Creeps (a Choi Seungcheol oneshot)
Hello fellow vinglers! Here is my next oneshot starring Choi Seungcheol or SCoups of Seventeen requested by @QueenyCrossGene. I hope you enjoy! Warning! Smut Fluff For mature readers only Freaky kinky Nasty scenes Graphic fan fiction Scroll down at your own risk Creeps (a Choi Seungcheol oneshot) Ashley had just gotten home from work as she crashed on her couch. She was exhausted from her job and she just needed some rest. Her phone buzzed as she picked it up. “Hello?” She answered. “Hey girl, wanna hang out?” Her boyfriend, Seungcheol asked. “Sure, lets go see a movie.” Ashley replied. “Alright, what movie do you want to see?” Seungcheol asked. “You will find out once we get there.” Ashley replied. “Can I pick you up?” Seungcheol asked. “Sure. I’ll lead you to the theatre.” Ashley replied. “Cool, I’ll see you soon!” Seungcheol said. “You too bae!” Ashley said as she ended the call. She took off her work clothes and put on something more comfortable for the movie. Seungcheol texted her. *im here* the text read. Ashley went out to his car and got in. Seungcheol leaned over to kiss her as Ashley kissed back. “So, where is the theatre that you want us to go to?” Seungcheol asked. “It is here.” Ashley said as she showed him the movie theatre. “Alright, lets go.” Seungcheol said as Ashley directions. Once they got to the theatre, Seungcheol parked his car and Ashley led him to the ticket booth. “Two tickets for Stephen King’s It please.” Ashley said. “Can I see an ID please?” The manager said as Ashley pulled out her ID as well as Seungcheol. “Alright, that will be 2,000 won.” The manager said as Seungcheol gave him the money for the tickets. They both walked into the theatre as they gave the person their tickets. “Theatre number eight to your left.” The ticket collector said. “Thanks.” Seungcheol said. He led Ashley to the theatre as they sat down near the back of the theatre. Once the movie was over, Seungcheol and Ashley stood up and went back to the car. “That was a good movie.” Ashley said. “I agree, it was pretty scary!” Seungcheol said. “I don’t even know if I can sleep well tonight, just thinking about that movie might make me shiver in my sleep!” Ashley said. “Well, I’ll make sure you don’t shiver in your sleep.” Seungcheol told her. “And how do you think you will handle me?” Ashley asked. “You will find out.” Seungcheol told her. They both reached his car as he opened the door on her side as she got in and he got in on the drivers side. They both talked about the movie until they got to her place as he parked his car in front of her apartment complex. He got out and told her to wait until he opened her door. He then took her hand and led her to her apartment. Once they got there, he locked the front door as she went to lay down in her room. Seungcheol got on her bed with her as he kissed her lips and hovered over her. She fingercombed his hair, pulling him closer to her as he deepened the kiss. It went from soft and passionate to hot and steamy. He went on to kiss her face, cheek, neck, collar bone, and back to her neck as he slipped his hands under her crop top to pull it off and massage her covered boobs. She undid her bra as she threw it off the bed. He groped her boobs again, massaging them as he moved his lips to hers and grinded his hips on hers, making her feel how hard he was growing. She moaned in the kiss as she pulled his shirt off and he pulled down her shorts and panties, rubbing his fingers in her inner and outer labia making her feel aroused. He then teasingly poked a finger inside her small hole, widening it for more fingers and later, his large member. “Bae, I’m gonna leak!” Ashley told him. He then stopped. “ugh!!!!!” She went as she lost his touch. “Don’t worry baby, I have something better that will satisfy you.” Seungcheol said as he undid his pants and pushed them down with his briefs. Ashley looked away as he shoved his large member inside her hole and banged himself inside of her. Ashley yelped out of pain as she adjusted to his big size and grinded her hips. Seungcheol sped up and hit her harder until he found her sweet spot. “Thats the spot!” Ashley breathed out. Seungcheol continued to hit that spot repeatedly. “I’m gonna cum!” She moaned out. “Me too!” Seungcheol replied. They both humped each other until they both reached their high which had them crashing down as they both rode out their orgasms. Once he was calm he pulled out and laid next to her. “Do you think you will sleep tonight?” Seungcheol asked. “With you next to me, absolutely!” Ashley replied. “I love you.” Seungcheol told her. “I love you.” Ashley said right back to him. Well, I hope everyone enjoyed it! If you want a second part, just let me know! Also, if you want more Seventeen oneshots, please tell me! More information here: https://www.vingle.net/posts/2401810?isrc=copylink