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Baby Care Products, Infant & Child Accessories - Pigeon Arabia
PIGEON is the top brand in mother and baby care products. It is the name that spells comfort and convenience. Our consistent groundwork and comprehensive research to provide the highest levels of comfort, protection, and efficiency make us the peoples’ favourite brand in the market. We are an all-in-one solution for all your needs from pregnancy to childcare, with a wide variety of items under the PIGEON banner. PIGEON has always strived to create easy-to-use and affordable products for every stage of motherhood. Pigeon delivers a range of accessories, bottles, teats, pacifiers, baby toiletries, baby wet wipes, weaning accessories in addition to breast pumps and breastfeeding. We have been a reliable and Preferred brand in making user-friendly products for mothers, babies, and toddlers. PIGEON, an ISO 9001-2008 accredited organization, has steadily evolved over the years to become a brand second to none. PIGEON promotes the healthy development of the baby and the happiness of the mother and family through innovation and invention. The basis of their strong growth is an even stronger R&D unit. Based on three important processes, they create products that suit our exact needs: · Extensive study on the needs of new mothers and babies · Market research to identify the gaps between demand and supply · Their knowledgeable and motivated team of researchers Some of the products includes: •Breast Feeding •Bottle Feeding •Nipples/Teats •Cleansing/Sterilizing •Pacifiers •Skin Care •Oral Care & Teethers •Health Care •Weaning & Food Accessories •Hygiene Care Baby’s steady development and mother’s satisfaction is the top priority for Pigeon. Our efficient research and development department is built upon three important pillars to deliver exactly what you require. Research and Development Our efficient research and development department is built upon three important pillars to deliver exactly what you require. •In-depth study of mother and baby needs. •Consideration of gaps in demand and supply in the market. •Our highly motivated team of researchers. In the heart of our research activities lies our Central Research Center (CRC) which was established in Tsukuba Mirai city in Ibaraki Prefecture in 1991. We further established another wing of CRC in Singapore in the year 2011, with a primary objective to gather data about the products related to breastfeeding. Visit for more: Facebook: Instagram link: YouTube link: Office Info: Address: Plot No. MO 0155, Junction No. 13, Behind Lipton Factory - Jebel Ali Free Zone Dubai, United Arab Emirates ☏ Tel: +971 4 8814434 🖷 Fax: +971 4 8813102
How TADBEER Centers are Transforming the Maid Services in Dubai
Having a domestic worker in the home is part and parcel of Dubai lifestyle. There is a huge demand for household workers in Dubai such as maids, nannies, housekeepers, babysitters, cooks, caregivers, drivers, etc. No matter whether it’s an Emirati or an Expat family, most of them prefers to have hired a maid for their services in the household. It’s often a picture to see in any most demanded business product or service areas to have some foul plays, it’s no different here in the case of agencies providing domestic workers services. The customers were the first ones to suffer from those challenges where the issues of illegal human trafficking, forced labour, maid absconding, etc., given a good headache for them. While the situation of the domestic workers was also bad as they got exploited by the agents with high recruitment fees, broken promises of a peaceful work contract, etc. Why TADBEER Centers? As a result of increasing incidents of discomfort and complaints among the employers and maids as well, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) has given a real thought for a solution to bring things under full control of the authority and hence the idea of setting up a TADBEER Center for managing domestic workers services was born. The TADBEER Centers were established in the year 2018 as a Public - Private Partnership system where the government is having complete supervision over all the activities involved. It was the primary objective of the ministry to ensure satisfaction for both the hiring families and the domestic workers. How TADBEER Centers are Working? The TADBEER offices are designed to work as a One-Stop Destination to provide everything related to domestic workers services in the United Arab Emirates. The transparent nature of the system, where the government is having authoritative control of things, making it a good to go option for both parties, the maids and the employers. · Ethical Recruitment The centers are instructed to abide strict ethical recruitment policies which starts from the source nation of the domestic worker. The domestic worker law in the UAE strictly says that the workers should be aware of all the things related to their work before leaving their home country such as their work nature, terms and conditions of the contract they are going to sign, their workplace and the rest period they are allowed, etc. · Domestic Workers Training Programs The TADBEER Centers are entitled to provide professional training to the inexperienced domestic worker candidates they are recruiting. They should set up training programs to upskill the qualities of the candidates based on their job’s nature before being to the respective families. A maid should be taught basic housekeeping lessons while it’s important for the nannies to be learnt the baby care including the paediatric first aid training. · All Government Typing Works It’s through the TADBEER agencies the domestic workers work contract and visa application processes are being done. All the government typing works are managed by the center on behalf of the customers. The families can apply for new maid visa, get visa renewal and cancellation services, etc., by visiting the office. In other words, the TADBEER offers successful completion of every step required to finalize the domestic worker hiring process which include opening a sponsor file, entry permit, medical fitness tests, Emirates ID, health insurance, employment contract, etc. TADBEER centers are the only agencies approved and licensed by the UAE government to provide the domestic workers services. It’s the legal path to hiring a maid or nanny for your residential needs, stick to it and avoid any illegal route as it’s going to save you from headaches.
