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What Are The Different Methods Of Teaching The English Language?
What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘teaching’? A tedious classroom with 30 to 35 students and a teacher imparting knowledge for straight forty minutes. This type of learning is not entirely beneficial these days. Children are wrapped around technology and want things to happen at a faster rate. Language teaching has evolved significantly. Role-plays, interactive games, brief graphics, and other methods have replaced traditional methods such as facilitator-led lectures. The different methods of teaching the English language are discussed below. Grammar-Translation Method Grammar is taught in the local language with explanations and is only used in the formation of sentences after being translated from one language to another. The sentence is the most basic unit of language learning and practice. The majority of the lessons are based on the translation of the mother language. The primary learning objectives are reading and writing. Students memorize grammatical rules, which they then put into practice by completing translation activities. It provides students the incorrect impression that a language is made up of isolated and self-contained words. This method causes annoyance and boredom. Based on the military drill period, the purpose of this method was to create a systematic way of learning. The Direct Method Its inventors suggest that if learning is focused on display and movement, a language can be taught without translation or the usage of the native language. It focuses on that all language learning takes place in the target language, and new material is delivered orally. In class, all instructions are given in the target language. During the first portion of the program, only study the vocabulary and phrases every day. Grammar, reading, and writing are introduced in the following phases. Students must commit a significant amount of class time to oral practice. This method arose as a result of discontent with the grammar-translation approach. The Direct Method is premised on the idea that the target language may be learned in the same manner as the mother tongue. Students must learn to think in a foreign language and communicate in it. Holm grammar emphasizes vocabulary. The Audio-Lingual Audio-Visual Method In contrast to writing and reading, the Audio-lingual Method suggests a learning approach centered on listening and oral creation. The use of the mother tongue in the classroom is discouraged in this strategy. The goal is to make learning the language a relative effort through repetition and imitation, rather than a mental load. It's a way of thinking about learning in terms of stimulus and response. Students listen to a variety of conversations and practice imitating the pronunciation and grammatical structures used in them. The student emphasizes simple and active practice. Before teaching writing and reading, students need to learn to listen and speak clearly. The instructor directs and monitors students' language acquisition in the target language. The flaws of this method are that students are taught using repetition as a technique of learning, with no possibility for them to develop something new or be spontaneous. Communicative Language Teaching The basic goals of this method are to help students build communicative competence, include them in the learning process, and give equal weight to the four language abilities i.e listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Language functions, particularly the communicative function, are also given specific attention. In class, the medium of communication is the learned language. Teachers attain this purpose by using resources that emphasize the need to express and comprehend. Errors are viewed as a typical part of the learning process for communication skills. The student takes center stage in this method, with the teacher serving as a facilitator. Other methods include the Total Physical Response method and the Task-based learning method etc.
Giới thiệu về Gia sư VietEdu
Gia sư VietEdu là 1 công ty thành viên của Tổ chức giáo dục quốc tế VietEdu (VietEdu Group), thành lập từ năm 2016. Gia sư VietEdu luôn nỗ lực trở thành Trung tâm Gia sư chất lượng hàng đầu Việt Nam, hoạt động tại các thành phố lớn là Hà Nội, TP Hồ Chí Minh, Hải Phòng... Xem thêm tại: Điểm mạnh và khác biệt của Gia sư VietEdu 1./ Công nghệ hiện đại Công nghệ được VietEdu đầu tư rất chuyên nghiệp qua hệ thống Website, phần mềm CRM để quản lý chất lượng đào tạo của Gia sư và chăm sóc Quý phụ huynh 24/7 2./ Đào tạo Chuẩn quốc tế Gia sư VietEdu có kinh nghiệm nhiều năm luyện thi chứng chỉ Tin học quốc tế MOS & IC3 cho hàng nghìn sinh viên ở các trường Đại học lớn (NEU, FTU, BA...) và người đi làm 3./ Đội ngũ Gia sư chất lượng, chuyên nghiệp Gia sư tại VietEdu là Giáo viên, Sinh viên giỏi từ các THPT chuyên và Trường Đại học lớn tại Việt Nam. Gia sư có bằng cấp chính quy, kỹ năng giảng dạy chuyên nghiệp 4./ Phương pháp Quản lý đào tạo PDCA tiên tiến Giám đốc của Gia sư VietEdu là Thầy giáo Chu Đức Dũng, có nhiều năm kinh nghiệm đào tạo và có bằng giảng dạy Quốc tế (Bằng TESOL, MOS, IC3, Microsoft Certified Educator...). Thầy và đội ngũ sẽ quản lý Gia sư bằng phương pháp PDCA (Plan - Do - Check - Act) tiên tiến, để có thành quả đào tạo cao nhất!
