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Know the New Immigration Rules set by the UK Home Office for Overseas Business Visa
The Home Office published the ‘Statement of Changes CP 232’, on 14th May 2020 introducing certain changes to the existing UK Immigration Rules pertaining to certain categories of visas/immigration applications, these impacted the following categories including Representative of an overseas business or Sole representative visa, Tier 2 intra company transfers, Start-up, Innovator and Global Talent, Restriction for Tier 4 (General) Students applying within the UK, EU Settlement Scheme and EEA Family Permit, Family category (Spouse/Civil partner) [Appendix FM and FM-SE] Whilst a majority of these changes are aimed at further specifying and clarifying the underlying aspects of the Immigration Rules which were provided for within the guidance for those specific categories of visas or previously left for interpretation. The changes are to take effect from 4th June 2020 (majority of them). Read Let our UK experts help you to understand UK Sole Representative Visa | How to expand your business in the UK? They key focus of the changes (May 2020) to the Sole Representative category (entry clearance applications) is on the genuineness of the applicant. Particularly that the applicant has been recruited and taken on as an employee outside the United Kingdom, by a business which has its headquarters and will continue to have its headquarters and principal place of business outside the UK; Clarifying the rule on who can be a sole representative the applicant should be a senior employee of an active and trading overseas business which has no active branch, subsidiary or other representative in the UK for the purpose of representing that business in the United Kingdom by establishing and operating a registered branch or wholly-owned subsidiary of it, the branch or subsidiary will actively trade in the same type of business as that overseas business and is not being established solely for the purpose of facilitating the entry and stay of the applicant; The changes also emphasise that the applicant should be able to demonstrate the skills, experience and knowledge of the business necessary to undertake that role, and the full authority to negotiate and take operational decisions on behalf of that business. It continues to emphasise that the applicant is an existing senior employee of that overseas business who intends to be employed full time as a representative of that business and will not engage in business of his own or represent any other business’s interest in the United Kingdom; To avoid this route being used by majority owners of the business, the changes clarify that the applicant should not have a majority stake in, or otherwise own or control, that overseas business, whether that ownership or control is by means of a shareholding, partnership agreement, sole proprietorship or any other arrangement; The major change introduced to the Sole-Representative (dependent partner) category was clarifying that where the applicant is accompanying or joining a person granted entry clearance or leave to enter or limited leave to remain as the sole representative of an overseas business, the applicant does not have a majority stake in, or otherwise own or control, that overseas business, whether that ownership or control is by means of a shareholding, partnership agreement, sole proprietorship or any other arrangement. This is a significant change as there were no previous specifications (Rules) regarding the overseas employment/self-employment of the dependent partners of Sole-Representative visa holders. UK Immigration experts at The SmartMove2UK have helped applicants apply for entry clearance as Tier 1 Investors, Tier 2 applicants, Sole representatives of overseas business and other business visas. If you would like to expand your business in the UK and would like to set up a wholly owned branch or subsidiary in the UK, contact the UK Immigration experts At SmartMove2UK on +919819127002 or email at and book your consultation appointment.
What Every DWI Attorney Needs To Do Before Fighting Your Case
Before fighting your case, your DWI attorney needs to file a notice of appearance with the court and this is extremely important. However, he or she would also need to complete other formalities too. Presenting a notice of appearance stating that your DWI attorney will be representing you along with a set of other documents to the court is extremely important since your lawyer would not be allowed to fight your case without them. Typically, these documents are supposed to announce that your lawyer is going to fight your case on your behalf for the first time. These documents contain certain important details about you and your case. WHAT SHOULD BE PRESENTED? Along with the notice of appearance, your lawyer should present not only audio recordings but also witness statements and names, video recordings, the police report, etc. to the prosecutor. It is compulsory to present these items so that the court can use them in your case. However, in a DWI case, your DWI attorney has to also present any other pieces of evidence that he would like to present before it is too late. Moreover, specific requests also need to be made that reflect the specialized areas of the DWI laws and defense. PHOTOS OF THE BREATH-TEST MACHINE The most important items that can help you fight your case after practicing on them are the photographs of the breath test machine and its inner workings. When you request these materials in a notice of appearance, it is a great way to begin the preparation for fighting your case. Moreover, when you request them, you can practice arguing with your attorney as if you are talking to the prosecutor. Your DWI Attorney could even request other photographs such as those of the area where the accident took place or where you were stopped with the notice of appearance. PRESERVATION OF SAMPLES Blood samples are sometimes gathered from you in DWI cases by the police officer who arrested you. These samples must be preserved and requested by your lawyer to fight your case while filing the notice of appearance. There is also a possibility of requesting a retest if you want at a later date. You should request your lawyer and send it to the state laboratory so that it would be done whenever you want the results to be sent to the court. THE QUALIFICATIONS OF WITNESSES You can call upon expert witnesses in case you want them to appear in court to help you fight your case. These witnesses could include state toxicologists, breath test technicians, expert DWI officers, etc. It is important to know their qualifications before you can call them to represent you in court. Also, it is important that you request these pieces of evidence in case of requesting a notice of appearance through your attorney. If you do not know the qualifications of those who are going to stand as witnesses in court, you would end up looking as if you have not prepared yourself well for your case.
