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Mythological Magic and Folk Fantasies!
I love mythology! So many of our modern-day stories come from folk tales and ancient myths, it always fascinates me to learn about the original stories! Mythology can be based on fact and played a fundamental role in ancient civilisations. They often tell tales of mighty gods. Although 'fairy tales' and 'folklore' are slightly different, they also play an important part in literary history and encompass teachings through oral traditions. Take the Brothers Grimm for example, there are so many contemporary writings of their work in tv, movies, on stage! Their legacy influences so much of our popular culture and although their original work is somewhat darker than we may be familiar with, I'm always blown away by them! Not only are these tales a reflection of beliefs and traditions within a period of history, but they were often told to teach children of the wonders and dangers of the world! Reading and understanding these wonderful tales can teach us an incredible amount about certain points in history and the way in which people lived. So why not use these tales, myths and stories to inspire children today?! Try these reading comprehension activities to not only improve reading skills but share the magic of these historic stories! Hansel and Gretel KS1 Hansel and Gretel Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity This one is great for age ranges 5-7 Theseus and the Minotaur Mythical Stories: The Story of Theseus and the Minotaur Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity Perfect for ages 9-11 Credit to Pierre Bamin and Roi Dimor on Upsplash!
7 Simple Ways to Thrash Opponent Team In Cricket Matches As I write this article, Pakistan is 81 for 9. Yasir Arafat is batting on 22 accompanied by Iftikhar Rao. Wickets are falling all over the place. Thanks to my team, I will have a miserable day. In any case, in stead of harping about how our players suck, and how we really need to rethink our pool of players, I thought I'd write a commentary about how any team can beat Pakistan in cricket.... Oh...we're all out by the way. 89 runs... 1 - Bowl it short on a bouncy pitch. Short balls are hard to play. They are bouncy, and they are short. Not so easy to play. Put someone on third man. We like to slash viciously and get out there. 2 - On a seaming wicket, bowl straight. Nothing more to say 3 - Do not serve up slow, dusty wickets. We are bullies on those surfaces. 4 - Dive for the ball and field it athlectically. Pakistani batsman don't really see much diving since our grounds, are unfortunately not condusive to diving. But it will build the pressure and wickets will fall 5 - Misfield the ball on purpose, a Pakistani batsman will thinks its another run...and he will get run out. This always works with your 4 year old cousin in galli (street). Trust me. It will work with these guys too. 6 - We like fielding with our legs, especially at the boundary. Bending and diving is hard. (see point 4). Play shots along the ground....We will misfield on occasion. Why take the risk of lofting in the air to get quick runs, when you have a good chance of getting them with 'along the ground' shots? 7 - If none of the above works, just keep fielding well, and bowl tight...We will find a new way to get out. That's how we do... Also Read: IPL 2022 Mega Auction Details, 10 IPL Teams, New Rules: All you need to know Congratulations to South Africa. They deserved to win. I thought our bowlers did really well. Some comments about the game are in order A - Umar Gul is really great on these types of surfaces. I am glad he got his undue credit. But why didn't they let him complete his overs? B - Arafat for Rana? What sort of move is that. This bouncy wicket would have helped Rana's style. What we need is batsman. Yes, Arafat did well compared to the rest, but I would gotten rid of a bowler for a specialist batsman. Either way. This worked. C - Ntini and Pollock are awesome! They are such cool bowlers to watch. Ntini, especially, has become such an amazing bowler in the past few years. Is there anyone who uses the crease so effectively? D - Younis Khan should be dropped from the ODI team. Please believe me... E - Afridi sucks. F - Why were Razzak and Afridi laughing out there in the middle when we 6 down? What the hell is so funny? G - South Africa did a great job to pull back from a loss. Its this determination that Boucher and Kemp had, that we lacked. H - Can we not play swing and seam? And if so, why do we keep selecting players, allrounders, etxc to play on such wickets? We need batsmen of sound technique. If we can produce Mohammad Yousuf, I am sure there are a couple of guys in domestic cricket, that are talented enough to make the squad and can play the moving ball.. I - All we had to do was last the first 15 overs. We needed to block. We needed to see off Ntini and Pollock. These guys are top rated bowlers, Give them some respect. Our batmen are too comfortable in their situation. They need to shoulder more responsiblity and hold their wicket at all costs. Afridi, Hafeez, Younis played such rash shots. Also Visit:
3 Proven Ways to Make Money Online Quick Formula in 2021
