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Hi My name is time I'm that thought in the back of your mind Everytime you try to write Bur your eyes always go blind Or those words in your mouth That always seem to go south I won't let you hold a conversation let alone even rhyme I'm every second, every hour You think of the gun on the counter When I don't work in your favor You say the blame is all mine I'm the one who got away When it was you who couldn't stay And every time that you replay it It always leads you astray But what about the moments I won't let you forget Like the times you held her hand and said God this is great Or the nights when you would fight and cry until the morning But you would wake up with the sun and say at least it's not pouring See what you don't understand is that I don't control you You build your roads and burn your bridges and expect me to support you I give you time with these people So you could all grow together Not wash away every time you have to storm through some weather I bet you think this is easy Doing the things that I do But you don't have to wake up and put on my dirty old shoes I strive for days and weeks and months for your ass And half of the time you don't even wake up for class I'm trying to give you all the things that you want But it's so hard when every single error's my fault Spending my days giving you this and that And having to come home just to deal with your crap God if only you could see how much I actually suffer You would expect me to say that I have defeated tougher But the fact of the matter is that your life is hard And you're messing with more time than you actually borrowed So I wrote you this hoping that you would finally change For you to get your life together and to just rearrange The time in both of us is slowly starting to fade And I don't want to go back up there saying I've made a mistake