Burn Injuries
Three main types of burn injuries are common in the workplace: thermal (heat), chemical, and electrical. Thermal burns can occur from contact with steam, flames, hot surfaces, and hot liquids; exposure to certain chemicals causes chemical burns. Electrical injuries are the result of touching equipment with faulty wires, touching electrical sockets or switches with damp hands, or cutting into live wires. Burn symptoms range from a feeling of minor discomfort or pain to a life-threatening emergency, depending on the size and depth (degree) of the burn. The least severe burns are known as first-degree burns because they affect only the first layer of skin. Second-degree burns involve reddened skin and some blistering. The most severe injuries are third-degree burns, where the skin surface seems charred and tissue visible under the destroyed skin appears white. To assess the severity of a patient's burn injury, a chiropractor or other medical professional will examine the affected skin and check for other injuries and may order lab tests, radiographs, or other diagnostic procedures. Most minor burns can be treated at home and usually heal within a few weeks. For a severe burn, after the appropriate first aid and wound assessment, treatment may involve medications, wound dressings, therapy, and surgery. If a burn covers more than 10 percent of the total body surface area, is very deep, or is on the face, feet, or groin, transfer to a burn center for treatment may be necessary.
2021 Quick Guide for the UK Unmarried Partner Visa
Immigration can be an unsettling experience for family- related visa routes. With every 1 in 4 family visas being refused, these figures can beget anxiety for numerous, especially someone applies for an Unmarried partner visa. In numerous countries, Unmarried couples aren't fairly honored or have any specific rights, whereas the UK has set up a visa route specifically for Unmarried partners to enter or remain in the UK.  Being Unmarried surely doesn’t make it insolvable for you to join your partner in the UK. The UK immigration rules for a partner, Unmarried partner, same- coitus partner visa routes are nearly analogous. This little piece of information can be relatively reassuring since there's no reason for anxiety emphasizing the‘ Unmarried partner’ part – they erected the route for it!  An Unmarried Partner visa for the UK, also known as a UK existent visa, allows Unmarried partners of the settled person who's British citizens or someone on ILR, to enter the UK and live with them. To apply successfully, you'll need to know the eligibility criteria, the conditions, attestation & the process involved.  Unmarried Partner visa to the UK eligibility criteria, 2021  To be eligible to apply for an Unmarried Partner visa – UK, the aspirant must be suitable to meet all the eligibility criteria involved in the visa route.  Some criteria are: - You must be in a civil cooperation or marriage that's honored in the UK, or - Are a fiancé or proposed civil partner or will marry within 6 months of entering the UK - You must meet the English language demand - You must have accommodation - You or your guarantor must be suitable to meet the minimal income threshold. Unmarried partner visa UK conditions 2021 Conditions by the guarantor (the person living in the UK or a British citizen returning to the UK who are living and working overseas)  The guarantor can be a British citizen,  Or have settled in the UK holding ILR or evidence of endless occupancy  - The guarantor has exile status or philanthropic protection in the UK.  - The guarantor must meet a gross periodic income of at least£ or substantiation of savings of£  - The guarantor must prove that they can give acceptable accommodation complying with the UK casing space norms.  Smart Tip: The rules of a UK Unmarried partner visa suggest that if the aspirant is permitted to work in the UK, their income can be considered meeting the demand as well. Any savings that are held by the aspirant will also be considered the same.  The aspirant must meet the ensuing conditions  The English language demand  A TB test demand (if applying from a country on the Home Office’s list of specified countries)  Mustn't have any adverse immigration history (overstaying, illegal entrant, violating conditions, deception)  Mustn't fall under the obligatory grounds for turndown. Other Conditions to prove  A genuine and subsisting relationship between the aspirant and the guarantor  Have been living together in a relationship for at least 2 times while applying ( mileage bills, correspondence addressed with both the aspirant and the guarantor’s name, banking details of a common account, etc.). Know all about UK EEA Family Permit Visa How to get started on your Unmarried Partner Visa UK Application!  