Hello friends, are you thinking of earning money online? Are you wondering how to earn while sitting at home? You don’t have to work under someone? So you have come to the right place, today I will tell you not one but 3 Proven Ways to Make Money Online Quick Formula in 2021. Whoever has done this work and has done it sincerely, they have started earning money in a few months. If I tell you about myself, I also started it in 2020 but understood it as a joke and wasted my time but when I understood its importance, I started it again in 2021 with all my heart. Took the decision and succeeded. Friends, out of these 3 proven ways to make money online I am going to tell, I have decided only one and I was interested in that, you can choose the thing in which you are more interested in all three. So let’s start the journey of earning money without any delay. Blogging The first topic I will name is blogging. I started this and am working on it today and am able to make a good income. Whatever a person is more interested in, he should do that first because he will give his best work in it. This is an obvious thing. So if you like to write and you can write solutions to people’s problems or people’s questions by writing very well, then you should definitely start blogging.  If you know even a little bit about blogging, then a question must have come in your mind that so many bloggers are already present, then where will I meet people or will people be able to see what I have written. Friends, I also had the same question with myself, but when I started and kept working for a few days, I realized that I am getting questions on my own and I am also getting to write their answers. Believe me, in a few days you will start learning and you will start to understand what to do and how to do it. You just have to keep in mind that whatever you are writing should be your own, meaning it should be the birth of your mind. Do not copy someone else’s and include it in your blog. This will not increase your rank and your time and hard work will be wasted. And you will tell me that after reading your article, I started but did not succeed. People from all over the world make blogs on the same topic, but everyone makes them with their own mind. You will see that the blogger of any good blogger will be completely different, no one will be copied. Nowadays people (whether they are reading, whether they are watching something or whether they are listening to something) want everything new. But if thousands of articles are found on the same topic, then people will like to read the same article which they will like. So what should be the things in a blog or article so that people can read your blog or article. Should be easy to read Your article should be easy to read, meaning it should not contain absurd words and difficult words. Those who do not like the reader and they leave your blog and start reading someone else’s blog. Must be good to see post Your post should be so good to see that once someone comes to your post, they do not go back. You have to put every single photo or video in such a way that every thing will be liked by the reader in that post. Must be interlinking Interlinking means that one of your articles should have a link to another article. What will be the benefit of this that if someone comes to read one of your posts and he likes that post and there is an interlink in it, then the reader will want to read your and other posts by clicking on that link. And it can be very good for you. Must be at the right point Whatever be your post and it is related from any niche, it should be absolutely on point. It should not be that you are talking about weight loss and have given an example of some technical thing in it or have started a different thing. There are many other things that should be kept in mind while writing a blog, but these above things are most important. I will give you complete information about blogging in another post. Why do people blog in the first place? To convey their enthusiasm When you are enthusiastic about something, you want to tell everyone about it. Blogging is a wonderful method to communicate a love, whether it’s for fishing, photography, or marketing. When you write about something you care about, it allows you to connect with people all over the globe who speak your language and share your interests. To impart knowledge to others If you enjoy teaching, blogging may be a great way to share your knowledge with others. You will not only teach others through blogging, but you will also learn more about the subject yourself. You’ll learn because you’ll be on the lookout for new information to share with your audience. By organically leading to monetization through blogging, you may teach others. Blogging may naturally lead to commercialization through the creation of online knowledge goods. In order to get exposure Business owners who blog improve their company’s exposure in a variety of ways. Adding fresh blog material to your website on a regular basis provides Google something new to crawl, which improves your website’s exposure in search results. Creating blog material for other industry journals allows fresh, relevant consumers to learn about you and your company. This exposure increases the amount of visitors you receive, which you may turn into leads and customers. To establish authority Blogging is a platform that you may use to develop authority if you want to speak at industry events or become an author. People will begin to perceive you as an authority in the topic you blog about as you continue to blog about it. Interviews, podcasts, and