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5 of My New Doyoung Oneshots
These are my 5 newest Doyoung oneshots that I've posted on my AFF account. [Bad Blood] Rated: PG - Slightly Suggestive Main Characters: Yoo Ari (OC), Kim Doyoung Other Characters: Yoo Seungho (Actor), Gong Myung/Kim Donghyun (Actor) Genre: Romance, SlightEnemiesToLovers, ForbiddenRomance, SlightStreetRacerAU Word Count: 12,354 Date Posted: September 28, 2020 Synopsis: The bad blood, it all started whenever Donghyun ditched Seungho at a party. Or in which, Ari falls in love with the street racer Kim Doyoung even though she's supposed to stay away from him and his family. (Click here to Read) [thank u, next] Rated: PG-13 - Suggestive/Mature Themes/Explicit Language Main Characters: Baek Sua (OC), Kim Doyoung Genre: Romance, SlightEnemiesToLovers, Angst, RomanticComedy, SchoolAU Word Count: 19,512 Date Posted: November 11, 2020 Synopsis: When Sua's boyfriend cheats on her with the school's supposed nice girl she finds solace in the least likely person, her self pro-claimed enemy, Kim Doyoung. (Click here to Read) [In My Blood] Rated: PG-13 - Suggestive/Mature Themes/Explicit Language Main Characters: Do Haru (OC), Kim Doyoung Other Characters: Park Sooyoung/Joy (Red Velvet), Yoo Jimin/Karina (Aespa), Lee Taeyong, Kim Minjeong/Winter (Aespa), Ning Yizhuo/Ningning (Aespa), Moon Taeil, Uchinaga Aeri/Giselle (Aespa), Na Jaemin, Dong Sicheng Genre: Romance, VampireAU, SlightAngst, SlightRomanticComedy Word Count: 6,507 Date Posted: November 28, 2020 Synopsis: “Oh, so you don’t do things like this? Then why did you invite me outside?” I smirk, raising an eyebrow towards the black haired boy sitting next to me, even though I already knew the answer. “Because you smell good.” He admits, eyes flashing red at the smell of my blood inside my veins. I already knew the effect my blood had on him, his had the same effect on me but I continue playing dumb, “Smell good?” “Your perfume.” (Click here to Read) [NDD] Rated: PG-13 - Suggestive Main Characters: Lee Riahn (OC), Kim Doyoung Other Characters: Park Sooyoung/Joy (Red Velvet), Kang Seulgi (Red Velvet), Chang Seungyeon (CLC) (Plus a bunch of other minor characters.) Genre: Romance, Comedy, TikTokRelated, GameAu Word Count: 10,509 Date Posted: December 6, 2020 Synopsis: In which Riahn is a single since birth and is expected to win the No Dick December (NDD) challenge her friends are holding this year like every year before, but this year is a challenge for she has the hots for her next door neighbor who also happens to be just as interested in her. (Click here to Read) [The Spell That Was Whispered In My Ear] Rated: M - Very Suggestive/Explicit Language Main Characters: Lee Mirae (OC), Kim Doyoung, Johnny Seo, Kim Yerim (Red Velvet), Wong Yukhei Other Characters: Nakamoto Yuta, Ten, Jung Jaehyun, Mark Lee, Lee Donghyuck, Park Sooyoung/Joy (Red Velvet), Lee Yeonseo (OC), Huang Renjun, Lee Taeyong, Qian Kun, Moon Taeil Genre: Romance, HogwartsAU/HarryPotterAU, Angst, Mystery, Magic, Fantasy, EstablishedRelationship, Comedy, OnesidedLove Word Count: 32,778 (This is my longest oneshot ever!) Date Posted: December 6, 2020 Synopsis: Mirae's father finally allows her to attend Hogwarts but only on two conditions: 1. If she is sorted into Slytherin she must return home. 2. She cannot associate herself with any of the Slytherin students. But Mirae, she doesn't plan on following any of that. (Click here to Read) Sadly I have all of these listed at Subscribers + Members only due to me wanting to keep these stories on AFF only. I hope you are able to read one you like!
