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Thẩm mỹ Cấy tóc Tự thân Công nghệ cao Nam Nữ | I SIAM Clinic
Theo cấu trúc có thể thấy mỗi sợi tóc bao gồm 2 phần là thân tóc (là phần nhìn thấy phía ngoài da đầu) và nang tóc (là phần nằm sâu bên trong). Nang tóc có nhiệm vụ quan trọng trong việc tạo nên một mái tóc dày khỏe, theo đó nang tóc sẽ sinh sản cho sợi tóc được dài ra liên tục (Một mái tóc bình thường trung bình mỗi ngày sẽ dài ra khoảng 0.3 mm, và mỗi tháng ít nhất phải dài ra 1 cm). Ngoài ra ở mỗi cổ nang tóc có tuyến bã luôn tiết chất nhờn có tác dụng dưỡng nang tóc khỏi gãy rụng, khô xơ và vừa giữ ẩm da đầu. Thông thường mỗi nang tóc có chu kỳ sinh trưởng vòng đời trung bình 2-4 năm ở nam giới và 4-6 năm ở nữ giới. Tuy nhiên nếu bạn có một nang tóc yếu thì vòng đời này sẽ rất ngắn và dẫn tới việc rụng tóc liên tục gây mỏng tóc, lộ da đầu.  Theo các chuyên gia đã phân tích và cho biết rụng tóc có 2 dạng là rụng tóc có hồi phục và rụng tóc không hồi phục. Với các trường hợp rụng tóc có hồi phục nhưng kéo dài trong thời gian quá thì cũng trở thành rụng tóc không hồi phục. Để giải quyết vấn đề này cũng như mang lại giải pháp thẩm mỹ tối ưu nhất cho khách hàng bị rụng tóc/hói đầu, các bác sĩ Viện Thẩm Mỹ I SIAM đã tìm ra và ứng dụng thành công một phương pháp hiệu quả bậc nhất hiện nay chuyển giao kỹ thuật từ nước ngoài, đó là phương pháp là cấy tóc tự thân. Cấy tóc tự thân cũng có thể áp dụng cho cấy tóc nữ. cấy tóc nam, cấy tóc trán cao,… Xem toàn bộ bài viết tại: Xem thêm:
Arm Liposuction Vs. Arm Lift - Which One Is Right For You?
For people who believe their arms are a problem area, there are two options. Liposuction and arm lift surgery. The best procedure for you will depend on whether you want to remove excess fat or tighten sagging skin. In some cases, combining both treatments may be recommended by your cosmetic surgeon if he or she believes it will create the greatest results. Whether the root of someone's arm problems is excess fat, loose and sagging skin, or a combination of the two, it can have a substantial influence on self-confidence and mental health by making them feel uneasy and nervous about how they look in particular types of clothing. It can even prohibit people from completely enjoying their life since they avoid beaches, local swimming pools, and any other situation that requires them to expose their arms. Liposuction can be used to decrease excess arm fat. Liposuction is an excellent procedure for those of you who find it difficult to remove unwanted excess fat from your arms, especially if your skin has the elasticity to tighten and shrink back to a normal tautness. You risk having loose and drooping skin if your skin does not have the ability to instantly snap back into place, which is why your plastic surgeon in Mumbai may advise you to combine your liposuction treatment with arm lift surgery. Arm lift surgery can remove sagging skin on the arms. Arm lift surgery, also known as brachioplasty surgery, is frequently performed on patients who wish to remove unsightly drooping skin that forms the dreaded "bingo wings." When a person loses a significant amount of weight, the skin on the arms sags. Liposuction followed by arm lift surgery may be effective if you've lost a lot of weight but still have some on your arms that you're having difficulties getting rid of. It's crucial to note that there is a limit to how much fat may be removed if each cosmetic operation is performed concurrently, so chat to your cosmetic surgeon about what's practical. Most arm liposuction in Mumbai and arm lift surgery treatments necessitate a small incision on the underneath or back of the arm that is well concealed. If fat needs to be removed from the outside of the arm, it can be more difficult to do so in a smooth contour, thus scarring may be visible in some cases - nevertheless, these issues, and whether they relate to you, should be discussed in depth during your appointment.
Why Do Some Men Have 'Boobs'? And How To Get Rid Of The Problem.
