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The Crowned Clown (K-Drama Recommendation)
Title: The Crowned Clown Alternate Title: The Man Who Became King (or) Masquerade Episodes: 16 (1 hour episodes) Genre: Historical, Romance, Drama, Melodrama, Political Cast: Yeo Jin Goo, Lee Se Young Airs On: Monday, Tuesday Where to Watch: Viki Inspiration: This drama was inspired by "Masquerade" from "The Prince and the Pauper" by Mark Twain. Synopsis: Joseon is in a state of disorder due to uprisings and a power struggle surrounding King Lee Heon (Yeo Jin Goo.) To avoid assassination, a clown named Ha Seon (Yeo Jin Goo) is brought to the palace to take the place of King Lee Heon. Ha Seon looks almost identical to King Lee Heon. When Ha Seon was a child, his parents died during an epidemic. Ha Seon almost died from starvation around that time, but he was saved by a group of clowns. Ha Seon grew up with the clowns and became one of them. Once in the palace Ha Seon is nervous that someone will find out that he is not the real King. (Info. Source: MDL) My thoughts: Only four episodes are out so far and it's rated 8.7 on MyDramaList by lots of users. I have just finished episode 1 and I can say that Yeo Jin Goo is doing an amazing job at the two different personalities of Lee Heon and Ha Seon. It's amazing! I definitely recommend checking it out! I have only seen a couple of Historical dramas because they aren't really my thing but I love this already! - Asian Drama/Movie Taglist: @KendraReeve @travelloveskin @MelissaGarza @KpopIsPleasing @LostMage @2ilVer @LinnyOk @rocklvr @VeronicaArtino @WinKonVIP If you'd like to be tagged in any of my Asian drama/actor stuff please let me know!
K-Actor Highlight: Yeo Jin Goo
Every now and then when I find the time I'm going to post more about Actors/Actresses because I have a lot of interest in K-dramas these days! Name: Yeo Jin Goo Hangul: 여진구 Birthday: August 13th, 1997 Age: 20 The pictures from this photoshoot kill me so I had to use them! Movies: Main Roles: Sad Movie - 2005 - Role: Park Hwi Chan Hwayi: A Monster Boy - 2013 - Role: Hwa Yi Mr. Perfect - 2014 - Role: Lee Byeong Joo Shoot My Heart - 2015 - Role: Lee Soo Myung The Long Way Home - 2015 - Role: Young Gwang Warriors of Dawn - 2017 - Role: Prince Gwanghae Support Roles: Santamaria - 2008 - Role: Da Seong 1987: When The Day Comes - 2017 - Role: Park Jong Chul Dramas: Main Roles: Potato Star 2013QR3 - 2013 - Role: Hong Hye Sung Orange Marmalade - 2015 - Role: Jung Jae Min The Royal Gambler - 2016 - Role: Prince Yeon In/King Yeong Jo Circle: Two Worlds Connected - 2017 - Role: Kim Woo Jin Reunited Worlds - 2017 - Role: Sung Hae Sung Love Game: The Great Seduction - 2018 - N/A (TBA) Support Roles: Want to Love Again - 2006 - Role: Baek Min Hyung Iljimae - 2008 - Role: Geom (Young) Can Anyone Love - 2009 - Role: Lee Poo Reum Chan Ja Myung Go - 2009 - Role: Ho Dong (Young) Giant - 2010 - Role: Lee Kang Mo (Teen) Warrier Baek Dong Soo - 2011 - Baek Dong Soo (Young) Moon Embracing the Sun - 2012 - Role: Lee Hwon (Young) Missing You - 2012 - Role: Han Jung Woo (Young) Guest Roles: Queen Of The Game - 2006 - Role: Lee Shin Jun (Young) Gourmet - 2008 - Role: Ho Tae (Ep. 10) Tazza - 2008 - Role: Go Ni (Child) Swallow the Sun - 2009 - Role: Kim Jung Woo (Young) The Reputable Family - 2010 - Role: Gook Sun (Child) Deep Rooted Tree - 2011 - Role: Ddol Bok/Chae Yoon (Teen) (Ep. 4) TV Shows: Running Man - Himself (Ep. 182, 302) The Return of Superman - Himself (Ep. 20) If you'd like to be tagged in any of my k-drama/actor stuff please let me know! K-Actor Taglist: @KendraReeve @travelloveskin Previous Actor Highlights: Woo Do Hwan, Yang Se Jong, Kwak Dong Yeon, Jung Hae In
The Young Man: 20 Years Later
