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Best Premium Magazine Joomla Templates 2020
Here is a list of the best responsive Joomla Blog & Magazine Templates for news portal websites. JD Stylo: JD Stylo is an Astroid-based fashion magazine Joomla template that includes J2Store integration. Hence, now you can quickly develop an online store for your magazine website.  JD Stylo offers several article types: the open graph for an individual article, Article badges like trending, etc., estimate read time and a lot more settings options. It comes with a clean and lightweight layout that allows you to create a fast-loading blog website and enhances the user experience. JD Magazine: JD Magazine is a recently released premium Joomla 3.x template from JoomDev, the best match for news portal, Magazine, and Blog of any niche. JD Magazine has an easy to use and customizable layout, such that even if you are not a Joomla expert, you can customize it according to your choice easily. It comes with an efficient admin panel, and predefined color presets so you can choose any color combination you like. They have developed lots of page builder add-on for avoiding the custom work. Hence, you can add any content section by only dragging and dropping the components. All you have to do is to the content layout suiting your needs. NewsKit: Newkit is a fully functional, clean, and modern Joomla 3.7.x template developed for any newspaper, blog, review sites, and magazines. It is built with the robust Helix framework; hence, you can customize everything as per your requirement. It has two homepage layouts and four customizable color options, RTL support, translation, and a lot more. BestNews: BestNews is a highly creative Joomla template built via the Helix framework. It is a multilingual Joomla theme that is fully customizable and has a responsive layout, Drag-drop page builder, Mega menus, etc. It gives you several blog-listing designs, Content Ajax, content component, short-code plugins, and several other features. Sj ExpNews: ExpNews is the cleanest theme, providing you with a massive volume of customizable features and options. Sj ExpNews comes with multiple listing layouts that give you the freedom to choose any columns, list, and grid layouts. It has standout features that include social integration, Visual page builder, K2 component, HTML5 Validation, and more. JSN Megazine 2: JSN Magazine is an incredibly stylish news and magazine Joomla template, based on the sun template framework. It has a vast customization features list that includes Versatile Mega Menu Builder, Smoother Look With Bootstrap 3. Unlimited Undo & Redo, Advanced Built-in Fields, CSS & Javascript Compression, Full RTL Compatibility, and several other relatable features. Dailynews: Dailynews is a news template by Joomla that is based on the YJSG template framework, providing a massive list of features and functionalities. Also, some of the most potent extensions are pre-installed in this template e.g., K2, multimedia box, newsflash, YJ live ticker, etc. IT Headlines: IT Headlines comes with a modern design, built with Gentry framework. You can easily customize the entire website in just a few minutes, don't need to hire any Joomla developer to write big codes because IT Headlines did all work for you. Meteor: Meteor is a beautiful Joomla template created with a Quix page builder. It is based on the robust T3 framework and gives you total control over your template layouts and modules. You can customize the entire theme in just a few minutes very easily. Meteor comes with an essential features list like AMP support, Multiple header options, Clean-code, etc. It is fully responsive, SEO optimized, and cross-compatible with all the major browsers and devices. NewsEdge: NewsEdge is one of the most modern Joomla template that enables you to build attractive blogs, publish magazines, and create news portal website. It is made with the Bootstrap 4 framework and SP page builder. NewsEdge has four different home pages, Megamenu and off-canvas menu, four-color presets, and several other fabulous features. NetToday: NetToday adds a very pleasing look to your website. It has a vast number of customization features that will help you make your website look outstanding. NetToday fits perfectly on your blog, reviews, magazine, and news portal websites. You will get reviews and ratings for every article that you post. It gives you modules like Social Count module, Instagram feed module, Facebook module, etc. to ease out your work even further. It also provides RTL and multilingual support. Joomix Joomla Theme: Joomix Joomla Theme is a fancy theme that suits almost all kinds of websites. It has been designed to suit the latest trends; hence, the 'theme' has the potential to grab the users’ attention and make them stay on your website. Joomix has lots of 5-star reviews from other customers. Joomix is equipped with the following essential features: 1. eCommerce features that include Grid & List View, Wishlist & Compare, Shopping 2. Cart Page, Single Product Page. 3. Multiple blog layouts. 4. Useful add-ons like Google Map, Carousel, Gallery, etc. 5. Various skins options. 6. Search Engine. 7. 24/7 support.
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