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Job Portal Mobile App Development Cost And Key Features
In today’s era, finding the right job for the right candidates is not an easy task anymore. Gone are the days when you could go from office to office dropping your job queries and applications. There are high chances that your query may not even go pass the main gate of the office. Similar is the scenario with employers who don’t have enough time to screen through the pile of CVs of applicants and cannot go for the physical search of candidates. With the penetration of the internet, this problem is greatly resolved by online job boards or job portals. But, due to increasing use of smartphones, people are shifting from web-based job boards to Mobile apps, which enables a lot of convenience to both job seekers and employers. Every job board software is trying to get a maximum number of users by providing many distinctive features compared to others, which resulted in many PHP job board software with unique features to help developers. They can now create mobile job apps with new features and options for users in low cost. Basic features of job finder mobile app For Job Applicants Resume writing : Enabling job seekers to write or upload resume supporting various formats, and import options with the local source or online. Job search and job alert : Applicants can search for desired job advertisements based on the keyboards. They can also set a custom job post alert based on their profile and desired profile. It helps them updated whenever there is a job posted matching their experience and requirements and never miss the opportunity. Apply for job : Candidate can apply for a job with our without registration on the site by giving the details and uploading resume. Profile view alert : This feature notifies users whenever a prospective employer visits their profile or downloads their resume. Bookmark or save job : This is also an important feature by which applicants can save the job for applying later or searching jobs in the future with similar keywords. Share : By this feature, a job post can be shared with a more suitable candidate who can encash the opportunity. For Recruiters Job posting : This works best as recruitment software. Users can post their jobs under this section for the number of vacancies and can specify the requirements related to profile including experience, qualification, pay package, etc. Job editing : Allows recruiters to edit details related to job post like the number of positions left, add or edit requirements, etc. Email Job notifications : Apart from displaying the post on the web app, enables automatic email of the same to suitable candidates to inform them about it. Shortlist candidates : Recruiters can shortlist the candidates which suits their requirement best and proceed with them for next step. Resume search from the database : Since the number of job seekers is huge, it is not practical to screen every resume to check the suitability of the applicant, this feature helps automatic filtering of candidates as per requirement and contact them. Resume download : Recruits can download the resume of the candidates which matches their requirement best. job portal software For Admin Job ad management : All the jobs posted by recruiters on various platforms are linked and managed by admin. Employer and candidate profile : All the information related to employer, company and job seeker are saved, managed and, verified by admin to keep fake profiles away. Job seeker and Employer statistics : Automatic publishing and notification of job posts, applications and job search are monitored and analysed within the app. Data publish based on trends : On a regular basis trends like most searched jobs, companies, type of education, average salary etc., are analysed and published to both employers and job seekers. This helps in the modification of search words and a refined recruitment process. Cost of Job Portal app development Though the cost of app development depends on various factors like the number of features, type of interface and storage capacity, OS platform etc., the cost cannot be estimated fully by developers in the beginning since it increases with increase in features. Therefore, most of the mobile app developers charge on hourly basis. The average cost ranges approximately from $25 to $45 an hour. This generally includes the cost of UI/ UX development. There may be additional costs depending on data to be stored depending on physical or cloud servers, payment gateway charges, analytics, affiliation, etc. So, if you are looking to get an effective job boarding software, then contact the expert team of Logicspice. We have years of experience in providing some of the best solutions to our clients, depending on their vivid requirements.  
Role Of Mobile Applications In The eLearning Industry
Mobile Application Boosts Learning Anytime Technology has been a game-changer for so many industries. Education and corporate learning are one such sector that has experienced a massive changeover in terms of its deliverables because of this digital drive. In this article, you will be acquainted with how mobile applications are giving a positive push to the eLearning industry. Apart from this, you will be accustomed to the perks of m-learning, the role of m-learning amongst corporates and the education industry, and finally to the mobile applications in the eLearning sector. Let’s begin.  Advantages Of Mobile Application In eLearning The millennial generation of today is growing up in the world of the digital age. Therefore, even technological advancements have customized themselves to the way they behave. Mobile app development services are one such example. Mobile applications for digital learning are crowned with uncountable jewels of benefits. Let's study them. 1. Provide A Vicious Learning Cycle With the ease of download on Playstore and Apple store, learning is just a click away. One need not depend on big, heavy textbooks to grasp the needed knowledge. There is instant and anytime access to knowledge. 2. Improved Engagement Mobile app development companies create applications that are easy to comprehend by their target age group. Also, the content is audio-video friendly to make it more engaging and easy to learn. 3. Cost-Savings You need not spend much when you hire dedicated mobile developers. Building learning mobile applications is less expensive to make and still exhibits a plethora of knowledge. Students need not worry about money for getting their educational content, nor do corporates need to compromise on finances and the quality of learning content. 4. 24/7 Availability Because of the major shift in the learning content from textbooks and journals to online web pages and digital course material available on apps, the availability of material is round the clock. Role Of Mobile Learning In The Corporate Sector Today, every corporate sector employee and employer owns a smartphone with internet access. As a result, whenever there is a need to grasp knowledge during meetings or training sessions, people search for content online on their respective smartphones. Know more details about the Role of Mobile Applications in the eLearning Industry.