"Do I know you?" I said to the guy in front of me. He smiled, he move closer into my face. "I don't know do we know each other?" He asked. I looked out the fogged window. I see the rain drops on the window as the car is moving. Today is my first day at Seoul University. I'll be in my second year. "Okay sweetie we here." My mother said as I got out of the car. "You know mom I can get out myself I am 23 now." I said to her. She laughs as I get out the car. She rolled down the window and looked at me. "But it's your first time here since your father died." My mother said. I turned away and started to think about my father. My dad died when I was 13. He was the best dad in the world. Knows me the best, when ever I get in trouble by my mom. My dad would talk me and calm me down. If it wasn't for him as or probably hate my mom. He died in a car cash as he was coming home to surprise me on my birthday. I remember my mom looking through the window for him. When she saw a car pull up she was excited until the she open the door. When the cop told her that my father had died on his way here. She didn't say anything but just looked at the officer. I just walked and thinking about how my mom heart broke and mines. I didn't see the person on the bike coming front of me. "Watch out!" The girl yelled as she come down the side walk. I moved just in time as she crash into a bush. "OH MY GOD!!" I scream as I helped her up. "Are you okay?" I said wiping her down. "Stupid bike, and yea I'm fine." She said with a smile. I looked at this short girl with her blonde hair. Her hair was cut like a boy style. At first I thought she was a guy then I heard her voice. She had on a white shirt with NYC on it. Her pants hang just a little bit off her waist. "Hi I'm Amber." She said as she clean off her hand. "Stacey." I said shaking her hand. She had the biggest smiled a person could have. She got up and picked her bike. "So are you new here?" She asked. "Yea I just moved from L.A." I said. "Really? I'm from LA also. Wow what s small world." She said. We began to walk down the side to on of the dorms. "This is my dorm and thank you for helping me." She said. I smiled and looked at the dorm, on the dorms building says a number. I open my schedule and looked at the dorm. On the building its says dorm 7568. I looked my schedule and saw the same number. "Um.. I think this is my dorm too." I said to her. I showed her my schedule and her eyes almost pop out her head. "OMG, this fate you and I are in the same dorm room." She said with joy. We walked into our room and it was what I expected. I could tell just by how she dress. She would have a boyish room style. I liked it anyway, always thought girlie is for children. "Oh, I'm sorry about already decorating it. I didn't know when somebody was coming and I could just wait until somebody. So I made it looked like my bedroom." She said as she blush. "It's okay, I really don't care anyway." I said. After I put my stuff up, Amber grabbed and took me somewhere. "Where are going?" I asked. "To get somebody think to eat. I'm hungry." She said. We came in to the school cafeteria and there was so many people. She pulled me into the line. "Had you ever have Korean food?" She asked. "Yea my Mother is Korean." I said. She smiled and licked her lips as she was thinking about the food. "I prefer America food, but Korean food is good too." She said. I smiled as she said that. She looks like a kid that heard ice cream is free. As the line began to move, I didn't see the water on the floor and slipped. Right when I was about to fall somebody grabbed me and held me. "Are you okay?" He asked. I nodded my head as I looked at this beautifully boy. His eyes was looking into my soul. His hair hang in his face as his hat kept in place. He smiled so big that my heart stop. "Are you sure you okay?" He asked again with his deep voice. I felt something with him, it's seems like I met him before. His voice, I think I heard it before. He got me to my feet as he walked away. I just kept looking at him as I kept getting this feeling like I know him. I looked at Amber and then back at him. "That's Yeo Jin-Goo, he is the hottest guy in school. He just came a couple of days before you did." She said. I just