My FanFiction Masterlist
I decided to make this on here so I can somewhat keep a track of who all I've written for and for you all to see/have access to all my work. -Korean FanFicton Stories- [NCT] Most Viewed NCT Story: If It's For You, I'm Alright Lee Taeyong: Oneshots Yurayura, Yureru - [My 2nd Most Voted-Up Story on AFF] 21st If It's For You, I'm Alright - [My Most Subscribed Story on AFF] - [My Most Voted-Up Story on AFF] - Qian Kun: Oneshots Red Herring Just Confess Already - Kim Doyoung: Oneshots Words Hurt; Even If You Don't Mean Them To Glow Up Boyfriend Lonely Chaptered What Was Once Forgotten (On Hold) - Jung Jaehyun: Oneshots From The End To Start (Sequel to If It's For You, I'm Alright) - - - - [VIXX] Most Viewed VIXX Story: I Know What You Did Last Summer Hakyeon: Oneshots Tagged Sort of A Secret Chaptered Boys and Girls (Complete) Imperceptive (Complete) I Know What You Did Last Summer (Complete) Reverie (A Healer AU) (Discontinued) - - - - [Pentagon] Most Viewed Pentagon Story: Denial (Lime Series #2) Jinho: Oneshots It's Not What It Looks Like, I Swear Chaptered __ Added You On Lime (Lime Series #1) (Complete) Forgotten (Complete) Cried Wolf (On Hold) - Hui: Chaptered Friend Zone (Lime Series #3) (On Hold) - Hongseok: Chaptered Denial (Lime Series #2) (Complete) - Yanan: Oneshots If I Told You That I Loved You, Tell Me, What Would You Say? - Kino: Oneshots Friendship Contract - - - - [SF9] Kim Rowoon: Oneshots Fire On Fire - - - - [Victon] Han Seungwoo: Oneshots nostalgic night - [Newest Fic] - Heo Chan: Oneshots nostalgic night - [Newest Fic] - - - - [Stray Kids] Bang Chan: Oneshots Blinded - - - - [Monsta X] Wonho: Oneshots Death - - - - [SHINee] Jonghyun: Oneshots Sun & Moon - - - - [Boys24] Park Doha: Oneshots Wisdom Teeth - - - - [Astro] Moon Bin: Oneshots Chaser - - - - [Teen Top] Chunji Oneshots Stay With Me - - - - [EXO] Most Viewed EXO Story: OhKay Xiumin: Chaptered Awkward (Discontinued) - Oh Sehun: Oneshot Truth or Dare Chaptered OhKay (Complete) Duo-ver (Sequel to OhKay) (Complete) - - - - [BTS] Most Viewed BTS Story: (Un)Lucky Me Park Jimin: Chaptered I Like You (Complete) - Kim Taehyung (V): Chaptered (Un)Lucky Me - [My Most Viewed Story on AFF] - - - - [Day6] Wonpil: Chaptered Crush (Discontinued) - - - - [Korean Actors] Woo Dohwan: Chaptered Foresee (Complete) - [My 2nd Most Viewed Story on AFF] - [My 2nd Most Subscribed Story on AFF] - - - - -Anime FanFiction Stories- my anime fanfics are so bad beware if you read them! [Psycho Pass] Chaptered Psycho Pass: Up In The Air (Complete) 10.2K Views, 316 Votes (on Wattpad) - - - - [D.Gray-Man] Chaptered Welcome to the Masquerade (Complete) 26.7K Views, 484 Votes (on Wattpad) Project 14 (Discontinued) 10.1K Views, 269 Votes (on Wattpad) - - - - [Shiki] Chaptered Shiki: Vessel of Foreign Blood (Discontinued) 2K Views, 91 Votes (on Wattpad) - - - - [Darker Than Black] Chaptered Darker Than Black: KS306 (Complete) - [My Most Voted-Up on Wattpad] 20.3K Views, 672 Votes (on Wattpad) -Other FanFiction Stories- [Code Lyoko] Chaptered Code Lyoko: Legend of the Five Sisters (Complete) 9.4K Views, 142 Votes (on Wattpad) - - - - [House of Anubis] Chaptered House of Anubis: The Two Who Are One (Part 1) (Complete) 14.9K Views, 204 Votes (on Wattpad) House of Anubis: The Two Who Are One (Part 2 & 3) (Discontinued) - [My Most Viewed on Wattpad] 27.3K Views, 368 Votes (on Wattpad)
Beauty of the Shore - Chapter 7
Hannah furrowed her brows as she looked at their hands, both of them quickly pulling away from each other. She suddenly felt nauseous. When she looked at Kun’s face, she felt the sensation of being pulled underwater. Just before it felt like her head was submerged, her phone began to ring. The nausea and weird feeling disappeared after they broke eye contact. Fumbling, she pulled her phone out of her pocket and answered without looking at the number as Lilly started to babble about random things to the just as confused Kun. “Hello?” Hannah noticed she sounded like the breath got knocked out of her. “Hannah? Lianne and I talked about something, but we’d like to have yours and Lilly’s input on it. So can you two come back?” Astra’s voice sounded higher pitched due to excitement. “Uh, yeah. Yeah. We’ll head back right now.” “Okay, dear!” Astra squealed. Hannah shakily hung up the phone and put it back in her pocket just as Lilly asked Kun if he ate fish food to which he just laughed, confused. Hannah’s nausea started to slowly come back. “Lilly, your mommy, and Auntie Astra need us back home.” “Awww, but I wanna talk to Kun mooore” She whined. Hannah looked between the two and saw that they both wore matching looks of disappointment. Kun then looked at the little girl and held up a finger, signaling them to wait then dove under the water. Hannah caught a glimpse of his tail, sending chills down her spine. It looked familiar. But she couldn’t place where she’d seen it before. After about 2 minutes, Kun resurfaced with two pretty shells in hand. They were both scallops with the one he handed to Lilly being little and mostly white but a bright magenta at the base of the shell and the one he handed to Hannah being about half the size of her palm and covered in deep purple stripes. As soon as he set it in her hand, another shock went through her arm. Except this one wasn’t quite as bad as the first one and instead left tingles as if she had been laying on it. “I’ll see you again?” Kun asked, giving Hannah puppy dog eyes. “Well I live down the road, so I’m sure you will.” Hannah laughed. She stood up and as soon as she looked down at the water to Kun again, her fear of the water came rushing