What is the significance of real estate application development for business?
Our technology has enabled us to live in a world where technology and innovation are always evolving and influencing the worldwide population. Many sectors and businesses make every effort to reach out to their target clients and come up with new ways to generate revenue. There are several real estate applications available, and by utilizing these apps, a person may increase their real estate business. There are several real estate app development companies that play a vital part in offering a high-quality app to a business. The Advantages of Real Estate Mobile App Development Developing a relationship with the consumer Customer satisfaction is the most important aspect of any organization, and in order to meet their demands, one must engage with them. Interaction between customers and sellers fosters a positive relationship between them, which benefits the business as well. The app you're utilizing for your real estate firm will allow you to communicate with your consumers, allowing you to show off your lovely houses and explain why they should select you to buy their next home. This contact has the virtue of increasing your brand's value while also increasing demand. If a consumer enjoys your property, he or she will almost certainly tell a friend about it, increasing your business. Promotion of a brand You want to start a real estate company, but in order to stand out from the crowd, your app concept must be unique and exceptional. Several real estate app developers put their creative abilities to work to create a helpful app that streamlines property search, consultation, and buying procedures. Simply said, a completely customizable real estate app is the most effective implement for effective branding. Improved Communication Any company's ability to communicate with its customers is critical. And you can do it more quickly using a web app. Customers may engage with you directly through your real estate web app, and you can reply to their demands fast. Potential buyers are more likely to choose your services or buy your properties because of the quick and direct response. This boosts your brand's reputation as well as demand for your real estate services. Accurate customer targeting Mobile applications play an important part in identifying a customer's location as well as their preferences. As a result, merchants may readily grasp the demands of clients if they know their preferences. As a result, sellers may simply present the ideal home for their family based on geographical choices, hobbies, and other factors. This feature aids in the right targeting of consumers at the appropriate moment. Process Running Charges Should Be Disintegrated Your high-performing real estate app should allow your customers to view all relevant details and visuals, which is more convenient than visiting the property in person. Furthermore, a buyer may quickly contact you for further information and gain access to the property's essential paperwork without any difficulty or delay. Reduce Your Business's Costs Most procedures may be completed digitally or online using a feature-rich real estate mobile application. You don't have to spend hours on the phone talking to consumers and relaying their messages. A real estate app also removes the need for paper materials by allowing users to immediately submit their information and documents. This digitalization saves you time and resources, lowering your operating expenses. Getting Paid Commissions With real estate mobile applications, you may compile a well-researched list of properties that people want to interact with. The app's owners can also allow other property sellers or dealers to market their properties in order to attract purchasers. It allows customers to see a variety of alternatives and select the best one based on their preferences, budget, and other factors. If other vendors find purchasers for their homes, they must split the commission with app owners according to the conditions and agreements. Expand your market reach The majority of individuals nowadays, particularly young ones, utilize mobile devices to seek and purchase real estate. As a result, having a real estate mobile app is critical in order to respond to the rising number of mobile users and therefore expand their market reach. To make sales effective, enhance ROIs, and so on, the mobile app should be able to build a direct link between buyers and sellers. Enhance Productivity Many time-consuming activities are involved in the real estate sector, such as sifting through a stack of papers or managing various versions of spreadsheets. These time-consuming procedures not only waste time but also pose a danger of human mistakes that are difficult to detect. Many of these activities may be simplified or automated with the aid of an application, allowing you to streamline your company operations. As a result, you may complete tasks in less time and with more precision. Furthermore, having all of your data in one location allows you to see your business more clearly. An app may be the greatest choice for increasing your company's efficiency and production. Allow users to recommend your business It is undeniable that brands suggested by consumers have a competitive advantage in the market. Users will promote your real estate app to others, prompting them to participate. The development of a real estate mobile app will elevate your business to new heights. It provides your customers with a service that they may use from anywhere. How do you go about creating a real estate mobile app? The first step is to contact an established real estate app development company. Many real estate businesses aim to employ the best real estate app development services since apps make acquiring and selling properties more convenient. Now is the time to build an app and take your real estate business to the next level!
