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今現在、私が最も好きな男優です。 日本の映画ファンの間ではとにかくこの「きみに読む物語」が有名ですよね。 あれ?この老人と老婦人の関係は...?そして若いカップルの運命は...?とドキドキハラハラさせられ、最後は涙腺決壊...。 誰もが認める名作です。 Amazon きみに読む物語>> しかし!私がライアン・ゴズリング主演作として一番オススメしたいのはこの「ドライヴ」です! 主人公(最後まで名前は出てこない)は、映画のカースタントマンと車の修理工をしているが、実は裏で、そのドライビングテクニックを活かし、強盗の逃がし屋をやっています。 孤独な彼が、アパートの隣人の女性と出会いますが、彼女には刑務所帰りの夫が。そこから彼の運命が変わって行きます。 なぜかいつも爪楊枝のようなものをくわえている寡黙な主人公。(ドカベンの岩鬼か?) 映画そのものも、主人公の行動も、「静」が続いたかと思うと、突然「破」がおとずれます。 静かな生活と、突然の暴力。 とにかく愛する者を守るために行動するライアン・ゴズリングがカッコ良くてカッコ良くて...。 生活に疲れているけれど、とってもキュートなヒロイン(キャリー・マリガン)も魅力的です。 バイオレンスシーンはそうとう激しいですが、女性にもオススメの映画です!!! Amazon ドライヴ>> ところで、ライアン・ゴズリング初監督作品(それもファンタジー映画!)「ロスト・リバー」が今年、ひっそりと公開されました。 私は見逃してしまったのですが、どうだったんでしょう...? 彼はこのまま監督の道に進んでしまうのでしょうか? 私としては役者も続けてほしいですねぇ。。
Connection in Half Nelson
I know I wrote a little about Half Nelson before. But lets check out one of my all-time favorite sequences from the film. Ryan Gosling plays Dan Dunne, a middle school teacher who is also a drug addict. The scene above teaches us everything we need to know about his character. The exceptional acting from Gosling and the framing of each scene in the sequence create a beautiful backstory for a character. The first thing the we can notice is the way the camera changes position throughout the sequence. At first we can see all of Dunne with his legs on the bed, he's talking non-stop about politics but his last line before the scene changes is what is important. "I'm one man what do I do, you know?" It immediately cuts to Dunne snorting lines of cocaine while trying to explain that he's doing better -- which is an obvious lie -- and starts telling the silent person in the room about his life. This scene of Dunne talking is great on two levels. The first thing is Gosling's acting and the second is the close-up of his monologue. We can watch him go from false-confidence to infinite-sadness in less than a minute. The slow-dancing at the end of the scene reveals to us what Dunne was looking for the whole time Dunne is someone who fails to connect with anyone throughout the film. Even when alone with someone, he controls the space by talking non-stop. His continuous dialogue throughout the sequence shows us that he actually has no control at all. It also shows us that he has a hard time letting other people in. By controlling the space with his voice, he doesn't let the other person in the room with him get any words in. This tells us that he's not interested or he's afraid of what other people might say. Much like the line at the end of the first scene in the sequence, he's one man that doesn't know what to do. Throughout the scene and the film he's constantly looking to make a connection with someone other than himself and in less than 3 minutes, the above sequence shows us that.