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Hello Starlight, welcome to the VIXX Community!!! VIXX stands for Voice, Visual, Value in Excelsis VIXX is a 6 member group that debuted on May 24, 2012 under Jellyfish Entertainment. Members: N (Cha Hakyeon) Leo (Jung Taekwoon) Ken (Lee Jaehwan) Ravi (Kim Wonsik) Hongbin (Lee Hongbin) Hyuk (Han Sanghyuk) Latest Group Comeback: April 17, 2018


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Welcome to the chat for the VIXX Community team!!!! Thanks to everyone who agreed to be editors and of course I love talking to every single one of you!!! I think we can work together and create amazing things to make the community a really interesting place. I look forward to working with everyone ☺️ @Halsyeon @AegyoSoCute @WinKonVIP @MelissaGarza @KpopandKimchi
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[Talk with VIXX President] 📣 Introducing MaeLyn, the new President! MaeLyn is now the President of the VIXX community. 👏 1. Congratulations on becoming President! 💬 2. Cheer up and support Council activities! The community will be operated more systematically with President, through the Council, which is a self-governing organization composed of users like you. Let's create a active community with council members. - View President Profile: - What is Community and Council?:
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[Talk with Pioneer, CLAKPOP] 📣 Introducing CLAKPOP, the first President! CLAKPOP is now the first President, called Pioneer, of the VIXX community. 👏 1. Congratulations on becoming Pioneer! 🎉 2. Let's celebrate our Interest becoming a Community! When an Interest has a President, it is promoted to a Community. In a Community, members can make decisions together and give each other different roles. Let's celebrate! 💬 3. Cheer on and Support the Council! The community will be managed by the President along with the Council. The Council is a self-governing system made up of Vinglers like you! Let's help this community grow! - View Pioneer Profile: - What is Community and Council?:
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