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This is a space for President's to request Editors to be appointed. If you are a President, please leave a comment in this Talk room below: "I want @(username of person you want as Editor) to be appointed as community editor of (name of your Community)" After you post your comment, we will check the user's info and approve them as Editor :)
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This Talk is for any questions, suggestions, or feedback about the new governing system. If you're having trouble understanding the Desk, you're unsure how to add Editors, etc. Please talk about it here and we will try to help as soon as possible! We will also share updates here so stay tuned!
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[Talk with Pioneer, BrandonLCooper] 📣 Introducing BrandonLCooper, the first President! BrandonLCooper is now the first President, called Pioneer, of the Vinglers community. 👏 1. Congratulations on becoming Pioneer! 🎉 2. Let's celebrate our Interest becoming a Community! When an Interest has a President, it is promoted to a Community. In a Community, members can make decisions together and give each other different roles. Let's celebrate! 💬 3. Cheer on and Support the Council! The community will be managed by the President along with the Council. The Council is a self-governing system made up of Vinglers like you! Let's help this community grow! - View Pioneer Profile: - What is Community and Council?:
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