Download PLUTO CASH Apk
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SVG Cut Files for Cricut Are Saving Money and Effort of Scrapbookers Big Time
Cost-aware scrapbookers who need more options for their Cricut digital die cutting machine are resorting to using free SVG files, that can be downloaded and cut, using third-party software, doing away with the need to buy costly images cartridges. SVG Files In Popular Themes Available A whole collection of different images is available for immediate download. Popular themes are animals, butterflies, toys, pirates, babies, weddings and holidays, and more. Some websites offer the files at no cost, while others charge around a dollar or so per design. Or, a few dollars for a themed collection of designs. Scrapbookers who are looking to use cut files must own a Cricut machine, a basic printer cable, and third-party software for instance Sure Cuts a Lot (for both Mac or PC) or Make the Cut (only for computer). SVG Files Online Is Big-time Money Saver In addition to extending the design styles and options, SVG Clipart is available online to paper crafters, having the option to use third-party software with the Cricut means that almost any True Type Font can be imported, merged if needed, and then cut. With Cricut brand cartridges selling for $70 or $80, having the capability to have unlimited free fonts and shapes available is a big money-saver undoubtedly. SVG FilesFine use In Varied Craft Projects More and more designs are being made available for quick download as scrapbookers, card makers and other paper crafters catch the idea of this affordable way, to use their digital die cutter for crafts, school projects, teacher billboards, party supplies. Plus, for decorating cakes or cutting vinyl clings for windows and many more. Paper crafters just browse the internet for free SVG clipart or visit a favorite cut files website, they've found. All of these images can be downloaded with a mere mouse click, and then saved to the user's computer or in cloud storage. After having the SVG files downloaded, they can be imported into Sure Cuts a Lot or Make the Cut, software programs that are easily purchased from their respective developers. The Nut Shell Designer cut files, most particularly in SVG format, are forecasted to continue their growth in popularity as scrapbookers with Cricuts or other cutters, look for ways to be creative without spending a fortune. To say in short, the SVG cut files for Cricut have been saving, both the money and effort of scrapbookers, card makers, and others.
Significant COVID-19 Impact on Predictive Maintenance in ICT Industry
COVID-19 Impact on Predictive Maintenance in the Information and Communication Technology Industry The pandemic began with its epicenter in China in 2019 and has been continuously spreading by then to all over the globe. So far, 216 countries and territories have been affected by COVID-19. The COVID-19 cases reached various countries that have strong dominance in the worldwide market and have adversely affected economic growth globally. The spread of coronavirus has led to severe disruption such as global recession. Many organizations are being forced to take stringent actions for their employees and staffs, as small and medium businesses are being shut down, and manufacturing and production facilities are being put on hold for a longer period of time. However, the demand for food and beverages witnessed huge growth, but this has also, increased the shortage of supply chain owing to the panic among people. Similarly, the demand for the pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and healthcare industry also increased as new solutions and medicines are introduced for preventive measures. There has been disruption in the supply chain of many industries due to restrictions in logistics and closing of manufacturing facilities. In addition, the slowdowns in the economy have lowered the spending capability of individuals, and people are saving money for emergencies. Predictive maintenance refers to the data-driven, pro-active maintenance methods to analyze the condition of equipment and help predict when maintenance should be performed. The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on the technological sector as well. The disruptions in the production and supply in the hardware sector have significantly impacted the developments in the IT industry. The pandemic has resulted in health threats for humans in the manufacturing sector which incurs severe disruptions and complex issues to industrial networks. The initial part of the pandemic witnessed the slowdown in the businesses providing solutions and services. But the latter part saw increasing investments in analytics, collaborative applications, security solutions, and AI by many players in the market to sketch out a sustainable way of carrying on business activities amidst the pandemic threat. The pandemic has disrupted the industrial networks and manufacturing, including supply disruptions and demand-side shocks. Quarantines and health risks impacted the suppliers and global transportation, which affected the manufacturing sector. For instance, For the year 2020, manufacturing, and production was affected in 938 of the Fortune 1000 companies in China due to the disruptions faced by the tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers. This has affected the abilities of many companies to ramp up production. This created the need in the market to enhance manufacturing processes to make them robust and sustainable to the market anomalies. These factors increased the demand for analytics professionals, business intelligence professionals, and applications of technologies such as AI and ML for predictive maintenance to make the manufacturing