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Is it a good choice to invest in commercial properties after a pandemic?
Even though real estate investments are always capital intensive, retail investors still prefer to invest in this sector. The reason is that people expect price appreciation of the properties as well as growth in rental income.    During the past few years or so, the real estate sector has seen a bit of stagnation. This was more pronounced in the residential sector. However, the commercial sector still did better. Commercial real estate properties that saw more of buyer’s interest include office spaces, warehouses, IT parks, malls, etc. Many multinational companies have set up their offices, including data hubs in metro cities, resulting in better investment options for investors.  Population growth and rising consumer demand have fuelled the development of real estate properties. Therefore, despite the occasional economic cyclic downturn, the industry saw people interested in buying different properties. This was manageable till the Covid-19 struck in 2020. The sudden pandemic put brakes on the commercial real estate growth, with the offices having to bear the brunt of lockdowns, work from the home (WFH) concept that resulted in lower office space demand.  Industry outlook  Hopefully, things are looking a bit better. 2021 started with the vaccination drive against Covid and hence better anticipation and planning of lockdown in the second wave of the pandemic has resulted in commercial real estate still a favourable investment.  The work from home concept is not expected to be the sweeping change in the work culture and will be restricted to specific sectors and job profiles. Even this decline in demand will be offset by other areas such as e-commerce, healthcare, and the information technology industry.  Is it feasible to invest now?  Experts feel that Covid is not there to stay permanently, and commercial estate properties are expected to bounce back. The recovery could be short to medium term, and therefore it is a good investment option for people who are looking forward to long-term gains. Commercial properties, in any case, gave better returns than residential properties, whether it was price appreciation or rental income.  Few reasons for investing in real estate  · Reduction in stamp duty in certain states to boost the real estate market hit by the covid crisis. This is expected to result in huge savings for the buyers. · The drop in prices due to lower demand during lockdowns allows investors to buy commercial properties at attractive prices.  This will ultimately give a decent Return on Investment (ROI) in the long run.  · Post the pandemic, economies are expected to open with corporates experiencing greater demand for office spaces.  It is better to buy Grade A offices as they command better rental incomes even if they cost more. On the other hand, a lower grade office may risk lying vacant or command good rentals.  · Real estate developers are showing recovery in office rentals, making it an excellent time to invest now. · Real Estate Investment trust (REIT) is becoming popular with corporates entering this space and adding millions of commercial spaces in their portfolios. Retail investors can become a part of this by investing in the shares of such REIT.  Conclusion  If one is staying in any metro city, especially those known for commercial activities, it is a good idea to invest in commercial property. Even in regular times when the prices were skyrocketing, investors found properties as a preferred asset class with decent returns of around 7%-8%. For those staying in tier II cities, which is earmarked for smart cities, more development and employment opportunities are tremendous opportunities to invest in commercial properties here. Website: CORPORATE OFFICE ADDRESS #39, M.H. TOWERS, RAILWAY PARALLEL ROAD, NEHRU NAGAR, KUMARA PARK WEST, SHESHADRIPURAM, BENGALURU, KARNATAKA 560020, INDIA +91 7676760007
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