eventually invitations to lecture and contracts to produce a book will result from this recognition. Why Do People Create Blogs, 15 Advantages of Blogging How to start Blogging and make money in 2021 YouTube Our beloved YouTube comes at number two in this list. You have used YouTube as a means of entertainment till date, but do you know that this means of entertainment can also make us rich. Some of you will know about this and some will not know that YouTube pays a lot of money to its craters. The only condition is that you will have to give fresh content to YouTube, meaning you will have to make informative videos according to your information and put them on YouTube. And as the views come on your videos in YouTube and start increasing, you will get the option of monetization and then you will also start earning money from YouTube. In this also you have to take care of some special things like The title and description of the niche for which you have created the video should be written properly. For videos, you have to choose the niche that people are watching more. Your video should have accurate and clear sound. Whatever niche you will make a video related to, it should be understandable once you watch it. Related tags should be put on the basis of the video and niche so that it reaches more people There are many benefits of YouTube which I am telling you below. ➤ More Content for the Audience Giving your viewers more material is a great incentive to add video and a YouTube account to your site. When consumers find a lot of useful information that solves their concerns, they stay longer and return more frequently. We have noticed loads of interaction that we wouldn’t have otherwise seen without the new video channel and we are just 7 months and 50 videos in. ➤ Additional Traffic Source Adding additional material has the pleasant side effect of increasing traffic. You may now be found on YouTube and your website. We still send more traffic from our site to our YouTube channel than the other way around, but we’re starting to see some traffic flow in the opposite direction. If you simply have a food blog, this will most likely be your initial results, especially if you start adding videos on your most popular posts, like we did. Another nice side effect is that it helps you build your brand. Having video in another area puts your brand out there in another spot, which helps to increase your level of exposure and competence. ➤ Closer Personal Relationship One thing we’ve found about video is that it fosters a sense of familiarity, which aids in the formation of a community. You may develop a far more intimate relationship with individuals by allowing them to get to know you and observe how you respond in different situations. There’s something about viewing a video that makes you feel like you’re in the middle of a crisis (or, in our case, cooking) alongside someone else. I trust and like learning from individuals who use video, and I enjoy learning and interacting in this manner. ➤ Another Revenue Stream It might also provide an additional cash stream for your site. Whether it’s through YouTube advertisements or a video course on your website, it adds extra material or a product to your site, which is always a positive thing. ➤ Modernizing Right now, video is all the rage! One of the main reasons we started using video was because we thought it would help us stand out. While many bloggers have previously entered the video sector, and a number of people are already making a career solely from their YouTube channels, we believed there were few food bloggers with both images and video. We observed a lot of individuals taking photographs or videos, but not a lot of people doing both. ➤ Outlet for Creativity It allows us to express ourselves creatively. Lacey had the opportunity to do something different than her usual photography and really appear in front of the camera for a short time. It’s great to see her sense of humour shine through, as well as her desire to make things simple for others. Sean also gets to film and edit, which he thoroughly likes. Experimenting in new methods, such as the pirate episode, is entertaining. In a blog article with images, this would be extremely difficult to accomplish. ➤ Push Yourself Outside of Your Comfort Zone One of the nicest aspects about video is that it forces you to step outside of your comfort zone. I believe that we learn best when we constantly push ourselves a bit further than we are comfortable with. We feel that we’re generating some of our finest content and, ideally, solving our audience’s concerns with our video series, thanks to the addition of video. Freelancing Freelancing can also be a better option to earn money online. “So, what is freelancing?” you might question. Working as a freelancer, rather than being employed by someone else, implies being your own boss. Freelancers are self-employed people who work for themselves. They are also known as independent contractors. Other firms use freelancers on a part-time or short-term basis, but they do not earn the same pay or have the same degree of commitment to any one company as full-time workers. Why do individuals work as freelancers? Individuals with freelancing jobs have a lot of freedom and control. Most freelancers set their own hours, work on their own projects, and deal with their own clients, and they may even be able to work from home. Freelancing is also a kind of entrepreneurship, as the freelancer has complete control over their earnings. Because freelancers aren’t bound by a salary, they may charge as much as they like to their clients. You are also your own boss as a freelancer. Freelancing also gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of the types of jobs you may undertake. If you have a wide range of interests and enjoy trying new things, freelancing can help you get involved in a variety of projects and sectors. Freelancing isn’t something that most individuals do for the rest of their lives.  