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Scratches on the Windshield? Here’s what you can do
Minor scratches on the windshield of your car are inevitable. The auto glass of the car gets scratched due bad quality car wiper blades which are hard and rough. With proper care and attention, you can remove these minor scratches all by yourself and save both time and money. Thankfully, removing minor scratches do not always require professional help and you can do that easily all by himself even if you have proper knowledge. So instead of paying for your Swift, Micra or Polo windshield price and getting it replaced, follow these four easy steps to remove the scratches easily, all by yourself: Scrutinize the scratch The first and foremost step to fix the scratches on the windshield is to determine the type, length, depth and severity of the scratch. Often dirt is found in the scratch. To understand the severity, feel the scratch on the auto glass with the finger nail. If it feels rough and uneven, the crack is likely to be deep. Otherwise, you can carry on with the repairing process. Wipe it clean Once you are aware of the type of the damage, you can now proceed with the cleaning part. Use a soft and dry piece of cloth to thoroughly clean the scratch. It is important to make sure that the area is absolutely clean before the scratch removal mixture is applied. Scratches often carry dirt and that is why should be scrutinized. While cleaning the scratch, damaging it further is always a potential risk and so proper precautions should be taken. Prepare the removal mixture After cleaning the scratch, the next step is to prepare the scratch removal mixture. The scratch removal mixture can be made from an array of household items. Mix one table spoon of baking soda with a quarter of toothpaste tube and some amount of water. Blend them together till the baking soda completely dissolves and a new paste is formed. Put it on the scratch and clean the glass Now that the mixture is ready, it is time to put it on the scratch and get rid of it. Before applying the mixture, double check the area and make sure that it is clean. Gently put the mixture along the scratch lines and slowly rub it with a clean towel. Continue the process until the scratch disappears from the auto glass and you are satisfied with it. While applying, make sure that you do not cause any further damage to the windshield or you may have to pay for the Hyundai I10, Nissan Micra or VW Polo windscreen replacement cost and get it replaced.
Car Emergency - How to break Auto Glass
Accidents may occur without a warning. It is common for you to feel lost during the emergency and forget to take the necessary actions. During some unavoidable circumstances, you might have to break the car glass to evacuate. Breaking the windshield of your can be a bit tricky but with the right procedure, you can easily master the technique. Here are some tips and tricks to break the windshield in case of an emergency. 1.Sharp metals or Stones Auto glass are manufactured in such a way that makes them resistant to blunt force. Using a sharp metal or stone to hit it will create cracks in the glass, eventually leading it to shatter. Focus on a small area instead of shattering the entire window. Rescuing a baby or a pet becomes easy using this method as this will not cause any harm to the victim. 2.Use the headrest Seat headrests are great tools to break the glass in the absence of other tools in your car. Push the metal pegs down the door panel by jamming them inside the crevice of the window and pull it towards yourself to crack the glass. This will make the glass fall away from the door after shattering. Swift, i20 or Polo windshield price should be the least of your concerns in such circumstances. 3. Claw hammer Claw hammer is a tool sharp and heavy enough to break the glass. The trick, however, lies in striking at the edges instead of center. The center of auto glass is most vulnerable during any collision due to obvious reasons. Therefore, techniques are used to reinforce the center leaving the edges comparatively weak. Finally, do not panic in case of an emergency and remember these tricks to get out of trouble. Irrespective of whether you’re inside or outside the car, make sure that the passengers are not harmed in the process of breaking the glass. A Verna, City or Vento windshield is insured under most policies and you can get a replacement without much hassle.