While the condition is colloquially known as "man boobs," the medical term for the swelling of male breast tissue is gynecomastia, which translates as "male breast enlargement." At least 25% of men between the ages of 50 and 69 suffer from gynecomastia, and male breast reduction surgery (also known as gynecomastia surgery in Mumbai) is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments. What Exactly Is Gynecomastia and How Does It Affect You? Gynecomastia is an endocrine disorder characterized by enlargement of the male breast tissue. Gynecomastia is caused by a hormonal imbalance in which the body contains a higher percentage of oestrogen than is usual. During puberty, boys' bodies generate mostly testosterone and only a trace of oestrogen, the primary hormone in the development of female sexuality. When testosterone levels are lower than normal and the ratio of the two sex hormones is higher than usual, it is imbalanced. As a result of increased oestrogen levels, male breast tissue can enlarge. Even though gynecomastia is not dangerous to one's health, it can be an aesthetic issue with emotional consequences. A lot of causes might contribute to gynecomastia. Gynecomastia can occur at any age in men and is typically caused by hormonal changes. Because of the oestrogen left over from their mother's pregnancy, newborn males usually have bigger breasts after birth. It is possible that a hormonal imbalance will reoccur during adolescence or as an older man, resulting in a higher oestrogen to testosterone ratio. Most boys who are born with enlarged breast tissue due to oestrogen in their mother's placenta will find that the swelling has gone a few weeks after birth. Pubertal gynecomastia, on the other hand, affects young guys during puberty, beginning as early as the age of ten and lasting up to the age of eighteen. In certain circumstances, gynecomastia recurs later in life. As men age, their testosterone levels fall and their fatty tissue grows, which can lead to senile gynecomastia (male breast enlargement). Hormones, on the other hand, are not the main factor. Obesity, malnutrition, liver disease, hyperthyroidism, hypogonadism, prostate cancer, and renal failure are just a few of the medical conditions that can induce gynecomastia. It can also be caused by drugs like marijuana or heroin, prescription medications like anabolic steroids, corticosteroids, digoxin, and calcium channel blockers, as well as over-the-counter medications like Flagyl, Propecia, Spironolactone, Valium, and Zantac, and herbal remedies like lavender or tea tree oil. The source of a disease does not always result in a noticeable change in appearance. How to Identify and Treat Gynecomastia The pain in the breasts when gynecomastia first occurs can be excruciating. A bulge of fatty tissue could be the first sign of a disease. The lump may become more sensitive to touch as the swelling continues, however this sensitivity may eventually fade. While one breast may appear larger than the other at initially, the proportions gradually even out. Gynecomastia is described as any extension of the male breast; however, multiple grading systems exist to differentiate between the various degrees of enlargement that can occur. A shortened version of the Simon and Rohrich classification models is provided below: Grade I: Minor breast growth with no extra skin (250g breast tissue) Grade IIa: Moderate enlargement with no extra skin (250 to 500g of breast tissue) Grade IIb: Moderate enlargement with slight extra skin (250 to 500g of breast tissue) Grade III: Severe hypertrophy (more than 500g of breast tissue) with grade I ptosis Grade IV enlargement is severe, with grade II or grade III ptosis. Gynecomastia Surgery is a surgical treatment for treating the disorder. While gynecomastia is not always a medical concern, male breast reduction surgery is becoming more popular as a way to alleviate the disease's visual and psychological impacts on the male breast. Liposuction and excision, either alone or in combination, are the two most popular and effective procedures. Liposuction is advised for people with mild to moderate gynecomastia, which is characterized as breast enlargement with small gland hypertrophy and little excess skin. Another common discovery is that many individuals have a little amount of fibrous glandular tissue under the nipple, which can be removed by direct excision by a small incision around the areola. When performing liposuction for gynecomastia, procedures such as power-assisted liposuction (PAL) or ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL) can help to remove fibrous tissue more efficiently. In more severe cases, more intrusive procedures may be required. For extreme gynecomastia, skin excision is required to address the ptosis and excess skin. Liposuction will not suffice on its own. Following the removal of drooping skin and tissue from the chest, it is usual for the nipple-areola to be temporarily removed and returned as a graft in a more appropriate location on the chest after many severe cases have occurred. During the recovery period, patients frequently wear bandages and support garments to prevent edoema and give support for the chest as it heals. Depending on the procedure, a catheter may be momentarily put beneath the skin to remove any excess fluid. Most people can resume their normal habits within a few days, however some patients may experience edoema for several weeks following the treatment. Gynecomastia surgery cost in Mumbai ranges from Rs 90,000 to Rs 1,50,000 in 2021, and it should be noted that the procedure is not covered by most insurance policies in the nation. Alternative treatments for gynecomastia that do not include surgery According to a recent study, non-invasive treatments for gynecomastia do not have the same level of success as surgical procedures. Androgens (such as testosterone, dihydrotestosterone, and danazol), anti-estrogens (such as clomiphene citrate and tamoxifen), and aromatase inhibitors (such as abiraterone acetate) are examples of these (letrozole and anastrozole). Many patients report no meaningful improvement as a result of the treatment. It is possible to give testosterone to people who have an abnormally low level of the hormone, and danazol, a synthetic testosterone that suppresses oestrogen synthesis, may be helpful in some cases. Gynecomastia is a medical disorder for which there is now no effective treatment. It may be best to address any underlying reasons of gynecomastia that can be addressed through a change in lifestyle before resorting to prescription medication. If gynecomastia is not caused by hormones, the first step in treating it is to identify and treat the underlying reason. The therapy of underlying systemic disease comprises the removal of a tumor as well as the treatment of any offending chemicals, such as medications or illicit narcotics, as well as the discontinuation of any offending agents. The essential point to remember. Men who have enormous breast tissue may seek treatment to shrink the size of their chest. Gynecomastia affects a huge proportion of the male population during the course of their lives, and while the medical issues linked with the illness are minor, men with enlarged breast tissue may seek treatment to lower the size of their chest. Liposuction or excision can be used alone or in combination with other treatments to treat gynecomastia. The effects are usually long-lasting. Patients with gynecomastia caused by non-hormonal factors such as prescription medications, illicit drugs, or weight gain must maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid surgical intervention and long-term problems. You can ensure that men receive the most appropriate treatment for their problem by consulting with a board-certified plastic surgeon in India.