They either recruit additional freelancers or workers to form a full-fledged agency, create their own goods to supplement their freelancing income, or return to full-time employment. Many people like freelancing because it gives them the freedom they need to decide out their next professional step. How much can I earn as a freelancer? The average hourly rate for freelancers is $20-28. Of course, with so many different freelance tasks to choose from, that figure might fluctuate significantly. Transcription services can pay as little as $5-10 per hour, but software engineering jobs can pay up to $75 or even hundreds of dollars per hour.  To obtain a reasonable approximation of the projected money you may earn as a freelancer, examine the freelancing rates for your specific skill set. What kinds of jobs may I undertake as a freelancer? Companies are growing increasingly receptive to and interested in using freelancers for a variety of tasks. As a result, freelancing has become far more acceptable for a wide range of positions. Admin Support Positions Virtual Assistant Administrative Assistant Project Management Order Processing Data Entry Transcription Online Research Jobs in Design and Creativity Brand Identity and Strategy Animation Presentation Design Motion Graphics Design Audio Production Video Production Voice Talent Graphic Design UX/UI Design Art and Illustration Photography Videography Writing Positions Copywriting Editing Proofreading Content Writing Ghostwriting Grant Writing Writing Tutoring Career Coaching Creative Writing Business Writing Technical Writing Job Opportunities in Web, Mobile, and Software Development Ecommerce Website Development Scripting Automation Mobile Development Product Management Game Development Desktop Software Development QA & Testing Web Design Mobile Design Jobs in Accounting and Consulting Business Analysis Instructional Design Recruiting Tax Preparation Accounting Bookkeeping Financial Analysis Financial Modeling Management Consulting HR Administration Training and Development Financial Management Virtual CFO Legal jobs Business Law Corporate Law Tax Law International Law Securities and Finance Law Intellectual Property Law General Counsel Labor and Unemployment Law Regulatory Law Immigration Law Paralegal Jobs in Analytics and Data Science Data Mining Data Analytics Data Extraction Deep Learning Machine Learning A/B Testing Data Engineering Data Visualization Data Processing Knowledge Representation Experimentation and Testing Jobs in Sales and Marketing Marketing Strategy Social Media Marketing Community Management Display Advertising Telemarketing Lead Generation Public Relations Market Research Email Automation Marketing Automation Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Marketing Jobs in Customer Service Customer Service Technical Support Jobs in Information Technology and Networking Network Security Information Security Solutions Architecture Systems Engineering System Administration Systems Compliance Database Administration DevOps Engineering Systems Architecture Network Administration Jobs in Engineering and Architecture Civil Engineering Structural Engineering Architecture Mechanical Engineering Electrical Engineering Sourcing and Procurement 3D Modeling CAD Interior Design Chemical Engineering Product Design Jobs in Translation Legal Translation Language Tutoring Language Localization Technical Translation Written Translation Medical Translation Websites for job postings Another common way to get client work is to use a freelancing marketplace such as Upwork.  Upwork Freelancer Truelancer Guru FlexJobs SolidGigs By pooling freelance tasks on one side of the marketplace and freelance talent on the other, these marketplaces act as a mediator. This may be a very effective way to discover new job, but it comes with its own set of drawbacks. Upwork and Fiverr have a lot of competition, so building an initial profile and being paid what you’re worth might be difficult. As a transaction charge, they will take a tiny portion of each task. However, if you have a solid reputation over time, you will be able to obtain job without having to prospect too hard. FlexJobs and SolidGigs are my favourites since they offer a more selected selection of approved freelancing jobs. Proposals take less time, and the work is typically of extremely good quality. Being your own boss is what freelancing entails. It’s up to you to discover a means to make money, whether it’s through client work, subcontracting, or using a job board. There are a plethora of various sorts of freelance work available, and more businesses are recruiting freelancers than ever before. Freelancing may be a fantastic way to make a career on your own terms, but there are financial and health costs to consider. It’s entirely up to you to determine whether or not freelancing is good for you.