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Fast & Funny Facts: 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'
This year, the Peanuts animated feature 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' officially turns 50 - and also remains one of the most-watched Christmas classics of all time. To celebrate, and to maybe teach the community some things you might not know about it, I've chosen to dedicate today's Five Facts to Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the rest of the Peanuts gang. It's Fast & Funny Facts about 'A Charlie Brown Christmas', Charlie Brown! Meet the voices behind the scenes. Ever wonder why the Peanuts gang sounded so young? Creator Charles Schulz insisted that the characters were voiced by real children from producer Bill Melendez's neighborhood. Some used for the Christmas special were so young that they couldn't even read their script! You know you still love the soundtrack. The soundtrack from 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' - including 'Christmas Time is Here', 'O Tannenbaum', and 'Linus and Lucy' - is the 10th best-selling Christmas album of all time. And with over 3 million copies sold, it's also certified Triple Platinum. Incoming musical genius alert. 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' was the animated debut of everyone's favorite child composer, Schroeder, who had been a long-time fixture of the comic series, but had yet to make his way into the Peanuts TV specials until the Christmas special aired in 1965. No screen time for Linus? One of the most climactic parts of 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' is when Linus makes a speech about the true meaning of Christmas, citing passages from the Book of Luke. This entire scene was almost edited out by network executives, but Schulz insisted it stay - making it one of the few classic Christmas films that make a clear Christian connection. And let's not forget the tree. Roughly a decade ago, a few novelty stores began carrying replicas of the famous tiny Christmas tree from 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'. Ever since, sales of the tree have risen dramatically enough that it is stocked by nearly every major retailer in the country. So who knew some of these facts? Who else has fond memories of this TV special? Also, why is Snoopy still so cool?! All of these questions, I must know.