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I'M SO SAD ABOUT THIS SO MUCH! So I've been playing Uta no Princesama (UtaPri) from January - June so I had to get rid of it because of low storage I had on my iPhone. So I had thought I had saved it to my Game Center or Twitter account and guess what I get ACCOUNT NOT LINKED TO ANY DATA! I clicked each one jsut in case maybe I saved them anywhere else and no luck I'm not sad I have to restart the game again. However I had so many cards and things I've bought on there. I did email the Uta no Princesama support and they had said "As a general rule, we do not process data transfer from our end. However, we may conduct data transfer once we verify the user's identity based on the provided correct information from the users. This may be a burden to you since there are several items for confirmation. However, kindly contact us again after indicating the following items for confirmation:" Lucky for me with the questions they provided for me I knew them right away because it was only recently. So they asked questions like "what level is the account?" "what was the UR card you got on your free ticket" "how many special shoot cards you have" " The reason why account recovery is needed in detail" Because I didn't have many and I had Special Practice all of my UR's and such all I had to do was answer the question UPDATE 9/15/18: I got the email back stating that they have verified my account and I'm the account owner. So what they're going to do is link my data to Klab ID TO BE ABLE TO GIVE MY ACCOUNT BACK TO ME!! so soon I will be recieving my account back. I'M SO HAPPY. Uta no Prince Sama Song: Still Still Still by Natsuki Shinomiya (Kishō Taniyama) and Tokiya Ichinose (Mamoru Miyano) PLEASE SAVE YOUR DATA BEFORE DELETING THE APP YOU STILL WANT TO PLAY LATER Anime Obsession Tag Crew! Please let me know if you'd like to be added or removed. Thank you! {A} - @AdriancezMercell @AimeBolanos @AnbuRose @AnimeFreak484 @AnimeLove300 @animerg13 @AustinThurston @assasingod {B} - @BloodStrider @bubblebug {C} - @Choppabelle @CarlosVega006 {D} - @DragonShaow @DripDrop {E} - @EmilyPeacock {F} - {G} - @GilMaritsa @GhoulGasterIRL {H} - {I}- {J} - @JustinDiaz {K} - @KingHamura {L}- @LeaEsterline @Lilura @Luna7 @LostKing23 @LostMage {M}- @Mordope @MorganAlys {N} - @Nyxxonn {O} - @OtakuDemon10 {P} - {Q} - {R }- @RobertWhite {S} - @SimplyAwkward {T} - @TruffleTurtle @Tsuna545 {U}- {V} - {X} - {Y} - {Z} - @ZeleniaMoon @ZombieDragon {Do Not Copy Tag List}
About Idols (using anime images)
What is an Idol? An Idol (アイドルaidoru, from the English word "idol") in Japanese pop cultue, it is a young media personality (singer, actor, model, etc.). They're usally a teenager, who has a cute and innocent public image. Idols are on a separate category of Japanese Artists. Japanese idols work acroos genres of Japanese pop music. It's usally whatever is most popular at the moment. Their songs don't usally requare sining skills, but the artist must be beautiful, sweet and nice to sing them. In everyday life, they must match the songs they sing. They must have perfect public image and good examples to young people. Girls aren't the only ones who can become idols There are many boy bands and boy idols as well! Many people do think that idols are suppose to be for boys and some think its supppose to be for girls. To be honest its aimed for all genders and it depends onf which you like. I'm personally a fan of girl idols but that doesn't mean I don't like the boy idols any less This may not be a surprise for some people but Idols aren't suppose to date.Why? Idols aren't supposed to be real people, they're supposed to be a fantasy that boys( or girls )can project onto. They have to stay single so that theycan imagine that they might get to be in a relationship with them one day (or, in some cases, that they actually are in a relationship right now. The concept of 2D girlfriends is so weird you guys). It also allows them to imagine that their chosen girl is 'pure'. There's a bit of a similar attitude towards Western celebrities in that people can get really nasty towards the significant others of those celebrities, but Western celebs aren't expected to stay single just so that fans can pretend they might have a chance. Getting a boyfriend can be literally career-destroying for a Japanese idol; she's either forced to break up with her boyfriend and apologise to her fans or told to get the hell out, and good luck scoring another idol gig with another agency because she's already been revealed as willing to break those rules. It's not a choice anyone should be forced to make. Uta No Princesama - ST☆RISH Idol Song Solo: Southern Cross Waltz by Natsuki Shinomiya (VA: Kishō Taniyama) Hi Guys! Thank you for reading my card! I hoped you enjoyed it. What I would like to start doing is getting back into making cards again so I'd figure I'd start off again with making a card about Idols and I'd like to start sharing some of their songs at the end of each card. so you get a chance to hear a song from one of the Idol groups I would be listing from where they're from and what song they're singing and if its a solo or not Also I will be going through my list of tag list and will be updating it so if you would like to be added please let me know Also I will take request from you guys of any cards you would like to see from me (anime related or not) Anime Obsession Tag Crew! Please let me know if you'd like to be added or removed. Thank you! {A} - @AdriancezMercell @AimeBolanos @AnbuRose @AnimeFreak484 @AnimeLove300 @animerg13 @AustinThurston @assasingod {B} - @BloodStrider @bubblebug {C} - @Choppabelle @CarlosVega006 {D} - @DragonShaow @DripDrop {E} - @EmilyPeacock {F} - {G} - @GilMaritsa @GhoulGasterIRL {H} - {I}- {J} - @JustinDiaz {K} - @KingHamura {L}- @LeaEsterline @Lilura @Luna7 @LostKing23 @LostMage {M}- @Mordope @MorganAlys {N} - @Nyxxonn {O} - @OtakuDemon10 {P} - {Q} - {R }- @RobertWhite {S} - @SimplyAwkward {T} - @TruffleTurtle @Tsuna545 {U}- {V} - {X} - {Y} - {Z} - @ZeleniaMoon @ZombieDragon {Do Not Copy Tag List}