back. She was at least comforted in the fact that if she and/or Lilly landed in the water, Kun would save them. But that didn’t mean she wanted to go in the water again. Especially when the sun was setting. Once they got back to land, she looked over her shoulder to Kun who smiled widely and waved. Kun felt excitement bubbling in his stomach as he watched the two humans walk away and couldn’t figure out why. Something about Hannah just made his stomach do flips. He felt his smile light up his face as Hannah and Lilly walked up the beach and Hannah turned around one last time. He waved at her and saw a small smile on her face. When the two humans were gone, he looked down at his hands in wonder as they were still tingling. He started to feel the excitement turn sour as he remembered what Taeyong had told him. Chills went down his spine. He quickly shook it out of his head and instead started to swim back to his little hovel. When he got there he noticed 3 sharks circling the reef. Then he saw Taeyong’s red hair diving in and out of separate caves, clearly looking for something. Something else started to bubble up in Kun’s stomach. Something he’s never felt before. It was like his insides were being stirred and something was trying to come out. Quickly and quietly, he swam to the cave he was staying in and grabbed his bag before booking it out of there and swimming away from Taeyong. He may be faster than Kun, but if he wasn’t ever alerted to him, he should be fine. Hannah felt a huge rush of nausea hit her as soon as she and Lilly stepped through the door. She could hear Astra’s voice speaking excitedly in the living room. Lianne laughed at whatever she said, before replying something in another language. Hannah helped Lilly out of her coat and took her own off before walking into the living room. Astra and Lianne sat on the couch, Astra practically in Lianne’s lap. Lilly ran over and picked up her drawing and markers and sat down by the TV and started to tell Lianne about how they saw the mermaid again. Lianne just smiled and played along. Astra turned her head around to look at Hannah as she slowly walked in. “Are you feeling alright, dear?” All excitement disappeared from her voice. The protective mom was back. “I’m just tired. I had a nightmare last night and didn’t sleep very well. I’m fine, Mom.” Hannah waved her off as she sat down in the recliner then looked at the two women, “So what’s got you two excited?” Astra and Lianne shared a look and did that thing where they had a conversation with their eyes. After whatever their eyes said, they both turned to look at Hannah with huge smiles. “We’ve decided to get married,” Astra began, “However, we were thinking about going back to our homeland for the venue. I was worried about Lianne having to work, but we discussed it and-” “Breathe, darling.” Lianne interrupted as Astra’s voice got higher and higher pitched. Hannah laughed. Astra was only ever like this when Lianne was around. Normally, she was very stoic. Protective, as you know. But only ever talked as high pitched when she saw a spider or a snake. Astra took a deep breath and nodded. “About time you two get married! You’ve been dating forever.” “Mmm,” Lianne hummed, kissing Astra’s temple, “I quit my job and will be dropping Lillith off at her father’s and we will be back in a month. We both have many places we fond places off and the homeland is a… expansive place.” “We just wanted to know if you’d feel safe with me leaving for so long.” Astra reached out and touched Hannah’s knee. “I’ll be fine, Mom. Go. Find the perfect wedding place. If anything, will YOU be okay without me for that long?” Hannah chuckled. “I don’t wanna go back to Daddy’s!” Lilly screeched suddenly. Hannah winced as Lilly began to scream and cry. She rubbed her temple and waved to her mom as a goodnight and started to walk upstairs as Lianne tried to get Hannah to stop crying long enough to explain everything. “Heiran. No, no, no. That name won’t work for where we’re going. Hmm. I should ask mortals for a name.” “Darling. Are you sure about this? You want to take her from her family when she’s this young?” “I’m too terrified that he’ll do something drastic if I don’t. I know this is an evil thing to do, but if I’m saving this child, it’s the least I could do.” “I guess that makes sense… What are you going to do about her being a mermaid? The mortals will notice.” “I’ve begun a spell to attach me to her glamour. If it wears off I’ll know.” “A spell like that will-!” Kun was startled awake by a boat engine firing up at the dock above him. Honestly not the best place to sleep because if it wasn’t the boats it was the feeder fish nibbling on him as they searched for leftover bait from the humans. He rubbed his eyes and looked up at the surface of the water and saw bright sun rays streaming through. Today was a nice clear day, it would seem. Kun couldn’t hide his smile at the thought that he might be able to see Hannah today. Glancing at the boat, he bit his lip as his heart soared at the thought that that could be her and her friends. Slowly, he began to swim to the surface but stopped about 3 feet away from it. His eyebrows furrowed as he saw a short dark-skinned woman standing next to a very tall pale woman. Something about the short one made his skin crawl. It was the same feeling he got from Taeyong. Quickly, Kun dove back down to where he was sleeping and shook his head before looking up at the dock. He needed to figure out why she had that effect on him. He quietly swam to the surface under the dock and listened to what they were saying. “Darling. Why don’t you just tell her the truth?" Taglist: @WinKonVIP @Halsyeon @twistedPDnim @StefaniTre @awkwardjazzy @QueenyCrossGene @MelissaGarza @SweetDuella