system agile and increase the production capacity. IMPACT ON DEMAND AND SUPPLY CHAIN AND LONG-TERM STRATEGIES ADOPTED BY MANUFACTURERS Digital transformation has been the area of focus for a long time now for businesses. The COVID-19 pandemic has led many manufacturers and organizations to intensively invest in technologies across multiple business lines to sustain themselves in the disruptive market. For instance, a 2020 Deloitte Industry 4.0 survey states that out of the 361 executives surveyed across 11 countries, 94% report digital transformation as their organization’s top strategic initiative. With the easing regulations and life coming back to normalcy, the manufacturing sector is witnessing growing demand to ramp up production around the globe. Businesses are looking to maximizing throughout and increasing efficiency. Industries are increasingly adopting analytics to make manufacturing more resilient. Preventive maintenance is one of the important processes helping businesses to optimize efficiency. To meet the growing demands and to make up for losses, the industries are looking to produce in 9 months what they earlier did in 12 months. This has made it important to reduce downtimes in manufacturing plants, and the adoption of predictive maintenance is believed to play an important role in the direction. For instance, according to an ITIF research report, manufacturing productivity increases by 10-25% with IoT applications for monitoring machine utilization and maintenance. The increasing adoption of this technology will produce up to USD 1.8 Trillion global economic value by 2025. Industrial automation had been the focus of many manufacturers around the globe. The incorporation of IoT and technologies such as AI, Big data, and ML has been at the forefront for business owners and organizations to transform their business digitally. Manufacturers are gaining a strategic edge in the market in uncertain pandemic times, and are increasingly adopting predictive maintenance technologies to reduce the company’s maintenance costs, reduce unplanned outages, and extend machinery life by years. For instance, according to a 2020 survey by Deloitte, factory equipment maintenance costs can be reduced by 40% using IIoT based predictive maintenance technologies. This will help generate an economic value of USD 630 billion annually by 2025. 55% of the businesses surveyed have already implemented pilot predictive maintenance projects. The pandemic has forced employees to work from remote sites complying with social distancing norms. The manufacturers are intensively implementing IoT devices and digital transformation for providing the employees the ability to share and receive data and insights of the manufacturing floor in real-time to handle operations and monitor machine conditions. This has enabled agile decision-making, efficient operations, and avoiding unnecessary human presence on the site. The manufacturers are continuously developing new products, partnerships, collaborations for the predictive maintenance market. The initial stages of the pandemic saw a disturbance in the global supply chain. Limited manufacturing capacity and congested transport routes disturbed the supply ecosystem and impacted the costs of the end products. The disturbance has also been due to the restrictions imposed on logistics by various governments which affect raw material supply. The trade war between the U.S. and China has put a strain on the supply chain of electronics in the market, which is an important raw material for the home automation product manufacturers. For instance, In 2020, according to a survey by IPC, a trade organization dedicated to advocacy, education, and support for the electronics industry, around 69% of survey respondents had received warnings from their suppliers about shipment delays. The average delay between February to March 2020 was about three weeks. PRICE IMPACT The COVID-19 lockdown imposed by the government of the world had impacted the prices of predictive maintenance services. The increase in supply chain costs automatically increased the hardware cost around the world, in the beginning of the pandemic due to congested shipment routes and other factors. The lack of workforce and restriction on travel impacted the service sector and hence impacted the prices. The increased demand for the predictive maintenance in multiple sectors of the industry will impact the prices of the service. CONCLUSION The COVID-19 has not only attacked the health of human lives but has adversely affected the economy globally. There is a recession worldwide, and various industries have been affected due to it. Many manufacturing industries are being temporarily closed, and workers are being advised to work from home. Organizations and enterprises had to make a difficult decision in regards to staff, which are often unavoidable if businesses need to reduce costs quickly. Machine maintenance became harder in the manufacturing sector due to lack of staff in the pandemic, travel restrictions, and the shift to working from home as a standard procedure, making it difficult to have routine inspections and on-site maintenance. This forced the organizations to move towards technologies such as predictive maintenance and develop a more resilient manufacturing unit. The focus was diverted majorly towards remote maintenance, manufacturing cost efficiency, and preventing unplanned downtime. This boosted the adoption of preventive maintenance practices in industries. For instance, according to the UpKeep 2021 report, maintenance and reliability teams have remained financially stable during the COVID-19 period. Of all the maintenance teams surveyed, 66% say their budget is either staying the same or increasing in 2021.