You can apply for an Unmarried partner visa for the UK by post or online at the UKVI centre grounded on your circumstances. The tricky part is to fill out an expansive form, rightly. The operations can be enough confusing, but going with your hunch might not help you then. Filling out details that you ’re doubtful of can place the odds against you. Hence, our advice is you do it precisely.  You must also give the needed supporting documents involved. Failing to do so, may beget a turndown as well.  - Still, don’t worry; you have a result!  - If all these exemplary warnings are making you nervous. TheSmartMove2UK can help you through every step – from filling the form rightly for your visa blessing. Our platoon has successfully helped numerous guests issue an Unmarried partner visa to the UK and join their partners.  The route is perfect for unmarried couples – it suits the requirements and does not limit you to the restrictions – as compared to spouse visas – the features are almost similar. However, you must keep in mind to fill out your application form correctly, since you can’t tell whether a missing or incorrect detail might cause you a lot of time and money. For Professional Consultation and more Details you can contact The SmartMove2UK on +91 9819127002 or Email at
Everything You Wanted to Know About Child Support in Maryland
When couples divorce, they may not care for each other, but they still care for the welfare of their kids, well, in most cases. Yet, when it comes to child support, both parents often find themselves in a tiff. In the world of law, the term “child support” exists because the court wants both parents to share the financial responsibility of raising their kids. A reputable child support law firm in MD helps parents determine the amount a non-custodial parent must pay. Calculating child support in Maryland In Maryland, the court calculates child support payments through the Income Shares Category Method. The amount depends on the total incomes of both parents + the number of kids. Larger incomes and more kids generally mean higher payments. The amount of child support that a parent gives or receives also depends on the percentage of their income. To put it in other words: · If the receiving parent's percentage in combined income is higher, he or she will receive a lesser child support amount. · If the giving parent’s percentage in combined income is higher, he or she will pay a higher child support amount. There’s more to it. Child support payment is also influenced by the nature of parenting time. According to child support lawyers in Maryland, parents with limited parenting time and high incomes here pay higher child support. Parents with sole custody of their kids and those earning lesser in Maryland receive higher child support. In Maryland, the court orders maximum payable child support in the sole physical custody arrangement. In this, the non-custodial parent stays with the kid or kids fewer than 92 overnights annually or less than 25 percent of the total time. Other factors that decide child support amount include: · Custodial parent’s net resources · Parent’s capability to pay child support · Current and future expenses on child education Child support modifications A parent can increase or decrease child support. But you can do this only through a court order. If you wish to modify child support, child support lawyers in Maryland can help you file for a modification in court. Reasons considered valid for child support modification include: · Increase in salary · Rise in medical expenses · Inability to pay (however, the court does not consider unemployment as a valid reason) Child support enforcement Child support enforcement happens when an obliged parent does not make the payments, flees, or pays lesser than what is determined. In such cases, your child support lawyer can deploy enforcement strategies. The enforcement strategies include: · Garnishing wages of the defaulting parent · Using tax refund checks of the defaulting parent · Filing liens against the defaulting parent’s assets like real estate, car, or others · Sending the defaulting parent to jail If you are seeking to calculate the exact amount your ex must pay as child support, or your ex is defaulting on their payment, please contact a reputable child support law firm in MD. The lawyers here will help you in resolving your child support issue in the best manner possible.