Thẩm mỹ Độn cằm, Gọt cằm Hàn Quốc – Thái – Mỹ | I SIAM Clinic
Một chiếc cằm thô, bạnh chắc hẳn sẽ là nguyên nhân khiến khuôn mặt bạn kém thanh thoát, quyến rũ. Phẫu thuật độn cằm, gọt cằm theo công nghệ Hàn Quốc – Thái – Mỹ tại Viện thẩm mỹ I SIAM chính là giải pháp hoàn hảo giúp chị em lấy lại vẻ đẹp hài hòa,  điều chỉnh dáng cằm về vị trí cân đối V line hơn. Hãy dành 5 phút để tìm hiểu rõ hơn về dịch vụ làm đẹp này nhé! Những dịch vụ thẩm mỹ cằm, độn cằm tại I SIAM Tìm hiểu về thẩm mỹ độn cằm Độn cằm được hiểu là phương pháp làm đẹp có sự tác động xâm lấn của dao kéo. Mục đích là nhằm cải thiện các khuyết điểm kém duyên của cằm. Để thực hiện phương pháp này các chuyên gia các chuyên gia của I SIAM đã sử dụng chất liệu độn phù hợp giúp chiếc cằm dài hơn thon hơn. Có thể thực hiện bằng phương pháp kỹ thuật độn cằm phẫu thuật và không phẫu thuật. Là phương pháp sử dụng chất liệu độn phù hợp nhằm giúp cải thiện khuyết điểm giúp cằm trông thon gọn hơn Hiện các phương pháp độn cằm tự nhiên dường như rất được ưa chuộng. Bởi vì tính đơn giản cũng như mang đến hiệu quả cao trong thẩm mỹ đã “đốn tim” tín đồ mê cái đẹp. Có hai kỹ thuật phẫu thuật độn, gọt cằm bạn nên biết như sau: Độn cằm đường mổ trong Độn cằm đường mổ ngoài Mỗi một kỹ thuật đều có những ưu nhược điểm riêng. Do đó tùy vào nhu cầu và sự lựa chọn của khách hàng mà chúng tôi sử dụng kỹ thuật thích hợp. “Điểm danh” các dịch vụ thẩm mỹ cằm, độn cằm tại I SIAM Xem toàn bộ bài viết: Nguồn: Xem thêm:
5 Most Effective Body Contouring Procedures After Weight Loss
The skin is the largest organ of the body. It is made of millions of thriving cells. The skin has many qualities, one of them being elasticity. The skin can stretch brilliantly and retract to its original position. However, there are times when the skin gets stretched excessively. This happens when you gain a lot of weight or when women are in their third trimester of pregnancy. Now, when you lose a massive amount of weight or when a woman gives birth, the stretched skin may not be able to come back to its original position quickly. This makes the skin loose and it hangs at the area where you lost a lot of weight from. This is natural and nothing to worry about. However, this may give you an unshapely appearance despite having lost a lot of weight. The temporary weakening of skin’s elasticity post weight loss can lead to flabby and loose skin, which does not give you an attractive appearance. What to do? Relax. You can choose from a string of body contouring options after weight loss. A few are invasive, while others are non-invasive. Here are a few popular body contouring procedures: 1. Tummy tuck In most cases, flabby and loose skin can be seen around the abdomen and this makes your body appear unshapely. In spite of working hard to lose weight, many people are still unable to flaunt their dream body due to the flabby skin. Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty helps to tighten loose skin and abdominal muscles and give your tummy a well-toned and slimmer appearance. 2. Body lift Many people have loose skin that extends beyond the tummy. Body lift helps to eliminate excess skin. At the same time, the procedure lifts the buttocks, lateral thighs, and flanks. If there is significant loose skin horizontally and vertically, the procedure can be modified for removing the skin vertically. This procedure dramatically transforms your body appearance, especially after weight loss. 3. Thigh lift This is a popular body contouring surgery in Frederick, MD. It features medial thigh lift that removes extra fat and skin from the inner thigh area, from the groin to the knee. Please discuss your specific needs with the surgeon so that they do their best to enhance the shape and size of your legs. 4. Arm lift Arm lift is also called brachioplasty. This procedure removes extra fat and skin at the forearm area, from the armpit to the elbow. This gives your forearms a toned and slimmer look. Usually, incisions are done at the inside of the arm. 5. Breast lift Women generally notice a drastic change in their breasts after massive weight loss. As you lose weight, your breasts lose volume and they appear sagging or deflated. A breast lift body contouring procedure after weight loss tightens the skin around the breast. It lifts, repositions, and reshapes the breast. If your breasts have lost a lot of volume and appear smaller, you can combine two procedures, such as breast lift with breast augmentation. Conclusion: Body contouring gives people a wonderful option of reshaping their body after losing massive weight. This helps them get a dream body. Consult the best surgeon and discuss your specific needs with them so that you can choose the right procedure for your body.
