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Galaxys Edge Lightsaber
Galaxy's Edge is the new themed land opening at both Disneyland in California and Disney World in Florida later this year. One of the most anticipated attractions coming with this land, is the battles between light side (good) and dark side (already evil ) over who will control the galaxy , which will take place in a massive attraction called " First Order: Rising From The Ashes ." At this point in time, we do not know much about what the experience will be like. What we do know is that there will only be two ways to add yourself into this massive battle between good and evil : The first option is to be an actor during the regular operating hours. Actors will have their own story, which will play through a huge screen in front of you while being on a moving platform. At this moment in time we do not know much more about it other than that, but if you wish to read more, please check this link : The second way to be a part of this battle is to reserve yourself as a VIP or VVIP guest for Disneyland's 25th Anniversary Celebration . During the celebration, members of the press were given access to two presentations that gave us more information about Galaxy's Edge. During this presentation, it was announced that there would be a Star Wars themed event called "Light Speed Premium VIP Tour" in which guests could participate in the battle between light and dark for at least 15 minutes ! For this event, guests would be limited to 10 minutes before the attraction, during which they would be able to discuss their preferences with people dressed as First Order officers. Then there is a small preshow inside of a replica First Order ship, which will give you more information on what your role is during this battle. You then go into another room where you are suited up with your own personal replica First Order Armor. Then you will board your own speeder bike to head off towards the battle. Once at the battle, there are fire simulators and at least two giant screens showing what is happening during this battle while you are riding around on your speeder bike ! Some people have said that it is similar to Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blaster in Disneyland, but with a bigger emphasis on the fire and other special effects. Here you can see what an actor looks like dressed up as a First Order Officer: The event will cost $ 219 per guest and will last approximately 15 minutes. It comes with free admission into Galaxy's Edge afterwards and participants get to keep their First Order armor. This article was made possible by our amazing patrons who help us pay for the many costs associated with running a website. If you'd like to help support Improved  Disney World, then please visit our Patreon page  and consider donating . This article was written by Jennifer Keller. If you enjoyed it, and you would like to read more articles from us here at Improved, please consider donating to our  Patreon page .