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WhatsApp vs GBWhatsApp ... What are the Weaknesses and Their Strengths ...
How often do you use WhatsApp? WhatsApp is an application for free messaging between users. Did you know that WhatsApp was bought by Facebook when the app began to gain popularity. If you look at the acquisitions of Facebook, you will notice that this monster is catastrophically afraid of competition and is buying up all promising developments. WhatsApp was bought and forgotten, because it is no longer a competitor. Let me explain why I think so. When could this application surprise us with new functionality? So immediately and do not remember. If you take Telegram or Snapchat for comparison, they add new robots or a variety of masks ... Why can't the WhatsApp development team do the same for their users? What did we get after the lapse of time? Reducing the number of characters in the message, viral videos can be sent to only one user, and sending simple videos was reduced from 20 to 5 users, photos and videos were compressed, which affects their quality. Somehow the development went the other way ... Don't you think? To resist this, enthusiastic developers decided to create their own versions of WhatsApp on the platform of the official application. The very first was WhatsApp Plus. These mods began to gain popularity due to additional functions that were not in the original version. GB WhatsApp ranked second in terms of the number of searches. Well, the third line of leaders is occupied by FM WhatsApp. If we consider the history of WhatsApp Plus, then it even managed to be a legal development and lit up on the shelves of the Google Play Market. But this did not last long, as Facebook wrote a complaint to the Play Market and WhatsApp Plus became illegal. But the malicious uncle of Facebook did not stop there and began to monitor the servers of modified versions of WhatsApp and block them, and users who used them were banned. And here it seems to me that there were some Russian Hackers  ... As soon as the mass blocking of the accounts of people using the mods started, the built-in anti-ban function immediately appeared. Which probably put American programmers into a stupor. Today, each mod is popular in individual countries. For instance: WhatsApp Plus - Russia, Turkey, China. GB WhatsApp - India, USA. FM WhatsApp - Brazil, Canada, Argentina. There are other types of mod versions, but they are not as popular. I didn't really notice the difference between GB WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp, other than some minor personal tweaks.