couldn't stop looking at were he was standing. Something him about just seem familiar. I really feel like I met him before but don't know where. I think her mind is coming to? SHE REMEMBERING?? @AimeeH @amandamuska @Emealia @Thepinkprincess @KellyOConnor @BBxGD @MichelleIbarra @Bitterlimelight @KpopGaby @Kpopandkinchi @AimeeH@amandamuska@BBxGD@Thepinkprincess@Emealia@Bitterlimelight@MadAndrea@AmoBigBang@SabrinaSakura@Amberg171997@UnnieCakesali@AmberRelynn@Libr0wneyes@BTSgotshinee@dayashel@CreeTheOtaku@Destiny1419@DominiqueThomas@KpopandKimchi@SugaonTop@B1A4BTS5EVER@Tinaechle@Scarletmermaid@Elisa@PretttyPatriciaS@Jen19gar94@Roxy1903@SarahVanDorn@moonchild03@Originalijacqui@Kyokeo@Saraoritiz2002@SierraBecerra@thatoneoutcast@oann99@zinzin123@Hurdkpop@KpopGaby @amandamuska @@AimeeH @@Thepinkprincess @Emealia @BBxGD @PrettieeEmm @VIPFreaks2NE1 @yaya12 @@ninjamidor @QueenaLee @amobigbang @KwonOfAKind@RedChord@AmberFranco
The Young Man
1995 It's was a shinning day. I was holding my mom hand as we walk down the street. I had on my pink and yellow sun dress. I was happy today was my third birthday and my mom took me to the zoo. I had so much fun watching the zebras running and the monkey climbing. I pointed at and looked at my mom. "Look mommy that's daddy." I said giggling. The monkey I pointed at had brown all over his body but in the front if his head he had white. My mom laugh and just looked. We left and went home. I haven't seen my dad since he left to the army . I was kinda sad that he wasn't here on my birthday. We walked to our house and I open the door. I looked up and saw my dad standing there holding a teddy bear. "Daddy!" I scream as I ran into his arms. "My baby girl." He said picking me up and hugging me. He gave me kiss on my cheek. My mom came over and kiss my dad. We sat down and ate dinner. I never knew that my birthday can be so good. What could happen now. It's was time for me to get to bed. My dad tuck me into bed. He gave me my new teddy bear. "I love you sweetie, happy birthday. Sleep well see you in the morning." He said giving me a kiss on the forehead. I watch as my dad leaves the room. I was so happy that my dad came home on my birthday. I began to feel sleeping as my eyes closed. 3 Hours later. I was sleeping until I heard a scream coming from my parents room. I woke up and went to their room. I walk slow while I was holding my teddy bear. I was standing in front of my parents as I open the door. I looked and my mom was bleeding from her neck. She had blood coming down her mouth. I walked to her and began shaking her. "Mommy, Mommy what's wrong!?" I began to cry as my mother lifeless body was just laying on the bed. I heard another sound coming from down stairs. I looked out the door and heard movements. I walked down the stairs as I saw my father fighting someone. Him and the other guy was fighting until they fell on the floor. My dad got on top of the guy and started to punch him. He punch him until he stop moving. My dad got up from the guy and came towards me. Before he could get to me he was stab in the back. He toward around as he saw a girl standing and looking at him. She had on all red that match her red lipstick. Her long black hair hang down her chest. Her eyes shown death as she looking at my dad. "Hello Soo-young, long time no see huh?" She said as she bit him. I scream as I watch my father body dropped to the floor. "Don't worry sweetie I won't kill you. I'll just take you back and make you my pet." She said. Before she grabbed me a person came in and took me away from her. I didn't looked at the person that grabbed me. "Don't worry your safe now." He said with a deep voice. I could tell by the he talk he was in his teens. He looked me in the eyes and made me sleepy, I felt my eyes get heavy as he kept looking into them. I finally feel to a deep sleep. "I'm sorry I had to erase your memories for your own safety." He said looking at her. Who is this mystery boy? Why was her memories erase? Finally got