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Aftermath of "The Punch"
The MLB has reached a verdict for everyone that was involved in "The Punch". 1. Second baseman Rougned Odor, Rangers: 8-game suspension/fine, fighting 2. Shortstop Elvis Andrus, Rangers: 1-game suspension/fine, fighting 3. Reliever Matt Bush, Rangers: Fined, intentionally throwing at Bautista 4. Reliever Sam Dyson, Rangers: Fined, aggressive actions 5. Catcher Robinson Chirinos, Rangers: Fined, on field while on disabled list 6. Starter A.J. Griffin, Rangers: Fined, on field while on disabled list 7. Bench coach Steve Buechele, Rangers: Fined, aggressive actions 8. Manager John Gibbons, Blue Jays: 3-game suspension/fine, returned to field after ejection and incited further fighting 9. Reliever Jesse Chavez, Blue Jays: 3-game suspension/fine, intentionally throwing at Prince Fielder 10. Outfielder Jose Bautista, Blue Jays: 1-game suspension/fine, on-field actions, postgame comments 11. Bullpen coach Tim Leiper, Blue Jays: 1-game suspension/fine, returned to dugout following ejection 12. Third baseman Josh Donaldson, Blue Jays: Fined, aggressive actions 13. Outfielder Kevin Pillar, Blue Jays: Fined, aggressive actions 14. Bench coach DeMarlo Hale, Blue Jays: Fined, was acting manager when Chavez intentionally threw at batter That is a lot of ejections, suspensions, and dollars. Well, even though Odor might be out for eight games (and he will definitely appeal), but one thing came out for certain and Buster Olney put it perfectly. "He (Odor) has become a legend within baseball circles." Baseball fans, @ChristopherKenn @DucktheFodgers @DavidGom @CeezonKing @edwinthepenguin @Proveshotz @scubasean @MichaelRabot @BrandonMatthewW @DaniMilkinski @Starbell808 @alexisonfire @EdwardBobbin @EricWhang @LiamM @ErikDion @DanielgsJeong @hanjiq @superchoii @OneMindDharma @jaceyburch @Austin1 @jesserose18524 @cookman @Machineheadzzz @1AfromMan @liladevi86 @ReneeOrosco @johngmorgan68 @Johnciel @kwondave @vwoodley360 @nic1992 @hasssan1403 @nicolesalinas @bernini86 @yulissab2015 @legendaryishika What is your take on the outcome of this whole thing?