My Favorite Fanfiction That I've Written
So I wanted to share some of my work but only the one's I'm most proud of! Most are oneshots but there are a few chaptered fics as well! All of these fics are my original work! Boys And Girls Characters: Cha Hakyeon(VIXX), Yoo Dayoung(OC), Other VIXX members Chapters: 6 Status: Completed Description: Hakyeon and Dayoung are childhood friends but things change and people always sayboysandgirlscan't be friends without developing feelings for one another. Read Here: Boys And Girls Foresee Characters: Ji Taeran(OC), Woo Dohwan, Yang Sejong Chapters: 17 (Includes a prologue & epilogue) Status: Completed Description: Through touch Ji Taeran can see how people die. For that reason she is constantly avoiding physical contact with others. Read Here: Foresee Friendship Contract Characters: Lee Jina(OC), Kino(Pentagon), Yan An(Pentagon), Kim Hayoung(OC) Chapters: Oneshot I've posted this one on Vingle, it was posted in 4 Parts on Here though. It is based off of To All The Boys I've Loved Before. Status: Completed Description: Kang Hyunggu and Lee Jina become friends through a friendship contract. Read Here: Friendship Contract (on AFF), Friendship Contract (on Vingle) Denial Characters: Park Mina(OC), Yang Hongseok(Pentagon), Lee Kayoon(OC) Chapters: 10 This one is part of a series, it's connected to two other stories but you DO NOT have to read them before this. In other words the characters in each story appear in all 3 but each story stands alone. Status: Completed Description: Park Mina is in love with her best friend Yeo Changgu but he has a girlfriend. Mina finds out Lee Jihee (Changgu's girlfriend) is cheating on him and informs Changgu but he doesn't believe her. He believes Jihee who he's known for a total of 9 months over his best friend who he's known since childhood. This causes a fight and for them to end their long term friendship and for Mina to kind of rebel. Read Here: Denial Yurayura, Yureru Characters: Ahn Mina(OC), Lee Taeyong(NCT) Chapters: Oneshot This was also posted on Vingle. It is also based off a manga of the same name. Status: Completed Description: Senior, Ahn Mina is secretly afraid of water but manages her high school’s swim team. She loves watching others swim but cannot bring herself to be in water herself from a past traumatic experience. It’s her last year being the swim team’s manager, but somehow the best swimmer on the team figures out her secret. Read Here: Yurayura, Yureru (on AFF), Yurayura, Yureru (on Vingle) Lonely Characters: Lee Nayoon(OC), Kim Doyoung(NCT) Chapters: Oneshot This was also posted on Vingle. Status: Completed Description: Nayoon likes a lot of things, falling for her new best friend isn't one of them. Read Here: Lonely (on AFF), Lonely (on Vingle) What Was Once Forgotten Characters: Lee Yooyeon(OC), Kim Doyoung(NCT), Jung Jaehyun(NCT), Lee Taeyong(NCT), Johnny Seo(NCT) Chapters: 15 (Currently) Status: Ongoing Description: Yooyeon finds out from her best friend Jaehyun that she has the ability to erase people’s memories and that for some reason Yooyeon had in fact erased her own memories but Jaehyun refuses to tell her why. What would lead someone to want to erase their own memories? Read Here: What Was Once Forgotten If It's For You, I'm Alright Characters: Park Jungyeon(OC), Lee Taeyong(NCT), Han Jiahn(OC), Kim Doyoung(NCT), Ji Sungah(OC) Chapters: Oneshot Status: Completed Description: Jungyeon has had a crush on Lee Taeyong since middle school but her new friend Sungah suddenly does too. -or- Jungyeon is too nice for her own good, especially when she decides to give up her long time crush on Taeyong when her new friend Sungah claims she's come to like him too. Read Here: If It's For You, I'm Alright Words Hurt; Even If You Don't Mean Them To Characters: Min Soyeon(OC), Kim Doyoung(NCT) Chapters: Oneshot Status: Completed Description: Kim Doyoung and I did not get along. Read Here: Words Hurt; Even If You Don't Mean Them To
With You, I Am Home {Johnny/NCT FF}
Ugh bitches. I am so over myself. Someone make sure I finish the Monsta X FF also okay? Okay. . . Just if you have to destroy my soul with Hyungwon or something just someone needs to keep me on track. So this is actually an old fanfiction I started in 2k16, Geezus. After reading over it a lot of times, I thought it was complete trash so I started anew. Here is the results, I hope it is worth the read. *sighs* Summary: ~No matter where I end up, You are my home. After many years of failed relationships, Sophie finds out that the perfect one is with someone who she never fathomed to be with. He was right in front of her this entire time, with her being blind. Characters: Seo YoungHo {Johnny} Chittaphon Leechaiyapornku {Ten} Choi Sophie Kim Nari Other Characters will be introduced. Word Count: 3,729 There is language cause I like to use colorful terms. Chapter 1: ✽ The Banquet ✽ Arriving at her parents’ house she got solemn. This was probably another coy plan of her parents to play matchmaker. After many failed relationships, she was not interested or even sure in love. Or even if it existed for that matter. Walking into the house brought a familiar scene to her. Noticing instantly of the fragrance of pricey food, she walked into a trap once more. Her parents upped the game a bit. After many failed attempts to have her promised to someone, they needed to get more unique if they needed their wild child to have a chance of finding someone. "Son of a bitch." "Miss Sophie, you