Why Should You Undertake Prenatal Testing And What Information It Provides?
Are you in doubt if you need to go for prenatal testing or not? In case you do, you should take up prenatal testing performed by a highly experienced and accomplished fetal and maternal medicine specialist. Such prenatal screening can help to examine the health and development of your growing fetus. Make sure to connect with a top-rated gynecological clinic to receive advanced prenatal testing in Kolkata. Why should you consider prenatal testing? Before you say yes to prenatal testing, try to find out more about this process and if at all you need it. Share your thoughts and concerns with a competent prenatal expert who will arrange the tests in a safe and hygienic clinic. You must discuss the test types, their pros and cons and whether they are fully safe for you and your baby. You should have ample information about the procedure and know that it is completely risk-free before you decide to go for it. Information provided by prenatal testing Prenatal testing is usually done to assess the growth and development of a baby inside the womb. Such a test can also be implemented to ascertain if the baby is at any risk or has any debility or retardation. Prenatal testing also reveals genetic conditions like physical or intellectual limitations that are found at birth or in later stages of childhood. These diagnostic tests identify problems caused by chromosome imbalance or changes in the gene. A chromosome condition takes place when there is a change in the number, size or structure of chromosomes in a baby. Such changes often lead to problems in growth and development. Down syndrome is one of the most common chromosome conditions. In some cases, prenatal testing is undertaken to detect if the baby has a faulty gene that may be responsible for a genetic condition. If you’ve decided to take a prenatal test, do be sure to book a knowledgeable and skillful prenatal specialist from a well-established pregnancy clinic. Such a good doctor will provide you the affordable prenatal testing cost in Kolkata using high-standard technology and equipment.
Best gifts for 5-year-olds according to kids and parenting experts
Kids get happy when they get a gift or toy, and it will be a special moment for them. Elders love to give gifts to children because it is one of the best ways of showing affection. Online platforms like helps parents with choosing suitable toys for their children. The age of five is an active learning period for kids. They start to understand and learn many things at this age, so the best toys for 5 year old should support their curiosity about learning. Parenting experts advised gifts will be the best toys for 5 year old boys and girls. So parents can go to for some advice. Some of the best gifts for 5 year girls and boys are, 1. Skillmatics Educational Game: I Can Write   It is one of the best toys for 5 year old to help them learn. The pack comes with six double-sided activity mats that contain 14 highly engaging and repeatable activities. The colourful pictures and items included in the kit make it one of the best gifts for 5 year old girls. This gift encourages their Problem solving, creative thinking, reading, and writing skills. All the necessary components are included in the package. Parents searching for toys for 5 year girls can choose this product to encourage their kids. 2. Purple Ladybug Decorate Your Water Bottle This product is one of the best toys for 5 years old girl. The product comes with a water bottle with a lot of customisable options. The customisation kit comes with six layers of stickers, and they are easy to handle by the kids. The bottle is of BPA free materials, and this feature makes it one of the top toys for 5 year old girls. 3. LeonMake Kids STEM Dinosaur The top toys for 5 year old boys should meet with their attraction towards electronics. At the age of five, boys will like to take apart toys to understand and learn about them more. This kit comes with dinosaur toys that kids can take apart and reassemble by themselves. The kit contains all the necessary items to accomplish this, and these tools are completely safe.