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Best and Worst Celebrity 70's-Inspired Looks
70's style has no doubt proliferated in the contemporary fashion scene, and many celebrities are attempting to integrate it into their street styles, with mixed results. Whether bohemian or disco, 70's trends are often best done in an understated way, and some of these celebs nailed the look, others not so much. Above: Olivia Palermo piles on the 70's suede and fringe, and somehow, it works. Best Vanessa Hudgens stuns in this white jumpsuit with just enough flare and just enough plunge to make it clean, sexy, and totally retro. The matching white blazer updates the look a bit, and her pulled-back hair makes her look sleek and polished. Worst Rita Ora may be attempting to update the 70s fringe style, but she's overloading too many trends into one outfit. The motorcycle jacket and thigh-high gladiators are unnecessary here, and each piece she wears are all statement pieces that would need to be toned down themselves. Best Amal Alamuddin rocks some super 70's bell-bottoms, and it works. The slightly cropped black top and neutral jacket over makes the look anything but costumey, and tones down the crazy pants. Worst So Vanessa has her hits and misses. This look is just sooo Coachella, and so overdone hippie chick. There may be away to make crochet tops look sleek and trendy, but pairing them with chains, fringe, and feathers, is just too much. Best Poppy Delevingne is such a style star, and her knee-length denim skirt and bell-sleeved blouse are understated and just 70's enough that when they come together, it's magic. Plus, her shoes are amazing. A hit or a miss? I'm not sure on this one. Kendall Jenner can pull off practically anything, and this was certainly Coachella-appropriate, but I'm not so sure it's good for much else. Those are some pretty stereotypically-70s pants, and I would usually suggest playing them down with a tucked in tee or a chambray shirt. Kendall's off-the-shoulder top is trendy, but I think for a streetwear look, this would just be too much. What do you think?
Vanessa Hudgens' Style Evolution
Vanessa Hudgens has come a long way since her High School Musical days of dating Zac Efron, to being a Spring Breaker and showing off her acting chops on Broadway. Her style has significantly evolved in tandem with her career, from wearing headbands and bell bottoms to being a street style star in her own right. 2006 Here she is in her early-2000's glory, just at the start of the High School Musical saga. This mere teenager looks every part the Disney Channel Star in her cringe-inducing layered rhinestone tee and oversize headband. They were dark times. 2007 At the MTV Movie Awards, Vanessa looks a little more grown up in a gown, but still making some questionable choices when it comes to accessorizing. That floral halter and that belt are just sooo 2000's. 2009 Two years later, at the MTV Movie Awards, Vanessa looks a little less sugary sweet as she experiments with bangs, darker hair, and a sexier silhouette. I think the apricot works on her bronze skin, but the hair (read: bangs) was not her best look. 2010 At the 2010 Vanity Fair Oscars party, Vanessa Hudgens was still dating Zac Efron, and hadn't yet fully come into her own style. Wearing Jenny Packham, she looked amazing, but her hair and makeup still screamed stuck in the aughts. 2012 Finally breaking out of her safe styling mold, Vanessa looked beautiful wearing Temperley London at the Spring Breakers Premiere in Venice. The plunging neck and intricate beading were a little more fashion forward than she's worn before. 2013 Vanessa took a major fashion risk at the YouTube Music Awards, in this decorative gown that covered her svelte frame from head-to-toe. Her classic hair and makeup kept the look glamorous, and I applaud her for stepping out of the plunging neck monochrome gown look. 2014 At the Young Hollywood Awards, for which she won the trendsetter of the year award, Vanessa looked trendy and adorable. I loved the bob on her, with just a touch of ombré, and it so nicely showed off her toned shoulders. The crop top and high-waisted maxi skirt combo is fashion-forward and flattering, but the denim and color palette keep it fairly casual. 2015 At the CFDA Fashion Awards, wearing Sachin & Babi and looking beyond sophisticated, Vanessa is all grown up. She wears different silhouettes and tries the not-too-obviously sexy approach to styling herself (hello, hair pulled tightly back), and fashion rewards her for it. Street style today Today, Vanessa is a street style maven who can't seem to dodge the paparazzi. Her everyday wear is trendy and sexy, with just the right accessorizing and styling. I can safely say I've gone from laughing at Zanessa to drooling over Vanessa's fashion-forward outfits, every time the camera catches her.
#WomanCrushWednesday: fashion edition
It's Wednesday and we all know what that means! It's time for another installment of #WomanCrushWednesday fashion edition, where I pick one of my fashion icons and share why I love the fashion! Today's featured woman is Vanessa Hudges, the queen of boho chic. In between starring in movies and playing the lead role in a Broadway musical, Vanessa is always dressed to impress. (I also was shopping in the same boutique as Vanessa when she was filming a movie in my hometown and she was so very nice and sweet.) Vanessa is a petite woman and finding clothes that don't swallow you can be difficult. She knows how to pick the right combination of flowy and tight to complement her body type. Here she wears a flowy maxi skirt paired with a tight, blue crop top. The combination of the loose skirt and the tight crop top are perfect for a petite woman. Who is the first person you think of when you think of Coachella? Yep, Vanessa Hudgens. I'm pretty sure she was a hippie in her former life because she always knows how to get that boho chic vibe, while stilling making her outfits look modern and fresh. Vanessa also knows how to class it up for a night on the red carpet. I love that she lets her dress carry the outfit, without distracting people with large pieces of jewelry. She usually keeps it very simple and elegant. For her street style, she knows how to keep it comfy. I can't stand celebrities that think that walking to work in heels is going to work for everyone. Vanessa keeps it laid-back and adds a few fun or edgy pieces to her outfit to keep it interesting.