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Let's Discuss: Are males and females equal?

Let's Discuss: Are males and females equal?
To answer this, let's break it down into sections: Physically Mentally Socially I believe these all tie together, though it could be prudent to view them separately as much as possible.
When we take two entities Male and Female, Mensuration tells us to define equality. There are so many things that we can't measure and there might be so many external and internal factors that effects the measurement
Of course, many if not all things are impossible to measure in an 100% accurate way, but we can attempt to talk about some of the main things
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it depends on the qualifying criteria of such a statement. In terms of my overall opinion I don't find a difference that inequalities can't be weighted and factored evenly unless you really referred to "equal" the artificial sweetener then my response would be, "Equal is most certainly not gender specific and although it's like sugar it's not equal to it
on a serious note physically: both created of the same DNA and the same bodies at the beginning of their uterine existence until 6 weeks approx when a chemical injection of testosterone could or could not turn the gender based differences masculine. Usually this occurs but sometimes a masculine female results without known reasons just like a feminine male sometimes results instead. This is irrelevant of sexual orientation and can make the waters muddy with the criteria of equality in a physical sense with the crossover of traits that are more prevalalent with the gender determination of male or female. With gender based equality we must also take transgender/transsexual individuals into consideration as it is deemed medically conclusive to be a real condition. With the acceptance of transgender/transsexual we really have to eliminate the male and female body as equalisers because the body may not match the mind and in effect cancels out the entire body and mind as factors. in conclusion physically is irrelevant mentally is also irrelevant after both cancel out as effective gauges with the mind not matching the body or vice versa regarding genders male and female. socially therefore is the only equaliser and it is simply whos perspective you take as to who is stronger/weaker. therefore I conclude socially is not relevant to change the balance from equal so I declare EQUAL THE RESULT
Great thoughts there. In response Katie, I would point out that what most people view as male and female do not have the same DNA from the very moment a zygote (The fertilised egg) is created. Male and female zygotes can be identified by the sex chromosomes, XY and XX respectively. The chemical injection you refer too does shape the development of the cells, but it is the sex chromosomes which ask for the hormones in a way. Now this is where definition is important, and would be a excellent topic of debate in of itself, as you are suggesting that gender (Referring to what a person feels their sex is) is the qualifying point in deciding whether a person is male of female, which as you said indeed muddys the water. Certainly there are cases also where there are sometimes different vatations of sex cells in a person, like XXY and XXX and more, which have different results on how the person develops, and when you add that to the mix it becomes even more complex. I would also say where some doctors say transgenic feelings are medical, others may not and you'd have to make the discion personally on evidence. I personally would count it as a biological occurance if their brain showed the chemical patters and/or make up of the opposite sex rather than the person would feel more comfortable as the other sex as that could come from other external factors. One can say that these cases are the exception and not the norm, and so can't be used to prove the rule, however you are correct, in discussion all things should be considered before dismissal. Due to the complexity of transgender, mentally and physically, I would suggest that we save that for another discussion (Which I will make up now) and that we should limit exceptions by focusing purely on the sexes of male and female with XY and XX chromosomes, solely for the purpose of moving things forward
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I think it really depends on how males and females were raised and in what environment were they grown, I think it makes a huge difference in this comparison, mentally and physically
like a man can be raised to be completely different than what is known about males and vice versa
plus I think cuz there's alot of variables if we compare it that way( males and females) it's better to think of it like comparing two people,
Culture does have an influence on how we behave. But, this all behaves in the realm of science. Men and women follow a lot of trends that are matching for their sex. I believe your sex and gender are very close. There is of course outliers in the world but that doesn't discredit the vast majority.
we all start off as female then as the egg develops it changes gender.
Equality is something that we will be forever fighting. Why do we want to be equal there are reasons for the difference. If there was only supposed to be one there would be.
anatomically: no socially: they should be but presently aren't