Know About the DIY Visa Process vs Immigration Law Firms
These days, the internet is a source of information for everything. From trying to repair a rocket boat to tying your shoelaces. The internet has step-by- step instructions on performing surgery, but one wouldn’t want to be that audacious. These DIY tricks are resourceful. Still, there are certain cases where hiring an expert could profit you! We'll bandy this as well! Keep reading!  UK immigration can be a complex area to navigate. Minor miscalculations can have serious consequences. The rules and conditions of a visa vary grounded on the orders.  Understanding certain aspects of immigration completely before you apply for a visa by yourself is important, like  - You must completely know the information associated with the process.  - The introductory rules of UK immigration (the paperwork you need to submit, entry concurrence process, etc.)  - The conditions, eligibility criteria, warrants and further, for colorful routes and the bone that fits your requirements, the stylish!  Still, immigration vittles keep streamlining or changing, in numerous aspects. This can make it a grueling experience for an unskillful to keep track of.  Should a DIY visa process from the internet, influence you? The internet contains only so important information, that it provides a introductory understanding of the colorful orders of immigration, but nothing other than what’s online. A lot goes on into applying for a visa, especially if you're allowing of doing it yourself.  With immigration, every detail matters! Right from the information you give on your operation form – to – submitting it with the needed paperwork attached; it's each considered as substantiation you give to prove you're eligible, can meet the conditions and abide by all rules and vittles set up by The UK Home Office.  The debit is that the lowest of miscalculations can beget a turndown of the operation. To avoid this, you always have the choice of hiring the right UK visa expert to get the hassle off your head.  Some aspects to watch out for while applying for a visa by yourself - Wrong selection of visa order,  - Miscalculations in immigration operations – like incorrect or inconsistent details,  Deficient supporting documents – for illustration, your operation form claims you lived in a certain area, but your attestation proves else,  - Documents not in the proper format,  - Correct documents not handed,  - Non-Disclosure of former immigration history,  - Failure to meet fiscal conditions,  - Inadequate substantiation of relationship (with a partner or dependent visa),  - Felonious record plant against the visa (if not attached any former or ongoing persuasions),  - and a lot further DIY visa information and operation procedures on the internet may exfoliate light grounded on immigration, but hiring a UK visa expert can save you a lot of hassle. Not to forget, the immigration process is tedious and can get veritably time- consuming and bring further plutocrat.  Professional immigration law enterprises have professed immigration solicitors who can guide you through a successful immigration process, with a value for time and plutocrat.  How do immigration attorneys simplify the process? There are numerous reasons for people to immigrate to another country. And it can’t be emphasized enough how pivotal the process of visa operations is. Whether you're looking for a study- work occasion, or to join your mate overseas or business- related conditioning, the immigration process is just as critical!  It's a life- changing decision! Still, the procedure is long and occasionally, take months to reuse. Leaving no room for miscalculations! Especially if you're on a time restriction, for illustration, you're looking to attend a business meeting, and you try applying for the visa by yourself with not important time on your hands and your visa is refused-you have no time to appeal or re-apply because, by the time either of them is reused, you have missed your commitment!  Specialist immigration law enterprises offer a particular and friendly yet comprehensive result to your immigration, trip and business requirements. Then why - Hiring an immigration counsel can save you both time and plutocrat because an expert’s guidance will help you avoid a turndown.  - Immigration law enterprises handle issues related to family or hand- grounded naturalization immigration backing as well  - Immigration law enterprises can help you address a wide range of issues related to visa like special cases of persuasions, ongoing cases, etc.  - Immigration attorneys are educated enough to help with the attestation procedure while initiating the immigration process  - Immigration counsels can help you with an idea of the 360- degree immigration benefits that come with the orders that fit your requirements the stylish. The permits, conditions and allowances vary with different types of visas, experts can help you stylish with which visa offers you a vast range of benefits.  - Expert immigration law enterprises keep you posted with the updates of visas and immigration as per the Home Office  - UK Visa experts know whom to direct your complaint or query to rather than a general call centre  - Immigration law enterprises help you appeal against a decision of the Entry Clearance Officer, Administrative Review and Judicial Review.  DIY activities can be fun; but with immigration, consulting an expert might be the best way to go about it! The process is not only tedious but can get frustrating without guaranteeing a positive result. Your choice of visa determines everything –  your permissions, eligibility criteria, & a lot more. Risking the process can easily cost you more concerning time & money than hiring an expert! For Professional Consultation you can The SmartMove2UK contact on +91 9819127002 or Email at
