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African Tours: Perfect destination for Honeymooners
Hawaii, the Maldives, Bali; those are all popular honeymoon destinations for a good reason. But if you crave something different and unique, there are many African tours you can choose from. You can mix romance and relaxation with wildlife and jaw-dropping landscape, creating once-in-a-lifetime memories. Imagine flipping through your wedding album and seeing lions and giraffes in your pictures. And the most favorable thing is that some companies like Encompass Africa offers special packages for the honeymooners. Here is some favorite location for the honeymooners in Africa: Botswana Botswana has some of Africa’s best safaris, with intimate camps that cater to people who crave privacy. With the Okavango, Chobe, and the Kalahari Desert all closely located, you can pack in a lot in your itinerary without spending too much time jumping from one reserve to another. If you’re a June bride (or groom!), you’re in luck as it’s the start of the dry season where floods have subsided in the Okavango Delta region. Malawi When you combine safaris and the beach in your African tours, you’re practically guaranteed the best of both worlds. For that, you can’t miss Malawi’s crystal clear lake and endless stretches of savannah. It’s off the beaten track compared to other destinations in Africa, but that makes it all the more special for a honeymoon. Lake Malawi is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. As it’s a freshwater environment, you’ll notice that the fish are different when you’re diving in this pristine, unspoilt lake. Besides the usual water activities like snorkeling, fishing, and sailing, you can take long walks, visit the villages, or go mountain-biking. While there is no shortage of activities, you can simply choose to relax on a chartered yacht and enjoy the sunset. Image Source: Pexels South Africa If you love big cats, the Sabi Sand Game Reserve deserves your attention. You can couple your visit to the reserve with the Kruger National Park for a more complete safari experience. The Sabi Sand Game Reserve actually consists of several private game reserves such as Lion Sands Reserve, Savanna Private Game Reserve, among others. You can have your pick of private yet elegant safari lodges deep in the heart of the Sabi Sand. With impeccable service, unmatched game viewing, and delicious food, you’ll soon forget the stress of wedding planning. Madagascar If you want ultimate privacy and isolation, Madagascar is your best bet. The country is home to over 200,000 wildlife species that are exclusively on Madagascar and over 80% of them that are nowhere else in the world. The best time to travel to Madagascar is from April to October, which aligns with the most popular wedding months. Because there are direct flights from Johannesburg and Nairobi, it’s ideal to combine your African tours in Madagascar with safaris in South Africa or Kenya. Your honeymoon in Madagascar can be a combination of coral reefs, white sand beaches, and rainforests. And how can you forget the lemurs and chameleons? You’ll also be treated to exceptional fauna and flora that have evolved over millions of years. Zambia You can have your pick of safaris in this fascinating location boasting beautiful wildlife. If you’re into canoeing and boating safaris, you can choose Lower Zambezi National Park. If you’re keen on exploring by foot, South Luangwa National Park has one of the best and most authentic walking safaris. However you plan your itinerary in Zambia, you can’t miss Victoria Falls. Only rivalled by Iguazu Falls in Brazil and Argentina, Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River is at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. While both sides have their merits, many people swear by the Zambian side of Victoria Falls for the true African feel. To find out for yourself, you can check out the Zimbabwean side! Mozambique Quickly rising through the ranks as one of the best African tours, Mozambique destinations are an interesting paradox of unspoiled and luxury, due to the country’s commitment to sustaining tourism. The Barazuto Archipelago, a group of 6 islands, offers a laid back atmosphere suitable for honeymooning couples. You can swim, eat, or sleep to your heart’s content and without a care. If you’d rather forego the emphasis on the marine life, Gorongosa National Park has some exciting bird watching opportunities, as well as walking safaris and 4×4 game drives. For more adventurous couples, Gorongosa is the perfect combination of wildlife and intimacy.