7 of the World's Most Spectacular Footbridges
I usually think that I am up for adventure, but these footbridges make me think twice. 1. Peak Walk by Tissot (Bernese Oberland, Switzerland) This is the world's first pedestrian suspension bridge to connect two mountain peaks. The 107-meter (351 feet) bridge connects View Point peak with Scex Rouge peak in Switzerland! Famed alpine peaks Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn, Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau can be all be seen from the bridge's observation deck. 2. SkyBridge (Sochi, Russia) The world's longest pedestrian bridge is located in Sochi's new SkyPark attraction! The 439-meter-long bridge has two observation platforms, both offering spectacular views of the Black Sea. There's also a bungee jumping platform from the center of the structure for the most adventurous. 3. Aiguille du Midi Bridge (Mont Blanc massif, France) This bridge links the north and south peaks of the Aiguille du Midi in the French Alps, and is located 12,604 feet above sea level. Getting here involves a ride on the world's highest vertical ascent cable car! From the top, visitors can see into France, Switzerland and Italy. 4. Taman Negara National Park Bridge (Titiwangsa Mountains, Malaysia) At 530 meters long, this is Malaysia's longest suspension bridge. It stretches across the top of the trees of Taman Negara, Malaysia's largest national park. The rope are checked each morning (I certainly wouldn't want that job) 5. Capilano Suspension Bridge (Vancouver, Canada) The Capilano suspension bridge stretches 137 meters across and 70 meters above Vancouver's Capilano River. It was originally built by Scottish engineer George Grant Mackay in 1889, but was completely rebuilt in 1956. Today, it's Vancouver's oldest and most popular attraction, receiving more than 700,000 visitors per year. 6. Hanging Bridge of Ghasa (Nepal) This bridge was actually built specifically for animals, as a solution to the congestion caused by cattle being herded up and down Ghasa's narrow roads. Today, animals remain the biggest users of the Hanging Bridge of Ghasa, prodded along by the farmers who also use it to deliver produce to local families. 7. Trift Bridge (Gadmen, Switzerland) This Swiss suspension bridge, which can only be accessed via a cable car, hangs above the Trift Glacier and has a length of 170 meters. It was built as a response to global warming -- until recently, the mountaineering hut at the top of the glacier could be reached on foot, but when the glacier started to shrink, the bridge became the only route of access.
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