Negligence vs. Recklessness: All you should know
You get hurt due to someone else’s fault, but are you sure whether it is negligence or recklessness? Let’s find out in the article. Getting injured in an accident due to another person’s actions can change your life drastically. You or a family member may get hurt, be incapable, and face extra costs through no mistake of your own. You may want to negotiate with a personal injury attorney, but you’re not sure you have sufficient information about pursuing your case. A great point to begin is understanding the difference between negligence and recklessness. Negligence vs. Recklessness The legal theories of negligence and recklessness are in both criminal and civil law. Seeking coverage for losses from your accident is a civil matter between private parties. On the other hand, the state is accountable for making any criminal charges linked to an automobile collision if they get sanctioned. For example, criminal charges would get filed if one driver was driving their vehicle under the impact of liquor and caused an accident. When vehicles crash, however, a charge will probably get filed at the scene. Or no tickets will get issued because who’s at fault remains unclear. In the end, a civil matter is how you seek vandalism after a personal injury accident. Read more about the difference between negligence vs. recklessness on Negligence Someone acts when behaved in a way where they should have apprehended there was a chance that some harm might occur. The negligent behavior doesn’t have to understand with certainty that the activities will cause damage, only that they could. People owe others a responsibility to drive carefully and follow the laws of the road. If someone declines to look both directions before pulling into a busy intersection and causes a collision, that’s negligence. Suppose one person or company is responsible for another and breaches that duty, which immediately results in emotional, physical, or financial harm to a victim, the person who acted negligently. Ultimately, negligence is the failure to respond or behave in a way that a prudent person acting with care would have reacted in identical circumstances. In instances of negligence, the following four criteria are essential to get proved in a court of law: We all owe a commitment to someone at some point in our lives. Drivers owe a responsibility of care to other motorists not to drive inattentive and obey the traffic rules. Property owners have to guarantee that their estate is safe for guests or customers or inform them of hazardous conditions. Doctors have a specific obligation under the doctor-patient relationship to ensure that their patients get the best level of attention placed by the medical community. Breach of Liability. Personal injury cases need evidence that the person or company that owned a commitment to a person breached that trust in either way. For example, a driver was rushing, a doctor left gauze in a patient during surgery, or a dog keeper let their vicious dog be off a chain resulting in a severe dog bite to a victim. A victim must prove that their damages or injuries were an immediate result of the violation of commitment from the person or company. Personal injury cases need that a victim must have undergone actual physical, mental, or emotional wounds. To control a suit for injuries, injury attorneys will collect the facts of your accident to prove that the other driver owed you a responsibility of care, that commitment will get breached, the injury occurred, and the driver’s negligence caused you that injury. Recklessness Under Texas law, recklessness happens when a person is conscious of an actual risk that harm may occur from their actions, but they behaved that way, regardless of the outcomes to you and others. The danger is so great that it depicts a departure from what a rational person following the law would do. Examples are driving over 100 mph during a storm and being behind the wheel while drunk or drugged. The personal injury attorneys must comprehend all the details of your state so they can decide if the other motorist acted recklessly. If there is proof of this, you may be allowed to claim damages. Conclusion Negligence and recklessness seem like synonyms and are usually used to express a wrongdoer’s actions that result in injury or damage. However, under Pennsylvania law, Title 18, Section 302(b)(3) and (4), these are two very distinct levels of guilt that occur in different outcomes and penalties under the law. While both may happen civilly and criminally, it is essential to visit a qualified personal injury lawyer to help you decide how your case should get filed to guarantee that you get the settlement you deserve. Negligence simply implies that someone should have done something and declined to do so. Recklessness is when someone knowingly engages in risky action completely knowing that it is dangerous and may hurt someone or destroy property. There is a deliberate disregard of people and resources and a readiness to take on that unsafe behavior.
