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Your wedding is the most special day in your life, but it can also be a waste of paper items thrown away, throw additional food, or remove the remaining flowers. We don't ask you to skip a party or skip this beautiful and funny detail, but more considering environmentally friendly wedding ideas, displaying small changes that can make a big impact. There are many environmentally friendly wedding options that you can do to reduce marriage waste or reduce your event's carbon footprint. Some of these ideas may be clear, and some may feel small in their impact. But when you combine many small decisions over time, they add greater results. Be aware of your wedding choice along the way creating the ripple effect. There is no choice that is too small, and every bit is taken into account when we try to do our part for the mother of the earth. We have described dozens of environmentally friendly wedding ideas to help you make the earth's aware choices with your wedding plan. In the end you have to remember these three things when planning your wedding: Let's ask yourself? 1. Can you reuse, recycle, reuse, or exchange this after the wedding day? 2. Are there more environmentally friendly choices for this purchase / administration? 3. How many waste will be made by your choice? Choose an eco-friendly place Choose a place that provides an emphasis on environmentally friendly practices such as recycling, composting, or contributing the rest of their events. Better yet, choose a location that can hold ceremonies and receipts to reduce emissions from the car on the road. This option will make your wedding great and your wedding will be more beautiful and impressive than you think. Combine natural elements in your wedding details Borrow some interesting details from nature and include in your wedding style. For example, use genuine leaves as a place card for your guests to find their seat at the reception. You can't imagine how beautiful and interesting natural decorations will be seen in the landscape. Apart from its natural beauty, the couple's wedding photo shoot will also be greeted with a very unique and charming scene. Select the signage option that can be reused rather than printed signs Unlike printing several paper menus, wedding projects, or signage pieces for your services and collection, consider alternative multi-reasons that can be used again after marriage. Think about writing a blackboard or acrylic or glass pieces that can be changed with markers or paint. Make upcycled wedding decorations Save your budget and this planet by increasing things from around your home (or your reusing container) to reuse and reuse as decorations for your wedding. There are so many imaginative and moderate approaches to reuse glass containers, tin jars, wine jugs, and others to make a dazzling focal point. Why spend more about opportunities when you don't need? Also, you will reuse something, which means you make a fewer wedding waste. Choose things that can be used back through disposable. As a budget bride, we realized it was very well and might be interested in going with the cheapest alternative in some cases! In particular we do not consider important things as a plate or cutlery. Instead of taking a simple plastic plate (but it's worth it) that can be distinguished, consider buying the original hands dressing from a used shop, which then cuts the budget! Choose natural ingredients for your decoration Instead of choosing a paper napkin that can be discarded, consider buying a cloth napkin or make it yourself. Determine the material, bamboo, or natural cotton for the most environmentally friendly texture. This will make your neighboring marriage look more natural and brighter. In this hygienic and natural environment, beauty, a place that is truly decorated with natural things, will definitely impress the guests. Choose a sustainable flower provider Regardless of whether you plan to DIY your wedding flower or assign an expert, beware of our choices for interest providers. The flowers rich in natural beauty will no doubt play a role in making your marriage impressive. Donate your remaining flowers to charity destinations! If you like the idea of fresh blooms for your day, consider working with repetitive roses! This innovative and environmentally friendly biz changes your wedding setting into a bouquet of flowers that can enlighten the hospital, nursing home, and shelter after your event ends. They can even compose after the event to keep garbage disposal. We hope this sustainable wedding ideas help you reduce your marriage waste and have an environmentally friendly marriage of your dreams! We in Chirmi help you plan the most memorable wedding for the rest of your life! Contact us today :) Mazeevents Event organizers in chennai Event organiser in chennai