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My name is Julian G. Markley and I'm 43 years old. I'm a musician. I discovered a mastering service for myself mixing and mastering services, they have professionals there, and my music is always of high quality. Augie provides online mastering and mixing services to numerous musicians as well as their labels. The masters will ensure that your music is flawless. They aid us all, even though we each have individual musical preferences. Music taste is not given to one person once for all . It's something that is rather personal. You may be a part of it by nature, and 90% based on experience. However, we're born with an inborn temperament and inner rhythm and our cells are extremely vibrating in a metaphorical sense. In the beginning the whole thing is dependent on fetal development and even on the music that the mother was listening to during her pregnancy. The music that was played can resonate in a person's mind for quite a while and be unnoticed when they hear similar music years afterward. The family is also a source of influence and determines the general taste. In the adolescent years, people start to be guided by authorities, and even music-related ones. They look for a specific benchmark group and also try to be like their idols to be in the trend. Many of our classmates adored Modern Talking and Led Zeppelin simultaneously. The primary factor in forming teenagers' preferences is choosing the best group to be a part of. Once the group ceases to matter and there is an opportunity to make your own conscious decision, choices in other areas, such as what films are watched, and what books are read - can also be a major influence. It is true that the way you listen to music is part of the overall culture, but there is no direct correlation between musical tastes and intelligence. Individuals who are fast in their thinking don't listen to melancholic music. Now the music industry as a whole is influenced by the education of the nation and various government programs that encourage creativity. In addition, the technical side of music plays an important role, but the nation and, importantly, the ideological aspect remains. The music of rock, which is a form that expresses protest and tells stories of a hard life in a way that is accessible. In China for instance, the spread of music is controlled by the state. Songs that aren't restricted or contain a negative message will be removed from the internet. National authorities can regulate the musical tastes of people.
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