Advocate For Supreme Court of India
He is an advocate for supreme court of India working in Supreme court of India as a lawyer for many years with a dedicated team of lawyers that focused us on the result-oriented case approach. The team they are working with is possessed with highly qualified advocates and other legal authorities. With us, you can simply get the best criminal and civil lawyer for the Supreme Court of India to resolve your even complex matters easily and favorably. The whole team is determined to provide you the best solutions for all sorts of jurisdictional cases using the best of their law experience. Our major motive is to provide the best solutions and law services for all the cases bothered by individuals, personal groups, business partners, industries, start-up, and settled commercial groups, MNCs, etc. Our perspective involves providing you the righteous solutions that you simply deserve and that too without any waste of time and money. So, you are at the right place if you are searching for the best advocate for Supreme Court of India to get your case resolved in a short period with favorable and quick decisions and highly effective followups. After having considerable experience as a criminal and civil lawyer for the Supreme Court of India, I simply understand the major issues people face while reporting a case in the courts. The best part is that we are already connected to different legal authorities and advocates along with the nation so that the best result-oriented services and solutions can be delivered to you. So, anytime and anywhere, whenever you want to get the best benefits of the highly qualified, experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals working as supreme court advocate, you can contact us via the details provided in the contact us section provided in the website and you will be responded in a very short span with experieced lawyer. Bringing Justice with the helps of best advocate for supreme court! While we all want our lives to run smoothly, there are many possibilities that we might run into some trouble. No doubt troubles are inevitable but with that, there are always solutions available. Some problems can be solved by us, but some are out of control issues. Issues that go into legal hands cannot be sorted out by us. Thus, let it be handled by a professional lawyers and advocates who knows how to keep you out of trouble and away from the same. Court cases are the last thing you want to fight alone. There are many authorities and professionals involved in a case; you want to fight it with compassion as well. Hiring a professional lawyer is always the best option to go for. In India, there are many courts, but the Supreme Court is the place for the utmost priority cases and lawyers who are trained and experienced under such courts can do justice to your case. Be it any kind of case, civil cases, matrimonial cases, or criminal cases, hiring a lawyer for the Supreme Court of India is the perfect thing for you. But there are also few norms you should keep in mind while hiring the best lawyers for your case. Because when you see the statistics about how many people are practicing law and how many people are fighting cases in courts, it becomes difficult to choose and decide that who might be the perfect choice for the Advocate for Supreme Court of India. When you are in need for lawyers, always choose the best among the rest. How To Become An Advocate For Supreme Court Of India? Every advocate don't have the right to file case and argue in supreme court, They can't able to fight case in supreme court of india unless he cleared the advocate on record examination and registered with the state bar council with a minimum of 4 years of experience and our advocates fulfilling all the other criteria to become an advocate for supreme court of India. They are highly qualified and having more than 10 years of experience in the supreme court of India, where fought different kinds of criminal, civil, and matrimonial cases. Lawyer for Supreme court of India CategoriesLawyer for supreme court of India categories into three category from list first to third respectively, list first lawyers are more experienced older and expensive on the other side list Lawyers are much more younger and known as senior advocates and the last list of lawyer known as junior advocates.
Why are UK Visit Visa Refusals so common?
Getting Down from a UK Visit Visa turndown has always been clumsy due to the Entry Clearance Officer refusing nearly a maturity of the Visit Visa aspirants for the most trivial reasons. Last time about visit visas were refused.  The UK Government has set a thorough set of guidelines to grease the entry of aspirants who wish to visit the UK in a short term base under visit visa similar as  Sufficient substantiation that the aspirant will return back to his home country  Sufficient bank balance so that he can grease his return back to his home country  Any other substantiation that the Home Office might feel to question about. The compass of substantiation is relatively nebulous when it comes to applying for a UK Visit visa. The aspirant under the guise of being ill-informed with respects to the proper substantiation that has to be handed in front of the Home Office is most likely to be refused as the Home Office themselves are formerly burdened with the tiresome quantum of operation.  Lack of chronologically placed attestation, as well as proper documents to be submitted, may be another reason as to why any aspirants would be refused to enter the UK.  Occasionally the aspirant not being apprehensive of the colorful visa options may mileage for a visa option which might not fall under the horizon of his conditions. For illustration, people applying for League-1 operation rather of Standard Visit Visa for business conditioning may be rejected outspoken if he falls short of the demand under the League-1 visa, as it's more strict than the Visit Visa.   Another reason of rejection is non-disclosure of any former issues similar as turndown from another country or concealment of any felonious record which would affect the interest of the Home Office. However, he might indeed attract a ban from the UK for certain period of times, If similar deceiving or non-disclosed statements come to the spotlight of the Home Office.  There are so many other reasons which the applicant may not be successfully able to enter through Visit Visa mostly due to being misguided by people who do not have any expertise or are not trained lawyers who specialise in immigration. The SmartMove2UK (a unit of SmartMove Immigration) being one such endeavour to assist in the process of smooth application to the UK without any hindrance and have assisted in transforming so many lives with their diligent team of solicitors, attorneys and paralegals, virtually guaranteeing you do not face a UK visa refusal; our firm boasts a record of never having been refused an application on technical grounds. If you would like to ensure that your visa application receives the sharp eye it requires to avoid some problems while applying for a visit visa, You can contact The SmartMove2UK on +919819127002 or and book an consultation appointment