showed just in time. We have to get you ready for the banquet." "Kae, I’m not staying. I don't want to be parading around like some debutante looking for my one true prince. They don’t exist, I mean look at my track record." "Oh, that's where your parents think otherwise, and we have strict orders to get you ready." Growling silently under her breath, she complied with the maiden of the house. Of course, this was the plan. Everyone had been curious why such a prominent young lady in her mid-twenties had not gotten married yet. Therefore, as sort of a push, her parents tried to change that. "Miss, this isn't the only reason why the banquet is going on. Therefore, it is not completely to get you married off. Your father's business associates would like to have this dinner and discuss old times." "Okay, I can't believe that, but whatever. Just get me in the frilly dresses and I’ll dance about how I’m wilting away." Laughter followed from the others as she was forced to play Most Eligible Bachelorette of the century. Everyone left to let the girl change. Dresses weren’t her thing. She liked jeans and normal shirts. Sophie honestly couldn’t figure out how her parents insisted on her wearing dresses. "I swear to everything I'm moving tomorrow Kae." "Don’t be absurd Sophie," Kae mumbled as she sat the dress down. Picking up the choices of dresses, that was laid out for her, she sighed at how she wasn’t given the option to live life like she wanted. Fast life. Of no worries about displeasing her love interest; in which she felt did not exist. The ability to work hard and play harder without the responsibility of being a wife. Sophie did not necessarily hate relationships, but being in disastrous ones left an unpleasant taste in her mouth. One that is better just being single. As a good daughter though, respectful for that matter, she would do the banquet to appease her parents. Looking out the window, Sophie noticed the cars flooding into the driveway, as she shook her head. "Why, why can't I just be single happily? If I honestly wanted a guy, I’d like to do it on my own accord Kae." She approached the mirror putting her last earring in. Making sure her dress covered her tattoos; Sophie admired herself in the mirror. She did look amazing, so that was good. "Alright I guess a plan to bounce out if I get bored is out of the question right? I could break my ankle or get sick. Throw up on someone, whatever." "Sophie, it won’t be that bad. I think some of your old friends are supposed to come as well." “Kae, I haven’t seen these people in forever. We went our separate ways after school. They all claimed I lowered myself when I started getting tattoos. Those are not the people I want to be around. They were judgmental towards me.” Sophie made her way down the stairs noticing what seemed to be close to a hundred or more people. She met eyes with a lot of people, but her parents were admiring their youngest child. Sophie noticed a guy that reminded her of someone. Meeting eyes with him proved to be a mistake. When she scanned the room further, she noticed her old friends. She also noticed their not so subtle eye-roll. She approached them calmly and tried to spark conversation. They walked away from her, in mid conversation. Of course they were still disrespectful, why would that change after so many years? Her parents flagged her over to their location. She walked up as her mom and dad hugged her. “Sophie thank you for coming. Don’t worry about them, they are jealous.” “Mom, I appreciate the support, but I have nothing for them to be jealous about.” “Of course you do, you have beautiful tattoos, and us for parents.” Sophie did have the best parents. Even if they were prominent, they were still supportive of her life choices. They even bought her first tattoo, a ¾ sleeve. That was one thing that never bothered them. As soon as Sophie turned old enough, they weren’t going to control her life. They just didn’t want her to miss out on love. Her dad grabbed her arm, as he led her to introduce her to his associates. One had a daughter like Sophie that he felt would be good for her. She was by her father when Sophie and her Dad approached them. “I’m Nari,” she held her hand towards Sophie. “I’m Sophie, it’s a pleasure.” Still feeling like someone was watching her, she met eyes with the stranger. He smiled at her, but she looked away quickly. The last thing she needed was to have someone approach her outside of her family. “So Sophie, do you come to these banquets a lot?” “I actually try to avoid them. I feel so out of place here." “Same, I don’t enjoy these at all, but I come to support my dad,” Nari seemed nice, a lot more talkative than the other girls. She was friendly. Sophie wasn’t used to that anymore. “My my, looks like troubled Sophie found a friend.” Sophie turned around to the girls she once called friends. It was only a matter of time before they started in on her. Nari was insulted for Sophie. It wasn’t right that she was being treated like that. At her parent’s function to be exact. She decided to drag Sophie away from the negativity. Grabbing Sophie’s hand, Nari led her away. “Those girls are a nightmare. Do you know them?” “I actually used to be friends with all of them.” “How, you are so different from them. They are hateful.” “I never treated people like they did, so I automatically didn’t fit with them. Also, after I graduated high-school, I wanted to get tattoos, so they threw me out cause it didn’t fit with their prim and proper lives.” “Well, I think your tattoos are beautiful. Very unique, I won’t ever treat you like that.” Still feeling like eyes