Fashion School in Kolkata
The best fashion school in Kolkata – GIFT Design Academy as a strong industry connect through its ex students and faculties. All faculty members are active members of the industry in one way or the other.  2) Design as a Career Career in design is all about creating something which looks appealing and beautiful to the eye. It requires innovative and artistic people. Career includes working as Fashion Designer, Interi or Designer and there are unlimited job opportunities in India and abroad.  3) GIFT Design Academy’s unique features which makes it the best fashion school in Kolkata a) Industrial internship b) Experienced faculty c) Practical courses d) Unique and innovative training e) Syllabus on part with national and international standards f) Guest lectures by Industry professionals GIFT Design Academy is one of the best fashion school in Kolkata. The Institute comprises of the best-in-class faculty members. We aim to project the Institute as a innovation and learning Centre which is ever ready to fit the ever changing environment of designing industry. What makes GIFT Design Academy rank among the best fashion school in Kolkata is its commitment to provide the highest quality education to the students and help them to excel in the field of art and design. Courses offered at best fashion school in Kolkata: 1) 1 year Fashion Design 2) 2 years fashion designing course 3) 3 years fashion designing and integrated management course.  This exciting course provides you with essential learning for fashion and textile industry.
How to improve the concentration skills of my child
Kids love to play; they try their best to avoid things that don’t interest them. Therefore they make excuses to avoid other works and do not give their best to them. Sometimes due to their mischievous nature, they don’t focus on the given work, but sometimes the reason behind it is more complex and dire. Kids need to possess good concentration skills to complete a task successfully. However, a lack of concentration skills makes them confuse easily, and they can’t stick to one task for an extended period and quite easily get distracted with other things. Having less focus ability might also affect their future because from studies to career to social life, everything depends on how attentive a person is. After learning that, you must surely want to know how to improve concentration in kids, but before that, you must have a better idea of the general signs of an unfocused kid. . They easily get distracted . All-time daydreamer . Are not able to keep things scheduled . Show lesser interest in things . Find hard to learn something deeply. Various senior personalities have deemed concentration skills vital for their healthy development and termed them as necessary for a better learning process. The first essential for the child’s development is concentration. The child who concentrates is immensely happy-Dr. Maria Montessori. Now, it’s a common dilemma for a parent, as to how they can expect good development of their kid when even he/she is not able to give proper attention to essential things. However, the first question in parents’ minds will be how to improve kids’ concentration, and here you will find some easy to adopt methods. These child concentration exercises are more like the habits that one needs to take on in their daily lives, specially fabricated keeping kids’ interests and capabilities. Games & exercises for kids to improve their concentration skills. It is a well-known fact that if you want your child to get into some habit, then you need to do it in a fun-oriented and gripping way. Premium psychologists and child specialists have joined their hands to create some child concentration exercises and games combined in one to improve concentration. Like the other body muscles, brain muscles also need a workout; it strengthens them and improves their ability and capability. Here we’re mentioning some brain exercise by Vidhyashram International School , the best CBSE school in Jodhpur .  Given below are some Brain exercises & games : Sequencing Games These games involve activities related to arranging and sequencing objects, like following a list of steps, putting the things in order. It provides the required work out for the brain muscles and improves the concentration level. They also improve the memorizing capability of a kid in a playful way. With the time limit factor, the mind responds faster and provides them with a much-needed dose of child concentration exercises.  Memory Games Spot the difference- A game in which one has to find minor differences between two almost similar pictures. Also, the flashing pictures game where you have to match a picture to a previously seen one is a stellar game to boost concentration skills. These are uncomplicated fun games but are very crucial for increasing concentration skills. When a child repeatedly tries to memorize a number, picture, or figure, his cognitive and attention capabilities improve. Puzzle & Maze Games These games provide pretty good exercise to the brain muscles; they help improve the concentration, planning, and memorizing power of the mind. A puzzle and maze challenge the mind to reason, to find patterns; it also improves the processing speed of the brain. Also, some maze games involve physical activity, which improves the motor skills of a kid; it also improves mind-body coordination. The variety available with these games will offer you with a complete bunch of child concentration exercises. Command Based Games These are the best gates to improve the concentration of a kid on a particular thing; for several game-like “Statue” or just “Sit” makes a child more patient and focused. As a significant after-effect of lack of concentration in kids, they get distracted very soon and cannot concentrate on work for a long time. This game improves their tolerance power; they get trained not to get distracted easily and stick to a set of commands or work for a long duration. Repeated days with this game or exercise increases the bonding between the mind and body, along with the significant improvement in concentration skills. Meditation & Breathing These child concentration exercises are good for the mind and body. Kids need to focus on their breathing rhythm and patterns; it relaxes their mind, just like the