How To Build A Viral Crowdfunding Platform Like Kickstarter And GoFundMe?
These are websites for charity projects wherein people raise money for animals, college costs, medical expenses etc. There are number of reward ideas listed on the websites for people to check before proceeding to support. The campaigns can be of all kinds of serving a personal cause to any other cause. Initially, one must know how others proceed with such projects and to know this- The shares received by the campaign must be counted on before, their pictures and videos and even the time span must be checked. The help center also has a clear strategy stated in the how to fund raise section of these sites which can be checked before starting off with the project. To commence with creating a viral platform following are the major steps that must be followed- 1. Reaching our personal networks- The major funding comes from personal networks because gathering strangers is a huge task, thus reaching out the personal lot is vital. They help in spreading the campaign to the world too. Individuals must be informed personally in your network and they must be explained the reason of doing the campaign as well. To encourage them one must tell them how much they can support your campaigns and what difference their presence can make. 2. The grassroots marketing is a strategy- The local newspaper hawkers, charitable organizations, profit making and nonprofit organizations can help in expanding and reaching out a wider audience. Marketing of Readymade Crowd Funding website similar to kickstarter clone can also done by them. 3. Pinpointing the reasons for the story to be shared- One must check the social media publications which generate shares and then examine the path they adopt. The story must have some inclination toward the type of content that the outlet desires, so that it appeals to the media outlets be it for a Crowdfunding Clone Script. Media attention is again important, because it is again a task to explain to the media how intriguing the story is and how many copies will it sell. 4. Domain link- Domain link- It is one of the essential thing. The name should be simple as well as linked to the brand. Keep it short and try using keywords that describe your business and service you offer. 5. Enhancing the product and problem solving- By solving a major problem or by identifying consumer’s pain and providing suitable solution to it can turn heads. To back any project, one might need to invest at first, as a part of problem solving but this will surely serve the purpose in long run. It will ultimately help in attracting more customers. 6. The funding should be channelized properly- To create a buzz and get noticed in the market, funding channelization is vital. Most of the studies have shown that most of the campaigns bring out about 30% of goals within the opening days itself. The early supporters help in pre-launching campaigns and also put in marketing efforts during this time. The momentum should be necessarily established. Just an initial push is required and the rest is ensured by the crowd and platform. 7. Make promotional video- The video must be visually pleasing like the one Mr. Grepper did. The video must count as it forms the major part of your presentation. Other than being catchy it should be short and sweet. Most of the studies now a days show that these campaigns are at times more successful because of the videos only. So, if you are looking to get an effective crowdfunding platform, like Kickstarter clone and GoFundMe clone then contact LogicSpice. Our dedicated web developers not only know the minute details that lead to a successful platform, they are also aware of the elements that can give you an added edge in the highly dense network.
How COVID-19 Impacted on Data Center Accelerators in the ICT Industry ?