were burning her soul, she looked over at a group of guys. One in particular. He was tall, slender, and had eyes that could cut through anything. He finally approached her, wanting to talk to her. “Hi, how are doing tonight?” She looked behind her expecting him to be talking to whomever was behind her, but there was nothing but a table, “I am okay I guess. Do I know you?” She was so sure that she knew him from somewhere. “You may have seen me around. Would you like to dance?” he held out his hand expecting Sophie to grab it. “I don’t know how, and don’t feel comfortable dancing,” she clasped her hands together. “I can teach you no problem,” he grabbed her hand as he led her to the center of the dance floor, “Place your hands here.” He assisted her in the placement. Sophie looked towards Nari, as Nari mouthed her approval. She placed her hands where he told her, and felt color cross her face. “This feels weird. I’m not used to dancing with anyone.” “It’s fine, I have no problem teaching you whenever I see you. You’re really quiet Sophie, not like you used to be.” She stepped back away from the guy, how did he even know her name? She tried to remember where he could possibly know that information. Sophie and her dad never approached him, for introductions. He was on the other side of the room, when they were doing introductions. Sophie became anxious. This guy was claiming to know how she used to be, but she wasn’t so sure she knew him. “How do you know my name?” “Do you seriously not remember me? I mean I know we lost contact, but I never thought I’d be forgettable.” “I guess I don’t.” The guy walked away leaving Sophie on the dance floor. Nari ran to her seeing the slight debacle. “What happened Sophie?” “He knows who I am, but I don’t recall knowing him.” They looked towards him, as he was visibly upset. Sophie didn’t even realize what she said wrong. She was trying so hard to rummage through her memory to give her an indication of who he was. Sophie decided to walk to him, to try and figure out more of the mystery. “Listen, I didn’t mean to be rude, I just can’t remember things; a lot of things.” “It’s fine, this just lets me know I wasn’t important enough for you to remember me.” He cut to the core. Sophie felt disastrous so she walked out. The patio was more welcoming than the party. She grabbed a bottle and a glass as she shut the door behind her, wanting to be alone. This was another occurrence where she insulted people without realizing. Everyone was busy talking, they never noticed her leave, not even her parents. The stars were shining as she breathed in the fresh air. She figured she’d do less damage by herself. The conversation with the guy kept replaying in her mind. It was borderline annoying that she couldn’t remember just who he was. Good job Sophie, you seem to always get yourself in a mess. I guess it is true that you are forever destined to be a loner. Her thoughts swam around as she tried to figure out who he was. He did seem familiar and felt like she knew him. There was only one person she could think of now since there was no noise around, Johnny. They grew up together, with her liking him. She kept her crush hidden, but she was jealous of the girls he liked. As soon as she hit High-school, her parents moved since her dad received a job offer. The goodbye they said, wasn’t a pleasant one. She left him. Sophie was his best friend, their parents were best friends from school. Johnny never forgave her for leaving, but she never realized she mattered that much to him. Right when she opened the door, he was standing there looking at her. “Johnny, is this really you?” “So you do remember me.” “It’s been so long, I’m sorry.” Sophie was wrapped in a hug before she could respond. Her moment of tranquility was broken, however, when she heard another person calling his name. “Johnny, sweetheart, where did you run off too?” SeoYun appeared behind Johnny as Sophie felt belittled by her glances. “I’m right here SeoYun, I was catching up on old times with Sophie,” Johnny stood beside her proudly. “Oh Sophie, did you meet my boyfriend Johnny? Hopefully you didn’t bother him too much. Sorry Johnny she can be a pain.” Sophie felt jealous, especially when she saw who he was dating. It would seem like they were going to repeat the cycle of when they were younger. SeoYun had a reason to boast, and that was what she would do. Sophie went back to the table on the patio, as she poured another drink. Nari walked outside seeing Sophie was upset. “Can you two leave, I need to talk with Sophie.” “Gladly, come on Johnny, we have better places to be,” SeoYun grabbed Johnny to walk away. Johnny felt weird leaving Sophie behind, he turned to look at Sophie as she drowned her sorrows. “What is wrong, did you figure out who he was?” “That is Johnny. He was my only friend in Chicago, where I used to live before we moved here. Now, SeoYun is his girlfriend.” “Oh no, he’s dating her? Wow, he has bad taste. Are we going to drink our sorrows away, because I brought my own glass?” Sophie finally laughed, as Nari pulled up a chair. “I had a crush on Johnny when we were little, and I remember being jealous of the girls he liked. I feel that way now still, even after all these years.” “Honestly Sophie, the dynamics don’t match up. He doesn’t look good with her. Are you going to tell him you have bad blood with her?” “No, I’d rather forget this. Just sit here and drink with me please.” She got quiet with thoughts swarming around. This wasn’t okay in the slightest. She didn’t approve of his decision, but she had no right telling him who he could date. She and Nari enjoyed