Find Cheap and Good Quality PET Bottles Wholesale
It is very easy to get plastic bottles wholesale at cheap prices. The price of these products varies with different plastics manufacturing companies in Pakistan. People can search on the internet for the best and reasonable plastic bottles that fit their budget. Pakistan is one of the developing countries and most of the plastic bottles and other plastic products made in this country are exported to countries around the world. Pakistan is also known as a major exporter of pet plastic products. Most of the plastic bottles and other plastic jars are imported into the United Kingdom, Canada and the US. These products are used to fill water bottles, food storage tanks, and medical testing devices. In addition to the above-mentioned products, Pakistan is also known for producing quality plastic bottles and other packaging that can be used for personal or business purpose. These products are not only used for household purposes but Plastic Bottles Wholesale in Pakistan can also be used for shipping purposes. Pakistan is one of the largest exporters of pet plastic jars and other products. Most of the people import these products from China, India and various other Asian countries. If you wish to buy the products in lower than the market price, you can search on the internet and find out the right and reliable suppliers. These suppliers offer different kinds of plastic bottles, plastic jars and other packaging materials at affordable rates. Currently, there is no limit to the number of plastic products manufacturers in pakistan that can be used for packaging. Thus, there is a great demand for containers made of different kinds of plastic material. Hdpe bottles are mostly used for glass replacement and they are very durable. Plastic is now being used for different purposes, especially, small business and big companies are using it for packaging and other purposes. Pet plastic bottles and pet bottles wholesale can easily be found in online stores. There are some popular websites available on the internet, which offer this kind of product. They have wide varieties of variety to choose from. You can choose between plastic jugs for pet plastic bottles wholesale, both of which are perfect for shipping purpose. There are some reputed online stores, which offer these kinds of products and you can easily order them via internet. Huge Range Of PET Bottles Wholesale Products Plastic is used for so many purposes, but the most common ones are for shipping and packing purposes. There are many companies across the globe, which now offer these kinds of products to their clients. The companies manufacture and ship different kinds of plastic bottles and they can be customized according to your requirements. You can order any kind of size and color of the black plastic bottles and other products that you like to place on the store shelves. The prices of the plastic bottles are also very less, sometimes they can be as little as 20% of the market price. You can find a huge range of products that are used as containers for storing different kinds of liquid. You can select various kinds of containers like glass, ceramic, metal, and plastic bottles and various other products for the various purposes. You can also find some special kinds of PET bottles for various kinds of products like cosmetics, soaps, detergents, cleaning agents, lubricants, oils and even medicine. Some of the popular brands of the PET Bottles are Durable plastic, Ethosurfact, Nuplex, Kerastase, Polyscience, Sun-rose, Thermoplastic and many more. Nowadays, there are so many people who are looking for cheap and good quality PET bottles to use for their shipping purposes. Some of the common brands of the amber plastic bottles are Abraxas, Aquaverve, Bionaire, Clorets, Evian, Drke, Esurance, Fortis, Glaxo, Goodig, Iceberg, Jolly, Lamson, Norve, Omron, Piel Frama, Recliner, Shure and Thermostat. Many of these products are very much in demand throughout the world. There are some people who love to collect these products. Some of them are even willing to pay the price of these PET bottles for the sake of maintaining the quality and durability of the product. So, if you are also planning to buy some of the amber plastic bottles wholesale then do not forget to check out the online stores.