Honey Abs Birthday: February 7, 1988 Group: MBLAQ (2009-2014) Position: Vocalist, Main Dancer, and Face of The Group Height: 180 cm/5'10" Nationality: Korean Skills: Ballet, English (Knows a lot, but his pronunciation is bad), and acting Lee Joon made a splash in the acting industry with his part in the movie Rough Play. Even if he had acted in other things before his part as the crazy lead in this one caught many people attention. He has since done many things such as Vampire Detective, Heard it Through the Grapevine, and Mr. Back as well as others. See a list of his complete works here: http://mydramalist.com/people/2502-lee-joon Lee Joon is, despite his constant need to show of his abs, an extremely sweet person... sometimes to the point that people often call him a bit stupid. Now personally I love this guy, he is not the brightest crayon in the box, but he does know what needs to be done and how to do it. Not to mention the guy can seriously act. I enjoy watching his shows and look forward to what he comes out with in the future. Well what do you guys think? Have you seen any of his shows? Do you recognize him now that I have explained who he is? Let me know. Until Next Time Loverlys!! @KPopBeat OUT!! ALSO!!! You know here at KPopINT we actually have social media accounts and a radio station outside of Vingle right? Well if you like the songs I put on Daily MV or want to listen to more songs that I and the rest of the KPopINT group have compiled then please float on over to........ http://www.radionomy.com/en/search/index?query=kpopint IF you are more interested in the articles we write... who we are... and what our other Social Media is.... Please hop on over to our website for everything KPopINT http://www.kpopint.com/ KpopINT Chairs: @bbyitskatie @MichelleIbarra @Sailynn KpopINT Fam: @amobigbang @elaynethtrumpet @JohnEvans @Insfired @KpopBeat @krystalrikpop @LenaBlackRose @LexiMintkgtopty @ParkHwaYoung @parktaemi @Stefany17 @tayunnie Tagging the Newsys: A­ - @AaliyaNewbell @aliahwhbmida @AlisonYui @AnaP @ArhenBurris @AubriePope @axosrain @AyameTenchu B­ - @BrendaValdez @BluBear07 C­ - @CallMeMsDragon @CamrynCherry @CloverShadows @CrystalGuerra D -­ @DamarisCisneros @deilig E­ - @ekahjw @ESwee F­ - @faith92 @FannyWard G­ - @GDsGF @GriseldaZenger H­ -@HaleyHerbig I­ - @imiebegay14 @izabelpillado J­ - @JamiMilsap @Jasminep96 @jenjenkhreim @JessicaVang @Jinnyrod3 K­ - @KDSnKJH @Kieuseru L­ - @LizaNightshade @lcr4562 M­ - @MadAndrea @maldonadosonia1 @MelissaGarza @mellyortiz @merryjayne13 @monikad @moonchild03 @mycreativename N­ - @NathashaXavier @ninjamidori @NykeaKing O­ - @ortizwendy17 P­ - @Pickles440 Q­- R­ - @resavalencia @Roas420 S­ - @Sammie9952 @SassyMaknae @SatinSkies @ScarletMermaid @SerenityThao @ShinoYuki @ShyrllBorden @StefaniTre @Swhitta T­ - @TiffanyBibian U­ - @unnieARMkeY V -­ @VeronicaArtino W­ - X­ - @xxkarlah Y­ - Z­ - @Znae (A/N: KPopINT & KPopBeat do not own these videos or pictures. Credit goes to owners.)