in the mood to right ugh I hate that lol well I was bored and wanted to do something different tell me what you think? @AimeeH @amandamuska @Emealia @Thepinkprincess @KellyOConnor @BBxGD @MichelleIbarra @Bitterlimelight @KpopGaby @Kpopandkimchi @AimeeH@amandamuska@BBxGD@Thepinkprincess@Emealia@Bitterlimelight@MadAndrea@AmoBigBang@SabrinaSakura@Amberg171997@UnnieCakesali@AmberRelynn@Libr0wneyes@BTSgotshinee@dayashel@CreeTheOtaku@Destiny1419@DominiqueThomas@KpopandKimchi@SugaonTop@B1A4BTS5EVER@Tinaechle@Scarletmermaid@Elisa@PretttyPatriciaS@Jen19gar94@Roxy1903@SarahVanDorn@moonchild03@Originalijacqui@Kyokeo@Saraoritiz2002@SierraBecerra@thatoneoutcast@oann99@zinzin123@Hurdkpop@KpopGaby @amandamuska @@AimeeH @@Thepinkprincess @Emealia @BBxGD @PrettieeEmm @VIPFreaks2NE1 @yaya12 @@ninjamidor @QueenaLee @amobigbang @KwonOfAKind@RedChord@AmberFranco
[Sao Hàn]Kim So Hyun gây ấn tượng với visual tựa búp bê
Nữ diễn viên Kim So Hyun đã cho thấy dáng vẻ chẳng khác gì những cô búp bê xinh đẹp hoàn hảo của mình trong bộ cánh xuất hiện tại sự kiện MAMA. ‘2015 Mnet Asian Music Award' (‘MAMA’) ngày 2/10 đã được tổ chức tại Asia World Expo Center (Hồng Kông) đã trở thành một nơi tụ hội đông đảo anh tài của làng nhạc Châu Á. Kim So Hyun ngày 2/12 vừa qua đã đăng tải một số hình ảnh được chụp lại khi đang chuẩn bị để tham dự sự kiện thảm đỏ của MAMA lên trang Instagram cá nhân. Gồm có hai bức ảnh, một là chụp toàn thân, hai là chụp cận mặt. Cả hai đều cho thấy vẻ đẹp hoàn hảo không tỳ vết tựa như những nàng búp bê không có trong thực tế. Hãy cùng nhìn ngắm hình ảnh xinh đẹp này trong những bức ảnh dưới đây nhé! Ngoài ra trong sự kiện vừa qua các fan hâm mộ còn có dịp tái ngộ cặp đôi nhí trong bộ phim truyền hình đình đám một mùa đông lạnh Missing You - Yeo Jin Goo và Kim So Hyun. Kim So Hyun gần đây cũng đã xác nhận tham gia vào hai dự án tiếp theo, trong cả hai lĩnh vực điện ảnh 'Đức Huệ Ông chúa' và truyền hình 'Page Turner'. 'MAMA' được xem là một trong những lễ hội âm nhạc lớn nhất Châu Á, năm nay cũng chính là năm thứ bảy chương trình được tổ chức. Chương trình sẽ được phát sóng trực tiếp tại 16 quốc gia trên Thế giới. Năm nay chương trình có sự góp mặt của rất nhiều các ngôi sao nổi tiếng từ các quốc gia trên Thế giới như SPY, Big Bang, EXO, Taeyeon, Hyuna, CL, F(x), SHINee, IKON, GOT7, Châu Nhuận Phát, Pet Shop Boys... Vóc dáng siêu chuẩn chắc khác gì manơcanh Đường nét gương mặt rõ ràng xinh đẹp Cặp đôi nhí Missing You xuất hiện Tuy có chút ngượng ngùng nhưng vẫn liên tục vẫy tay chào fan hâm mộ mỉm cười 'Quả nhiên vẫn là những cô cậu đáng yêu ngày nào' 'Tựa nàng búp bê với vẻ đẹp siêu thực' <Hình ảnh = báo mạng, Kim So Hyun Instagram>
Yeo Jin Goo sẽ theo học Khoa Sân Khấu, Đại học Chung-Ang !!
Nam diễn viên Yeo Jin Goo hiện tại đã chính thức trở thành sinh viên của trường đại học Chung-Ang! Theo tin tức cho biết, ngày 30/10, Yeo Jin Goo đã được nhận vào trường đại học Chung-Ang với chuyên ngành Sân khấu. Mặc dù thông tin này được lan truyền rất nhanh, nhưng phía công ty quản lý của Jin Goo vẫn không đưa ra một tuyên bố chính thức nào để làm rõ trong ngày hôm đó ngoài việc trấn an mọi người: "Xin hãy kiên nhẫn" Trên thực tế, nguồn gốc của việc không muốn công bố chi tiết thông tin này là dựa theo ý muốn của Yeo Jin Goo. Anh muốn tôn trọng nhiều học sinh trung học khác, những người sẽ trải qua kỳ thi đại học quốc gia. Và vào ngày 31/10, đại diện quản lý của Yeo Jin Goo đã đưa ra tuyên bố chính thức: "Sự thật đúng là cậu ấy đã được nhận vào đại học Chung-Ang. Nhưng vẫn còn quá sớm để công bố tin tức này. Chúng tôi nghĩ nó sẽ có thể ảnh hưởng đến những bạn học sinh đang học tập rất chăm chỉ lúc này". Về phía Yeo Jin Goo, anh chỉ chấp nhận việc thông báo trực tiếp này sau khi tất cả các kỳ thi kết thúc. Nhưng không may rằng mọi việc không diễn ra theo dự định, nguồn tin đã bị lộ ra trước đó. Hiện Yeo Jin Goo vẫn đang nỗ lực thực hiện dự án tiếp theo của mình với vai trò diễn viên và anh không có kế hoạch tham dự kỳ thi tuyển sinh đại học quốc gia.