outer body needs a rest after the hard work. Meditation is a popular exercise to relax the mind; it improves focus and frees the mind from other distractions. Getting the kids to do meditation and breathing exercises from a younger age develops their focusing power much faster. Also, they get aligned to set their priorities slowly, under the guidance of elders. Sports & Recreational Activities The mind not only needs academic and calculative methods to improve its abilities, overhauling with the help of sports and other recreational activities improves the focusing & attention power of the mind. Not only do they relax the mind but also better the mind-body coordination; motor skills get improved when a kid is involved in any physical activity. With uplifted social and behavior skills, along with the grown happiness quotient of your child, you are going to recommend games for improving concentration. Many other exercises and games have found their way into the recommended schedule for kids. It is best to follow these child concentration exercises at as early age as possible because a child’s mind is like raw clay, and if we start molding it for good at the primary age, it is helpful for kids and parents both. Along with the exercise and games for improving concentration, we the Vidhyashram International School , the suggest some following some ground changes in lifestyle, which affect the kid for good. 1. Prepare A Daily Routine For Kids’ Children don’t possess much flexible work skills as adults; they mix up things until and unless they don’t get a proper schedule. Therefore, you should finalize the timings for everything like for studying, playing, having food, watching TV, etc. It will help kids in having more arranged and less distraction during daily schedules, which will improve their concentration skills significantly.  2.  Short Breaks And Power Naps To Improve Concentration Skills When we do a physical workout, we take short gaps between exercises for regaining energy. Similarly, the mind also needs refreshing breaks in between mind exercise, studies, etc. for refocusing. Power naps are said to be quite helpful to relax the mind; in fact, some studies propose 20 minutes of power naps in school time.   3. Break Large Tasks Into Smaller Ones & Propose Short Time Goals Kids learn to focus for a long time after time and repeated efforts, so it is advisable to feed them with smaller tasks instead of larger ones so that they do not lose concentration. As time passes, they learn to handle large ones themselves.
How TADBEER Centers are Transforming the Maid Services in Dubai
Having a domestic worker in the home is part and parcel of Dubai lifestyle. There is a huge demand for household workers in Dubai such as maids, nannies, housekeepers, babysitters, cooks, caregivers, drivers, etc. No matter whether it’s an Emirati or an Expat family, most of them prefers to have hired a maid for their services in the household. It’s often a picture to see in any most demanded business product or service areas to have some foul plays, it’s no different here in the case of agencies providing domestic workers services. The customers were the first ones to suffer from those challenges where the issues of illegal human trafficking, forced labour, maid absconding, etc., given a good headache for them. While the situation of the domestic workers was also bad as they got exploited by the agents with high recruitment fees, broken promises of a peaceful work contract, etc. Why TADBEER Centers? As a result of increasing incidents of discomfort and complaints among the employers and maids as well, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) has given a real thought for a solution to bring things under full control of the authority and hence the idea of setting up a TADBEER Center for managing domestic workers services was born. The TADBEER Centers were established in the year 2018 as a Public - Private Partnership system where the government is having complete supervision over all the activities involved. It was the primary objective of the ministry to ensure satisfaction for both the hiring families and the domestic workers. How TADBEER Centers are Working? The TADBEER offices are designed to work as a One-Stop Destination to provide everything related to domestic workers services in the United Arab Emirates. The transparent nature of the system, where the government is having authoritative control of things, making it a good to go option for both parties, the maids and the employers. · Ethical Recruitment The centers are instructed to abide strict ethical recruitment policies which starts from the source nation of the domestic worker. The domestic worker law in the UAE strictly says that the workers should be aware of all the things related to their work before leaving their home country such as their work nature, terms and conditions of the contract they are going to sign, their workplace and the rest period they are allowed, etc. · Domestic Workers Training Programs The TADBEER Centers are entitled to provide professional training to the inexperienced domestic worker candidates they are recruiting. They should set up training programs to upskill the qualities of the candidates based on their job’s nature before being to the respective families. A maid should be taught basic housekeeping lessons while it’s important for the nannies to be learnt the baby care including the paediatric first aid training. · All Government Typing Works It’s through the TADBEER agencies the domestic workers work contract and visa application processes are being done. All the government typing works are managed by the center on behalf of the customers. The families can apply for new maid visa, get visa renewal and cancellation services, etc., by visiting the office. In other words, the TADBEER offers successful completion of every step required to finalize the domestic worker hiring process which include opening a sponsor file, entry permit, medical fitness tests, Emirates ID, health insurance, employment contract, etc. TADBEER centers are the only agencies approved and licensed by the UAE government to provide the domestic workers services. It’s the legal path to hiring a maid or nanny for your residential needs, stick to it and avoid any illegal route as it’s going to save you from headaches.