the night sky. Hours had passed without them going inside. Her mom joined them on the patio. “Honey, are you okay? You only drink wine when you’re bothered.” “Mom, Johnny is dating a monster.” “I saw, they don’t complement each other.” “Apparently to them, they do.” Her mom walked back into the party, leaving the two to their bottle. Johnny wanted to check in on Sophie since she never came in. “Sophie what is wrong?” “Nothing Johnny, today is a night I just want to forget.” “What is wrong?” “SeoYun will be missing you, go back to her.” “She’s not the one I’m worried about,” he grabbed her glass as he poured out her drink on the grass. “Why should you be worried about me? I’m peachy, just dandy.” “You are a bad liar, I have many reasons to be worried about you.” She didn’t want to fight with him; that was the last thing she needed on her plate. She didn’t want their first night of seeing each other, to end in arguments, “Listen, I don’t want to get into this with you. You’re free to date whomever you want. Even if I see them as being evil.” “How is SeoYun evil? Do you even know her?” Nari, was trying to keep quiet, but her personality was blunt. She simply couldn’t let Sophie defend her words solely. “Everyone knows she is evil. I mean, she was bred from Satan’s groins for fuck’s sakes,” Nari sipped her drink more, chuckling at what she just said. “Johnny, I know SeoYun personally. She comes off as sweet, but her and her friends are putting on a facade. I went to school with her, I know,” Sophie sat there trying to reason with Johnny. Johnny stood there bewildered at how Sophie talked. She would never have said anything bad about anyone, but she also never lied to anyone either. “Sophie, are you jealous of her?” Sophie stood up wondering how he even took it that way, “Johnny she literally has nothing for me to be jealous about.” “Except me,” Johnny stepped closer to Sophie, “weren’t you always against the girls I liked?” “If that is how you think of me, then go ahead. I also never approached you on them did I? I never expressed my opinions onto you, have I? She has nothing but negative things to say about me. If you want to date her, fine. Don’t ever say I am jealous though.” “To be fair Johnny, Sophie has better things than SeoYun anyways. So she literally has no reason to be jealous of her. I know her from my father, he’ll even tell you she’s a brat. But, whatever floats your boat guy,” Nari sat back in her chair. There was a moment of silence before Johnny walked away. He was even more flustered he couldn’t get the truth of her feelings out of her. Even after all these years, she was still keeping secrets from him. Sophie and Nari sobered up quickly from the discussion with Johnny. “Thank you Nari for standing up for me,” she hugged Nari as she towered over her. “Nothing to it. That’s what friends do.” The two girls walked back into the banquet as they noticed SeoYun staring at them, while she was hanging on Johnny. “Is she going to pee on his leg now, to mark her territory?” Sophie started laughing, drawing attention from different people, especially their fathers. “Ladies, how are you two?” “We’re okay dad,” Nari hugged her father. Sophie was still quiet, she didn’t want to be there much further, but she wasn’t going to disrespect her father by leaving. That was the last thing she’d do. They decided to go mingle with their moms. It would be safe by them. For the remainder of the night, Sophie and Nari just stood off to the side. Johnny would glance over at Sophie subtly, but she would always meet his glances. She really didn’t like SeoYun, but she wasn’t going to interfere in his relationship. She cared too much for him to do so. Nari and Sophie walked over to the snack table, as SeoYun followed them. “Are you upset that Johnny chose me over you Sophie?” “Not even in the slightest SeoYun. Why don’t you go back to him, I don’t think your head is far enough up his ass,” Sophie turned to walk away when SeoYun grabbed her arm. “Let’s face it, I’m the better choice. You are nothing. Do you hear me? You aren’t worth the air he breathes. How on earth could someone ever want you? You are a deviant, I mean look at all of your tattoos,” SeoYun tightened her grip on Sophie’s arm digging her nails harder. Johnny ran towards Sophie as she was distressed. He heard everything SeoYun said to Sophie. She wasn’t who he thought. Sophie never once approached SeoYun, so her being hostile towards Sophie, was out of line. “Unhand me SeoYun, I haven’t done anything to you,” she tried to break the hold. Seeing that SeoYun wasn’t letting loose, Sophie slapped her. Nari pushed her back as she fell into Johnny. When she saw him, her face turned white. He was the last person she expected to see standing behind her. “SeoYun, you had no right saying that to her. She is worth more than that to me, so of course she is better than the air I breathe. Just because she has tattoos, doesn’t mean she’s a deviant. She is my best friend, and I will not allow you to speak so vile about her,” he moved in front of Sophie as SeoYun was speechless. “Johnny, can’t you see she is jealous of our love?” “What love SeoYun? I don’t feel that way towards you, especially not now. Not after what you did to her.” Johnny grabbed Sophie’s hand as he led her away. He knew she hated confrontation. Her mind was probably already having an anxiety attack from that situation. The three went out on the patio, as his friends joined them. “Is she okay? SeoYun was rough with her,” Ten stood beside Johnny. “She will be, that is why I brought her out here, so she could get fresh air,” he kneeled in front of