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Dancing Date - Taking Salsa Lessons Together
If any of you say that you've never wanted to reenact the final scene in Dirty Dancing, you're lying! Dancing is an incredibly important skill for everyone to cultivate. While I may not be the best dancer, when I actually go out dancing I end up have a great night. So what happens if, like me, you’re not the clubbing kind? What if you not only have two left feet, but they were put on backwards? That’s when you drag your date to your first dance class! Almost every dance school has open classes or social dance parties. Skill level and experience are completely irrelevant; in fact, most class focus on teaching the basics and working up from there. The atmosphere in dance schools is usually really open and friendly. Bring your date and let it be an adventure for the two of you. The physical activity sets the mood; suddenly you’re not just a couple awkwardly fumbling your way through a first date, you’re Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers. If you are still an awkwardly fumbling couple, the shared embarrassment will actually add to your experience. Laughing at yourself and each other will build a bond stronger than any amount of time spent at a coffee shop. And as an added bonus, there’s the physical contact too. Dancing encourages – even requires - that you get up close and personal with your partner. You going to be communicating through your bodies as much as through your words. This will really break down any walls and leaves no room for being shy. Salsa dancing truly takes courage, but the experience will be worth it. It gives an opportunity to show confidence and leadership as well as a chance to show off your natural grace. More importantly however, is that you’ll be having to learn to move as one, reading each other’s body language. You’ll be clumsy at first; but there will be that magic moment when it all clicks. Even if it turns out to be a disaster, the night will turn into a great story to tell and you'll be able to laugh about it for years to come.