COVID-19 Impact on Data Center Accelerators in the Information and Communication Technology Industry ANALYSIS ON IMPACT OF COVID-19 ON THE MARKET The spread of COVID-19 has entirely changed people's life. COVID-19 which was originated in the city of Wuhan, China, in 2019 and had been continuously spreading all over the world since then. It has been spread to more than 180, and the U.S. tops the list, followed by India, Brazil, France, Turkey, among others. As of 10 August 2021, WHO reported 204.21 million positive cases worldwide, of which 4.31 million patient has lost their life to the virus. On a positive note, 183.39 million patients have recovered, and 4.46 billion doses have been administrated globally. The pandemic has put the lockdown, travel ban, and business shutdown in most of the countries, which has highly impacted the global economy. All the major industries are facing serious disruption such as a break in the supply chain, shut down of offices and manufacturing units, and many more due to the pandemic. However, the demand for cloud-based services and the use of Artificial intelligence has increased tremendously. The burgeoning application of A.I. in different sectors like automobile, consumer electronics, medical, education, and others have enhanced consumer perception and expectations from A.I. technologies. Also, for cloud server inference applications, numerous FPGAs are being developed to perform different tasks such as enhancing security and fast computing. STRATEGIC DECISION BY MANUFACTURERS AND GOVERNMENT INITIATIVES AFTER COVID-19 Post-COVID manufacturers are taking many strategic decisions to get back their original business place in the market. The companies are conducting many research and development activities to improve the technology involved in the data center accelerators. Thus the companies are bringing more advanced technology in the market to increase their market share and being recognized by the clients. Also, companies are acquiring other I.T. companies to expand their business in the market. For instances, · In March 2021, Advanced Micro Devices Inc. released a new data center chip to grab more market share from its rival company Intel Corp. The company's "Milan" data center processor is faster than Intel's current best data center chips. The chip and its predecessor have both outperformed Intel's chips, helping AMD gain more market share and land customers such as Alphabet Inc's Google. Thus by bringing advanced technology, the company is increasing its market share · To expand the portfolio of data and hybrid cloud consulting services, IBM announced in July 2021 that it had acquired Bluetab Solutions Group, S.L., an I.T. service providing company. Bluetab will help the company to further advance its hybrid cloud and A.I. strategy. Also, Bluetab has expertise in data and cloud migration services which includes specialized data strategy, data fabric, and advanced analytics, which will further help in the company's growth The advancement in technology and its use in the government sector have also made the government take the initiative to boost the growth of the market. For instance, · Chinese government has issued a Three Year Plan for new data centers, demanding that the new facilities should become more efficient, should have a PUE of 1.3, and have a utilization of 60 percent by the end of 2023. This Plan for the Development of New Data Centers will also limit the growth of data centers to 20 percent and sets out a national architecture supporting national cloud hubs, provincial data centers, and edge data centers. The Plan is designed to support digital transformation in the country IMPACT ON PRICE COVID-19 pandemic has pushed all businesses to make immediate transitions into digital functioning. For this transformation, the firms have to adopt cloud technology. Thus due to the rise in the demand for the same, there has been a major impact on the price of the technology. For instance, · Research done by ANALYTICS INDIA MAGAZINE PVT LTD shows that, on average, the price of 1 T.B. of on-premises storage with exceptional performance could cost over USD 3,000 for a year, and hybrid cloud cost more than this. Also, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure are considered to be the major competitors in the space of cloud platforms. The cost of their platform differs based on customized and discounting models that combine to create a highly personalized cloud deployment. IMPACT ON DEMAND AND SUPPLY CHAIN The manufacturing sector is enhancing its manufacturing processes by using A.I., IoT, and blockchain technologies. With the help of these technologies, companies are cutting costs, increase their process efficiency, and reduce human contact. A.I. is also used for predictive maintenance and will further be implemented to forecast demand and returns in the supply chain. Also, educational firms have deployed A.I. tools to enhance online learning and virtual classroom experience for students. As the use of data centers is increasing, its demand in the market is also growing. To cater to this rising demand, the companies are coming forward with new modern data center solutions in the market. For instance, · In Sept 2020, Marvell announced that the company's custom application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) offering would enable the next generation of artificial intelligence (A.I.) accelerator solutions for the data center and automotive markets. The ASICs provide turnkey design and verification, as well as custom mesh; interconnect network-on-chip communication. Also, it provides features such as adaptive voltage supplies for power reduction along with custom hierarchical test methodology, logic redundancy, and a custom memory BIST solution for enhanced reliability · In Feb 2021, Xilinx, Inc. released a new range of data center products and solutions, including a new family of Alveo SmartNICs. The company has also introduced smart world A.I. video analytics solutions that provide deterministic low latency performance for the most demanding A.I. video applications. Thus this new accelerated algorithmic trading framework will help software developers to create trading solutions that break the microsecond latency barrier CONCLUSION Post-COVID inception, the demand for cloud services and advanced technology has tremendously increased, leading to the growth of the market. The use of A.I., IoT, and other technology in different sectors like medical, education, automobile, and others has further raised its demand in the market. Also, the use of this technology can help the manufacturing firms to work more efficiently and accurately has raised the demand for A.I. technology in the market. The technology also helps in predictive maintenance and helps to forecast demand and return in the supply chain. Also, due to the shift to work from the home scheme and to secure a remote workforce, the demand for cloud-based services has increased. Thus due to the rise in demand, the sending of the firms on cloud platforms has also increased in the market.