Sophie. “How are you doing shrimp?” “Better. Johnny, you didn’t have to do that. I could have handled her.” “I know, but when you get backed into a corner, the outcome is never good. I wanted to prevent that from happening.” “Sophie that was a pretty gnarly slap you did. I was super proud of you,” Nari was replaying the scene in her mind. She saw enjoyment with SeoYun getting her payback. It had been a long time coming, with Sophie being the perfect person to follow through. Sophie’s parents walked out where the young adults were, checking in on their daughter. They didn’t appreciate someone causing a scene in their home, especially involving their daughter. Everyone was appalled at how she was treated, immediately taking Sophie’s side; except SeoYun’s parents. She could do no wrong in their eyes. Even if she started it. SeoYun was seen as being spoiled and pompous. She was too arrogant and a huge troublemaker. No matter what, she always tried to pass the blame onto others. This time, there would be no way others would take her side. “Are you alright dear?” Her mom kneeled down. “I’m fine mom. Dad, I’m sorry I slapped her in front of your colleagues.” “Don’t apologize Sophie, you didn’t do anything wrong, did you?” “Well no sir.” “Then you have no reason to be sorry, she wouldn’t let your arm go, so you had to protect yourself. We’re going to get back in, you kids can come in when you’re ready.” “Thank you Mr. Choi, we’ll protect her for you.” “Nari, nice shove by the way, your father is impressed,” he patted her on the shoulder as they closed the doors behind them. Everyone tried to joke with Sophie to change her mood. She was still obviously bothered, so they wanted to make her feel better. Sitting in silence was driving them too crazy. Johnny sat next to her, never leaving her side. She was much calmer than before. With her new friends and old best friend, she started to appreciate the night. They were company to enjoy, and help forget about the bad situation. “I have an idea, come on,” Johnny grabbed Sophie’s hand as he led her inside. Sophie was having a hard time keeping up with Johnny, since he was tall and she was in heels. She never prepared herself to walk fast in heels. Or with tall guys for that matter. He approached her father as he wanted to get Sophie out of the house. “Mr. Choi, I’d like to take Sophie out, would you be opposed to us leaving?” he always had Sophie’s father on his side, even when they were younger. “Of course Johnny, I don’t mind. It will probably be good for her to get out of here,” he hugged Sophie as he said his good byes. “Call me tomorrow Sophie.” Ten and Nari followed behind as they left the banquet. 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Hello all, I wanted to share with you some of my NCT works. I'm currently working on a Jaehyun oneshot too but it's not done yet. (I'll be sure to post the link to it once it's done! All my oneshots/fics are on AFF. (Some require you to be a member to read.) 21st: Oneshot Words: 1,204 Characters: Park Saetbyul (OC), Lee Taeyong Synopsis: Park Saetbyul spends her 21st birthday with her mom at a bar admiring her crush Lee Taeyong's Instagram's photos. (Read Here) What Was Once Forgotten: Chaptered/Ongoing Chapters: 11 Words: 18,201 Characters: Lee Yooyeon(OC), Kim Doyoung, Jung Jaehyun, Lee Taeyong, Johnny Seo Synopsis: Yooyeon finds out from her best friend, Jaehyun that she has the ability to erase people’s memories and that for some reason Yooyeon had in fact erased her own memories but Jaehyun refuses to tell her why. What would lead someone to want to erase their own memories? (Read Here) Boyfriend: Oneshot Words: 5,354 Characters: Im Hyemi (OC), Kim Doyoung Synopsis: Hyemi just wants a boyfriend and Doyoung just happens to be there. (Read Here) Just Confess Already: Oneshot Words: 2,308 Characters: Jo Hana (OC), Qian Kun Synopsis: The story of how Hana and Kun got together. (Read Here) Lonely: Oneshot Words: 4,563 Characters: Lee Nayoon (OC), Kim Doyoung Synopsis: Nayoon likes a lot of things, falling for her new best friend isn't one of them. (Read Here) Yurayura, Yureru: Oneshot (based off a oneshot manga of the same name) Words: 4,078 Characters: Ahn Mina (OC), Lee Taeyong Synopsis: Senior, Ahn Mina is secretly afraid of water but manages her high school’s swim team. She loves watching others swim but cannot bring herself to be in water herself from a past traumatic experience. It’s her last year being the swim team’s manager, but somehow the best swimmer on the team figures out her secret. (Read Here) If It's For You, I'm Alright: Oneshot Words: 15,018 Characters: Park Jungyeon(OC), Lee Taeyong, Han Jiahn(OC), Kim Doyoung, Ji Sungah(OC) Synopsis: Jungyeon has had a crush on Lee Taeyong since middle school but her new friend Sungah suddenly does too. -or- Jungyeon is too nice for her own good, especially when she decides to give up her long time crush on Taeyong when her new friend Sungah claims she's come to like him too. (Read Here) Bonus: This oneshot is getting a bonus because Jaehyun's oneshot I'm currently writing that I mentioned above is connected to this one. - Hope you enjoy them! Let me know what you think! - Zen Council: @Halsyeon @MaeLyn @awkwardjazzy @MelissaGarza @QueenyCrossGene @InfiniteUtopia NCTzen: @SimplyAwkward @IsoldaPazo @OppasManBun @jademarie4567 @Starbell808 @Karinamiramda81 @bapastro @PrincessUnicorn @JohnEvans @ElanorKriegel @sukkyongwanser @KenyaMendoza @ParkKyungSoon @JiyongLeo @AlexisJ15 @vkookie47 @simpsonsamantha @KpopIsPleasing @rocklvr @QueenPandaBunny @Yugykookie97 If you'd like to be tagged or untagged please let us know!